Emma Foam Pillow Review

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Emma Foam Pillow

No one wants a sagging, lumpy pillow that has outlived its usefulness. Unfortunately, these types of pillows can become commonplace.

This is why a review of the Emma Foam Pillow may be just what your bedroom needs. We will share how it faired in our tests and how comfortable it truly is for a good night's rest.

Let's dive in.

Emma Foam Pillow Review: Our Rating

8.25Overall Score

To learn more about how we test our pillows, you can read about our methodology here.

Emma Foam Pillow Review: Construction and Design

To start my review of the Emma Foam Pillow, I will share how it's constructed and the thoughtful design etched into this pillow.

First, let's look at the cover. The cover of the Emma Foam Pillow is made up mainly of polyester, with a hint of elastane for a bit of stretch. I noticed the cover bounce back into its proper shape rather quickly, like an elastic. 

Another feature to point out is that the cover is removable with a zipper in just under a few seconds. This makes machine washing the cover and keeping the pillow fresh easy.

The first layer inside the Emma Foam Pillow is made of a blue viscoelastic foam that's firm and responsive to the touch. I noticed how well it contoured to my head and neck, easing any tension I felt.

The middle layer consists of HRX Foam, which is resistant and supportive. I liked how this layer gave shape and a fast response to the pillow, and it kept my head and spine aligned while I was on my side.

The bottom layer of the pillow is made of Airgocell foam, which is moisture-absorbing and soft to the touch. Its open-cell design helps to circulate air, keeping you temperature-neutral at night. I noticed how soft and spongy this side was, enhancing its overall comfort.

“The Emma Pillow is versatile, making it an excellent option for side, back, and combination sleepers,” said the team at Vogue.

Overall look of the Emma Foam Pillow

Cover of the Emma Foam Pillow 

To continue my review of the Emma Foam Pillow, I'll share what I discovered about its cover.

This cover has a pleasant mix of 98% polyester and 2% elastane. This makes it moisture-wicking as well as stretchy and soft, earning a rating of 8.

I enjoyed the softness of this cover and how it kept me dry. However, I noticed it didn't have any cooling qualities, like Tencel, which would have increased its score.

The Emma Foam Pillow fairs slightly less than the Koala Pillow by 0.5 points. This is mainly due to the inclusion of Tencel in Koala's cover. I would recommend the Koala Pillow for sleepers who feel hot during the night.

Emma Foam Pillow's cover
Emma Foam Pillow's cover

Emma Foam Pillow Review: Off-Gassing

Off-gassing is common for memory foam pillows due to the way the foam is manufactured. Some sleepers can be sensitive to these smells, causing discomfort at night.

The Emma Foam Pillow performed remarkably well when I tested it for an off-gassing smell. After unpacking it, I tried to detect any “new manufacturer” smell. There was a minimal trace that I almost didn't notice, earning the Emma Foam Pillow a 9 in this category.

The Emma Foam Pillow outperformed the Koala Pillow in this regard by 0.5 points. Koala's density caused it to retain slightly more off-gassing smells initially, which I had rated at a 2. I would recommend the Emma Foam Pillow to sleepers who are sensitive to smells.

Loft of the Emma Foam Pillow 

The loft of a pillow determines where your head raises while sleeping on it. This can be a crucial factor depending on your sleeping position. As a rule of thumb, side sleepers prefer pillows with higher loft, while back and stomach sleepers prefer lower loft.

The Emma Foam Pillow is unique in its customizable layers, allowing more or less layers depending on your sleeping preference. 

For example, I tried it with all three layers while on my side, and the high loft kept my head in line with my spine despite my protruding shoulder.

I then tried stomach sleeping with all three layers but found the loft was too high. I was able to easily adjust this by unzipping the cover and removing two of the layers. Stomach sleeping requires as flat of a surface as possible to keep pressure off the spine. With only one layer, my head and spine were evenly level, and I was comfortable on my stomach.

Sleepers will find the Emma Foam Pillow to suit their individual preferences easily, even if they change over time.

Emma Foam Pillow's layers
Emma Foam Pillow's layers

Firmness of the Emma Foam Pillow 

The firmness of a pillow ties into how supportive and pressure-relieving it is. A good pillow will have balanced firmness that is comfortable and relieves tension from the neck and head. The slower it adapts, the more pressure-relieving properties it has.

Firmness of the Emma Foam Pillow
Firmness of the Emma Foam Pillow

When testing the Emma Foam Pillow on its Airgocell side, I noted a firmness response of 0.5 seconds. On the opposing blue viscoelastic foam side, I recorded a response time of 0.7 seconds. The Airgocell layer responded quicker, translating to an unrestricted feeling when switching positions at night. The viscoelastic foam responded slower, which I found more pressure-relieving.

Comparing these two sides and how comfortable and unrestricted I felt, I would rate this pillow as an 8 for firmness.

The Emma Foam Pillow underperformed compared to the Koala Pillow regarding firmness. This is mainly due to the higher density of the Koala Pillow. The Emma Foam Pillow had 1.8 seconds less than the Koala on their respective firmer sides, and 2.8 seconds less on their softer sides. I would recommend the Koala Pillow for sleepers who want a more pressure-relieving feel.

However, it should be noted that the Emma Foam Pillow still did better than the Utopia Pillow due to Emma's pressure-relieving memory foam. Out of the Utopia and Emma, I would recommend the Emma Foam Pillow.

Firmness of the Emma Foam Pillow

Durability of the Emma Foam Pillow

The durability of a pillow is essential for its longevity and how long you can enjoy it for. Firmness plays a part in this, but durability is mainly focused on the density of the pillow. A pillow with good durability will retain its shape and last you a long time, making it a good investment.

The Emma Foam Pillow has fair durability from when I tested it. I folded the pillow in half and watched how it sprang back. The Emma Foam Pillow sprung back fairly quickly. However, I noticed a slight loss of shape due to its softness, which may reduce its overall durability. I gave it a rating of 8 in this sense.

The Emma Foam Pillow had slightly poorer durability than the Koala by 1 point. This is again due to the Koala Pillow having a higher density. I would recommend the Koala Pillow for sleepers who want their investment to last longer.

It should be noted that, between the Emma Foam Pillow and the Utopia Pillow, the Emma Foam Pillow is the better option. This is because the Utopia Pillow is slower to bounce back than the Emma.

“I found the Emma Pillow really supportive of my head and neck. I also liked how I was able to change the height and firmness, which is essential for pain relief and support,” stated Connie Hack of Sleep Advisors.

Returning the Emma Foam Pillow to its normal shape

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

A pillow will feel different based on a sleeper’s weight, sleeping position, and preference. This is why it’s crucial to consider your own sleeping preferences before choosing a new pillow for your bedroom. Below, I will share how the Emma Foam Pillow feels in each position and which sleeper it suits best.

As a reference, I am an average-weight sleeper.

Side Sleepers 

The Emma Foam Pillow feels comfortable, making it one of the best pillows for side sleepers, while I was resting on my side. I noticed it was most comfortable with all three layers used. There was a plushness that evenly supported my head and kept it aloft, and I was tension-free.

Side sleepers under 130 pounds and over 230 pounds will enjoy the comfort the Emma Foam Pillow provides in the side sleeping position.

Side sleeping on the Emma Foam Pillow
Side sleeping on the Emma Foam Pillow

Back Sleepers

The ability to remove layers is especially helpful for the Emma Foam Pillow. I noticed removing the softer Airgocell foam layer reduced the height of the pillow while leaving enough firmness for my neck to feel supported. With just two layers under my head, my neck and head felt level and relieved of pressure.

Those who are back sleepers will enjoy the Emma Foam Pillow in all weight categories. If fine adjustments need to be made, one of the layers can be removed for a more level experience.

Stomach Sleepers

The convenience of the Emma Foam Pillow is that it allows for more than one layer to be removed. This is helpful for stomach sleepers who need flatter, lower pillows so as to not strain their spine. When I was testing the Emma Foam Pillow on my stomach, I felt most comfortable sleeping only on the Airgocell foam layer. It was soft and squishy under my head, with just the right amount of support.

Stomach sleepers of all weight categories will enjoy the squishy and soft comfort of the Emma Foam Pillow while sleeping on their stomach.

Under the Arm

The softer Airgocell side of the pillow is ideal for sleeping with the pillow under the arm. Its softness versus the firmer topside creates a balance where your arm doesn’t feel squished, and I had enough support sleeping on my side.

Sleepers who prefer sleeping with the pillow under their arm won’t feel tingling or numbness. The Emma Foam Pillow suits sleepers of all weight categories for sleeping with the pillow under the arm.

Sleeping Positions: Summary

Sleeping PositionMy experience
Side SleepersI was incredibly comfortable on my side using both sides of the Emma Foam Pillow, and I was tension-free.
Back SleepersRemoving one layer made my body straight and easily supported. I was comfortable and relieved of pressure while on my back.
Stomach SleepersUsing only one layer made the Emma Foam Pillow ideal for stomach sleeping, and I was pretty comfortable.
Under the ArmI was comfortable and relaxed, I didn’t experience any tingling or numbness while having the pillow under my arm.

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Other Important Information

Other essential information to consider when choosing the Emma Foam Pillow is its 100-night trial and free returns.

100-night Sleep Trial

The Emma Foam Pillow has a 100-night sleep trial that allows you to try the pillow without risk for 100 nights. This is great for sleepers who are on the fence about choosing this particular pillow, as you can return it if you find the pillow isn't the right fit for you.

The Emma Foam Pillow does not have as long of a return period as the Koala Pillow by 20 nights. Out of the two, I would recommend the Koala Pillow for sleepers who want as long of a trial period as possible.

Free Returns

The Emma Foam Pillow has free delivery and returns. This is ideal for sleepers who don’t want to pay extra for shipping. This is even better news for sleepers who don’t want to incur any hidden fees if they want to return the pillow.

Similar to the Koala, both the Emma Pillow and Koala have free delivery and returns.


Finding a good memory foam pillow can be as easy as a walk in the park. Considering the Emma Pillow, I was most drawn to its customizable nature, and its balanced pressure relief. I was exceptionally comfortable while on my side with all three layers, feeling the Emma Pillow relieve my built-up pressure and reduce my stress. I found that combination sleepers will benefit the most from this pillow.

What are your thoughts on the Emma Foam Pillow? Let us know in the comments below!

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