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Koala Pillow

Finding the right pillow is always a challenge. Depending on your sleeping preferences, you need a specific type of pillow to meet your needs. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong one can lead to a misaligned neck, soreness, and tension upon waking up. 

The Koala Pillow hopes to address this with its versatile, flippable design and promises to fit all types of sleepers. Our review of the Koala Pillow will uncover its comfort and how it feels. We will also share which sleeper type this pillow best suits so you can make an informed decision.

Let’s take a look.

Koala Pillow Review: Our Rating

8.75Overall Score

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Koala Pillow Review: Construction and Design

To start our review of the Koala Pillow, we will look at its construction and design and what sets it apart from standard pillows.

Starting with the cover, the Koala Pillow is made up of a blended cover of Tencel and polyester. Due to the inclusion of polyester, I noticed the cover had a pleasant stretch to it. Tencel also made it feel cool to the touch upon first impressions.

The cover uses a zipper, which can be unzipped in under a few seconds. This allows the foam pillow to be removed and the cover to be put in the washer, helping keep your pillow feeling fresh and odor-free.

The pillow itself is made of a dense gel memory foam, perforated in different sizes according to its place and position on the pillow. I noticed the firm side had a firmer pushback and smaller holes, giving a firmer sleep experience overall. Likewise, the flip side had larger holes and a slower response, giving more of a marshmallowy feeling.

The holes are also differently shaped from the centre to the edges. The centre had larger holes, while the edges had smaller holes. I could feel more firmness along the edges of the pillow, and more sinkage for spinal alignment in the centre.

“The Koala Pillow is a best-seller for a reason. It’s made from 100% Polyurethane Gel Foam, which makes it extra comfy,” stated the team at Homes to Love.

Overall look of the Koala Pillow

Cover of the Koala Pillow

The cover of a pillow must be made of materials that create a soft and comforting feel. This increases the good qualities of the pillow, and helps a sleeper feel more relaxed when lying on it. While testing the Koala Pillow's cover, I found it to be an excellent mix of softness, stretchiness, and coolness. 

The Koala Pillow accomplishes this with its composition of 66% polyester and 34% Tencel. The polyester adds stretch and softness while the Tencel creates a cool effect. I enjoyed how it felt cool, especially whenever I switched positions and moved to a new pillow area.

Koala Pillow's coverKoala Pillow's cover

In addition, the cover has a textured effect that feels pleasant to run my hand over and lie on. The material also has moisture-wicking capabilities, keeping you dry throughout the night. Considering these, I rated the cover of the Koala Pillow at 8.5. I would have liked to see more Tencel or cooling materials on the cover, but it still does an excellent job and feels soft to the touch.

The Koala Pillow is better set up in its presentation and ready-to-use features than the Utopia Pillow, as the Utopia Pillow does not come with a cover. I would recommend the Koala Pillow for sleepers who want a pillow that’s ready to use out of the box.

Koala Pillow Review: Off-Gassing

Off-gassing is an essential factor to look over, especially for sleepers sensitive to smells. The Koala Pillow fared well in this category while I was reviewing it. On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most potent off-gassing smell, I rated it at a 2. There was a minimal manufacturer smell that I could detect, but it wasn’t overpowering or too noticeable.

Due to a minimal off-gassing smell, I rated the Koala Pillow at 8.5 for this category. It wasn't completely free of a ‘new bedding’ smell, but it was minimal enough not to be an issue for most sleepers.

Loft of the Koala Pillow

Loft is significant and greatly ties into the type of sleeper you are. If I had to describe the loft of the Koala Pillow, I would say it's versatile and can accommodate a wide variety of sleepers. 

The Koala Pillow has a wonderfully high loft that is made to support the neck no matter what sleeping position you're in. From my squish and compression tests, I found the pillow delightfully soft in the center and slightly firmer when I moved to the edges. This makes the center more suited to back sleepers as it lowers your head down a little lower, keeping your spine aligned.

Likewise, the edges are better suited to side sleepers. When I turned on my side, I naturally found myself lying near the edge of the pillow and didn't have to adjust to feel the support level I wanted. It felt slightly firmer under my head, which is what pillows for side sleepers need. The shoulder moves the neck and head up higher, causing the pillow to need to be higher to compensate.

I took measurements in my review of the Koala Pillow and have them for you below. The sinkage of the center on the soft side was measured around 3.1 inches, while the edges had a sinkage of 2.9. I had the right amount of loft, depending on my sleeping position.

Likewise, when I flipped the pillow onto its firmer side, I noticed a reduction in the sinkage depth. My measurements indicated a sinkage of 3 inches in the centre, and 2.8 inches on the edges. I had a higher loft, which is excellent for sleepers who prefer a firmer feel to their pillow.

Firmness of the Koala Pillow
Sinkage of the Koala Pillow

Memory foam has more shape than polyester filling, so I noticed the Koala Pillow conformed more closely to my head and neck than the Utopia Pillow. I felt more of a marshmallowy feel with the Koala Pillow, whereas with the Utopia Pillow, I felt more of a soft, cottony feel.

Firmness of the Koala Pillow

Let's talk about the firmness of the Koala Pillow. In a nutshell, I'd say this pillow is every part of a ritzy hotel as it is snuggle-up comfy. I rated it 9 in this category due to its excellent, dense, and marshmallowy feel.

I measured the Koala Pillow's density to understand better how contouring this pillow would feel. During my tests, I measured a response speed of 3.5 seconds on its soft side and 2.3 seconds on its firmer side. I could enjoy deeper cradling on its softer side, with more of a plush and deep-penetrating feel.

Due to the nature of memory foam, I felt the Koala Pillow had slightly more firmness than the Utopia Pillow. I enjoyed the pleasantness of a firm surface supporting my next and contouring to my curves perfectly with the Koala Pillow. With the Utopia Pillow, I noticed an all-around softer, less pressure-relieving cotton feel.

“The Koala features an excellent softer side and a harder side that suits all types of sleepers. It’s ergonomically designed for better sleep,” said the editorial team at Vogue.

Firmness of the Koala Pillow

Durability of the Koala Pillow

Durability is a cornerstone of a high-quality pillow, as it means your investment will last a long time. How dense or compact a pillow’s material is mainly affects durability. The Koala Pillow does an excellent job at holding its shape in my tests, earning a rating of 9 in this category.

To test for durability, I folded the pillow in half and watched how it returned to its shape. The memory foam in the Koala Pillow is highly dense, allowing it to spring partially back into its shape almost instantly. I could test it in any position, and it would return to its original shape quickly, ensuring longevity.

Returning the Koala Pillow to its normal shape

Comparing the Koala Pillow and Utopia Pillow, I noticed the Koala Pillow sprung back into its shape a lot quicker. I would recommend the Koala Pillow to sleepers who want a pillow that will retain its shape and stay durable for a longer time.

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How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

A pillow will feel different depending on the type of sleeper you are, the sleeping position you prefer, and your weight. Below, I share how the Koala Pillow feels for me in various sleeping positions so you can better understand how comfortable this pillow would feel in your home. For reference, I am an average-weight sleeper.

Side Sleepers 

Side sleeping with the Koala Pillow was dreamy and relaxing. As long as I was closer to the edges or on the firmer side, I had high enough loft and firmness to support my neck and relieve pressure.

The Koala Pillow is well-suited to all side sleeping weight types, including those under 130 and over 230 pounds.

Side sleeping on the Koala Pillow
Side sleeping on the Koala Pillow

Back Sleepers

The gel memory foam supporting my head while sleeping on my back was stress-relieving and comfortable. The centre and softer sides of the pillow are excellent as they sink a little deeper, providing more contour and keeping the head in closer alignment with the spine. 

Due to its versatility, the Koala Pillow is an excellent option for back sleepers of all weight categories.

Stomach Sleepers

The loft and comfort of the Koala Pillow still work for stomach sleepers, but this widely depends on your preference. For me, I was comfortable. But for some sleepers, the higher loft, even in the centre and softer side, may cause the neck to crane too much.

Average and heavier sleepers over 230 pounds should feel comfortable sleeping with this pillow. However, lightweight sleepers under 130 pounds may not sink enough into the pillow to keep their spine from being strained.

Under the Arm

The Koala Pillow responded well to being placed between the head and arm. I could lie on my side with my arm under the pillow and not experience any fatigue, tingling, or cut-off circulation.

The Koala Pillow would suit sleepers who want to sleep with the pillow under their arm, even if they're lightweight, average, or heavy-weight.

Sleeping Positions: Summary

Sleeping PositionMy experience
Side SleepersI was comfortable on the firm side of the pillow and the edges. There was enough loft that kept my neck in line with my spine.
Back SleepersThe lower loft that the center and softer sides provided helped keep my head and neck aligned, melting away tension.
Stomach SleepersI was comfortable enough on my stomach despite the squishy firmness of the pillow wanting to support me.
Under the ArmI could sleep without experiencing tingles or aches with my arm under the pillow.

Other Important Information

Other features to consider before trying out the Koala Pillow include its price, 120-night sleep trial, and 1-year warranty.


The price of the Koala is reasonable for a luxury memory foam pillow. It stands at around $124 for a Queen size.

The Koala Pillow is slightly outmatched when it comes to price in comparison with the Utopia Pillow. There’s a price difference of $72.88 between these two pillows.

I would recommend the Utopia Pillow for sleepers who are on a tight budget and want something comfortable for their bed. Or, if they want to buy in bulk to get pillows for the entire family.  However, I would also suggest the Koala PIllow to sleepers who want the highest level of comfort and pressure relief for their sleep.

120-night Sleep Trial

Like most high-end pillows, there is a lengthy trial period offered. You can try out the Koala Pillow risk-free for 120 nights. If it’s not the right fit, you can return it and get a full refund.

The Koala Pillow has a longer trial period than the Utopia Pillow by 90 nights. I would recommend the Koala Pillow for sleepers who want the assurance of trying out their pillow for the longest amount of time.

1-Year Warranty

The Koala Pillow comes with a 1-year warranty that covers any manufacturer defects that appear within the first year of using the pillow. This includes broken zippers or cracks in the foam. 

The Koala Pillow offers a warranty program, while the Utopia Pillow does not. I would recommend the Koala Pillow to sleepers who want as much reassurance as possible for peace of mind while using their pillow.


Holding out for a luxury pillow and choosing the wrong one doesn’t have to happen. By learning all about the Koala Pillow, its cooling technology, and soft, squishy memory foam to cradle the head gently, you’ll be well on your way to blissful sleep with this pillow.

The Koala Pillow best suits hot sleepers and sleepers who like to change positions frequently at night, as it has different areas that are softer or firmer based on where you’re sleeping.

What are your thoughts on the Koala Pillow? Let us know in the comments below!

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