Here at Comfybeddy we take over the boring part of shopping and deliver detailed guides on lots of sleep products, so you can make your choice in a couple of clicks and without any hassle.

What We Do

The easy answer is: we do what we’re most passionate about, which is helping people improve their sleep. This means that we research, compare, and rate the sleeping products for you, so you can make the final choice without headaches. We concentrate our work on mattresses, as it’s the key component of the sound sleep but you can also find guides on how to choose pillows, mattress toppers, bedsheets and other sleep products on our website.

How We Work

Our work process consists of three stages. First, we do our research by closely monitoring the market, picking the best products, browsing through tons of user reviews and asking a manufacturer a lot of questions so we can deliver the most precise info. Second, we compare the chosen models and create detailed guides where we explain the main features that you should consider. Finally, we rate the products in the guide and conclude who will benefit the most from purchasing a given model.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: we want to help you get the best sleep possible by creating your dream bedroom. Time to stop praising your insomnia and enjoy the great life with the great shut-eye, and we’re happy to become your ally on this path!

Our Team

Allana Wass ­­- Co-Founder and Certified Sleep Science Coach 

Allana Wass

I  am the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Comfybeddy. I am a Certified Sleep Science Coach (by Spencer Institute) and experience in «sleep product sales». I believe that the way HOW you sleep plays one of the most important roles in a successful and happy life.

Certificate for Allana Wass

No good decisions can be made if you didn`t sleep well!

I am not a going-out type of person. Prefer home comfort instead of crowded and noisy parties. I like running and have a goal to reach a half marathon. In a free time, prefer outdoor activities like cycling, volleyball, and camping. But doesn`t matter how fun the weekend is I can`t wait for Monday to continue working on my projects and helping people to improve their sleep.

I am so happy to share my knowledge about sleep science. Can not get tired of doing my researches, testing products, and sleep technics. I believe that this job is my personal input in making people on our planet a bit happier.


Read more about Allana on this page.

Laura Bates - Co-Founder and Certified Sleep Science Coach

laura bates

Laura lives in Melbourne, Australia, and she believes that the best thing you can do to take care of yourself is sleep. Laura is a Certified Sleep Science Coach (by Spencer Institute)  who loves learning about sleep and, most importantly, helping others catch their Zzzs. Armed with years of experience and using her extensive research, Laura helps to test products and make our reviews more unbiased and trustworthy. Aside from her work, Laura is passionate about gardening and hiking. She spends her weekends outdoors with her family of four. Laura is a fan of surfing and wants to master diving too. She also enjoys shopping, especially when it comes to vintage furniture (and bedroom accessories, of course).


Melbourne Office

Company name: Comfybeddy

Mailing address: 138-140 Gordon St, Footscray VIC 3011, Australia

Phone Number: +61 3 8372 0190