Emma Mattress Review

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Emma Comfort Mattress


Exceptional, premium, award-winning…

People use different adjectives to describe this mattress, but does it meet the expectations?

That’s what we are going to find out in today’s Emma mattress review. Let’s take a closer look at what this mattress has to offer and whether it’s really worth your attention (and money). 


Now, I would like to start my review of the Emma mattress with the part that is the closest to your body – the cover. This model uses a synthetic blend of 99% polyester and 1% elastane for the top section, 100% polyester for the sides, and a combination of 87% polyester and 13% polypropylene for the bottom part. 

Now, some users might worry about the synthetic components of the cover, but synthetic doesn’t always mean bad. First of all, the cover fabric is OEKO-TEX certified. It is safe for your skin and shouldn’t cause any irritation or other allergy symptoms. Additionally, the cover is super smooth and pleasant to the touch. It’s soft and gentle on one’s skin, even if you decide to lie down without the bedsheets. The elastane component makes the Emma’s cover a bit stretchy, so the fabric retains its shape and maintains a smooth mattress surface even after the pressure is applied. Also, manufacturers often use synthetic blends for their mattresses simply because such fabrics are easier to care for (the Koala mattress is a good example of that). 

Another cool factor you might appreciate is the design of Emma’s cover. It is removable and washable, which is always a great bonus. It gives users a chance to easily maintain a clean, fresh sleeping environment and protect the mattress from dust and dirt.

Emma Mattress


Moving on to the layers that the Emma uses. As this is a mattress in a box, the Emma comes compressed and vacuum-sealed, meaning there’s no need to carry a bulky mattress through your doorways (or even worse, upstairs). It is an all-foam mattress that has 3 layers:

  • Breathable hyperfoam. Manufactured using a more eco-friendly process than regular memory foam, this layer has a breathable structure and is meant to provide a slight cooling effect. It also offers close conforming but responds to pressure rather fast, which means it won’t make you feel stuck. 
  • Pressure-relieving high-resilience foam. This layer features a zoned design, which you can’t find in many memory foam mattresses. There are 7 zones, each of which adapts to different body parts and delivers targeted support to aid proper weight and pressure distribution. Such a design also contributes to a healthy spinal alignment. This layer uses high-resilience foam that gives the Emma mattress a bit of a bounce.
  • Supportive polyether foam. Serving as a base for the mattress, this layer absorbs shock effectively and helps minimize motion transfer. It also delivers the needed counter-pressure to effectively maintain sleepers’ weight.


Another crucial aspect of my Emma mattress review is the firmness level of this model. It will determine how comfortable the bed is going to seem to you.

Now, the Emma is a medium-firm mattress. If we look at the standard firmness scale, where 1 is the plushiest and 10 is the stiffest, Emma would fall somewhere between 6.5-7. For petite individuals, this mattress may rate even close to 8, as lightweight bodies might not compress the foam too much (which would make the mattress feel firmer). As for heavier individuals, they might find the Emma slightly softer (rated around 6 on the firmness scale), as they may sink more and experience a slightly deeper hug.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Emma has a rather balanced feel. The mattress offers close conforming and good pressure relief but doesn’t make you feel stuck. It’s quite resilient too. The layers take their original shape rather quickly after the pressure is applied. At the same time, the Emma isn’t overly bouncy either. It seems like the manufacturer wanted to achieve the “golden mean” in the way this mattress feels.

Edge Support

The next important factor I want to address in my Emma mattress review is the edge support (which is especially crucial for couples who need a uniform sleeping surface). 

Now, as it is an all-foam mattress, don’t expect the edges to be extremely sturdy. The Emma will compress noticeably if you sit on the edge. However, if you sleep near one, chances are you will still feel supported and won’t be likely to fall off.

So, the final verdict is as follows:

The Emma’s edge support is above average (especially for a foam mattress). But if you are looking for a 100% uniform sleeping surface and extra-reliable edges, you might want to check other mattress types (like this hybrid Noa mattress).

Emma Mattress - 2

Motion Transfer

If you share your bed with a partner, there is another important aspect you might want to pay attention to. If one of you is easily awoken by the movement in bed, your mattress has to offer good levels of motion isolation. In this case, one side of the mattress will remain undisturbed even if someone is tossing and turning on the other side.

And here’s the kicker: despite being rather bouncy and resilient, the Emma showed good results at motion transfer tests. This mattress absorbs shock from motion quite well and would allow for minimal transfer only if you and your partner are significantly different in terms of weight.


Another crucial aspect I want to mention in my review is Emma’s durability. A new mattress is a serious investment for many shoppers, so you probably expect it to serve you for a long time. Plus, no one wants to go through the annoying process of trying to find a suitable mattress all over again.

Now, I think it’s safe to say that the Emma is a very reliable model. This mattress uses a combination of resilient and high-density foams that are meant to retain their supportive properties longer than your average foam mattress. Additionally, this mattress is very well-made. The stitching is neat and the cover fabric seems sturdy. All in all, my tests show that you can count on the Emma mattress.


Let me warn you right away:

Off-gassing is common for most foam mattresses. Sometimes it’s barely there, and sometimes it’s so strong users can’t stay in one room with their mattress for long (which is a bummer, of course, as most of us want to sleep on their new mattress right away).

Here’s the deal: the Emma falls under the general “memory foam smell” rule and has a noticeable odor upon arrival. It’s not too strong or overpowering though and should disappear quite fast thanks to Emma’s breathable design. Just to give you a rough idea of how long you will have to wait: I received my Emma mattress in the morning, unpacked it, and left it in the room with an opened window. When I returned in the evening, the odor was completely gone. And I slept on my new Emma mattress the same night.  


If I had to rate the Emma, I would give it a 5 (or maybe even a 6), with 10 being the highest rating. Let me explain: just like other foam mattresses, the Emma offers close conforming and molds to one’s body. That can be an issue for some couples during sex, as the mattress surface may feel a tiny bit restricting (making it slightly harder to move and switch positions). At the same time, the Emma is bouncier and more responsive than your average memory foam mattress. It doesn’t have that notorious quicksand feel, which should give you and your partner some freedom to move around. So, to conclude: this mattress won’t “swallow” you and your significant other, but its bounce isn’t enough to complement your movements either. 

Therefore, if you want more bounce and prefer extra responsive beds, you can consider this hybrid Sleepingduck Mattress as an alternative.

Hot It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

I’m sure you know that one mattress can’t suit all sleepers. One model can feel heavenly comfortable to some and extremely disappointing to others. The reason why it happens is simple: we are all different. Body weight, sleeping position, and our unique personal preferences can affect the way we feel when sleeping on a mattress.

So, here are some pointers that might help you understand how comfortable the Emma will be for you:

  • Side sleepers. For average and heavier side sleepers, the Emma should be both comfy and supportive. The top layer will gently hug the protruding parts of your body, promoting pressure relief and relaxation. And the second, slightly more resilient layer will help with proper weight distribution and support. As for petite side sleepers (less than 60 kg or so), the Emma might be too stiff for them.
  • Back sleepers. As back sleepers usually require reliable support and a moderate amount of cushioning, the Emma would work great for this sleeping position regardless of your weight. The top layer should cradle the heavier body parts (such as hips and buttocks) while the back will remain neutral and supported.
  • Stomach sleepers. If you are a lightweight or an average stomach sleeper, you should feel quite comfortable lying on the Emma mattress. As this is a firmer model, the Emma will deliver enough support to help you maintain spinal alignment during the night. As for heavier folks (over 100 kg), they might experience some sinkage in the hip area that can lead to misalignment and reduced comfort.

Other Important Information

Now, let’s talk about technical stuff. After all, that’s what might determine your experience as a customer.

The first thing you should know is that the company offers free, no-contact delivery. The shipping typically takes a few days, so you won’t have to wait for your new mattress for too long.

The Emma comes with a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty. The returns are free as well. If you decide to return the mattress, the company will arrange the pick-up, so the process should be rather effortless and fuss-free for you. However, keep in mind that the company’s courier partner requires all the mattresses to be wrapped in plastic before they are returned. Also, the company recommends their customers to test the mattress for at least 3-4 weeks before applying for the return. It has to do with the adaptive properties of memory foam, which requires time to get used to your body (the so-called break-in period).

Now, the Emma is rather reasonably priced compared to many other mattresses, but the company also offers financing to its clients. You can also take advantage of the friend referral program. By inviting a friend and sharing your coupon code with them, you will get $50 off any future purchase on the Emma’s website. However, the minimal sum of your purchase should be $290.

It’s also worth mentioning that each layer of the material is Oeko-Tex safety certified. The Emma mattress doesn’t contain any harmful substances and can be used safely even by kids and toddlers.


All things considered, it’s safe to say that the Emma mattress deserves your attention. It is affordable and quality-made, which is enough of a reason to consider this mattress. Additionally, the Emma offers reliable zoned support and effective pressure relief, which means it is very likely to alter your sleep for good. The mattress might not work for all types of sleepers, of course, but it can certainly impress many.

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