Best Mattress Toppers in Australia

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Written by: Laura Bates
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A mattress topper is a sure way to rejuvenate the feel from your mattress and make your sleep more comfortable. This is basically a detachable comfort layer that helps you mask the imperfections of your mattress surface and add some pressure relief.

But how do you find the best one?

Don’t worry!

Scroll down a bit, and you find the list of the best mattress toppers in Australia, thoroughly selected for different occasions. All you need to do is just choose the model that appeals to you the most, so do not hesitate to read further!

A Quick Preview

Fern Earth
Best Overall — Editor’s Choice

Fern Earth
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Second Best Choice

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Third Best Choice

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Best for All-Year Comfort

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Downtime Luxury
Best for Firm Mattresses

Downtime Luxury
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Our List of the 4 Best Mattress Toppers in Australia

Best Overall — Editor’s Choice — Fern Earth


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  • durable Dunlop latex with a plush feel;
  • can rejuvenate the feel from your old bed in seconds;
  • hypoallergenic and mould-resistant;
  • encased in the organic cotton cover;
  • offers instant cradling and doesn’t mess with your movements.

Another top-rated mattress topper in Australia, which got its place in this list, is the fern Earth. It’s most prominent feature is the use of natural latex and organic cotton that result in a completely natural and eco-friendly mattress pad with an extraordinary plush feel. 

Natural latex is a somewhat paradoxical material: it offers the same instant contouring as the traditional memory foam but doesn’t have that extra sinkage. This means that the pad won’t absorb your movements to the point when it’s difficult to get out of the bed. However, it can easily block some unwanted disturbances from your partner and ensure peaceful sleep for both.

Another great feature of latex is its cooling effect. Natural latex has open-cell structure and retains less heat than synthetic foams. Besides, the topper is encased in natural cotton cover which wicks away moisture and makes the cooling properties even more pronounced.

So, if you need a durable mattress topper that will sleep cool and won’t provoke your allergies, the Fern is definitely the way to go.

Second Best Choice — Onebed


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  • conforming foam for pinpoint pressure relief;
  • zoned design to ensure optimal support;
  • open-cell structure for increased breathability and cooler sleep.

Another model that deserves to be among the best mattress toppers in Australia is the Onebed. Using special Davina foam, this topper offers a winning combination of cradling support and instant relaxation. However, what makes this model shine brighter than some of its competitors is the zoned design it uses. There are 5 zones that are meant to provide optimal support for the head, shoulders, lower back, thighs, and lower legs. Thanks to that, your body weight should be evenly distributed when lying on the Onebed topper. And consequently, you won’t be bothered about developing tender pressure points.

Overall, the Onebed topper isn’t likely to disappoint you. It’s a comfy topper that has a rather balanced feel and a smart construction to deliver the needed support.

Third Best Choice — Ecosa


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  • gel infusion for cooler sleep;
  • large elastic straps for an extra secure fit during the night;
  • removable cover for easy maintenance.

I feel like this topper can become someone’s salvation, so I have to add it to the list of the best mattress toppers in Australia. The Ecosa uses cooling gel foam, so you don’t have to sacrifice cool sleep for molding support and tension relief. This topper is a bit more on the softer side, so it can easily make your stiff mattress feel more comfortable. Additionally, the Ecosa can give your joints the needed cradling and may help with pressure relief. It may also come in handy if you want to make your bed feel less bouncy. This model absorbs shock from motion quite well, so it can help you and your partner enjoy disturbance-free nights.

All things considered, the Ecosa mattress topper has a chance of becoming your favorite bedroom accessory, especially if you are looking for cool pressure relief.

Best for All-Year Comfort — MiniJumbuk


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  • deep fitted skirt to keep the topper in place all through the night;
  • reversible design to offer high comfort levels during all seasons;
  • natural wool and cotton for superb breathability and effective thermoregulation.

The next item that made it to our list of the best mattress toppers in Australia is a rather unique find. The MiniJumbuk topper has a reversible design, which means you can change your sleeping environment according to the current temperature or even your mood. One side of this topper is plush wool that can keep you cozy when feeling chilly. The other side is cotton, which is super breathable and can help you enjoy proper airflow when it’s hot outside. And here’s the best part: both wool and cotton do an excellent job of wicking the excess moisture away. Therefore, there’s a good chance you will always feel fresh after sleeping on this topper.

So, if you are looking for breathable comfort and want a topper that would work for you all year round, consider the MiniJumbuk. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Best for Firm Mattresses — Downtime Luxury


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  • sateen cotton shell for a luxurious feel and extra breathability;
  • fitted sheet design to prevent slipping;
  • lofty and soft to provide extra cushioning.

Want to feel like you are sleeping on a cloud during the night? The Downtime topper can help you with that. This model uses fine poly-fibers to mimic the natural down without the risk of allergies. It’s soft and cradling, which might be the ideal solution for those who want to make their stiff mattress feel more comfortable. It gets better: the gusset design ensures that the Downtime topper will maintain an even surface (no need to worry about lumps). Plus, it gives this model a rather luxurious look.

Needless to say, the Downtime deserves its place among the best mattress toppers in Australia. This topper is heavenly soft and squishy, which means it can easily change the way your firm mattress feels.

Who Might Benefit From a Mattress Topper?

Mattress toppers are an incredibly popular bedding item for one reason:


By adding just 5-8 cm of foam to your mattress you can significantly improve its cradling and support.

You’ll most likely benefit from a mattress topper if you:

  • Have an old mattress. Most mattresses have a lifespan of 7-10 years (1), and if your bed meets these numbers, it’s probably worth replacing. However, sometimes you just can’t spend a lump of money on a new bed, and this is when the mattress topper comes in handy. It costs way less than a brand new bed and can score you a couple of years before you replace your current mattress.
  • Have too soft or too firm mattress. If you find out that your mattress is uncomfortable after the trial period has passed, the manufacturer won’t satisfy your claim for a refund. However, by choosing a mattress topper of the desired firmness, you can alter the feel of your bed and make your sleep more comfortable.
  • Sleep on a mattress that isn’t your own. If you rent an apartment, you may not know who slept on this bed before you and how old this mattress actually is. So, in this case, the mattress topper serves as a hygienic layer and protects you from mould or dust mites that can hide inside the mattress layers.

What Are the Top-Rated Mattress Toppers in Australia Made Of?

The modern market can offer you dozens of models when it comes to mattress pads, which can make a choice pretty difficult. However, you can narrow the choice down by the materials, as there are only four most common configurations:

  • Foam. Polyfoam, memory foam, infused foams, or any other variations are the most popular configuration you can get.  They all have roughly the same properties: great pressure relief, close conforming to your body shape, and good motion absorption. Foam toppers come in a vast range of firmnesses and thicknesses, so you can pair them with any type of mattress.
  • Latex. Latex is a vulcanized sap of rubber trees mixed with some additives to improve density and longevity. It’s pretty different from the traditional foams and doesn’t have the ‘memory’ effect. Also, latex is denser than synthetic foams, so you can expect a longer lifespan (and heavier weight). Finally, thanks to its open-cell structure, natural latex sleeps cool even on summer nights.
  • Fiberfill. These typically have fitted sheet design with a quilted fiberfill top. The main features of fiberfill toppers are their exceptional moldability, light weight, and temperature neutrality. However, depending on the fill density and material, the lifespan of the fiberfill toppers can fluctuate significantly, so you may replace them more frequently compared to other types (2).
  • Composite. As the name implies, these mattress pads combine two or more materials (foam and latex layers, foam core with fiberfill top, etc). Composite mattresses are generally thicker and more durable but the final properties will depend on the materials used.
  • Wool. Wool mattress toppers are a great choice for those users who want extra cushioning and proper temperature regulation. Wool doesn't trap body heat and can easily wick the excess moisture away. Plus, this material is super breathable, so it may create a neutral sleeping environment regardless of the season. However, keep in mind that wool toppers are typically rather soft. Therefore, they won’t work for someone who requires extra support or wants to make a plush mattress feel firmer.
  • Down or feathers. Such mattress toppers are expensive but luxurious. They can add a layer of cushioning to your mattress to achieve higher comfort levels. Down toppers are good in terms of airflow as well. However, they may cause allergies in some sleepers. Plus, being soft and squishy, down and feather toppers are better to be used with firmer mattresses.

What to Look for in the Best Mattress Topper?

Every sleeper is unique, which means that there’s no universal bedding accessory for everyone. However, you can choose a mattress topper that will totally fit your demand if you follow these recommendations.


Most mattress toppers in Australia are 5-cm thick. This thickness is sufficient to alter the feel of your bed if you need it and ensure a snuggly fit under your sheets. However, sometimes you can find dual-layer toppers that are 8-10 cm thick. They can make a worthy purchase for heavy sleepers, couples, or owners of old mattresses.


Choose the desired firmness depending on the final feel you want to get. For example, if your mattress is too firm, go for a soft topper, and you’ll get the medium feel as a result. 

Also, be sure to find a mattress pad compatible with your sleeping style. Side sleepers may need something soft that can cradle their hips and shoulders. Stomach sleepers need something firm to support their lower back area. Back sleepers can benefit from any firmness if they don’t have any health issues, but typically feel the most comfortable on medium or medium-firm mattresses.

“If you choose a memory foam topper, it may feel firmer at the beginning. Memory foam is a temperature-sensitive material, which means it uses your body heat to soften up, and it may need a couple of weeks to break in.”


The cover of your mattress pad protects it from moisture and dust, which prolongs the topper’s lifespan. Models with removable cover are more preferable because you can refresh your mattress topper by washing it. Among the non-removable covers, Tencel and plain cotton are the best, as they wick away moisture and repel odors.

Fit Type

A good mattress topper should stay in one place all through the night, no matter how active of a sleeper you are. 

Now, there are many toppers that simply lay on top of the mattress. This type might not work for restless or combination sleepers. However, as an alternative, you can get a model with elastic straps or an elastic fitted skirt. Both are meant to guarantee a secure fit during the night. However, you need to make sure that the elastic straps or the skirt are large (deep) enough to work with your mattress, especially if it’s a high-profile model.

Ease of Cleaning

Just like your mattress, the topper can accumulate dust, dead skin cells, tiny debris, and moisture. That’s why it might be a good idea to buy a model that has a removable cover or uses washable materials. In this case, you will easily maintain a fresh sleeping environment. It would come in handy for allergy-prone sleepers in particular.


What is the best thickness for a mattress topper?

It would depend on your needs. If you prefer an extra generous hug, you can pick a model that measures 7 cm in height and more. For a decent amount of cradling, however, 5 cm is usually enough.

What kind of mattress topper is best for side sleepers?

Normally, side sleepers require thicker mattress toppers that can provide enough cushioning for the protruding hips and shoulders. You might also want to steer clear of firmer models as they can lead to developing painful pressure points.

Which is better: a memory foam or a gel mattress topper?

It would depend on your personal comfort preferences. There’s no difference between regular and gel memory foam except for the way they can affect your temperature during sleep. While memory foam may trap body heat, gel-infused toppers work to provide a cooling effect. Therefore, if you tend to run hot during the night, you might want to consider a gel foam topper.

What is the best mattress topper for back pain?

The best mattress topper for back pain is either a memory foam or a latex one. These two types can deliver close conforming that is so needed for proper weight distribution and pressure alleviation. And when there is less (or no) accumulated pressure, the pain levels may drop as well.

Can I use a mattress topper with a saggy mattress?

No, that’s not a good idea. You see, no matter how great a topper might be, it can’t save an old, saggy mattress. Sagging means your mattress cannot offer proper support anymore, and a topper cannot change that. A mattress topper is an auxiliary tool that can help you change the way your mattress feels, not restore its original properties, unfortunately.

Final Word

Getting a new mattress topper can help you with a couple of things. First of all, you can save some money and prolong the life of your mattress instead of buying a new one. And of course, you can start sleeping much more comfortably.

However, to achieve that, you need to make the right choice. That’s why it’s crucial to consider a topper’s thickness and firmness level when shopping. Also, don’t forget to check what it’s made of. Different materials have their peculiarities, and it’s better to learn more about them before finalizing your purchase (just to make sure you are going to like the way your new topper feels).

Having tested all four models, I have picked the Fern Earth as my favorite, and I’m sure you are going to love this mattress topper just as much. This model uses natural latex that offers unparalleled support and pressure relief. Additionally, it can create a pleasantly cool sleeping environment. It is safe and chemical-free, which is enough of a reason to love it, in my opinion. Plus, this topper is nicely made and promises durability in use.

And what about you? Which model among the four has got your heart? Write your answer in the comments!


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