Best Pillows for Back Sleepers in Australia

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No matter the time, the place, or the type, everybody needs a good pillow to rest. Some people like to sleep on their stomachs, and some others like to sleep on the back, and besides those, there are a lot of factors that will affect sleep. In this article, there is a lot of useful information that will help the back sleepers to choose their pillow and some of the best pillows for back sleepers in Australia.

A Quick Preview

Emma Foam Pillow
Adjustable High-Quality Foams

Emma Foam Pillow
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Peacelily Latex Pillow
Organic and Natural Material

Peacelily Latex Pillow
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Ergoflex Pillow
Best for Neck Pain

Ergoflex HD Memory Foam Pillow
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Our List of the 3 Best Pillows for Back Sleepers

Adjustable High-Quality Foams — Emma Foam Pillow

Emma Foam Pillow
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  • Adjustable height.
  • Layers of foam with distinct properties.
  • Elastic, soft, and comfortable cover.

Similar to the Onebed pillow, the Emma foam pillow is also filled with three layers of foam that can be added or removed to adjust the height. The difference is that each of these layers has distinct properties and is made out of different materials. 

The one on top is made out of an airgocell foam that allows for breathability and staying cool. The middle layer is made of foam that will give the most amount of comfort and support. The last layer is a Visco-elastic layer that plays the role of a pressure reliever. The cover of this pillow is also made out of polyester and a small percentage of elastic that will keep the pillow cover close to the layers of foam, despite the height of the pillow. The cover is also removable and washable.

Emma Original Pillow
Emma Original Pillow - 2

Organic and Natural Material — Peacelily Latex Pillow

Peacelily Latex Pillow (Firm)

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  • 100% organic and natural rubber latex.
  • The most eco-friendly and organic option.
  • Soft cotton-made cover.

The most important thing about the Peacelily Latex pillow is that both its filling and the cover are pure natural. Therefore, it is not hazardous, and it is the most eco-friendly option. It also has an eco-Institut certificate. 

The filling is made out of a natural rubber latex with a lot of holes around it. The rubber latex makes for great flexibility and support for the neck and head, which is great for back sleepers. The holes in the latex filling also make the pillow a breathable pillow, and they keep it cool while sleeping. This pillow is also very long-lasting and durable. The cover is also made out of super soft natural cotton, and it is very skin-friendly and breathable. The cover is removable thanks to its zip, and it is washable if needed.

Peacelily Latex Pillow-2
Peacelily Latex Pillow-4

Hygiene and Comfortable — Ergoflex HD Memory Foam Pillow

Ergoflex HD Memory Foam Pillow

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  • Hygienic, anti-allergic materials.
  • Filled with fully-molded memory foam core.
  • Soft and natural Tencel cover.

Ergoflex HD memory foam pillow has a simple design. The filling is made out of one high-density memory foam which does not allow the pillow to give the feeling of plumping. 

With a solid and fully-molded core, the foam allows for this pillow to become flexible and great support for the neck and spine. The material used for filling is also organic and makes this pillow very hygienic. The same goes for the cover of this pillow which is made out of Tencel. The Tencel is much more eco-friendlier than all of the materials on the list, and it needs less energy to make. It is also organic and anti-allergic. Both foam and the cover also allow of air-flow, which keeps both of them cool during sleep. This pillow is great for those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

Ergoflex Pillow
Ergoflex Pillow

Which Pillows are Better for Back Sleepers

Five of the best pillows for back sleepers in Australia were before, but how can one choose from all of these different options? Everyone needs to have the best pillows and for that, they need information on what they are buying, so they can choose the best one. There are a lot of pillows, and we will get to all there is about them. First off, let us start with the different materials, and which one is better for back sleepers and in Australia. 


We have different materials for a pillow which will make a difference from price to durability. Here are the common materials:

  • Memory foam
  • Rubber latex
  • Tencel
  • Feather and down
  • Microfiber and polyester
  • Alpaca and wool
  • Tea tree flake and bamboo

Memory Foam



The most common and perhaps the top choice available for back sleepers. Most of the best pillows recommended are filled with memory foam or layers of memory foam. Despite the adjustable height with layers of foam, the memory foams are highly flexible, and they will adjust depending on the body, so they are not too firm to put the head in a high position or neither too low. Memory foam is also very comfortable, and they are a great pressure-reliever. For these properties, memory foam is great for back sleepers, and they are usually very long-lasting, and they can last from 5 up to 10 years. They are also washable during this time.

Rubber Latex



Peavelily Latex pillow was one pillow using rubber latex as a filling material. Similar to memory foams, they are very flexible, and therefore, offer great support for the neck and the head. Latex is also a natural and organic material, which makes it anti-allergic, and great for people with asthma or different allergies. With a unique design, it is also possible to make the latex layer breathable and cool by making holes in it. Just like what Peacelily did with its pillow. Rubber latex is also durable, and it will last up to 10 years in good care. There will be more about how to take care of a pillow later in this article. 

James Cook University in Queensland (1) has also proved that latex pillows will reduce pain and stiffness when waking up.




Another mentioned material in this article was Tencel. There were some covers made out of Tencel, but Tencel can also be used as a type of filling for the pillow. The most positive point about pillows filled with Tencel is that they are the most hygienic and antibacterial pillows, great for people with asthma or allergies because Tencels are organic. Tencel is a type of natural fiber, and as a filling, the pillow will feel soft and supportive at the same time. And because Tencel is natural, it is also eco-friendly to use them and in case needed, they are washable. A Tencel-filled pillow will last an average of 5 years.

Feather and Down



Down is the softer version of a feather pillow, but they are similar and both offer a soft pillow while supporting the neck. The biggest problem with feathers and down is that because they make for such a soft pillow, they tend to go slower than expected, and is not a good thing for a back sleeper. Feather and down pillows are also not washable, so a cover is definitely needed for them, and they usually do not last any longer than 2 or 3 years even if taken care of. It is possible to refill them again, but it is not worth the trouble. 

Microfiber and Polyester



Microfiber and polyester pillows are the most common filling on today's market. Neither polyester nor microfiber is not natural material but synthetic, and because they are synthetic, the companies can make them however they want. From the softest pillow to the most firmed ones. The pillows made out of these materials are not so ever eco-friendly or hygiene, but they are cheaper, and they do not last long. The maximum life span of these pillows is 2 years if taken care of. If not, they do not last more than six months. This type of filling is not good for a pillow unless someone wants a pillow temporary.

Alpaca and Wool



Alpaca and wool are other types of feelings for pillows that are soft and warm. Wool and alpaca are designed to take away moisture and deliver a warm sleep. Having a soft pillow might be a good idea, but maybe it is not the best pillow in Australia. People usually love the cool side of the pillow, and a pillow filled with warm, soft wool will not deliver such a feeling, and although they are soft, they do not support the neck and head, as well as a pillow filled with latex and memory foam, does. But they are natural and organic, and they are no harm to the environment or the person using them. A pillow filled with wool will last something between 3 to 5 years.

Tea tree and Bamboo



Both tea trees and bamboo are from renewable sources, so they both are organic, natural, hype-allergic, and eco-friendly. Both of them have similar structures and allow for airflow and stay cool. They usually make for soft pillows, which sadly put the head and the neck in the lower position from the spine, and that is not pleasant for a back sleeper, neither healthy. Having the neck aligning with the spine is very important for healthy sleep. They make for cool pillows in summer and warm pillows in winter. The life span for pillows filled with both of these materials is between 3 to 5 years, and they are not washable, so a cover is needed.

Different Pillow Profiles and Sizes

The word "profile" can be seen several times in this article, and it refers to the height of a pillow. There are different profiles for a pillow, and the main ones are low, medium, or high. The best profile for back sleepers is a low-profile pillow. All of the suggested pillows in this article are flexible to all heights, but the Onebed and Emma foam pillow could be adjusted by removing the layers of foam on their cover. If there is only one layer left in them, they will become the best pillow for back sleepers. Although some people might prefer other profiles for back sleeping, these great mentioned pillows can adjust to all three profiles. 

In terms of sizing, all the recommended pillows are in the standard size which is around 70cm in around 40cm. There are different sizes (2) for a pillow as well. Such as queen size or king size.

The Best Pillows for Back Sleepers

With all of the information above, it is obvious that the pillows are made different from one another, and some might not be good for back sleepers. For example, maybe a material would make the best pillow for side sleepers in Australia, but not the best one for back sleepers in the same region. The best profile for back sleepers is a low-profile pillow, and the best filling material is something that can be both soft and supportive while being cool and anti-allergic. Both latex and robber will provide these traits for back sleepers. As seen, all of the best-recommended pillows use these two materials as their feelings.

How to Take Care of a Pillow

There are different stages of taking care of a pillow from daily to monthly. But first off, considering a cover for a pillow is a good idea to keep the pillow clean from moisture or dust. The pillow covers are usually really cheap and washable.

  • Daily: It is possible to do daily things that will keep the pillow refreshed. Make sure to shake the pillow and fluff it to dust it off, and prevent it from getting shaped. Having the pillow under the sunlight will also help it to stay cleaner. 
  • Weekly: After a few weeks of using a pillow, it is a good idea to wash it with water and other things. Usually, if the cover is removable, washing the cover is the best idea. If not, using a pillow protector is a good idea, and they are washable.
  • Monthly: Every few months, it is a good idea to test the pillow and see if it is in shape or not. If the filling is latex or rubber, fold it in half, and if it unfolds quickly, then the pillow is in top form.


Is a high-profile pillow good for back sleepers?

It is not recommended because it is not healthy, but if someone prefers to sleep that way, then it is fine, but it is not good.

Why is a wool pillow not good for back sleepers in Australia?

Pillows filled with wool take away moisture, and they are soft and warm. A pillow with such properties would not make a good pillow in Australia.

Is there any downside to pillows with removable foams and layers?

The only downside for those types of pillows is that they need a place for restoring the layers which are taken out of the pillow, and they also need caring.


In this article, 5 of the best pillows for back sleepers in Australia were recommended. Emma foam are the better options because they have adjustable profiles, but all of them are good quality, and no one would regret buying them.

Thanks so much for reading this article. If  there are any questions about pillows for stomach sleepers or pillows in general, comment them down below, so we can answer you or even write an article about it.


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