Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers in Australia

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Sleeping is one of the most important aspects of our life, and everybody needs a good sleep. Despite the different ways people sleep, there is a need for a good pillow to keep the head comfy all the time. As stomach sleepers, lots of people struggle to find the right pillow that suits their sleeping. In this article, we will be introducing the best pillows for stomach sleepers in Australia.

A Quick Preview

Emma Foam Pillow
Best Overall - Editor’s Choice

Emma Foam Pillow
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The Koala Pillow

The Koala Pillow
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Emma Cloud Hybrid Pillow
Best Pillow for Neck Pain

Emma Cloud Hybrid Pillow
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Peacelily Latex Pillow

Peacelily Latex Pillow
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Our List of the 4 Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers in Australia (March 2024)

Best Overall—Editor’s Choice — Emma Foam Pillow

Emma Foam Pillow


  • Adjustable for maximum comfort.
  • Great technologies for making it, such as Airgocell.
  • Made with great quality foam.

The Emma foam pillow is topping our list of the best pillows for stomach sleepers in Australia. One of these foam layers is an Airgocell foam that allows the air to flow and makes the sleeper comfortable. 

Besides that, the middle layer of foam is a cooling foam that will keep the pillow's temperature cool. The last layer of memory foam is a Visco-elastic foam that helps in releasing any pressure. 

Emma Foam Pillow's layers
Emma Foam Pillow's layers

The cover is this pillow is made out of polyester, which is a breathable material and will help even more in keeping the pillow cool. There is also a percentage of elastane used in its cover, making the cover more flexible. This cover always stays tightly close to the foam.

Based on Our Review

While conducting my test of the Emma foam pillow, I noticed the adjustability allowed me to place my head in whatever direction I desired. I also like that this pillow has a competitive price for its value.

Firmness of the Emma Foam Pillow
Emma Foam Pillow's cover

RUNNER-UP - The Koala Pillow

Koala Pillow


  • You can choose between two firmness levels to get the most comfortable posture.
  • The presence of gel memory foam keeps hot sleep at bay for the sleeper.
  • The firm pillow edges ensure that the sleeper’s neck doesn’t sink more than the optimal line for comfortable sleep.

The Koala pillow is my next pick of the best pillows for stomach sleepers in Australia. The outstanding feature of this pillow is the different firmness on each side. I simply flip it to suit my comfort needs. I also like that the edges are firmer than the inner surface, allowing me to rest comfortably without worrying about neck cramps in the morning.

Overall Look of the Koala Pillow

While testing, I noticed that this pillow did well regarding thermoregulation. As a stomach sleeper, I need a breathable surface to avoid sleeping hot, and the Koala pillow does this well. 

Based on Our Review

While conducting my tests, I observed that this malleable foam pillow has good thermoregulating properties. Furthermore, the Koala pillow comes with the option of allowing me to change firmness anytime I wish. 

Firmness of the Koala Pillow
Koala Pillow's cover

Best Pillow for Neck Pain - Emma Cloud Hybrid Pillow

Emma cloud hybrid pillow


  • Breathable design that promotes improved airflow to increase sleeping comfort.
  • Adjustable height allows sleepers to tailor the cushioning level to their preference. 
  • Supportive memory foam build that provides excellent pressure relief.

The Emma Cloud Hybrid Pillow comprises two smaller pillows nestled inside a larger one. The first pillow is filled with more microfibre filling, making it more supportive and higher. The other pillow has a smaller microfibre filling and feels plusher to lie on. This design makes this pillow ideal for people suffering from neck pain as you can adjust the foam combination to relieve the spot that bothers you.

In addition, the filling is made of 100% polyester, an environmentally-friendly material. Overall, I felt this pillow was well-made, and the pillow felt durable. The Emma Cloud's cover is made of an UltraDry fabric that is breathable and capable of regulating body heat. I slept on my stomach and found that the pillow felt supportive. My head and neck rested comfortably during my review. Overall, the Emma Cloud Hybrid pillow is a good all-arounder that suits many sleepers.

Based on Our Review

During my review, the Emma comfort pillow felt plush and supportive. I found that this pillow cradled my neck correctly, and I didn’t feel much discomfort during testing.

Best Cooling — Peacelily Latex Pillow

Peacelily Latex Pillow (Firm)


  • Made with natural latex rubber.
  • Customers can return it for free for 100 nights.
  • Super breathable with air conditioning.

This pillow is the best non-allergic pillow in its price range, with a combination of support, softness, and durability. This pillow is among the top picks because it is made with %100 organic and natural materials. 

This is one thing that cannot be seen with the other pillows on the list.

Since this pillow is designed with latex, it is very durable, and the latex is breathable, which means the pillow does not get too hot or cold on the sides. It is also hypoallergenic and free from any hazard, great for people with allergies or asthma. 

The cover of this pillow is also %100 natural cotton which is very skin-friendly and breathable as well. There is also a zip to have the cover out and wash the cover or the latex. The pillow also comes with 100 nights of trial.

Based on Our Review

From my review, I can say that the Peacelily latex pillow has one of the best thermoregulation features in a pillow, as it always manages to stay cool to the touch. In addition, the latex pillow has pores that promote breathability for a good night’s sleep.

How to Choose the Best Pillow in Australia

After seeing all of the top tire pillows on the list, it is obvious that they are all great, and choosing between them might be a bit hard, as they all are similar in a lot of ways. This part of the article will help in choosing a good pillow that will help stomach sleepers sleep better at night. First, let us see the differences between different materials of a pillow.

Memory Foam

Some of the pillows we have on our list had memory foam as their material. Pillows made with memory foam tend to be comfortable and adjustable with the body. So whenever someone lays their head on them, the pressure would be released from their neck and spine.

For people who are looking to have a pillow in a certain shape, memory foam is the one material to go after. The lifespan of a memory foam pillow is 5 to more than 10 years. This makes it suitable for long years of usage without losing its value


The Peacelily Latex Pillow that we mentioned in the products is using natural latex as its material. Latex pillows are long-lasting and offer good support for the neck and spine, and they also come in a lot of shapes and sizes. And since latex is a natural and organic material, it is anti-allergic. Similar to memory foam, a latex pillow can serve up to more than 10 years.

One other thing that the James Cook University in Queensland proved recently is that latex will reduce pain and stiffness after waking up.


Tencel is another material that might go into the filling of the pillow. Ergoflex Memory Foam Pillow used Tencel as its cover. Tencel is a type of fiber that is both soft and feels full and supportive. This material is made out of a natural type of eucalyptus which is hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

It is very eco-friendly, and because of its properties, it is recommended for people with asthma or different allergies.  

These are the three main things in a pillow that is better for a stomach sleeper, but there are some other materials as well.

Feather and Down

Feather and down usually make for comfortable and soft pillows. Down is softer than the feather, but both of them are luxurious and shape the neck. The only matter is that they will put the neck in a lower position than the body. Although scientists do not suggest sleeping on the stomach, the neck not being at the same level as the body will even put the body in a worse condition. 

One other thing about pillows made from feather and down is that after 2 or 3 years, they are flattened and either have to be refilled or replaced with a new pillow. They are not very durable and long-lasting, and they are not suitable for a pillow fight.

Microfiber and Polyester

Microfiber and polyester are the most common type of filling in today's market. A pillow with this filling can go both ways of being soft and comfortable or being full and firm. Because the materials are synthetic, this type of pillow is very versatile in terms of style, but polyester and microfiber are not that eco-friendly, and for people with asthma or allergies, they are not a good option because of their inorganic material. The sad thing about polyester or a microfiber pillow is that it is not so durable, and usually needs to be replaced with a new pillow in between six months to 2 years.


Alpaca is a type of luxurious fiber made out of wool. Because of that it often makes for very soft and warm pillows. Alpaca is very light, and it can shape itself like the shape of the body. And since it is made out of wool, it is also natural and anti-allergic. For those who do not like moisture, choosing alpaca is the way to go as it allows for a dry sleep. For those who do not like the cool side of the pillow, alpaca has none. Pillows made out of wool can work from 3 to 5 years

Tea Tree Flakes

A pillow filled with layers of tea tree is often light and soft. It is also natural and hypoallergenic, and because of its unique structure, it allows for airflow and keeps the pillow cool. One downside to it is that similar to feather and down, it will put the neck and head in a lower position than the spine, which is not so good for a tummy sleeper pillow. Beside its disadvantage, tea tree flakes will keep the pillow cool in summer and a warm pillow in winter. Tea tree flake pillows will last something around 4 to 5 years. 


The last type of pillow is filled with bamboo, which is a renewable source. Bamboo pillows use cotton covers which allow the air to flow, and the pillow becomes more breathable. The core for bamboo pillows is also made out of microfibers. These types of pillows also do support the neck and head, but because of their microfiber core, they are not anti-allergic. bamboo pillows can also last up to 5 years. 

When choosing a pillow, I prioritize high cooling features like latex or gel-infused memory foam because stomach sleepers are more likely to experience hot sleep.

Some pillows have a better lifespan than others. Later in this article, we will be talking about how to take care of the pillow to make them last longer.

What Type of Pillow Profile to Use

A profile for a pillow refers to its height, which can be either low, medium, or high. A low-profile pillow is the best option for a stomach sleeper because it prevents the neck and head from getting into an unnatural and uncomfortable position. Getting a profile pillow with feather filling might cause the head and neck to get in a lower level than the spine, so for our stomach sleeping, the best recommendation is to get a low-profile pillow with the fillings of either memory foam or rubber latex. 

After changing the sleeping position in the middle of the night such as going to the sides, these pillows are also great pillows for side sleepers in Australia. Memory foam or latex are the best options because they will shape and adapt to the sleeping position as they are flexible. They are also more durable, and they will retake their original shape as they wake up.

The overall recommendation

As a stomach sleeper, there is a need for a pillow that is low profile so the neck and head can align perfectly with the spine. Many people recommend that getting a feather or down pillow will help, but that is not the case because the pillows go even lower. Perhaps getting a medium profile pillow with feather or down would work, but the best pillow for stomach sleepers in Australia is a pillow that is not too warm and is low-profile. The filling is also best to be either latex, Tencel, or memory foam to support the neck and head perfectly, and it shapes itself with the body. They are also hypoallergenic and eco-friendly.Although all of the pillows are among the top-rated pillows in Australia, the top choice was the Peaclily latex pillow for stomach sleepers.

If you are unsure about the right pillow profile that suits you, I recommend opting for pillows with adjustable profiles for a customized fit.

How to Take Care of the Pillow

A pillow, just like many other things, needs caring. There are some things to do daily to keep the pillow as good as new, and there are some other things to do overtime to keep the pillow fresh.

First of all, consider buying a pillow protector or a pillow cover. They really do not cost that much money, and by getting one, any dust or moisture on the pillow will be avoided, and the pillow remains clean and fresh. It is possible to take the covers out and wash them from time to time, and this will help to always have a clean pillow. 


One thing to do daily to keep the pillow clean is to give it a shake and fluff to dust it off and shake off the mites and bugs. Remember to keep the pillow under the sunlight and let them air. It will help them to keep them fresh and hygienic. 


Despite the pillow protector needing to be changed and washed every few weeks, they can also be washed or at least be taken off their covers for a gentle wash. For example, the Ergoflex HD Memory Foam Pillow is made out of Tencel. It is possible to take out the Tencel cover and wash it. The peacelily Latex Pillow can also be washed. It is made out of latex. Polyester pillows are also washable. For more information, check the label on the pillows to see if they are suitable for washing or not. 

Apart from the routine maintenance of my pillow covers, I air out the pillow, and sometimes spot clean  in case of stains, although this does not apply to every type of pillow.

Every few months

 Some pillows are labeled with a use-by date sign which means they should be checked and to see if the pillows are in a good condition or not. That aside, it is recommended to check if the pillow is like how it used to be or not every once in a while. This technique can be used to see if the pillow is in a top shape or not, however, this technique is not so effective against soft pillows such as feather or down pillows, but it can be used for memory foam and latex pillows. 

Test the Shape of the Pillow

The first step is to put the pillow on a flat surface and then fold it in half. If the pillow unfolds and bounces the other half back to its place, the pillow works like the day it used to, but if not, then it should get a new one. Memory foam or a latex pillow should be flexible to fill its purposes and give the neck and head a comfortable position. A pair of shoes can also be put on top of the folded pillow to see if it bounces back into its shape in a good time or not.


Are any of the recommended pillows good if I change my position from stomach sleeping to something else?

Yes. They are all good for all the other sleeping positions, as they are all either filled with memory foam or latex. These two ingredients have great neck and head support regardless of sleeping positions.

Why should I not get a pillow filled with pool as a stomach sleeper?

Similar to feather and down, wool is also a bit too soft. Although it is greatly flexible, it is also too warm for weathers such as Australia's

What are the sizes of the recommended pillows and are their sizes good for tummy sleepers?

In terms of their height, they are all low-profile pillows which is the perfect height for stomach sleepers. Their sizes are all standards which would make about 70cm x 40cm. However, they are not exactly that size, but close to it.


This article looked at some of the finest options for choosing the best pillow for stomach sleepers in Australia. The Emma Foam Pillow is above the rest because of its high quality and comfortable support. It's also very comfortable and works well for all sleeping positions.

The problem with most stomach-sleeper pillows is that they lack the necessary contouring property to provide comfort and proper spine alignment. Emma Foam Pillow addresses this issue. 

A combination of Visco-Elastic Memory Foam, a proprietary Airgocell foam layer, and a cool middle foam provides just enough softness, support, and temperature moderation for those constantly on their stomachs during sleep. And when compared to other pillows in Australia, Emma Foam Pillow is the best option for most people.

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  1. What’s the average lifespan of a pillow for stomach sleepers? How often should I think about replacing mine?

    1. The average lifespan of a pillow for stomach sleepers can vary depending on the pillow’s quality and usage. In general, a good pillow can last around 1 to 2 years. However, if you notice your pillow has lost its support, developed lumps, or is causing discomfort, it’s a good sign that it’s time for a replacement.

  2. My decorative throw pillows on the bed have gone flat and sad. Any tips on fluffing them up to make them comfy for stomach sleepers?

    1. To fluff up your decorative throw pillows and make them comfy for stomach sleepers, you can try the following:

      • Kneading: Give the pillows a good knead to redistribute the filling and plump them up.
      • Sun and Fresh Air: Lay the pillows outside in the sun and fresh air for a few hours. This can help fluff them up and remove moisture.
      • Fluffing in Dryer: If your throw pillows have removable covers, you can remove the covers and fluff the pillow inserts in the dryer with a couple of tennis balls. Use a low heat setting.
  3. Could you provide insights into the suitability of memory foam pillows for individuals who primarily sleep on their stomachs? Do they effectively cater to stomach sleepers, or are there superior alternatives that you would recommend?

    1. When it comes to memory foam pillows for stomach sleepers, it’s important to consider a few factors. Memory foam pillows are generally known for their contouring and supportive properties, which can be beneficial for some stomach sleepers. However, the key is to choose a memory foam pillow with the right firmness level. Stomach sleepers typically require a softer, thinner pillow to minimize strain on the neck and maintain proper spinal alignment. It’s also worth exploring other options like latex or down pillows, which can provide a softer and more adjustable feel. Ultimately, the choice depends on individual preferences and comfort, so I recommend trying out different pillow types to find the best fit for your specific needs.

  4. I want to express my sincere appreciation for your fantastic article. It has been an immense help in choosing the ideal pillow for my stomach sleeping preferences. Your knowledge and guidance have significantly simplified the decision-making process. Thanks to your valuable insights, I’m now experiencing peaceful nights with the perfect pillow that caters to my sleeping style.

    1. I’m absolutely delighted that the article assisted you in selecting the perfect pillow for stomach sleepers. Your satisfaction and enhanced sleep quality are my utmost priorities, and it’s truly gratifying to learn that the article contributed to your comfort.

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