Allana Wass ­­- Co-Founder and Certified Sleep Science Coach

Allana Wass

Allana Wass is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Comfybeddy. She has devoted her resources to learning about sleep and she also took it a step further by becoming a Certified Sleep Science Coach (by Spencer Institute).

Certificate for Allana Wass

Over the last 2 years, Allana has written over 150 articles about mattresses and sleep-related products. And not just the reviews, her articles also include guides and info pieces that break down the subject of sleep in a way readers can relate with and easily implement.

Before she started writing here at Comfybeddy, Allana used to struggle with getting a good night’s rest. She often spent up to 8 hours on her bed, but the sleep she got was far from restorative. This was what prompted her to learn more about sleep and how to build a  healthy sleep life. Now, she emphasizes how quality sleep can impact one’s daily life and productivity.

Ever since, Allana has gone on to understand the factors at play when it comes to getting quality sleep. She understands the role of a good sleep schedule and also how much the quality of mattresses and other bedding products affect the sleep hygiene of individuals. So, now she writes unbiased reviews about sleep-related products. As well as insightful pieces that show readers important information on sleep.


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