Best Mattress Toppers for Side Sleepers in Australia

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Side sleeping on the right mattress topper can be as comfortable as resting on a cloud. However, many mattress toppers are not soft enough to cushion side sleepers, leaving soreness in the hips and shoulders. This can lead to a deterioration of sleep quality and waking up feeling sore.

This is why choosing a mattress topper with enough cushioning comfort for side sleepers is a must when considering new bedding for your home. I will share my top three best mattress toppers for side sleepers in Australia, plus some helpful hints on choosing the right topper.

Let’s dive in.

A Quick Preview

Emma Diamond Mattress Topper

Emma Diamond Mattress Topper
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Emma Mattress Topper
Best Budget Topper

Emma Flip Topper
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Peace Lily Mattress Topper
Best Latex Option

Peace Lily Mattress Topper
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Our Review of the 3 Best Mattress Toppers for Side Sleepers in Australia (February 2024)

Best Overall — Editor’s Choice — Emma Diamond Mattress Topper

Emma Diamond Mattress Topper


  • The thick topper with foam totalling 3 inches is deep enough to cradle the shoulders and hips;
  • The layer of graphite helps channel away heat, keeping hot sleepers in a more temperature neutral state;
  • The cover can be removed in a matter of seconds, keeping your bed fresher.

The Emma Diamond Mattress Topper is my editor’s choice due to its thickness and sinkage, fast response, and edge support.

Side sleepers need as thick of a topper as possible so it can cushion the shoulders and hips effectively. The Emma Diamond Topper excels at this as it has a thickness of 3 inches, which is more than the recommended 2 inches. Through my tests, I calculated a sinkage of 2.4 inches. I was incredibly comfortable on my side, with my hips and shoulders well cushioned.

The Emma Diamond Topper had more sinkage than the Peace Lily by 0.15 inches. I suggest the Emma Diamond Topper to those who prefer as much cushioning as possible.

Despite the thick sinkage, you won’t feel stuck with this topper. In my tests with the Emma Diamond, I measured a response of 0.3 seconds. It was nearly instant for the topper to spring back whenever I would shift positions.

The Emma Diamond Topper had slightly faster response speed than the Emma Flip Topper by 0.1 second. The Emma Diamond Topper would be a great recommendation to those who want as much ease of movement as possible.

Due to the thickness, this topper is also able to firm up the edges of a mattress. From my tests, I measured a firming up of 0.4 inches. I was more stable at the edges with this topper, and felt more comfortable sitting or lying on the edge.

This topper was able to firm up the edges more than the Peace Lily by 0.3 inches. I think the Emma Diamond Topper is ideal for those who have too soft of edges on their mattress.

Edge support of the Emma Diamond Mattress Topper
Edge support of the Emma Diamond Mattress Topper

Based on Our Review

According to my tests, the Emma Diamond Topper was soft and supple, bringing ease to my joints. It was especially comfy on my side, and I enjoyed its extra thickness. The cover had a nice texture too, and was soft to the touch.

Bounce of the Emma Diamond Mattress Topper

Firmness of the Emma Diamond Mattress Topper

Best Budget Topper —  Emma Flip Topper

Emma Mattress Topper


  • The deep, cradling sinkage of this topper can fill the lumbar and increase comfort in bed;
  • The responsive foam gives this topper a modern memory foam feel which is excellent for ease of movement;
  • The cover can be removed in a few seconds, making this a viable option for sleepers who like clean bedrooms.

The Emma Flip is my best budget topper due to its superb price, excellent sinkage, and adequate bounce.

The Emma Flip comes at an excellent price for what it offers. It is $429 cheaper than the Emma Diamond Topper, and $220 cheaper than the Peace Lily Topper. Even though there is a stark price difference, the Emma Flip doesn’t skimp on quality.

The Emma Flip offers side sleepers some of the best when it comes to sinkage. In my tests, I measured a sinkage of 2.2 inches on the soft side, and 2.1 inches on its firm side. I could lay on my side and enjoy the cradling sensation without feeling strain or pressure build up.

The Emma Flip’s soft side was right behind the Peace Lily Topper by about 0.05 inches. I think the Peace Lily is great for a a slightly more hugging topper.

On top of excellent sinkage, the Emma Flip’s foam layers are springy enough to offer good bounce to sleepers. In my tests, I measured a bounce of 7.8 inches. I could change from my back to my side and not feel like I was falling in quicksand; it adjusted very quickly.

The Emma Flip is better when it comes to bounce than the Emma Diamond by about 1 inch. I suggest the Emma Flip Topper to anyone who don’t want to struggle in bed.

Based on Our Review

From my experience testing the Emma Flip Topper, I can say with confidence it is as soft as it is responsive. I was cradled gently in its foam layers with adequate sinkage to hug my body. Sleeping on my side was a comfortable endeavour.


Emma Flip Mattress Topper's Cover
Emma Flip Mattress Topper on a mattress

Best Latex Option — Peace Lily Mattress Topper

Peace Lily Mattress Topper


  • The use of latex and cotton disperse heat, which is ideal for hot sleepers;
  • The topper is chemical-free, which is a benefit to sensitive sleepers;
  • The generous sinkage in the topper allows for the cradling of the shoulders and hips of side sleepers.

The Peace Lily Mattress Topper is my best latex option due to its soft sinkage, coolness, and bounce.

The Peace Lily Topper is one of the softest when it comes to cradling support, with a firmness of 5 on a scale out of 10. When testing this topper, I measured a sinkage of 2.25 inches, attesting to its soft nature. I felt like I was sleeping on clouds when lying on this topper.

The Peace Lily Topper had more sinkage than Emma Flip’s firm side by a factor of 0.15 inches. I think the Peace Lily Topper is better for anyone who enjoys a soft and cradling sleeping surface.

The latex in the Peace Lily Topper doesn’t hold on to heat, making this topper an excellent choice for sleepers who are sensitive to excessive heat. From my tests, I measured a temperature of 28.1 degrees Celsius. I could lie on the topper comfortably, and felt cool.

The Peace Lily Topper had more coolness than the Emma Diamond by 2.6 degrees. I would recommend the Peace Lily Topper to any sleeper who overheats in bed easily.

In addition to being cool, the Peace Lily Topper has an added benefit of being bouncy. Its latex is naturally springy, allowing for effortless movement across the topper’s surface. According to my tests, I measured a bounce of 8.5 inches. I could toss and turn without any inhibition of movement.

The Peace Lily Topper was bouncier than the Emma Flip by about 0.7 inches. I suggest the Peace Lily Topper to anyone who wants softness for their hips without feeling stuck in the material.

Based on Our Review

With my tests regarding the Peace Lily Topper, I was quite impressed with its latex. It’s soft with a generalized contour. I could rest on my side and feel my weight evenly spread out, without any pressure on my shoulders or hips.

Side view of the Peace Lily mattress topper
Peace Lily Mattress Topper on a mattress

Why You Should Trust Me

I’ve spent many years analyzing the sleep industry, its trends, technologies and products. Each sleep product I talk about I’ve tested hands on, like the mattress toppers I’ve mentioned. My tests include measuring factors like comfort, softness, and coolness.

The best mattress toppers for side sleepers in Australia are soft enough to cushion the shoulders and hips, leading to overall better comfort. They are also cool, which is especially helpful for hot sleepers. That’s why I’ve selected toppers that excelled in these three categories. To see how I test toppers and the quantitative techniques used, you can learn more here.

Additional factors to look at

There are a few additional factors you may want to look over before choosing a mattress topper as a side sleeper, which include:

  • Price
  • Thickness
  • Coolness


The mattress topper market is booming, rated at a global value of $6.5 billion in 2022 (1). This means there’s more options to choose from, and more variance in price. If you’re interested in a thinner topper with more of a basic design, you can find something in the $200 - $300 range. However, if you want a topper with more bells and whistles, and a higher thickness, you can be looking in the $500 - $700 range. Luxury toppers are primed to offer more, while basic toppers are set to be functional in the home.


Thickness plays a crucial role in how comfortable a topper is going to feel for a sleeper, especially one who sleeps on their side. The shoulders and hips protrude, necessitating a thicker topper. Typically, these protruding parts can be cushioned adequately with 2-3 inches of foam and material, which can help you understand how thick a topper should be.

However, it’s important to note that responsiveness also affects sleep quality and comfort. According to studies, a mattress topper with higher rebound, or faster response, is more likely to induce better initial sleep quality (2). So, when looking for a topper, keep in mind that while it may be thick, it may not have the speedy recovery that you could be benefitting from.

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Coolness is the last essential factor you will want to consider when choosing a mattress topper. Thick toppers sometimes have trouble dispersing heat, which can irritate and distract hot sleepers from a better night’s sleep.

Instead, the best mattress toppers have cooling qualities, such as graphite foam, or heat-barring latex. As a last alternative, you can also consider open-cell foam. Avoid toppers that are thick, yet don’t offer any of these options. That way you can avoid finding a topper that’s comfortable, yet feels hot.


Are mattress toppers any good for side sleepers?

Mattress toppers are great for side sleepers as long as they are soft and somewhat thick, at least 2-3 inches. If they can cradle the shoulders and hips, they will be incredibly comfortable.

How thick should a mattress topper be for side sleepers?

A mattress topper should be at least 2-3 inches for side sleepers. This allows for enough material to support and cradle the protruding parts of the body.


Selecting the best mattress topper for side sleepers in Australia doesn’t have to cost hours of time and painstaking research. By knowing a few things to keep an eye out for, like how thick a topper should be, and how softness is better for side sleepers, you’ll be able to choose the best topper for your home.

In my opinion, the best mattress topper for side sleepers in Australia is the Emma Diamond Mattress Topper. It is thick and soft, making it the ideal companion to side sleepers who want a comfortable sleep surface. I think sleepers who want a responsive sleep surface, without the feeling of quicksand, will enjoy this topper the most. Sleepers who enjoy thickness with considerable motion isolation will also benefit.


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