Peace Lily Mattress Topper Review (Luxury Plush)

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Peace Lily Mattress Topper

Toppers can be some of the best solutions to a worn, saggy mattress. Choosing the wrong topper, though, can make a saggy mattress worse.

The Peace Lily mattress topper is known for its cushioning, supportive feel, and eco-friendly materials. Is it the right topper for you, though?

We break down the features, pros, and cons of the Peace Lily Mattress Topper in our review, plus some extra information so you can decide what topper suits your home best.

Let’s dive in.

Peace Lily Mattress Topper Review: Our Rating

8.5Edge Support
7Motion Transfer
9Topper Movement
9Sex (Sinkage + Edge Support + Cooling /3)
8.5Overall Score

We share how we critique mattress toppers in these categories for our reviews here.

Peace Lily Mattress Topper Review: Construction and Design

The Peace Lily Mattress Topper (Luxury Plush) has a simple yet effective design. Its cover is organic cotton with cotton wadding for a quilted effect. Cotton is a breathable material, so although I didn’t notice any particular stretch to the material, it didn’t retain heat as much.

Side view of the Peace Lily Mattress Topper
Side view of the Peace Lily Mattress Topper

Under the cover is 2.3 inches of Dunlop latex, perforated to increase air circulation. I found the latex to have excellent spring, bouncing back almost instantly. Due to its perforated design, the latex works with the cover to continually draw heat away from the body, so I also noticed I never had issues with overheating.

Unboxing and Off-Gassing of the Peace Lily Mattress Topper

The Peace Lily came in clean packaging, and once I rolled it out onto the bed, it only took an hour or two to expand to its full height nicely. I could use it almost right away due to the natural resilience of latex.

During the unboxing period, I also noticed no off-gassing issues. A mild hint of natural latex in the first hour quickly dissipated. This is a considerable improvement over other memory foam toppers containing VOCs that can take hours to dissipate entirely. For example, when reviewing the Emma Flip Mattress Topper, it took 3-5 hours longer for the Emma Topper to completely off-gas.

If you want to minimize the tiny amount of off-gassing from the Peace Lily, opening the topper in a well-ventilated room may help.

From my experience, the Peace Lily performed well right out of the box and didn’t give me any grief over unwanted odors. In this category, I gave it a rating of 10, making this one of the best mattress toppers in this category.

Peace Lily Topper: Firmness

The Peace Lily Topper is cushioning and cradling, which provides a softer, more adaptive surface on your mattress. Lying on this topper during my review was an incredibly comfortable experience, as the Luxury Plush has a fair amount of softness that lets me sink in. It wasn't as conforming as memory foam, but I could still feel the cotton wadding and latex fill the space to support my lumbar while on my back.

The Peace Lily Topper is softer than the Emma Flip Topper, mainly due to the different densities of the materials used. The Peace Lily uses a softer density of latex, while the Emma Flip includes high-density foam.

I rated the Peace Lily 1.5 softer in firmness than the Emma Topper. That makes the Peace Lily a firmness of 5 for this category.

Cooling of the Peace Lily Mattress Topper

A mattress topper should contribute to the coolness of a mattress overall. Luckily, the Peace Lily topper does an excellent job of temperature regulation. From my review, the Peace Lily Mattress Topper had a record of 28.1 degrees Celsius, cooling the mattress below by 2.2 degrees. I could sit or lie on the Peace Lily Topper and enjoy coolness without much heat built-up around my body.

Comparatively, the Peace Lily was 1.1 degrees more cooling than the Emma Flip Topper. This is mainly due to the different materials used, as memory foam tends to hold on to heat more than latex.

Due to Peace Lily’s remarkable ability to keep my temperature neutral, I rated it 9.5 for coolness, making it one of the best cooling toppers in Australia.

Peace Lily Topper: Sinkage

Sinkage is critical for weight redistribution and feeling like you’re ‘lying on a cloud.’ The Peace Lily does not disappoint, as I recorded 2.25 inches of sinkage while lying down. This is enough sinkage to feel well cradled, though not as conforming as memory foam. The Peace Lily naturally has a bit more springiness, so I could sink in deeply and not feel like I was ‘stuck’ in the topper.

Comparatively, the Peace Lily has 0.05 more sinkage than the Emma Flip, which is relatively similar. This is mainly due to them having similar heights, as the Peace Lily is 0.3 inches taller in profile than the Emma, yet softer to allow for more sinkage.

From my experience, I had excellent cushiony sinkage with the Peace Lily Topper and rated it 9.5.

Peace Lily Topper: Response

The response of a topper is directly related to the springiness inherently in the material and can help so you don’t feel ‘stuck,’ which the Peace Lily performs well in. From my tests, the Peace Lily had a 0.2-second partial response time from compressions and full recovery after 0.3 seconds.

This response time is about 0.1 seconds faster than the Emma Flip Topper in partial and complete recoveries, meaning the latex in the Peace Lily adapts and springs back from body compressions more quickly.

When lying on the Peace Lily, I could feel the springiness of the latex right away and was not inhibited when I tried flipping from my left to right. Due to this, I rated it 9.

Bounce of the Peace Lily Mattress Topper

Bounce helps with ease of movement in bed, which is most useful for active couples and combination sleepers. Fortunately, the Peace Lily Mattress Topper, from my review, performed well in this category. I recorded a bounce of 8.5 inches, mainly thanks to the latex. I never felt restricted when changing positions.

The Peace Lily has about 0.7 inches more bounce than the Emma Flip, meaning they both perform reasonably similarly when it comes to bounce.

Due to the Peace Lily Topper’s excellent bounce, I rated it 9.

Edge Support of the Peace Lily Mattress Topper

Latex is known to be naturally more resilient to pressure, which I observed when testing the Peace Lily Topper at the edge of my bed. It firmed up my mattress by 0.1 inches, making the overall compression 5.2 inches. This improved the edges slightly, so I noticed I was more stable while sitting on the edge.

The process of returning the Peace Lily Mattress Topper to its normal state
The process of returning the Peace Lily Mattress Topper to its normal state

The Peace Lily responded similarly, like the Emma Flip on its soft side, as both firmed up the mattress by 0.1 inches.

Despite its softness, the latex’s natural resilience improved the edges slightly, so I rated it an 8.5 for edge support.

The process of returning the Peace Lily Mattress Topper to its normal state

Peace Lily Topper: Motion Transfer

The better motion isolation a mattress topper has, the better it helps with muffling movement from traveling across its surface. The latex in the Peace Lily is naturally more bouncy than memory foam, so it may not perform the best for motion transfer. However, the Peace Lily still performed admirably in this test.

From my compression tests, the Peace Lily recorded 3 inches between my compressions and the glass of water. That means some motion is isolated, but not all motion. While lying on the topper, I could feel when my partner got out of bed, but I couldn’t notice when they were tossing and turning, so I could sleep with fewer disturbances.

Comparing the Peace Lily and Emma Flip toppers, both perform similarly, with the Peace Lily falling right in the middle of the Emma Flip topper’s results. The Peace Lily was 0.5 inches less motion-isolating than the Emma Flip on its soft side. However, the Peace Lily was also 0.5 inches more isolating than the Emma Flip on its firm side.

This means the Peace Lily topper can be a good midground if you want a good mix of bounce and softness that can isolate motion moderately well.

Based on my experience, I gave the Peace Lily Topper a rating of 7 for motion isolation.

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Topper Movements for the Peace Lily

Toppers can benefit from having some way to better affix to the mattress below through straps or pockets. Some toppers can get away without extra precautions like this, however, like the Peace Lily topper.

From my compression tests and trying the topper out all night, I only noticed minimal shifting of the topper, which didn't require the topper to be remade in the morning. This is similar to the Emma Flip Topper, which also doesn’t have straps.

Considering this, the Peace Lily Topper earned a 9 in this category.

Peace Lily Topper: Performance for Sex

Performance for sex is determined by combining the scores of sinkage, edge support, cooling, and topper movements. Sinkage and edge support help assist in ease of movement, while coolness helps ensures there isn’t excessive overheating. Topper movements help ensure you don’t have to remake the bed whenever it is used.

The Peace Lily performed remarkably well in all these categories, earning a rating of 9. I noticed the bounciness of the latex was especially helpful for this, and would be a good option for active couples.

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

Based on their weight and sleeping preferences, different sleepers will have different comfort experiences while lying on the Peace Lily Topper. I’ve documented my experience below with the topper on a medium-firm mattress. For reference, I am an average-weight sleeper.

Side sleepers 

Due to the cushioning and cradling feel of the Peace Lily’s luxury plush, I was comfortable on my side. There was enough give to let my shoulders sink in enough, and the topper supported me despite the latex having slightly less of a body-hug feel.

This would feel comfortable for lightweight and average-weight sleepers the most and may work for some heavier sleepers.

Back sleepers

Due to the elasticity of the latex in the Peace Lily topper, I noticed I was well-supported while on my back. I could feel my weight spread out over a wider area, letting my hips sink in without sacrificing spinal alignment, so I was comfortable too.

This would feel the most comfortable for lightweight, average, and heavier-weight sleepers.

Stomach sleepers

The plushness of the Peace Lily topper caused me not to feel as comfortable on my stomach, as my hips could have used a bit more support.

You can avoid this slight discomfort if you’re a lightweight sleeper under 130 pounds or prefer softer toppers. However, heavier sleepers over 230 pounds may find that the topper causes their midsection to sink in too deep.

Sleeping Positions: Summary

Sleeping PositionMy experience
Side SleepersI felt cradled without feeling stuck. There was enough sinkage and pressure relief, so I was tension-free.
Back SleepersI noticed how responsive the latex felt on my back, and I could feel pressure relief for my lumbar as the topper kept my spine in alignment.
Stomach SleepersI didn’t enjoy as much support on my stomach as I would have liked, as the topper is quite soft despite being made of resilient latex.

Other Important Information: 

Other important information regarding the Peace Lily Mattress Topper, besides its review, includes its free shipping and returns, 10-year warranty, 100-night sleep trial, and certifications.

The Peace Lily Topper, similar to the Emma Flip Topper, has free shipping across Australia. This also includes returns. That means you don’t pay any additional fees when receiving the topper or in case you want to return the topper. Shipping fees add up quickly, so this feature can give you peace of mind.

A 10-year limited warranty also comes with the Peace Lily Topper covering manufacturing defects. This is 5 years longer than the Emma Flip Topper’s warranty, which means the company behind the Peace Lily is likely more confident in its product. Latex products typically last longer than memory foam, so a more extended warranty is reasonable in this case.

Peace Lily’s warranty covers indents greater than 0.78 inches and any cracks that form in the latex. That means you're covered for any manufacturing defects that create noticeable imperfections in the topper. The topper is released completely free of charge in the first 5 years, while every year after that, there is a slight increase in the prorated fee attached to replacing the topper. The first 5 years being non-prorated, however, is excellent coverage as you can enjoy the topper worry-free regarding any manufacturer defects that may come up.

The Peace Lily Topper also has several certifications, including the Oeko-Tex Class 1, eco-INSTITUT, and GOTS certifications. 

The Peace Lily Topper and Emma Flip Topper share the same Oeko-Tex Class 1 certification, which means both are free of harmful substances and are safe for babies. You can use the topper in the home and with your family without worrying about potential toxins.

An eco-INSTITUT certification means the Peace Lily Topper uses latex free of pesticides and other hazardous chemicals during manufacturing. This ensures you’re using 100% pure latex with minimal alterations and no harmful substances added, which is better for human health.

The Peace Lily Topper also has a GOTS certification that applies to its cotton, ensuring it's 100% organic. That means you don’t have to worry about unmarked cotton-poly blends, the use of inorganic cotton, or harmful dyes. This certification ensures your topper is made of materials that feel just as good as they are.


The Peace Lily Topper is an excellent, soft, cushioning topper with much to offer in terms of pressure relief and cool, comfortable sleep. Its 2.3 inches of Dunlop latex wrapped in an organic cotton cover felt incredibly comfortable lying on, and I found it most comfortable on my side and back. There was enough cushioning sinkage that my weight was well-distributed, and I didn’t experience any tension build-up.

From my review, the Peace Lily Mattress Topper can offer an excellent solution for adding more comfort to a mattress, especially for creating a more pressure-relieving sleeping space. Latex is naturally resilient, so the topper will last your household longer.

What are your experiences with the Peace Lily Topper? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I’m a hot sleeper, so I’m wondering if the peace lily mattress topper has any cooling features to keep me comfortable throughout the night.

    1. Based on my tests, the Peace Lily mattress topper not only boasts cooling features but also excels at temperature regulation. In fact, in my review, the Peace Lily Mattress Topper achieved a record of 28.1 degrees Celsius, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep experience.

  2. Can you explain the materials used in the Peacelily mattress topper and whether they are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic?

    1. The Peacelily mattress topper is made with natural latex, which is known for being eco-friendly as it is derived from rubber tree sap using a sustainable and eco-conscious process. Natural latex is also inherently hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for those with allergies or sensitivities. The cotton cover around the latex layer is typically made from organic cotton, adding to the eco-friendly and hypoallergenic qualities of the topper. This combination of materials not only provides comfort but also aligns with environmentally conscious and allergy-friendly preferences.

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