Emma Flip Mattress Topper Review

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Emma Flip Mattress Topper

More often than not, a topper is the exact thing you need for an old mattress. A saggy mattress or a mattress that feels too firm can usually be fixed with the additional layers of a topper. However, with a market saturated in toppers, deciding on the right topper can take time.

The Emma Flip Mattress Topper is well-known in Australia and popular due to its versatility and unique technology that aids in better comfort. But is it really the best solution for a saggy or uncooperative mattress?

That’s what we will look at today in this in-depth review of the Emma Flip Mattress Topper. We will also examine how it compares to other toppers, how it feels based on your sleeping preferences, and who it’s best suited for.

Let’s dive in.

Emma Flip Mattress Topper Review: Our Rating

9.5Edge Support
8.5Motion Transfer
9Topper Movement
9Sex (Sinkage + Edge Support + Cooling /3)
8.7Overall Score

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Emma Flip Mattress Topper Review: Construction and Design

We will look at the cover to begin our review of the Emma Flip Mattress Topper. The cover used for this topper is made of polyester with a hint of elastane, which gives it a bit of stretch and extra breathability. I could pull on the cover and have it spring back to its original shape almost instantly.

In addition, the cover comes with zippers, allowing you to remove the cover easily for washing. I found it easy to take off and put back on, and the ability to wash the cover does give the topper a cleaner smell.


Emma Flip Mattress Topper zippers

The first layer in the topper is 1 inch of unique AIRGOCELL® Foam on the softer side. This soft, adaptive foam is cradling, and I felt well-cushioned on this side.

The second layer in the topper is another 1-inch of firmer HRX ZeroGravity Foam on the firm side. This foam is more resilient to pressure, and I was better supported on this side with less sinkage.

The design of the Emma Flip Mattress Topper is meant to be breathable, cushioning, and supportive. Its breathable cover and foam layers help encourage airflow, keeping you cool. The softer side is meant to give more cradling, which I found to be pressure-relieving. On the other hand, the firmer side emphasizes support, and I felt even pressure that kept my spine in better alignment.  I would recommend the soft side to sleepers who prefer pressure relief, and the firm side to sleepers who want a firmer sleeping surface. “When testing the Emma Flip, I found it to be one of the comfiest toppers tested so far. It’s suitable for combination sleepers and excels at relieving pressure points,” explained Connie Hack, a writer at The Sleep Advisors.

Overall look of the Emma Flip Mattress Topper

Unboxing and Off-Gassing of the Emma Flip Mattress Topper

Unpacking the Emma Flip Topper was a simple process, and I rolled it out on my mattress to let it decompress. The entire decompression process took about 6 hours. The responsive foam quickly expanded to its near-full height, and I could start using it after just 2 hours.

The off-gassing process for the Emma Flip Topper didn’t take long either, around 4-6 hours. I placed it in a well-ventilated room which sped up the process. A closed room without ventilation may cause the process to take longer.

The Emma Flip took slightly longer to off-gas than the Peace Lily Topper by about 3-5 hours, mainly due to the Peace Lily not including any memory foam or VOCs. I would recommend the Peace Lily Topper to sleepers who want a non-toxic topper or are sensitive to smells.

Overall, I didn’t have an issue with the off-gassing or unpacking of the topper, as it dissipated relatively quickly, and I rated it 9.5.

Emma Flip Mattress Topper Firmness

The Emma Flip Mattress Topper offers two sides with different firmnesses, allowing you to customize your sleep. The topper is relatively thin for this feature, as 3 inches thick with dual firmnesses tends to work better. However, I still noticed a difference when using either side and was comfortable.

The AIRGOCELL® Foam on the soft side was as conforming as it was pressure-relieving. I was exceptionally comfortable on my side, as the extra cushioning and softness let my shoulders sink into the layers better. Due to this, I gauged its firmness to be around 6.5.

The HRX ZeroGravity Foam, on the other side, has a firmer feel as it is made of high-resilience foam. Lying on this side made the tension in my spine disappear, and even though I sank into the layers less, I did experience better spinal alignment. Considering this, I rated this side as a 7 for firmness.

Combining both sides, the Emma Flip Mattress Topper has an overall feel of 6.5 for firmness.

The Emma Flip is firmer by 1.5 units on the firmness scale than the Peace Lily Topper, making the Emma Flip slightly more firm.

Cooling of the Emma Flip Mattress Topper

The Emma Flip Mattress Topper uses a breathable, moisture-wicking cover and heat-absorbing AIRGOCELL® Foam to help regulate temperature, which is helpful for hot Australian nights.

Emma Flip Mattress Topper cover
Emma Flip Mattress Topper cover

From my tests, I only recorded about 29.2 degrees Celsius on the topper, which is enough to keep you cool. Despite being wrapped in memory foam layers, I never felt like I would overheat, and I noticed the cover and foam layers did an excellent job of wicking away any moisture, so I stayed dry and cool. I rated the topper at 8.5 for coolness.

The Emma Flip Topper did a good job of keeping me cool, making it one of the best cooling toppers in Australia.

Emma Flip Mattress Topper cover

Emma Flip Mattress Topper: Sinkage

Sinkage is crucial for a topper to feel comfortable, and its thickness plays a big role in this. The Emma Flip Topper’s 2 inches of thickness are within the 2-inch minimum that toppers should have to provide effective pressure relief.

The Emma Flip Mattress Topper has two different sinkages I recorded, which is helpful if you prefer a customizable sleep experience. Its soft side had a sinkage of 2.2 inches, which is deeper than the recommended sinkage minimum of 2 inches. Thick sinkage like this is great for pressure relief, and I felt well-cradled with my body weight redistributed over a wider area for effective tension relief and a cloud-like feel.

The firm side had a similar feel but did not have as much sinkage. I recorded about 2.1 inches on this side and found I didn’t experience the same cloud-like comfort. Instead, I was most comfortable on my back, with my hips and lumbar supported. I had excellent spinal alignment on the firm side.

Looking at the sinkage on both sides, I rated the Emma Flip Topper at 9.5 for sinkage.

Emma Flip Mattress Topper: Response

Response is how quickly the topper springs back from compressions, and the Emma Flip Mattress Topper did excellently in this category, from my review. I recorded 0.3 seconds for a partial recovery and 0.4 seconds for a full recovery. That means it responds quickly to shifting positions. I could freely turn from left to right on the mattress and feel adequately supported.

Both sides are similar, so I didn’t notice a difference in response when comparing sides. Overall, I would give the Emma Flip Mattress Topper a rating of 8.5 for the response category.

The Emma Flip is slightly slower than the Peace Lily Topper by about 0.1 seconds, meaning the memory foam conforms to your body more slowly for a better body hug. I would recommend the Emma Flip to sleepers who prefer more of a slow-adaptive feel to their topper.

Bounce of the Emma Flip Mattress Topper

Bounce is similar to response but, more specifically, looks at how springy the topper is, which can further enhance freedom of movement. From my findings, the Emma Flip Mattress Topper had an overall bounce of 7.8 inches. I felt springy and light while lying on the mattress topper and could easily change sleeping positions on both the soft and firm sides.

From this, I rated the Emma Flip Mattress Topper at around 8.5 for the bounce category.

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Edge Support of the Emma Flip Mattress Topper

The edge support of a mattress topper can either improve or weaken the edges of a mattress depending on its materials and firmness. Good edge support that firms up the edge slightly means the topper can increase the stability of the edges overall.

From my review, the Emma Flip Mattress Topper firmed up my mattress by 0.2 inches on its firm side and 0.1 inches on its soft side. That means the firm side gives a slightly higher stability rating than the softer side, but both sides do well in improving the edge support. I felt more secure on the edge of my bed with the topper than without it, and I was well-supported.

The Peace Lily Topper had a similar result as the Emma Flip Topper on its soft side, as both firmed the mattress by 0.1 inches.

Considering these points, I gave the Emma Flip Topper a rating of 9.5 for edge support.

Emma Flip Mattress Topper: Motion Transfer

The Emma Flip Mattress Topper performed well for motion transfer, based on my first-hand experience. I noticed my glass of water started shaking with compressions placed 2.5 inches away on its soft side and 3.5 inches on its firm side. Compressions these close are excellent, which means the soft side has slightly better motion-isolating properties than the firm side.

Lying on the soft side, I found that most motion was isolated from my partner, and I slept peacefully. The firm side isolated slight movements, but I could feel more significant movements. I slept slightly less peacefully on the firm side but didn’t notice a significant difference between the two. That means this topper would still work if you need a way to limit disturbances from a restless partner.

Considering these points, I rated the Emma Flip Mattress Topper at 8.5 for motion isolation.

Topper Movements for the Emma Flip Mattress Topper

The fewer topper movements there are, the better this topper stays on your mattress so you’re not stuck re-adjusting it every morning, and it leads to an ease-of-use product.

While using the Emma Flip Topper throughout the night, I detected only minimal shifts, not large enough to cause issues like re-making the bed in the morning. The topper could benefit from straps as an extra precaution, but it still functioned well. I only noticed slight movements during my most vigorous testing: jumping on the topper and mattress for a few minutes.

Due to the slight movements I saw while using the topper, I rated the Emma Flip Topper 9 for topper movements. “You’ll be in a deep sleep with the Emma Flip Topper no matter what sleeping position you’re in due to its HRXSupreme foam and Airgocell foam,” stated Janet Guan of Better Homes & Gardens.

Emma Flip Mattress Topper: Performance for Sex

A topper can be a good option for sex if it excels in the sinkage, edge support, topper movements, and cooling categories. The Emma Flip Mattress Topper had good sinkage and edge support but didn’t perform as well in the topper movements and cooling categories. So, combining these factors, I would give the topper an overall rating of 9 for performance for sex.

A rating like this means the topper will still work excellently for active couples, especially since I found the bounce-back of the topper incredibly unrestrictive for ease of moving around.

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

Mattress toppers feel differently to sleepers based on their preferences, sleeping position, and weight. Below I break down how the Emma Flip Mattress Topper felt in different sleep positions during my review.

These tests were all done on a medium-firm mattress, as this is typically a universal firmness used by most people. As a point of reference, I am an average-weight sleeper.

Side sleepers

I was most comfortable on my side while using the soft side of the topper, as I could sink into the AIRGOCELL® Foam more deeply. There was good cradling around my shoulder and hips, and I didn’t notice any pressure build-up.

The firm side didn’t allow for as much sinkage, and I wasn’t as comfortable. However, the pressure build-up wasn’t too noticeable.

The soft side would work well for light, average and heavy-weight sleepers. The firm side, however, would work better for heavier sleepers, as they sink into the layers more easily. Lightweight and average-weight sleepers may find it to feel too firm according to their preferences.

Back sleepers

I felt the best support on the firm side of the Emma Flip Mattress Topper while on my back, with enough sinkage for my hips and lumbar to feel cushioned. The topper naturally aligned my spine, and I noticed my muscles ease within minutes of lying down.

The soft side of the topper had a similar, yet not as an impactful effect, as I sunk more deeply into the layers.

The firm side would suit light, average, and heavier back sleepers well. The soft side, though, would be better for light and average-weight sleepers. Heavier sleepers may find they sink too deeply in the layers.

Stomach sleepers

I was most comfortable on the firm side for stomach sleeping, as it helped keep my hips well lifted and supported my spine so it remained neutral. Stomach sleepers naturally need as much support as possible to keep the spine as neutral as possible to prevent an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

The soft side did not work as well in this regard, as I would have felt more comfortable with a bit of extra firmness.

Lightweight sleepers would feel fine on both the soft and firm sides, while average and heavyweight sleepers may prefer the firm side. Heavier sleepers, again, may wish to opt for a firmer topper to ensure they’re getting the support they need.

Sleeping Positions: Summary

Sleeping PositionMy experience
Side SleepersI was well-cradled and comfortable on the soft side but noticed minor pressure build-up under my shoulders on the firm side.
Back SleepersI was supported and tension-free on the firm and soft sides but preferred the firmer side for better spinal alignment.
Stomach SleepersI felt the best support while on the firm side for stomach sleeping, and it wasn’t as comfortable as I would have liked on the soft side.

Other Important Information: 

Other important information regarding the Emma Flip Mattress Topper in our review is worth considering, such as its 5-year warranty, free shipping, 100-night sleep trial, and certification.

The Emma Flip Topper has a 5-year warranty, 5 years shorter than the Peace Lily’s. This warranty covers defects due to manufacturing processes, such as permanent intents greater than 1 inch. That means you’re covered in the case of any faults that arise while using the topper for five years, and you don’t have to pay extra in the case of returning the topper. This encompassing warranty is one of the reasons why I would consider the Emma Flip Topper to be one of the best mattress toppers.

The Emma Topper comes with free shipping across Australia, making it one of the best mattress toppers for ease and accessibility. This ensures that you’re only paying for the price of the topper, and don’t pay extra if you don’t like it and want to return it. This free shipping feature is similar to the Peace Lily’s.

The Emma Topper offers a 100-night sleep trial, allowing you to try it risk-free and return it if the topper isn’t the perfect fit for you. This means you can try it for weeks, and if you notice your comfort preference change, you’re not stuck with a topper you don’t like. The Peace Lily Topper also offers a similar sleep trial of 100 nights.

One certification is attached to the Emma Fip Topper, the Oeko-Tex Class 1. This is the exact same certification as the Peace Lily Topper. Certification like this means the topper is free of harmful chemicals or dyes. You can use the topper, even if you’re a sensitive sleeper.


Overall, from our thorough review, the Emma Flip Mattress Topper is an excellent find if you need a versatile solution to a too-firm or too-soft mattress. Both of its sides offer different comfort levels. Its firmer side kept my back tension-free, while its softer side gave me more comfort and pressure relief.

In particular, the topper’s cover stood out to me as I unzipped it easily, washed it, and noticed my sleeping area stayed cleaner for longer. The breathable cover and foam layers kept me cool for a more comfortable sleep.

Have you tried the Emma Flip Mattress Topper? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Does the Emma Flip come in a hypoallergenic version?

    1. The Emma Flip mattress topper is not marketed as hypoallergenic by default. However, you can enhance its hypoallergenic properties by using hypoallergenic mattress protectors and bedding materials. These can help minimize allergens and create a more allergy-friendly sleep environment.

  2. Do you have any insights on the ease of cleaning and maintaining the Emma Flip mattress topper? Is it user-friendly in terms of care?

    1. The Emma Flip topper comes with a removable and washable cover that’s equipped with zippers, making it incredibly easy to remove and wash when needed. This feature ensures that you can keep your mattress topper fresh and clean without much hassle. I find it quite convenient, and it helps in prolonging the topper’s lifespan while ensuring a hygienic sleep environment.

      In addition to the removable cover, I recommend checking the care instructions provided by Emma for specific guidance on washing and maintaining your mattress topper. It’s always a good practice to follow the manufacturer’s care recommendations to ensure the longevity and performance of your bedding products.

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