Origin Hybrid Mattress Review

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Origin Hybrid Mattress Review

Tired of saggy, bounce-less mattresses that feel stiff and uncomfortable no matter which way you turn?

What if there was a way to utilise the technology available for quality sleep at a price that didn’t break the bank?

Introducing the Origin Hybrid, a mattress founded by the Origin company in 2018. Using the latest German technology, this mattress aims to provide a solution for better, more comfortable sleep.

Today’s review will look into the Origin Hybrid mattress, how it feels, its features, and which sleepers it suits the best. That way, you can learn if this mattress is the right choice for your home.

Let’s dive in.

Origin Hybrid Mattress Review: Our Rating

9.5Edge Support
10Motion Transfer
8.5Sex (Sinkage + Edge Support + Cooling /3)
8.72Overall Score

You can read about how I test mattresses here to learn more about my methodology.

Origin Hybrid Mattress Review: Construction and Design

To begin our review of the Origin Hybrid mattress, I’ll break down the construction and design behind this mattress, which utilises German technology for a unique sleep experience.

The Origin Hybrid uses a Tencel cover, which is naturally soft and cool to the touch. I felt refreshed when lying on the mattress, as the cover felt briefly cool before adjusting to my temperature.

Origin Hybrid Mattress's cover
Origin Hybrid Mattress's cover

The Origin Hybrid's first comfort layer stands out from other hybrid mattresses. Its Hexagrid gel-infused memory foam layer has cut-in hexagon patterns along the top and bottom thirds of the mattress.

These hexagons conform under pressure more softly, the edges coming together for a stronger shape under heavier weight and feeling looser under lighter weight. The centre third is absent from this pattern, giving it more inherent strength. I noticed this layer compressed more under my shoulders and kept my hips lifted while I was on my side.

Under this foam layer is a thin layer of wool meant to act as a temperature regulator, a natural flame barrier, and soft, natural cushioning. I noticed the softness of this layer right away.

The next layer consists of bamboo-infused memory foam, which helps with breathability. I saw this layer had a pleasant cooling effect, similar to gel memory foam.

A ring of high-density foam runs along the perimeter of the mattress, which helps with edge support. I noticed the edge didn’t have as much spring as the coils, so it felt soft yet firm. It could handle my weight without any problems.

The base of this mattress in a box consists of antigravity springs that are individually pocketed. I noticed this layer gave the hybrid excellent, balanced bounce and kept my body evenly supported.

Overall look of the Origin Hybrid Mattress

Unboxing and Off-Gassing of the Origin Hybrid Mattress

The Origin Hybrid arrived in a tightly packed, tubular box that I took inside once it arrived. Removing it from the box was simple enough, especially with the instructions printed on the side of the cardboard.

Once I cut away the plastic, I set the mattress on the bed and let it decompress for about 2 hours. The springs and pressure-resistant foam did an excellent job springing back after being free of the plastic. It regained most of its shape almost immediately, with the last 15% bouncing back in under 2 hours.

The initial ‘new mattress’ smell was noticeable after I removed the plastic. However, after letting it air out and decompress, the initial off-gassing smell dispersed after about the 3-4 hour mark. This may be slower in rooms without good ventilation, so I always try to complete the off-gassing process with a window open.

I was overall satisfied with the speed the Origin Hybrid off-gassed, so I gave it a rating of 8.5 in this category. Overall, the Origin Hybrid is painless to set up, without much of an odour that quickly disappears.

The Origin Hybrid was slightly slower than the Emma Comfort in this category by about an hour, making the Emma Comfort a somewhat better option for sleepers sensitive to off-gassing smells.

Firmness of the Origin Hybrid Mattress: How Does it Feel?

Firmness affects how bouncy a mattress is and how much sinkage it has, and determines if you feel ‘in’ or ‘on’ a mattress. The Origin Hybrid strikes a good balance with its firmness, feeling slightly softer yet having enough dense sponginess so I didn’t sink in too deep.

It also offers personalised firmness, as its hexagonal shapes offer more give in the top and bottom third of the mattress. Despite this give, it will firm up under heavier weight so you don’t sink in too deeply.

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the firmest, I gave the Origin Hybrid a firmness of 6.5. I was well-cushioned, feeling most comfortable on my back. I enjoyed the spongy, soft top layer, and then I was quickly balanced out by the coils below.

Firmness of the Origin Hybrid Mattress

Origin Hybrid Mattress Review: Cooling Features

Coolness is critical for healthy sleep that’s free of night sweats, and vital to any high-quality mattress. The Origin Hybrid uses a Tencel cover, gel memory foam, wool, and breathable coils to help circulate air and pull heat away.

Derived from my tests, the Origin Hybrid recorded 30.5 degrees Celsius while I was lying on its surface. Due to this excellent recording, I rated the Origin Hybrid at a 9 for coolness.

The Tencel cover always felt refreshingly cool when I changed sleeping positions. The foam underneath continually drew excess heat away, helping me stay cool and dry, and avoiding nightly disturbances from heat build-up. I was comfortable and remained temperature neutral, even on hot summer nights.

The Origin Hybrid outclassed the Koala mattress in this category by 1.1 degrees, meaning the Origin Hybrid is marked as a mattress suited for hot sleepers.

Sinkage of the Origin Hybrid Mattress

Sinkage directly impacts pressure relief and depends on a mattress's initial firmness. The Origin Hybrid has fair sinkage that focuses on supporting the spine in healthy alignment, earning it a rating of 7.5 in this category.

The reason for giving it a slightly lower score is that the sinkage is less than I usually recommend for a mattress. In my review of the Origin Hybrid mattress, I noted a sinkage of 1.45 inches, much less than the recommended amount of 2 inches. Despite this less sinkage, I could still feel pressure relief while lying on the side. The hexagonal shapes in the top foam layer had more give, allowing me to feel my weight redistributed nicely under my shoulders and hips.

The Origin Hybrid had slightly less sinkage than the Emma Comfort by 0.75 inches, which means the Origin Hybrid is better suited to fans of a firm mattress and less of an enveloping hug.

Response of the Origin Hybrid Mattress

Response also ties in with firmness and is dependent on the material make-up of the bed. Response affects how effortless it is to change sleeping positions. The Origin Hybrid performed admirably in this category, to which I gave it a rating of 10 due to the quickness of its response time.

In light of my review of the Origin Hybrid mattress, I measured only 0.2 seconds for the comfort layers to spring back partially. A full bounce-back was only 0.3 seconds. This is mainly due to the coils and spongy Hexagrid layer, which adapts quickly to weight.

The Origin Hybrid outclasses the Newentor mattress in response timing by 0.8 seconds, making the Origin Hybrid a better choice for sleepers who prefer quickly moving in and out of bed, or switching sleeping positions on the fly.

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Origin Hybrid Mattress: Bounce

The bounce of a mattress plays a role in how effortless it is to move across the bed's surface. Beds with little to no bounce can feel restrictive and limit fast movement. However, too much bounce can cause excessive motion transfer. Thankfully, the Origin Hybrid has a balanced mix of bounce and comfort that translates to excellent ease of movement, which I rated at a 9.

Derived from my tests, I calculated a bounce of 7.91 inches. I noticed the top layer acted like a cushion, balancing out the springs so I could enjoy a mix of pressure relief while also feeling buoyant.

The Origin Hybrid had 1.41 better bounce than the Ergoflex 5G, meaning the Origin Hybrid is a better fit for active couples.

Bounce of the Origin Hybrid Mattress

Edge Support of the Origin Hybrid Mattress: Is it Supportive?

The edge support of a mattress directly impacts how reliable the edges feel and if it’s possible to feel supported while lying or sitting along them. The Origin Hybrid has a dedicated edge support that feels firm and spongy and is made of high-density foam.

I noted that the edges felt stable, and I never was at risk of accidentally slipping out. I even noticed a slight push-back that helped with standing, earning this mattress a 9.5 in this category. Through my review of the Origin Hybrid mattress, I measured a compression of 2.9 inches along the edge.

Edge support of the Origin Hybrid Mattress
Edge support of the Origin Hybrid Mattress

The Origin Hybrid had superior edge support to the Koala’s firm side by about 0.3 inches, making the Origin Hybrid better for sleepers who prefer stable, reliable edges and minimal sinkage.

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Origin Hybrid Mattress Review: Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is critical for restless partners and light sleepers who easily get woken up by minor jostling. Luckily, the Origin Hybrid uses dense, spongy comfort layers like the Hexagrid foam layer, which helps to absorb motion. Its isolation ability impressed me, earning a rating of 10 in the motion transfer category. Only top-rated memory foam mattresses usually hope to achieve such a high score.

As per my review of the Origin Hybrid mattress, I noted it took 2.5 inches for my glass of water to begin reacting to the compressions I slowly brought closer across the mattress surface. My partner noted they couldn’t feel much motion when I got in and out of bed. I could toss and turn freely without disturbing my partner.

The Origin Hybrid outperformed the Newentor Hybrid by 2.5 inches, which means the Origin Hybrid can help with how to choose a mattress that’s better for restless couples. 

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Motion transfer of the Origin Hybrid Mattress

Origin Hybrid Mattress: Performance for Sex

How a mattress fits regarding active couples is divided into sinkage, edge support, and cooling. The Origin Hybrid performs well in edge support and cooling but takes a minor hit in the sinkage category due to the minimal compressions recorded.

Considering these factors and the inherent bounce of the Origin Hybrid, I gave it a rating of 8.5 and felt this mattress would make for a good option for sex.

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

Depending on your sleeping position, preferences, and weight, mattresses significantly differ in how they feel. I share how the Origin Hybrid feels in each sleeping position so you can better understand if it’s the right comfort level and firmness for you.

For reference, I am an average-weight sleeper. 

Side Sleepers 

I took advantage of the Hexagrid the most while sleeping on my side. The cut hexagons compressed more easily under my shoulders, redistributing my weight so I felt weightless. It was spongy but with minimal sinkage, so I never felt restricted. 

The minimal sinkage may cause light sleepers under 130 pounds to not sink in deeply enough for effective weight redistribution. However, average and heavier sleepers over 230 pounds will find they feel comfortable and supported while on their side. For light sleepers, some of the best mattresses for side sleepers in Australia can offer more sinkage and softer conformity.

Side sleeping on the Origin Hybrid Mattress
Side sleeping on the Origin Hybrid Mattress

Back Sleepers

I enjoyed the gentle contour of the Hexagrid layer while lying on my back. I enjoyed slight sinkage and a firm feel that melted any tension in my spine and back and kept my muscles relaxed throughout the testing period.

The Origin Hybrid is well-suited to providing firm-feeling support for sleepers in all weight categories when sleeping on the back.

Stomach Sleepers

The coils and firmer centre third of the mattress effectively offered extra support to lift my hips pleasantly while on my stomach. The stomach position is tricky, as I would have preferred more support. However, I was still comfortable while on my stomach.

Light and average-weight sleepers will find enough comfort to keep their spine neutral in this position. Heavier sleepers over 230 pounds may prefer a firmer sleeping surface as their hips sink too much.

Sleeping Positions: Summary

Sleeping PositionMy experience
Side SleepersI enjoyed the Hexagrid the most while on my side and was pleasantly contoured while enjoying targeted pressure relief.
Back SleepersI was well-contoured and enjoyed the firm feeling of the mattress while on my back. My spinal muscles were relaxed and tension-free.
Stomach SleepersI was comfortable enough on my stomach, though I would have preferred slightly more support.

Other Important Information

Other essential information that’s helpful to know before considering the Origin Hybrid includes its cost-effective price, 15-year warranty, 120-night sleep trial, and certifications.


The Origin Hybrid is cost-effective while offering all the key features of good sleep, backed by German technology.

It’s $591 less expensive than the Koala mattress and $1140 less than the Peace Lily. However, the Origin Hybrid offers comparable coolness, only 0.3 warmer than the Peace Lily and 1.11 cooler than the Koala. That makes the Origin Hybrid cheaper, with a similar sleep quality that is effective for sleepers on a tight budget.

15-year Warranty

The Origin Hybrid offers a 15-year warranty to replace or repair a mattress with faulty craftsmanship, such as cracks in the foam or indents greater than 1 inch. This provides peace of mind in case of any mishaps and doubles as the mattress likely lasting longer than the warranty period, meaning you are more likely to receive a high-quality product.

The Origin Hybrid’s warranty is 5 years longer than the Emma Comfort, making it a better option for sleepers who prefer extended warranties. 

120-Night Sleep Trial

The Origin Hybrid has a 120-day trial period that allows you lots of time to decide if the mattress is right for you. This is risk-free shopping for online mattresses, as you can try without worry.

The Origin Hybrid has a trial that is 245 nights shorter than the Emma Comfort, yet the same length as the Koala at 120 nights. That gives the Origin Hybrid an excellent middle ground and a suitable option for lengthy trial periods.


The Origin Hybrid offers two certifications with its mattress: CertiPUR-US® and CeriOEKO-TEX®. The CertiPUR-US® certificate ensures the bed is free of heavy metals and ozone depleters. The CeriOEKO-TEX® certificate ensures the stitching and material of the mattress are free of harmful elements. That means the Origin Hybrid is safer for human health and everyday use.

Like the Origin Hybrid, the Emma Comfort and Koala mattresses have a similar CertiPUR-US® certification.


Mattresses that sag prematurely and lack bounce don’t have to be a part of your daily routine. From my review of the Origin Hybrid mattress, I have found it pleasantly comfortable, conformingly spongy, and firm for my spine. I especially enjoyed its Hexagrid technology, plying under my shoulders more for better comfort on my side.

The Origin Hybrid best suits hot sleepers, as it’s cool to the touch and can regulate temperature well. It also suits restless couples who want a motion-isolating mattress for fewer disturbances at night.

What are your thoughts on the Origin Hybrid? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Did you notice any strong odors when you unboxed the Origin Hybrid mattress, and did they dissipate quickly?

    1. Unboxing the Origin Hybrid brought a bit of that ‘new mattress’ smell, but it faded away after about 3-4 hours.

  2. Are there any unique features or technologies in the Origin Hybrid mattress that set it apart from other mattresses on the market?

    1. The Origin Hybrid mattress offers several unique features and technologies that set it apart from other mattresses on the market. For instance, its cooling gel-infused memory foam helps regulate temperature and keep you cool throughout the night, which is perfect if you tend to sleep hot. The individually pocketed springs provide excellent support and help minimize motion transfer, making it a great choice for couples.

      Additionally, the mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, ensuring that it meets high standards for performance, emissions, and durability.

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