Koala Mattress Review: Is It Worth the Hype?

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Koala Mattress

An Australian mattress market might not be so diverse but it definitely has some worthy gems.

One of these gems is the Koala mattress.

Do not be fooled by its simple two-layer construction: this mattress packs some great features right under the cover.

And this Koala mattress review is aimed to tell you more about them and see if the bed will make the perfect pick for you. So, get cozy and read on!


43-69 lbs



Delivery Format

Compressed and rolled in a box

Delivery (Price & Time)

4 hour







Trial Period

120 Nights

WARRANTY Limited-lifetime warranty


10 Year


So, let’s start this in-depth review from the layer that wraps all the goodness together and gives the Koala that sleek look — a cover layer.

The Koala has a white top surface and navy blue sides and bottom. The top knit is the blend of 70% polyester and 30% of Tencel lyocell, whereas the sides and bottom layers are made of 100% polyester

And what does it mean for you?

Well, both these fabrics are a great pick for active use. They’re pretty durable and won’t lint, tear, or crumble over the years. Also, the addition of Tencel fibers makes the top of the Koala mattress odour-repellent and keeps away the moisture and mould. Plus, Tencel fibers are highly breathable and can improve the airflow between the mattress layers, so you can sleep cool and soundly.

And here comes the best part:

The cover is removable and can be washed in a washing machine or spot cleaned in the case of spills! So when an accident happens, just throw the cover in a washer and enjoy the fresh look.


Another important part of reviewing the Koala mattress is taking a closer look at its construction because it can show you how the mattress will perform.

So, in the case of this model, it’s pretty simple:

The Koala is made of high-quality polyfoam and consists of two layers:

  • Comfort layer: 6 cm of the proprietary Kloudcell foam. This layer has a soft feel and breathable open-cell structure. Its goal is to deliver you precise contouring, pressure relief, and cool sleep.
  • Base layer: 16 cm of ultra-resilient Ecofoam. This layer ensures proper weight distribution across the surface so that you won’t get sore points and absorbs any unwanted movements if you share a bed with a restless partner. Plus, since it’s a highly resilient foam, you can expect a pretty long lifespan from the Koala as well.

So, what’s the bottom line?

Even though the Koala has a pretty simple construction, it seems to be well-made and durable. So, let’s see how its design will define its performance.


Firmness defines the amount of contouring you will get from the mattress and may impact certain properties, such as heat retention. For example, softer foams cradle you more and may retain more heat because of a larger area of contact between your body and the mattress.

According to a standard firmness scale that most mattress brands use, the Koala falls in between medium and firm feel

What does that mean for you?

Well, the Koala is soft enough to align with your body and prevent sore points from happening. But it’s also firm enough to support your natural spine curves regardless of the sleeping position you choose.

Also, studies suggest medium-firm mattresses to those who suffer from non-specific lower back pain (1), so if this sounds like you, consider giving the Koala a try.

Edge Support

Now when you’re acquainted with all the basics, time to get to the practical part of this Koala mattress review, and let’s start with the edge support.

Sturdy edges are a must for those who share a bed with a fan of the starfish position because in this case, you can count on some extra space to get comfy.

Thankfully, the Koala has surprisingly good edge support for an all-foam bed. A dense foam base will support your weight if you decide to snooze closer to the edge. Plus, polyfoam is more springy and resilient, which means that it will bounce back more easily after the pressure is removed and hence, can maintain the shape for a longer time.

However, if you’re an overweight sleeper, it’s more advisable to go for a hybrid mattress or pair the Koala with a sturdy metal bed frame that can additionally reinforce the edges, so you can feel more comfortable.

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Motion Transfer

Another important performance parameter of a mattress is motion transfer. The ability to absorb unwanted impulses will make your shut-eye peaceful and restorative, especially if you share a bed with an active sleeper.

The good news is, the Koala excels at absorbing motion, as most of the foam beds do. The dense base foam locks the movement in and you can enjoy a peaceful sleep beside your active bedmate.

Also, the soft comfort layer may give you a bit of sinkage that resembles traditional memory foam. And for some users, this sinkage can restrict their movement a bit and make it difficult to shift through different sleeping positions. So if you have some mobility concerns, it’s recommended that you look for a more springy mattress.

How It Feels for Different Types of Users

And here comes probably the most specific part of the Koala mattress review, which is determining how it will suit different types of sleepers!

You probably know that there are three different sleeping positions: on your back, on your side, and on your stomach. So, let’s see how the Koala performs for every type of sleeper right away:

  • Side sleepers. So, the Koala features 6 cm of soft foam as a comfort layer, which is technically a sufficient thickness to cradle an average-weight side sleeper. This layer will act as a comfy pad for your hips and shoulders and prevent pressure points and morning pain.
  • Back sleepers. A medium-firm mattress is a perfect pick for back sleepers, so you can totally count on the Koala here. It promptly supports natural spine curves and cradles your lower back, so you can easily get cozy and drift off.
  • Stomach sleepers. Petite and average-weight stomach sleepers can benefit from the Koala mattress as well. A dense foam base will offer a sufficient support for your lower back in this position, while the comfort layer will ensure pressure relief.

Now, a word for overweight sleepers:

Thanks to a denser foam base, overweight back sleepers can choose the Koala for their master bedroom bed. However, if you’re a large user who sleeps on their side or stomach, you may need something firmer and sturdier to compensate for your weight.

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Other Important Information

Now you know almost everything about the Koala mattress.

But there are still a couple of things that need to be covered so that you can make the final choice.

And this review will do this right below!

Does the Koala Sleep Cool?

Good thermoregulation is a must for a mattress because we sleep better when our body temperature drops (2).

The problem is, foam mattresses — especially those made with denser foams — may retain body heat and sleep hot. However, the Koala addresses this issue by using polyfoam that has an open-cell structure and allows the air to flow freely within the mattress layers, so you can cool down and drift off easily.

Is the Koala Odour-Free?

Another problem with foam mattresses is the odour. Foam is the result of a complex chemical reaction and some components used for making it may transfer the scent to a final compound.

So, yes, the Koala may have some off-gassing after you unbox it and leave on your bed to expand. But when the mattress will fully inflate, the scent will diminish and you can enjoy the peaceful and odour-free sleep.

However, if you’re an overly sensitive sleeper, you can put the Koala in the mattress protector to lock the odour in.

Is the Koala Sex-Friendly?

The short answer is rather negative.

Even though the Koala is made of polyfoam with a more springy feel, it still lacks the needed bounce that could serve as an amplifier for your movements. So your love activities on this mattress may not be as fun as you imagine them.


The company offers two types of delivery:

  • same-day delivery within 4 hours — for Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth;
  • standard Australia-wide delivery that will take you 1-5 business days depending on how far you are from the warehouse.

Regardless of the option you get, the delivery is completely free, and the support staff will guide you through the process without any hassle.

Trial and Returns

The Koala mattress comes with a 120-night trial which is common for most online mattress brands. If you decide that the mattress isn’t right for you within this timeframe, you can file in for a return and the company will refund your money. 

For regions with same-day delivery — Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide — the pick-up service is free and made by the company staff. If you live in other regions, you may need to send the mattress to the nearest depot by yourself or pay a return fee.

Something Else You Should Know

Finally, here are a couple more things that can brighten your experience with the Koala mattress:

First, in some regions of Sydney and Melbourne, the company offers you an old mattress disposal service via the Soft Landing enterprise. Once you’ve placed an order, the Koala staff will provide you with a detailed guide on how to book your old mattress pick up. This service is completely free, by the way.

Also, the brand tries to make a positive impact on the environment. Koala partners with WWF conservation programs and donates at least 1% of their annual sales to the charities. So, if you want to join and make a positive change, then investing in this comfy mattress is one of the ways to do it.

Performance Summary

Pressure Relief and Comfort4/5
Edge Support4/5
Motion Isolation5/5
Spinal Support4/5
Temperature Neutrality3/5

Final Word

To end this Koala mattress review on a positive note, let’s see who may benefit the most from purchasing this mattress. Because every bedding item is designed with a certain customer in mind.

So, the Koala will make a worthy pick for you, if you’re:

  • A mixed sleeper. The medium-firm feel of the Koala mattress is compatible with most sleeping positions and will work for lightweight and average-weight sleepers without any issues. The mattress can easily support your spine and alleviate pressure points, so you will sleep soundly.
  • A restless sleeper or their partner. The coil-free structure of the Koala mattress will successfully eliminate any disturbances and will make the shut-eye feel like bliss for both of you.
  • A back pain sufferer. The soft foam layer on top of the Koala works wonders for cradling your pressure points and adjusting to the neutral spine alignment. Finding a comfortable position has never been easier.

So, do you agree with this verdict? Let us know in the comments if the Koala seems like a great purchase for your bedroom!


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