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Koala Mattress

The Koala start-up is a company that’s taken the world by storm with its sustainable, ethical products. Their Koala mattress is no exception. However, we wanted to confirm up close whether this mattress really lives up to the hype.

That’s why today we review the Koala Mattress, its construction and quality, its durability, and if it can upgrade your sleep.

Let’s look together.

Koala Mattress Review: Our Rating

9.5Edge Support
10Motion Transfer
8.5Sex (Sinkage + Edge Support + Cooling /3)
8.72Overall Score

Learn more about our in-depth review process for our mattresses here.

Koala Mattress Review: Construction and Design

Our review of the Koala Mattress starts with its construction and design, which is made to be lightweight, flexible, and supportive. Its cover consists of polyester and Tencel, which is soft to the touch. There isn’t a lot of stretch, but I noticed the cover wicked my moisture away, and it was breathable.

The comfort layer is a unique feature of the Koala mattress, made of 3 inches of Kloudcell™ foam, which is thick and flippable. I noticed a more spongy feel on one side while the other felt slightly firmer. You can unzip and flip over the foam layer, which took me a few seconds to complete as you have to stretch the fabric somewhat for the two zipper treads to meet.

The support base is 6.5 inches thick and is made of high-density foam split into three different zones for targeted pressure relief. I felt well-balanced by the supportive base, not sinking in too deeply and feeling my hips and lumbar adequately aligned.

The bottom of the bed has a light ‘anti-slip’ grip to help the mattress stay secure to your base or bed frame more easily. I noticed these were slightly grippy to the touch without being overly intrusive.

The use of Kloudcell™ and zoned technology makes the Koala one of the best memory foam mattresses available.

Overall look of the Koala Mattress

Unboxing and Off-Gassing of the Koala Mattress

My Koala mattress arrived in its box, and I immediately started the unpacking process. It was easy to cut the mattress from its plastic bag and unroll it onto my bed frame, where I let it decompress. After about an hour, I felt the mattress was decompressed enough to allow me to lie on it. This process, however, can vary.

I noticed the mattress didn’t have much of an off-gassing smell. Any initial ‘new mattress’ odors dissipated within 1-2 hours, and I could enjoy the mattress smell-free.

Comparably, the Emma Comfort Mattress took slightly longer to off-gas than the Koala Mattress by 2-3 hours.

Overall, I was impressed with the Koala mattress’s unboxing and off-gassing process, as it was simple and quick. I rated it a 9.5 on my scale.

Koala Mattress Firmness

The Koala mattress feels slightly more supportive than your average all-foam mattress due to its Kloudcell™ foam, which is denser than traditional memory foam. Its medium firm side was spongier, with slightly more give and excellent comfort. I was comfortable on my side and back and rated it a 6.5 on the firmness scale.

The flip side felt firmer, with the foam slightly denser, and I experienced less sinkage. Moving around on this side was more manageable, and I felt most comfortable on my spine, earning a rating of 7 for firmness.

The Emma Comfort mattress had a similar firmness feel as the Koala Mattress on its medium-firm side, as both had a rating of 6.5 from my tests. However, I noticed I felt more ‘in’ the Emma Comfort and more ‘on’ the Koala mattress.

Overall, I would give the Koala Mattress a 6.5 for firmness.

Koala Mattress firmness

Cooling of the Koala Mattress

The Koala uses Tencel in its cover and open-cell memory foam in its comfort layer. These two combined can wick away heat and moisture and increase airflow. I recorded a temperature of 31.6 degrees Celsius after lying on the surface of the Koala, which is enough heat dispersion to help me feel temperature neutral. I didn’t feel cool, per se, but I also never overheated.
Koala Mattress cover
Koala Mattress cover

The Emma Comfort was 0.1 degrees hotter than the Koala, making the Koala the better choice if you’re a sensitive sleeper, a hot sleeper, or prefer a slightly cooler sleep.

Considering these points, I gave the Koala a rating of 7.5 for cooling.

For cooler options, I have listed some of the best mattresses for hot sleepers.

Koala Mattress Review: Sinkage

The Koala has a fair amount of sinkage. It is a bit less than other models due to the excellent density of its comfort layer, which I recorded at 2.05 inches on its medium-firm side. On its firm side, I recorded less sinkage for 1.93 inches.

Both sides feel very similar, with the medium-firm side having more give and softness than the firm side. Both sides gave me moderate cradling without feeling ‘stuck’ in the layers. I felt more ‘on top’ of the mattress than ‘in’ it. I think this feeling is mainly due to the unique Kloudcell™ foam that the Koala uses, which I found denser, latex-like, and more pressure-relieving than traditional memory foam.

Comparably, the Koala had 0.15 inches less sinkage than the Emma Comfort on its medium firm side and 0.27 inches less on its firm side. That means the Koala feels slightly firmer and more supportive between the two.

Overall, I would consider the Koala a 9 on the sinkage scale.

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Response of the Koala Mattress

Based on my tests, the Koala has a fairly good response time. A mattress needs moderate response speed to ensure ease of movement when changing positions or shifting to get out of bed. I tested the Koala mattress on its medium-firm and firm sides and had good results overall.

I recorded a 0.4-second partial recovery on the Koala’s medium-firm side and a 0.7-second full recovery. That means this side is slightly more slow-adaptive, which can create a body-cradling feeling that I could sink more into.

On its firm side, the Koala mattress took 0.3 seconds to partially recover from compressions and 0.5 seconds to recover from compressions fully. I felt less spongy softness on the firm side and enjoyed more support for my spine and lumbar.

The Koala was 0.3 seconds slower than the Emma on its firm side for a full recovery, meaning Emma’s AIRGOCELL foam and core act much faster than the Koala’s comfort layers. However, this difference does mean the Koala feels slightly more slow-adaptive and cradling.

Similarly, the Koala’s firm side was 0.2 seconds slower than the Peace Lily mattress, a latex mattress. Latex is known for its springiness. However, the Peace Lily does not conform to the body like the Koala.

Considering these points, I gave the Koala mattress an overall response rating of 9.

Bounce of the Koala Mattress

The bounce of the Koala mattress was about average for an all-foam model, based on my review. A bed needs some bounce to ensure active couples have ease of movement and response for fast movement and support.

I recorded a bounce value of 7.4 inches, with the initial compression at 5.75 inches and the max rebound at 1.65 inches. This is enough bounce, so I never felt stuck while changing sleeping positions. However, I did notice that the mattress lacks the bounce that innerspring mattresses naturally have, and the all-foam layers felt somewhat muted in their response.

Comparably, the Koala mattress was 4.1 inches less bouncy than the Emma Comfort. That means the Emma Comfort would be your better option if you want a more responsive bed. However, the lack of bounce does make the Koala a better candidate for motion isolation.

Overall, I would rate the Koala mattress a 9 for the bounce category.

Bounce of the Koala Mattress

Edge Support of the Koala Mattress

I was pretty impressed with the edge support of the Koala Mattress. A good mattress has minimal sinkage on the edge, ensuring a more stable structure, and you won’t feel like you’re at risk of falling out of bed.

The Koala could tick all the boxes of good edge support for me. I recorded 3.5 inches of sinkage white siding on the edge using the medium-firm side and 3.2 inches on its firm side. I could sit on the edge without worrying about falling off and felt stable while getting out of bed.

Edge support of the Koala Mattress
Edge support of the Koala Mattress

In comparison, the Koala performed better than the Emma Comfort mattress regarding edge support. The Koala had 1.4 inches less sinkage than the Emma on its firm side, making the Koala the better option if you want to use the entire width of your bed with peace of mind.

Keeping these factors in mind, I gave the Koala a rating of 9.5 for edge support.

Koala Mattress Review: Motion Transfer

The Koala Mattress is well-known for its ability to reduce motion transfer due to its Zero Disturbance® Tech. The less motion transfer a bed has, the better suited it is for restless partners and couples.

From my tests, I recorded 2 inches of motion transfer on the medium-firm side, which is enough to isolate significant motion. The firmer side is less spongy and soft and has less motion isolation. I recorded the firmer side at 2.5 inches.

During tests, I could toss and turn, and my partner only felt mild disturbances on both sides, and they had almost no disruptions during the night.

The Koala performed better than the Emma Comfort in this category. It had 1.5 inches better motion isolation on the medium-firm side and 1 inch better on the firm side.

The Koala also performed better than the Peace Lily by a large margin in this category. The Koala had 6 inches better motion isolation on its medium firm side and 5.5 inches better on its firm side.

I gave the Koala Mattress a solid 10 for my review due to its excellent isolating properties.

Koala Mattress motion transfer

Koala Mattress: Performance for Sex

The Koala has a fair score regarding performance to sex. We combine sinkage, edge support, and cooling scores to determine how good a bed is for active couples. These factors determine how easy it is to move across the bed, how responsive it is, how well it disperses heat, and directly impacts performance.

The Koala mattress scored slightly less in the cooling category, which affected the overall score. Active couples may find they don’t stay as cool as they would like. However, the bed's structure is firm, providing an even surface. The edges are also stable and can withstand extra weight or fast movement.

Comparably, the Koala has 0.5 less of a score than the Emma Comfort regarding performance for sex. This is due to Emma’s higher bounce, which can help active couples shift position effortlessly.

Overall, I would rate the Koala mattress as an 8.5, based on its sinkage, edge support, and cooling scores.

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

A mattress feels different depending on your weight, sleeping style, and preference for comfort. Side sleepers need more cradling, while back sleepers typically prefer more support.

Below I’ve laid out how the Koala mattress feels in each sleeping position. For reference, I am an average-weight sleeper.

Side Sleepers

The highly dense comfort layer, mixed with the zoned support layer, made me feel like I was sleeping on a cloud while on my side. The medium-firm side had slightly more give that helped to cradle my shoulders. The firm side felt slightly denser while still having that sponge-like quality. The mattress redistributed my body weight smoothly, and I didn’t experience any tension in my pressure areas.

Lightweight side sleepers under 130 pounds may prefer to sink more into the layers to grasp that weight redistribution effect. Heavier sleepers over 230 pounds may find their hips sink in too much to feel adequately comfortable.

Considering these, the Koala is easily one of the best mattresses for side sleepers in Australia.

Side sleeping on the Koala Mattress
Side sleeping on the Koala Mattress

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers will enjoy the 3-zoned supportive core of the Koala mattresses. I felt the middle of the bed was firmer, which was helpful for my hips especially. My spine, lumbar, and hips were straight and tension-free on the medium-firm side. The firm side felt similar, with less sinkage and firmer support.

Sleepers of all weight categories will find comfort sleeping on their back with the Koala, regardless of which comfort side they choose.

Stomach Sleepers

The highly dense Kloudcell™ foam did an excellent job keeping my hips aligned while I was lying on my stomach. I noticed there was less support on the medium-firm side. Out of the two firmnesses, the firm side is better suited for stomach sleepers, and I was more comfortable with the extra support.

Lightweight sleepers under 130 pounds will feel pleased on both comfort sides while lying on their stomachs. Heavier sleepers over 230 pounds may find the comfort layers compress slightly too much to feel adequately comfortable.

Sleeping Positions: Summary

Sleeping PositionMy experience
Side SleepersI was sufficiently comfortable on both the medium-firm and firm sides of the Koala mattress, with enough sinkage to make my shoulders and hips tension-free.
Back SleepersI enjoyed the 3-zoned support while on my back, which helped to keep my spine in better alignment and free of muscle tension.
Stomach SleepersI preferred sleeping on the firm side of the Koala when it came to stomach sleeping. However, I still found both sides offered enough support to keep my hips and lumbar tension-free.

Other Important Information 

There are a few other vital pieces of information that are important to know regarding the Koala mattress, including:

  • Its warranty.
  • Its free trial period.
  • Its free delivery.
  • And its certifications.

Koala Mattress Warranty

The Koala Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, which isn’t transferable and starts the day of your purchase. It covers most manufacturer defects, except for mild discolorations or indents in the foam surface that are smaller than 1 inch.

The Emma Comfort mattress has a warranty of the same year length but only covers indents over 1.5 inches. Both the Koala mattress and the Emma Comfort mattress have warranties that are shorter than the Ecosa mattress by 5 years.

Koala Mattress Free Trial Period

The Koala mattress has a 120-night sleep trial. That means once it arrives, you have 120 nights to test it out and see if it’s the right fit for you, which is essential when looking for a new mattress online.

The Koala’s sleep trial is shorter than the Emma Comfort mattress by 245 nights, as the Emma Comfort offers a 365-night trial. However, the Koala’s trail is a good middle ground, as it is still longer than the Ecosa mattress’s trial period by 20 days.

Koala Mattress Free Delivery

The Koala mattress comes with free deliveries across Australia, including metro, regional, and rural areas. You don’t have to pay extra when having your Koala mattress delivered. And if you don’t like it, returns are also free if it’s within the free trial period. That way, you’re not incurring any additional or hidden fees.

This feature is similar for both the Emma Comfort and Ecosa mattresses and is a trademark of some of the best mattresses in a box in Australia.

Koala Mattress Certifications

All Koala mattresses are CertiPUR-US® and GECA (Good Environment Choice Australia) certified. CertiPUR-US® certifications are free of harmful materials such as heavy metals and ozone depleters and have a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emission. This makes the mattress safer for health-conscious sleepers and children.

For GECA certification, the Koala mattress's production, use, and lifecycle are environmentally friendly. GECA standards relate to Australian industries and focus on ensuring products like the Koala mattress are sustainable.

Similarly, the Emma Comfort mattress is also CertiPUR-US® certified.

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The Koala mattress is a well-known brand for a good reason. It’s an incredibly supportive, cushioning foam mattress that’s made to be durable and last for a long time.

The Koala mattress takes the cake on motion isolation out of all my tests during the review, scoring a solid 10. I was very impressed with its ability to absorb my tossing and turning, and I know restless sleepers and their partners will enjoy better sleep because of it. Its Kloudcell™ not only absorbed motion but was also pleasantly dense. It ensured my weight was spread out over a larger area so I could feel relieved of pressure, comfortable, and relaxed.

What are your thoughts on the Koala Mattress? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks for the review. The tests you ran were super helpful in my decision-making process.

    1. I’m glad to hear that the tests and review were beneficial in helping you make a decision.

  2. What’s the typical lifespan of a Koala mattress, and are there any tips for maintaining its quality over the years?

    1. The typical lifespan of a Koala mattress can range between 7 to 10 years with proper care and maintenance. To ensure its quality over the years, it’s a good practice to rotate the mattress every few months to promote even wear. Using a mattress protector can help keep it clean and protected from spills or stains. Additionally, maintaining a stable and supportive bed frame is essential to prolong the life of your Koala mattress. Just be sure to follow the specific care and maintenance instructions provided by Koala for your mattress model to maximize its durability and comfort.

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