Newentor Hybrid Mattress Review

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Newentor Hybrid Mattress

From a revolutionary company that started as a dream in 2018 to improve everything in a home, the Newentor Hybrid mattress promises the best of everything. At an affordable price and with a spongy sturdiness that can provide support and ideal levels of comfort with its 7-zone system, I was sure this was too good to be true.

That’s why I’ve broken down this mattress's construction, pros, and cons, and have run it through my rigorous tests. In my review of the Newentor Hybrid mattress, I will discuss the best features of this mattress based on its performance. That way, you can determine if this mattress is right for you.

Let’s start.

Newentor Hybrid Mattress Review: Our Rating

9Edge Support
8.5Motion Transfer
9Sex (Sinkage + Edge Support + Cooling /3)
8.6Overall Score

You can learn more about my methodology and how I score my mattresses here.

Newentor Hybrid Mattress Review: Construction and Design

To start my review of the Newentor Hybrid mattress, I’ll break down the construction and design of this hybrid model. Its cover is made up of a unique carbon fibre cover, which is breathable and discourages the growth of bacteria. The cover is also plush, with a slight pillow-top feel made up of a cotton pad and memory foam 1 cm (0.39 inches)  thick. I enjoyed the soft touch of the pillow top, and the charcoal-grey color of the mattress is pleasant on the eyes.

Newentor Hybrid Mattress cover
Newentor Hybrid Mattress cover

Under the cover and initial comfort layer is 1 cm of Support Flow PCM (Phase Change Material) foam. This layer is spongy and can absorb heat, which I noticed after being in contact with this layer for a few minutes. It remained cool, drawing away any excess heat.

The next layer consists of 3 cm (1.1 inches) of Bouncy Q Flow foam, which I noticed was rapidly responsive, reacting quickly to pressure changes. 

The core of the mattress is made up of blue and white pocketed coils spread out in zones. I noticed the blue coils are slightly firmer while the white coils are softer, lining up to provide ergonomic support for my body.

Under the coils is 0.6 cm (0.23 inches) of Support Flow foam, complete with a grippy base cover. I tested the textured base and noticed it gripped my bed frame better than a standard cotton base.

Overall look of the Newentor Hybrid Mattress

Unboxing and Off-Gassing of the Newentor Hybrid

The unboxing process of my Newentor Hybrid was a breeze. When removing the mattress from its box, I found a handy letter opener included with the mattress. I used it to cut away the plastic wrapping after I set the mattress on a bed frame, which was much easier than hacking away at it with scissors. This simple inclusion of a branded letter opener bumped this mattress up my list of some of the best mattresses in a box in Australia.

The initial decompression didn’t take long, as I found the mattress regained most of its shape the moment it was free from the packaging. However, the manufacturer does recommend at least 24-48 hours to let it settle and fully expand. For me, I felt the mattress had expanded enough after 1-2 hours that I could begin using it for my tests.

After removing the packaging, I noticed a mild ‘new mattress’ smell. However, I had to get close to the cover with my nose to detect any manufacturer's smell. Overall, the initial off-gassing was minimal — I hardly noticed it. The rest of the smell dissipated in about 2-3 hours, earning a rating of 9.

This is about the same amount of time for a memory foam model, the Emma Comfort, to also dissipate, so a few hours to complete the off-gassing process is fairly standard.

Newentor Hybrid Firmness: How it Feels

The uses rapid-acting foam and a soft mix of coils, which I found delivered a spongy and bouncy sleeping surface. The cushioning foam let me sink in, providing enough support where my spine was neutral, and I didn’t experience any discomfort in my pressure areas. Subjectively, I rated the firmness of this mattress as a 6.5, which lies under the medium-firm range due to its soft mix of coils and cushioning foam.

Comparatively, the Newentor Hybrid is 0.5 points softer than the Koala’s firm side, a memory foam model. That means the Newentor is a good solution for a springy, supportive feel that’s slightly softer.

Newentor Hybrid Mattress firmness

Cooling of the Newentor Hybrid Mattress

The Newentor Hybrid uses various cooling technologies to help reduce its temperature, like its bamboo charcoal cover. Bamboo is naturally breathable, which encourages airflow. The gel memory foam and phase change material layers below help draw away heat. In addition, the coils are breathable, encouraging heat to disperse throughout the mattress. This thoughtful construction with coolness and breathability in mind makes the Newentor one of the best mattresses for hot sleepers.

Newentor Hybrid Mattress cover
Newentor Hybrid Mattress cover

I tested the Newentor Hybrid for its coolness and recorded a temperature of 30.6 degrees Celsius. Despite the hot summer nights, I felt comfortable and dry, without experiencing any heat build-up.

In comparison, the Newentor Hybrid was 1 degree cooler than the Koala, showcasing how coils can help channel away heat slightly better than a solid all-foam design. That makes the Newentor Hybrid a slightly better choice for hot sleepers.

Newentor Hybrid Mattress Review: Sinkage

For a coil and memory foam hybrid, the Newentor offers a nicely balanced sinkage. I was well-contoured and could experience enough sinkage where I was cradled and supported. During my tests, the Newentor Hybrid had a sinkage of 1.9 inches, around the average recommendation of 2 inches. I could sink into the soft comfort layers enough and enjoy the bouncy response of the coils underneath, earning a rating of 9 for the balanced pressure relief.

The Newentor Hybrid had 0.3 inches less sinkage than the Emma Comfort, similar enough that both options work for a pressure-relieving feel. However, the Newentor Hybrid will feel slightly firmer, with less of a body hug for sleepers who like more support.

Response of the Newentor Hybrid

The Newentor Hybrid’s mix of soft comfort layers, especially its Gel-Visco Flow memory foam, offers a unique response level I don’t normally experience. The bouncy coils and spongy transitional foam layers respond quickly, taking only 0.2 seconds for partial recovery from my tests. However, the top Gel-Visco Flow layer is slow-adaptive, taking about 1.1 seconds to recover from impressions fully. Foam like this is typically dense due to its slow-adaptive nature, a mark of high quality that’s similar to some of the best memory foam mattresses.

I noticed its springiness right away while lying on this mattress. But, when I was shifting positions, I could feel the top layer conform more slowly to my body and was incredibly comfortable. The top layer is thin, so even though it adapts slowly, I never felt at risk of being restricted. Due to this balanced response, I rated the Newentor Hybrid at a 9 in this category.

The Newentor Hybrid has a response similar to the Koala’s medium-firm side. They both have a partial recovery that’s only 0.2 seconds in difference, with the Newentor slightly faster. There’s a wider difference in their full recoveries, with the Newentor Hybrid 0.4 seconds slower in responding than the Koala. That means the Newentor Hybrid is better suited to sleepers who want less deep-body restriction but still want the cradling effect of a thin, slow-adaptive memory foam layer.

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Bounce of the Newentor Hybrid Mattress

Thanks to the spongy foam and responsive coils, I found the Newentor Hybrid mattress adequately bouncy in my review. The Bouncy Q foam's layers especially helped out the mix of comfort, pressure relief, and bounce. During my tests, I felt buoyant and enjoyed a bouncy pressure that helped me feel unrestricted every time I changed sleeping positions. 

I recorded a total bounce of 10.8 inches, which is excellently high and slightly above average for an innerspring hybrid mattress. It provided a spongy bounce that made fast movements across the mattress surface easy, earning a rating of 9.

The Newentor Hybrid has a bounce comparable to latex, a highly responsive and pressure-relieving material. This model’s bounce was 1.04 inches higher than the Peacelily’s firm side, an all-latex model. That means you can enjoy high buoyancy and freedom of movement and not feel trapped by the soft upper layers.

Bounce of the Newentor Hybrid Mattress

Edge Support of the Newentor Hybrid

Due to the robust coils, the Newentor Hybrid mattress performed excellently in the edge support category of my review. Innerspring hybrid mattresses are typically known for having adequate edge support, as the coils are often reinforced, especially along the perimeter. The Newentor Hybrid exceeded my expectations, being incredibly comfortable and stable to sit on. I felt I could easily get in and out of bed without issue. Lying on the edge was also super comfortable, without any sag, and I could use the full width of the bed.

From my tests, I recorded a compression of 3.8 inches, which is well within the recommended maximum of 4 inches. I gave it a rating of 9 in this category. That means the Newentor Hybrid is well-suited in larger sizes, like queen or king sizes, as it can keep the edges durable so you can use the full width of the bed. This reliable sleeping surface would make this model one of the best queen mattresses in Australia.

Edge support of the Newentor Hybrid Mattress
Edge support of the Newentor Hybrid Mattress

The Newentor Hybrid’s coils shone in this test, outperforming the Emma Comfort’s all-foam construction by 1.6 inches. That means if reliable edges are a make-or-break deal for you, the Newentor Hybrid may be the way to go.

Newentor Hybrid Mattress Review: Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is typically a challenge for spring core mattresses, as the high bounce level makes it easier for motion to travel across the mattress width. Luckily, the Newentor Hybrid has spongy upper foam layers that help to minimize this.

Looking at my tests, the Newentor Hybrid could absorb motion up to 5 inches away before the water in my glass began to move. The upper layers are spongy, helping to reduce the amount of motion transferred. My partner couldn’t feel it when I was shifting sleeping positions beside them, so this model may help isolate smaller movements.

When jumping into bed, I noticed the far side of the mattress shake slightly. That means the Newentor Hybrid can handle minimal motions but may struggle to isolate significant motions, like getting in and out of bed. Due to this, I gave this model a rating of 8.5 in the motion transfer category.

Innerspring hybrids, like the Newentor, usually have better motion isolation than all-latex models, like the Peacelily. The Newentor Hybrid absorbed 3 inches more motion than the Peacelily, which means the Newentor Hybrid is the better option for couples who want an adequate amount of motion isolation.

Newentor Hybrid Mattress motion transfer

Newentor Hybrid Mattress: Performance for Sex

Performance is crucial for active couples and directly ties into how responsive and bouncy a mattress is. I gauge how well a mattress performs for sex by combining the sinkage, edge support, and cooling numbers. For the most part, spring core hybrids like the Newentor are an excellent option for active couples due to the responsive coils.

The Newentor Hybrid had a balanced sinkage and excellent edge support, and its breathable construction kept it pleasantly cool. But most importantly, its sinkage and coils make the surface responsive for quick movements. Considering this, I gave the Newentor Hybrid a 9 in this category.

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

All mattresses, including hybrid mattresses, will feel different depending on your weight, sleeping style, and personal preference. When testing the Newentor Hybrid in different positions, I tried to keep all weight categories in mind to help you better understand how this mattress will feel for different sleepers.

As a reference point, I am an average-weight sleeper.

Side Sleepers 

The 7-zone ergonomic design and soft upper foam layers helped provide enough sinkage so my shoulder and hips were well-cradled. While on my side, every part of my body had just the right amount of pressure, thanks to the carefully constructed coil system. I didn’t experience any discomfort or pressure build-up, making this one of my best mattresses for side sleepers in Australia.

Due to the firmness of the coils, sleepers in light, average, and heavy-weight categories should feel comfortable sleeping on their side.

Side sleeping on the Newentor Hybrid Mattress
Side sleeping on the Newentor Hybrid Mattress

Back Sleepers

The upper comfort layers did excellent at contouring to my body, filling in the small of my lumbar and evening out the pressure across my body. The zoned coils ensured my hips aligned with my spine, and I didn’t feel at risk of sinking out of alignment. I felt my body was evenly supported, and I was tension-free.

The Newentor Hybrid would likely suit sleepers of all weight categories who enjoy a firm yet cushioning feel while lying on their back, which puts the Newentor Hybrid in the category of some of the best firm mattresses in Australia

Stomach Sleepers

The spongy quality of the coil and memory foam system is excellent for cushioning and cradling the body, but I found my hips sank in slightly too much to feel 100% comfortable on my stomach. I felt the sponginess wasn’t as firm as I needed for my spine to feel completely straight, but I could still manage and feel comfortable.

Lightweight and average-weight sleepers will likely have enough support to feel comfortable on their stomachs. Heavier-weighted sleepers over 230 pounds may find the surface unsupportive for stomach sleeping and prefer a firmer surface.

Sleeping Positions: Summary

Sleeping PositionMy experience
Side SleepersI was ergonomically contoured without any pressure on my shoulders or hips. I could rest on my side all night without feeling tingly or sore.
Back SleepersI felt my spine was excellently supported, without any pressure building up. My body was tension-free, and my muscles stayed loose and free of any soreness.
Stomach SleepersI felt cushioned but experienced slightly too much sinkage in my hips to feel completely relaxed and comfortable.

Other Important Information: 

Other essential information regarding the Newentor Hybrid includes its competitive price, 10-year warranty, 120-night sleep trial, free delivery and returns, and certifications.

Looking at its price, the Newentor Hybrid is cost-effective for an innerspring hybrid. It’s priced at $222 cheaper than the Koala, an all-foam model, and $771 cheaper than the Peacelily, an all-latex model. Despite the price gap, the Newentor Hybrid offers a responsive, contouring sleep surface that’s comfortable for most side and back sleepers, similar to these other models. This competitive price is more prominent when buying larger sizes of mattresses, making this model one of the best king-size mattresses for its price point.

The Newentor Hybrid has a 10-year warranty covering manufacturer defects like impressions deeper than 20 mm (0.78 inches), cracks in the foam, or faulty zippers. This warranty period may be shorter than the Peacelily’s by 15 years, but it’s on par with the Emma Comfort, sharing the same warranty length. 

The sleep trial period of the Newentor Hybrid is fairly long at 120 nights, giving you enough time to break in the mattress and decide if it's right for you. If at any point you dislike the mattress, you can return it for a full refund. The Newentor Hybrid sleep trial period is 20 nights longer than the Peacelily’s and 245 nights shorter than the Emma Comfort’s sleep trial. That means the Newentor Hybrid falls in a good mid-range for its trial period, which can give you peace of mind.

The company behind the Newentor Hybrid offers free shipping and returns Australia-wide, except in remote areas where shipping costs might exceed $200. It should be noted that free returns must fall within the trial period. This is pretty standard, as Emma Comfort and Peacelily also offer similar free shipping and returns in Australia. 

The Newentor Hybrid is CertiPUR-US® Certified, meaning all its materials are free of harmful elements like heavy metals and ozone depleters. This ensures it’s safe for home and family use. This certification type is considered one of the industry standards, as the Koala and Emma Comfort mattresses are also CertiPUR-US® Certified.


In light of my thorough review of the Newentor Hybrid mattress, I have found it offers excellent bounce and a cool, breathable sleeping surface. I remained dry and free of any heat build-up, and the 7-zone coil system kept me comfortable and supported on my side. The Newentor Hybrid would best suit sleepers looking for a cost-effective mattress that still offers a luxury feel. It also works for sleepers who want ease of movement and can support them in the center and the edges. It’s made of durable materials to last your home a long time. 

What are your experiences with the Newentor Hybrid? Let us know in the comments below!

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