Best Luxury Mattresses in Australia

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It can take a lot of work to find the right luxury mattress. The mattress industry is flooded with pricier options marketed as ‘luxury,’ but it can be a challenge to determine what is genuinely luxurious. A wrong mistake can result in a loss from a hefty investment and being stuck with an overpriced mattress, leading to poor sleep quality, soreness, and discomfort.

That is why I’ve compiled a list of my best luxury mattresses in Australia. This way, you can find the right mattress that will last your home longer and provide better comfort night after night. I also share tips and tricks on what to look for in the best luxury mattresses.

Let’s begin.

Quick Overview

Emma Comfort
Editor’s Choice

Emma Comfort Mattress
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Newentor Hybrid Mattress
Runner Up

Newentor Hybrid Mattress
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The Koala Mattress
Best for Couples

The Koala Mattress
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Best Luxury Latex

Peacelily Mattress
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Lazycat Spring Mattress
Best Affordable Luxury

Lazycat Mattress
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Best Luxury Mattress in Australia (January 2024)

Editor's Choice - Emma Comfort Mattress

Emma Comfort Mattress

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  • The conforming Airgocell memory foam layer provides adequate sinkage for pressure relief;
  • This model offers luxury comfort and support at an affordable price for budget-conscious luxury sleepers;
  • The supportive HRX foam provides excellent bounce for unrestricted movement when shifting positions.

The Emma Comfort is my editor’s choice for the best luxury mattress in Australia due to its excellent pressure relief, fast-adaptive foam, and excellent bounce.

Luxury mattresses are marked by pressure relief and comfort, of which the Emma Comfort is no exception. In light of my tests, I noted a sinkage of 2.2 inches, which provides a soft yet supportive and dense surface to lie on. I felt well-cradled in the top layers, with my weight evenly spread out for good pressure relief.

The Emma Comfort had more sinkage than the Lazycat by 0.5 inches, which means the Emma Comfort is better suited for a deeper, more cradling feeling.

Luxury memory foam mattresses sometimes have a ‘quicksand’ feel that challenges changing sleeping positions. You can avoid this with the Emma Comfort. From my tests, I measured a lightning-fast response time of 0.2 seconds to bounce back from compressions. I could quickly shift from my side to my stomach without exerting additional effort.

Side sleeping on the Emma Comfort Mattress
Side sleeping on the Emma Comfort Mattress

The Emma Comfort reacts faster than the Lazycat by 0.6 seconds, making the Emma Comfort better for sleepers who need a responsive, fast-adapting feel.

Bounce is also a preferable feature for luxury mattresses that are best utilized by active couples. The Emma Comfort excels in this area, which is exceptional given that it doesn't have the inherent spring of coils to rely on. According to my tests, the Emma Comfort had a bounce level of 11.5 inches, which allowed me to toss and turn quickly. I felt this springiness was mainly due to the HRX foam layer in this model.

The Emma Comfort had 5 inches more bounce than the Ergoflex 5G, which means the Emma Comfort can provide a better, more responsive sleeping surface for sleepers looking for a luxury mattress.

Based on Our Review

After putting it to the test, I found the Emma Comfort to be thick and cradling, especially with its dense Airgocell memory foam layer. The HRX’s zoning helped keep my hips level and even with my spine. I enjoyed a pleasant and springy ‘weightlessness’ that ensured I could change my sleeping position without restriction.

Emma Comfort Mattress edge support
Emma Comfort Mattress Firmness

Runner Up - Newentor Hybrid Mattress

Newentor Hybrid Mattress

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  • The coils and Bouncy Q Flow foam make for a responsive, springy bed for unrestricted movement;
  • The Newentor Hybrid offers cost-effective pricing that can be helpful for sleepers looking for a budget-friendly luxury mattress;
  • This model sleeps moderately cool thanks to its breathable carbon fibre cover, coils, and Gel-Visco Flow foam.

The Newentor Hybrid is my runner-up for the best luxury mattress in Australia due to its slow-adaptive cradle, excellent bounce, and moderate coolness.

Luxury mattresses push the boundaries of what comfort means, and for the Newentor Hybrid, that means cradling and tension-melting pressure relief. In light of my tests, I noted a full recovery from compressions after 1.1 seconds. The Gel-Visco Flow foam had a delayed response to my weight that felt pleasant, melting away tension as I lay in the layers.

The Newentor Hybrid had a slower response than the Lazycat by 0.3 seconds, making the Newentor Hybrid better suited for sleepers who want a pressure-relieving, slow-adaptive feeling. 

The Newentor Hybrid, similar to the Emma Comfort, also had excellent bounce. This is mainly due to its ergonomically zoned coils and its Bouncy Q foam layer, which tries to act like a latex alternative. Derived from my tests, I measured a bounce of 10.8 inches, which allowed me to toss and turn effortlessly across the bed’s width. This is 0.7 inches less than the Emma Comfort, which makes both models suitable for good bounce and unrestricted movement.

Bounce of the Newentor Hybrid Mattress

In addition to excellent bounce and pressure relief, the Newentor Hybrid offers cooling features to stave off hot nights. From my review, the Newentor Hybrid had a temperature of 30.6 degrees Celsius. I enjoyed the breathable coolness of the cover and never had my temperature build up at night. The Newentor Hybrid had 1.3 degrees better cooling than the Ergoflex 5G, meaning the Newentor Hybrid can better suit hot sleepers.

Based on Our Review

As per my tests, the Newentor Hybrid provided excellent support while I was on my side. The slow-adaptive foam upper layers were cradling despite still having an ‘on’ the bed feel. I felt well-balanced by the coils, providing lots of spring to keep me buoyant and free to change my sleeping position.

Side sleeping on the Newentor Hybrid Mattress

Newentor Hybrid Mattress's Cover

Best For Couples - The Koala Mattress

Koala Mattress

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  • The Kloudcell foam layer is dense and spongy, absorbing motion from restless sleepers so couples sleep better;
  • The edges are supportive, ensuring a stable surface for getting out of bed;
  • The firm feel of the supportive core provides a way to relieve the spine of tension by evenly supporting it.

The Koala is my best luxury mattress for couples due to its excellent motion isolation, supportive edges, and firm feel.

The Koala utilizes a unique Kloudcell foam that’s dense and pressure-relieving. But most importantly, it can absorb high levels of motion from traveling across the bed. According to my review, I noted the Koala could absorb motion up to 2 inches from my glass of water, which is incredibly high. I could get into bed, and the disturbance wouldn’t jostle my partner.

Motion transfer of the Koala Mattress

The Koala had better motion isolation than the Peace Lily by 6 inches, primarily affected by the bounce in Peace Lily’s latex's inability to absorb motion like the Koala’s Kloudcell foam. Due to this, the Koala better suits restless couples and light sleepers who want fewer disturbances at night. 

In addition to excellent motion isolation, the Koala also has reliable edges. These are effective for effortlessly getting in and out of bed. In my tests, I measured a total compression of 3.5 inches on its medium firm side and 3.2 inches on its firm side. When testing both sides, I could sit easily on the edge without worrying about accidentally slipping or falling. 

The Koala had better edge support than the Peace Lily by 0.8 on the softer side and 0.81 on the firmer side. That makes the Koala the winner for stable and secure edges for peace of mind.

An excellent luxury mattress also needs to feel supportive, which the Koala excels at. Its zoned foam base is ergonomic in its construction, providing more resilience for the hips. I could lie on this mattress and feel my weight evenly spread out, with a minimal sinkage that cushioned and supported my spine for tension release. I measured a cushioning sinkage of 2.05 on its medium firm side and 1.93 on its firm side, enough to provide a balance of comfort and support.

The Koala has more sinkage than the Lazycat by 0.23 inches on Koala’s firm side, meaning the Koala is the better option for a striking balance between cushioning comfort and healthy spinal alignment. 

Based on Our Review

According to my review, the Koala provided an excellent balance of comfort and firm support. I could enjoy moderate cradling on my side while feeling the zoned base ergonomically supporting my hips, lumbar, and spine. I wasn’t ‘in’ the mattress, so I never felt stuck when I wanted to change my sleeping position.

Side sleeping on the Koala Mattress

Koala Mattress's Cover

Best Luxury Latex — Peace Lily Mattress

Peacelily Mattress

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  • The make-up of this model is chemical-free, which may interest eco-friendly sleepers who want a luxury mattress;
  • The inherent bounce of latex provides a solid and supportive sleeping surface that is durable and can last long;
  • The breathable cover and latex layers don’t hold on to heat, helping hot sleepers stay cool.

The Peace Lily is my best luxury latex option for sleepers in Australia due to its excellent, responsive pressure relief, cooling features, and excellent bounce.

Latex is naturally responsive, providing a generalized contour that effortlessly relieves pressure. It also responds quickly. From my tests, I measured a response speed of 0.3 seconds for a full recovery. I felt buoyant in the spongy layers and could toss and turn freely. 

The Peace Lily is only slightly behind the Emma Comfort by 0.1 seconds, making both models excellent options for lovers of unrestricted movement.

A luxury mattress must be able to disperse heat well, especially for hot sleepers. The Peace Lily does an excellent job in this area due to the non-heat-retaining nature of latex. Derived from my tests, I noted a temperature of 30.2 degrees Celsius. While testing this model, I was pleasantly cool at night, and it kept heat sweats at bay.

The Peace Lily was cooler by a considerable amount compared to the Ergoflex 5G. I measured a difference of 1.6 degrees between the two models, which makes the Peace Lily the winner for hot sleepers seeking a luxury mattress.

The Peace Lily’s latex also doubles as a bouncy mattress suitable for active couples seeking a luxury, chemical-free bed. In my tests, I noted a bounce on its firm side of 9.76 inches, and its medium side had a bounce of 9.01 inches. I felt buoyant and unrestricted in my movement when testing both sides, as both responded similarly. 

Peace Lily’s firm side outperformed the Lazycat spring mattress by 0.16 inches, meaning that latex can offer better bounce than hybrid models on occasion. It also makes the Peace Lily a suitable option for sleepers who want a luxury mattress with excellent bounce and no chemicals.

Based on Our Review

I determined through my tests that the Peace Lily is excellent at offering a generalized, pressure-relieving contour. I felt spongy and buoyant in the layers and was pleasantly absent of pressure build-up. I could also toss and turn across the width of the bed without any issue.

Peace Lily Mattress Edge Support
Peace Lily mattress on a bed frame

Best Affordable Luxury — Lazycat Mattress

Lazycat Spring Mattress

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  • This model offers competitive pricing, making it an affordable luxury model for budget-conscious sleepers;
  • The latex and coils give a firm, supportive sleeping surface, keeping your spine neutral;
  • The slow-adaptive gel air memory foam contours to the body, helping relieve tension.

The Lazycat is my best affordable luxury mattress due to its cost-effective pricing, slow-adaptive comfort layers, and excellent edge support. The Lazycat comes at better pricing than the Koala and Peace Lily, with a difference of $350 and $899, respectively. Even with these differences, the Lazycat offers similar comfort and support.

Comfort is necessary for a luxury mattress, especially if it aims to be more affordable than most. The Lazycat does excellent in this area with its slow-adaptive gel air foam. In my tests, the Lazycat took 0.8 seconds to recover from compressions. I could switch positions effortlessly and quickly, yet still enjoy a slight delay that contoured closely to my body for effective weight redistribution. 

The Lazycat took 0.4 seconds longer than the Ergoflex to adapt to pressure, making the Lazycat better suited for fans of a traditional hybrid and memory foam feel.

In addition to offering excellent slow-adaptive comfort, the Lazycat can help with stable and durable edges, no matter what size of mattress you’re interested in. Edge support plays a crucial role in stability along the edges. According to my tests, the Lazycat had a sinkage of only 3.5 inches while I was testing the edge. I could sit and lie near the edge and not feel at risk of falling out or slipping.

Edge support of the Lazycat Spring Mattress
Edge support of the Lazycat Spring Mattress

The Lazycat had 0.8 inches better sinkage than the Peace Lily on its softer side, making the Lazycat the winner for safer and more durable edges.

Based on Our Review

Through my tests, I discovered the Lazycat’s mix of latex, foam, and coils provides cushioning sinkage that ensures no tension build-up. I was comfortable on my side and experienced enough sinkage to get a nice, moderate pressure-relieving feeling. I could also move across the width of the bed relatively quickly.

Side sleeping on the Lazycat Spring Mattress

Edge support of the Lazycat Spring Mattress

Why You Should Trust Me

I thoroughly test and check each mattress I review. Over the years, I have reviewed countless mattresses of all types. My tests have evolved, capturing qualitative data to determine comfort and support. I measure sinkage, bounce, and how pressure relieving the mattress is. I also look at its price and coolness.

When selecting the best luxury mattresses in Australia, I have learned that sinkage, bounce, and pressure relief significantly affect comfort. Price also factors in. The mattresses that excelled in these categories have ranked higher on my list, while the ones that fared average have ranked lower. You can learn more about how I test mattresses here, and see the other tests I do.

Additional Factors to Look At

There are several additional factors that are important to keep in mind when searching for the best luxury mattress. These include:

  • A mattress’s durability;
  • Comfort;
  • Motion isolation;
  • Coolness;
  • Price;
  • Warranty and reviews.

Mattress Durability

The durability of a mattress is heavily dependent on its core and dictates how long a mattress will feel supportive and comfortable. A weak core will sag quickly over time, leading to stiffness and a misaligned spine.

Top-rated luxury mattresses will have a core that’s made of durable materials, like the Emma Comfort’s HRX foam or the Lazycat’s coil system. This way, these materials can support more weight over a longer time, making them suitable mattresses for bad backs, and helping you enjoy your luxury mattress for years. 


Comfort is a mix between sinkage and firmness, and many firm mattresses strike an even balance between these two for adequate comfort. For example, mattresses like the Emma Comfort use a soft Airgocell foam layer at the top to sink into, followed by a firmer HRX base to provide springy and even support for the spine.

For optimal comfort, research from Science Direct suggests that a medium-firm mattress is the best at keeping the spine neutral and pressure points relieved (1). Luckily, this mattress rating is between 6-7, of which all mattresses on this list fall under. It provides enough sinkage to cushion you, redistributing your weight for adequate comfort.

That means top-rated luxury mattresses like the Emma Comfort have the right level of comfort and firmness to keep you comfortable and tension-free. They also make excellent mattresses for side sleepers as the cushioning is typically the right amount to cradle the shoulders and hips.

Motion Isolation

Some of the most expensive mattresses in Australia excel in motion isolation, as it is a key feature of quality sleep.

According to a study by the NIH National Library of Medicine, excessive motion transfer can cause a sleeper to be more susceptible to environmental noise, which can cause frequent wake-ups (2). 

Luxury mattresses, especially memory foam mattresses, typically have a minimum motion transfer that allows sleepers to sleep better. Memory foam mattresses are some of the best candidates for minimal motion transfer due to memory foam's dense, slow-adaptive nature. Its ability to absorb motion is higher than the springiness of coils or latex.

Examples include mattresses like the Koala, which only had a motion transfer of 2 inches from my tests. 


Coolness is crucial, especially for some of the most expensive mattresses in Australia. A good cooling mattress can make all the difference between waking up repeatedly in a hot sweat and slumbering cool during a hot summer night. This encompasses both twin-size and some of the best queen mattresses in Australia.

Good cooling mattresses like the Peace Lily don’t retain heat due to their latex makeup. Other good cooling options include the Newentor Hybrid and the Lazycat due to their breathable coils.  Coolness is a feature you can’t go without when looking for a luxury mattress.


Just because a mattress is luxurious doesn’t mean it has to come with an expensive price tag. Mattresses like the Emma Comfort and the Lazycat offer competitive pricing while also balancing all of the qualities of a luxury mattress, like comfort, coolness, and spinal alignment.

What will affect the price of a mattress the most is its inclusion of chemical-free materials, like Peace Lily’s organic cotton and latex mattress. That means luxury mattresses can be better-priced synthetics, like the Emma Comfort, or pricier models like the Peace Lily.

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Warranty and Reviews

Some of the best luxury mattresses in a box in Australia tend to have excellent warranties and reviews. A good warranty is for at least 10 years, like the Emma Comfort, and covers all manufacturer defects, such as cracked foam. Good reviews of at least five stars that note a mattress's support and comfort are also essential to look out for. 

According to an industry analysis by Transparency Market Research, the luxury mattress industry is expected to see a rising trend of selling online, whether through e-commerce websites or directly from the company (3). That means the influx of customers makes finding a mattress online more likely now than ever, necessitating good warranties and reviews.

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What is the highest-end mattress brand?

In my opinion, the highest-end mattress brand would be Emma and its Emma Comfort mattress due to its cushioning Airgocell foam and immensely supportive HRX foam base, ideal for keeping your spine in healthy alignment.

What are the most common materials found in luxury mattresses?

The most common materials found in a luxury mattress include memory foam and latex due to their conforming, pressure-relieving properties that can soothe muscles and release tension.


Looking for the best luxury mattresses in Australia doesn’t require hours of research and time. By knowing what to look for, like a mattress's comfort, durability, and coolness, you’ll be able to pick the right luxury mattress for your home in no time.

In my opinion, the best luxury mattress is the Emma Comfort. The Airgocell foam contoured to my shoulders while the HRX foam layer ergonomically distributed my weight and kept my hips lifted for good pressure relief. Overall, I was quite comfortable sleeping on both my back and side with this model.

The Emma Comfort best suits sleepers who prefer a bouncy, pressure-relieving memory foam mattress with a modern feel.

What are your thoughts on the best luxury mattresses? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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