Valmori Spring Mattress Review

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Valmori Spring Mattress

If you’re tired of mattresses that cause spinal misalignment, bottom out quickly, and feel uncomfortable come morning time, you might like the Valmori spring mattress. From over 60 years of experience in the mattress industry, the Valmori Home Collection offers a spring mattress that is affordable and highly supportive.

I’ve decided to review the Valmori spring mattress in-depth to see how it feels in person. I will share how it feels, how it's constructed, and which sleeper type this mattress suits best.

Let’s take a look.

Valmori Spring Mattress Review: Our Rating

9.5Edge Support
8Motion Transfer
9Sex (Sinkage + Edge Support + Cooling /3)
9.05Overall Score

You can see how we test our mattresses by learning more here.

Valmori Spring Mattress Review: Construction and Design

To begin my review of the Valmori spring mattress, I will discuss its construction and design, layer by layer. To start, the Valmori spring mattress uses a breathable pillow top cover with a blend of fabrics. I noticed the cover was soft to the touch and helped to wick away moisture.

Valmori Spring Mattress's cover
Valmori Spring Mattress's cover

One of the most crucial comfort layers in the Valmori spring mattress is its gel-infused memory foam. This is placed underneath the pillow top cover. I found this layer to be conforming and adaptive, helping to relieve pressure.

The layer is a mix of soft foam and two layers of high-density foam. The soft foam complements the gel-infused memory foam in providing more comfort, while the high-density foam acts as a transition layer. It provides a smooth transition from the comfort layers to the springs below. I found these layers soft yet supportive and easy to move around on.

The base of the Valmori spring mattress consists of zoned pocketed springs. These zones ergonomically support the spine, and I felt firmer support around my hips to keep my spine level.

Around the perimeter of the Valmori spring mattress is high-density support foam that adds soft support to the edges. I could sit along the edges without trouble or risk of falling out of bed.

Below the coils is one final layer of eco-memory foam, which helps to increase airflow and makes the mattress more solidified and stable. I noticed the coolness overall that this layer provided.

Overall Look of the Valmori Spring Mattress

Unboxing and Off-Gassing of the Valmori Spring Mattress

Freeing the Valmori spring mattress from its box was easy and stress-free. For my review, I laid that Valmori spring mattress flat on my bedframe after releasing it from its plastic wrapping.

The springs allowed it to retain its shape rather quickly, and I felt comfortable testing it after 2 hours, marking it as one of the better mattresses in a box. However, it is recommended that you wait at least 24 hours before laying on the mattress, allowing it to decompress fully.

The coil base and the minimal comfort layers don't contain a lot of VOCs, so I didn't notice much of the initial 'new mattress' smell after opening the plastic wrap. In a well-ventilated room, the manufacturer's smell dispersed after about 1 hour, which is relatively fast. I gave this mattress a 9.5 for quick off-gassing.

It should be noted that off-gassing this mattress in an unventilated or closed room may slow down the process.

Firmness of the Valmori Spring Mattress: How Does it Feel?

Firmness dramatically impacts how much sinkage a mattress has, how cool it will feel, and how much responsiveness it will have. Beds on the softer end of the spectrum tend to sacrifice support for pressure relief, sometimes causing misaligned or poorly aligned backs and spines. Luckily, the Valmori spring mattress avoids these issues with its firm design.

Derived from my review, the Valmori spring mattress has super firm zoned coils that kept my spine straight as an arrow. I felt my muscles relaxing and free of tension while lying on my back. There was also minimal sinkage, which caused me to rate this mattress as a feels-like of 8.5 on the firmness scale. This makes the Valmori one of the best firm mattresses available.

Firmness of the Valmori Spring Mattress

Valmori Spring Mattress Review: Cooling Features

Coolness is essential for mattresses, ensuring sleepers don't wake up repeatedly in the night from overheating. The Valmori spring mattress performs excellently in this category due to its minimal sinkage, gel memory foam, and heat-dispersing coils.

In light of my test, the Valmori spring mattress had a temperature of 29.6 degrees Celsius. I could get in and out of bed and lie in the centre without feeling stuffy or like I would overheat during the night.

In comparison, the Valmori spring mattress was cooler than the Peace Lily, an all-latex mattress, by 0.7 degrees. This is astounding as latex is naturally heat-dispersing. This means the Valmori spring mattress works excellently for hot sleepers seeking a cool bed.

Sinkage of the Valmori Spring Mattress

Sinkage plays into firmness and pressure relief, strongly dictating the best sleeper type. Deeper sinkages can sometimes feel like 'quicksand,' causing sleepers to struggle whenever they want to change positions. Luckily, the Valmori spring mattress is delightfully firm, making you feel like you're 'on' instead of 'in' the bed.

From my review, the Valmori spring mattress had a sinkage of 0.95 inches. I felt slight pressure relief and conformity, easing the tension in my shoulders and hips. But more importantly, my spine and hips were aligned for excellent tension relief, earning a rating of 8.5 in this category.

The Valmori spring mattress was firmer than the Koala’s firm side by 0.98 inches. That means the Valmori spring mattress is better suited to sleepers seeking a firm feel for their bed.

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Response of the Valmori Spring Mattress

The response of a mattress is how quickly it bounces back from shifts in body weight or transitions. Most spring mattresses have superb response timing, of which the Valmori is no exception. 

From my tests, I measured a repose rate of 0.3 seconds for the mattress to bounce back from impressions fully. I could move across the width of the bed from my stomach to my back with almost no effort. Due to this effortless response, I gave the Valmori spring mattress a 10 in this category.

The Valmori mattress responds faster than the Koala’s medium-firm side by 0.4 seconds. That makes the Valmori spring mattress the better option for sleepers who need ease of movement while resting.

Valmori Spring Mattress: Bounce

No bounce means it can feel sluggish to get out of bed every morning. Luckily, bounce is nearly inherent in all spring mattresses, including the Valmori spring mattress. This is useful for fast movement or seamlessly getting out of bed.

Derived from my tests, the Valmori spring mattress had a total bounce of 9.2 inches, earning a rating of 9. I could feel the springs easily adjust to my weight quickly and pleasantly. I could also toss and turn without feeling my movement restricted.  

The Valmori spring mattress had more bounce than the Peace Lily’s medium-firm side by 0.19. This is pleasantly surprising given the natural bouncy nature of latex, meaning the coils in the Valmori do excellent in creating a bouncy surface for ease of movement.

Bounce of the Valmori Spring Mattress

Edge Support of the Valmori Spring Mattress: Is it Supportive?

Edge support is vital for feeling stable along the edges of a mattress. It can mean the difference between feeling like you might fall out of bed at any given moment or being able to lie on the edge comfortably. The Valmori spring mattress performs excellently in this category.

From my tests, I noted a sinkage of 2.5 inches while sitting on the edge. This is well within the recommended maximum of 4 inches, meaning this mattress is well-equipped to provide a reliable and sturdy surface for edge huggers. I could sit and lie along the edge safely without worrying I might slip out accidentally.

Edge support of the Valmori Spring Mattress
Edge support of the Valmori Spring Mattress

The Valmori spring mattress had more robust edges than the Lazycat spring mattress by 1 inch. That makes the Valmori the better option for sleepers who prefer stable edges and peace of mind while hugging the edge.

Valmori Spring Mattress Review: Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is how much you feel when your partner shifts at night. This affects mainly light sleepers and especially restless partners. The Valmori spring mattress performs adequately in this category.

In my tests, I made compressions across the mattress that got increasingly close to my tester glass of water. The water began visibly shaking at the 5-inch mark, slightly higher than recommended, earning a slightly lower rating of 8. I could easily toss and turn, but my partner would notice if I tossed and turned too much or got in and out of bed.

The Valmori spring mattress is 3 inches better at isolating motion than the Peace Lily, making the Valmori better suited to sleepers who prefer a firmer surface that’s moderately good at providing motion isolation.

Motion transfer of the Valmori Spring Mattress

Valmori Spring Mattress: Performance for Sex

Calculating how well a mattress performs for sex depends on how cool it feels, how much sinkage it has, and how supportive it feels along the edges. The Valmori spring mattress earned a 9 in the category and performed superbly in its coolness and edge support categories. The only category drawing the score down slightly is how minimal its sinkage feels.

Considering these, the Valmori spring mattress can offer enough support along the edges. It can also provide the bounciness and coolness necessary for fast movement that active couples need.

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

A bed will feel different to each sleeper depending on their sleeping position, personal preferences, and weight. This is why it’s essential to get a good idea of which sleeper type a bed is best suited for before making a choice. I’ve shared how the Valmori spring mattress feels in each sleeping position below. 

For your reference, I am an average-weight sleeper.

Side Sleepers 

The gel memory foam and top comfort layers provide cushioning that helps distribute weight with the Valmori spring mattress. I could lay on my side and feel near-perfect spinal support. However, I noticed a slight pressure on my shoulders and hips due to the minimal sinkage. This pressure was minor and did not interfere with sleeping on my side.

Average and heavy-weight sleepers over 130 pounds will feel comfortable enough on their side with the Valmori mattress, especially if you prefer a firmer sleep surface. Lightweight side sleepers under 130 pounds and those who prefer softer surfaces may find the Valmori spring mattress slightly too firm.

Side Sleeping on the Valmori Spring Mattress
Side Sleeping on the Valmori Spring Mattress

For more options, consider softer mattresses for side sleepers that provide more sinkage, which may feel more pressure-relieving.

Back Sleepers

The robust coils provided more support in the centre of the mattress, providing me with targeted spinal alignment. I could rest comfortably on my back without any tension or discomfort. The cushioning comfort layers did a great job of conforming to my hips and spine.

The Valmori spring mattress's support suits all back sleepers in the light, average, and heavyweight categories.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers need a little more support than the other sleeping positions. The luxurious pillow top and steel coil combination make the Valmori spring mattress a good candidate for this. I found the Valmori spring mattresses kept my spine neutral and my hips lifted for optimal support.

The Valmori spring mattress suits all weight categories for stomach sleeping due to its firm feel.

Sleeping Positions: Summary

Sleeping PositionMy experience
Side SleepersI noticed a slight build-up of pressure while on my side, but not enough to make me feel uncomfortable. There was enough cushioning that balanced out the coils, keeping me evenly supported.
Back SleepersI could rest comfortably on my back with minimal sinkage and focus on spinal support. I felt well-contoured while sleeping ‘on’ instead of ‘in’ the bed.
Stomach SleepersThe Valmori spring mattress felt comfortable while I was on my stomach. It kept my spine neutral, and I could rest without feeling any tension build-up or discomfort.

Other Important Information

Some other essential information about the Valmori spring mattress to consider before choosing this mattress include its price, free delivery, 100-night sleep trial, 15-year warranty, and certifications.


The Valmori spring mattress is competitively priced, especially compared to other spring and hybrid mattresses. It is $115 more cost-effective than the Lazycat spring mattress and $465 more cost-effective than the Koala. Despite these price differences, the Valmori spring mattress offers similar, if not better, stats.

The Valmori spring mattress slept cooler than the Lazycat by 0.8 degrees and had more bounce than the Koala by 1.8 inches. That means the Valmori spring mattress well-suits budget-conscious sleepers who sleep hot or prefer a bouncier surface.

Free Delivery

This mattress offers free delivery, meaning you don’t have to pay anything extra if you live in or near a metropolitan city in Australia. It’s the same for returns; you don’t pay anything to have the mattress returned for a refund within the trial period.

The Valmori spring mattress has free delivery that is similar to the Koala and Lazycat spring mattresses.

100-Night Sleep Trial

The Valmori spring mattress includes a 100-night sleep trial. If you are dissatisfied with the bed at any time during the trial, you can return it at no additional cost to yourself. The pick-up for return shipping is covered in most metropolitan areas, and you’ll get a full refund for the trial.

The Valmori spring mattress has a sleep trial shorter than the Emma Comfort by 265 nights, shorter than the Koala by 20 nights, and the same sleep trial length as the Lazycat. That makes the Valmori a good medium option for sleep trial length.

15-Year Warranty

The Valmori spring mattress comes with a 15-year warranty, a sizable length of time. This covers any manufacturer defects to the seams, stitches, foam, and coils.

This is the same length as the Lazycat mattress’s warranty and 5 years longer than the Koala’s warranty. That makes the Valmori a suitable choice for sleepers who prefer the assurance of longer warranties.


This mattress has two certifications: the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and the CertiPur-US® certifications. The OEKO-TEX® certification looks directly at the fabric and components of a mattress. A third-party lab has tested this mattress to ensure it’s made of safe dyes and is up to a safer quality standard.

The CertiPur-US® certification means a third-party lab has tested the Valmori spring mattress of its foams, ensuring they are free of heavy metals and ozone depleters. This makes the foams safer for everyday use. 

Like the Valmori mattress, the Lazycat has the OEKO-TEX® and CertiPur-US® certifications. The Koala mattress and Newentor Hybrid mattress also share a similar CertiPur-US® certification. The CertiPur-US® certification is almost an industry standard for indicating the quality of a bed.

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Good spring mattresses can sometimes be hard to come by. Thankfully, from my review, I determined the Valmori spring mattress is excellent regarding quality, spinal support, and firmness. I was most comfortable on my back, enjoying the seamless pressure relief that evenly spread my weight and kept my spine neutral.

The Valmori spring mattress is the type of bed that best suits fans of a firmer feel and who enjoy enhanced spinal alignment. Its ability to focus more on healthy spinal alignment means it can carry more weight and pressure over a longer period, ensuring it lasts your home a long time.

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