Why Do I Get So Hot When Sleeping

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A lot of people tend to become very hot at night during sleep, and they just can’t find a way out of it. It’s as if the excess body heat will keep you from sleeping. There are lots of reasons why people can’t sleep at night and they get sleep deprived. They keep asking themselves, “Why do I get so hot when sleeping?” and they can’t find an answer. Here in this article, we will provide you with those answers. 

Reasons Why You Get So Hot When Sleeping

If night sweat is one of the things that keeps you awake at night, here are the possible reasons why you are experiencing such high body temperature when sleeping.

Room Temperature and Humidity

One of the most obvious reasons why you are so hot during night sleep is that the room temperature is either too high or too low. The average temperature of the human body is 98.6°F or 37°C. [1] Therefore, the suggested temperature of the room is suggested to be kept at 66-72°F. In addition, the humidity of the room can disable the ability of your body to sweat and lose heat. And keep in mind that the air in the room should always be circulated. 

Bed and Sleepwear

The thicker the mattress, the higher the chance of trapping heat. Therefore, the thinner the mattress, the cooler it can be. Regarding the type of mattress, foam mattresses have the tendency to trap heat and they are not as breathable as latex or innerspring mattresses. Therefore, if you have a foam mattress, that could be a reason for it. Different fabrics in sleepwear can absorb different levels of heat. For example, cotton and wool sleepwear tend to be cooler than polyester and wool sleepwear, since they have a higher degree of air circulation, and they trap less heat.

Activities Before Sleeping

Activities that you perform before sleeping can affect your ability to go to sleep, as well as your body temperature. Some example for these activities include working out in the evening, drinking caffeinated drinks, taking medications, sexual activities, and feeling stressed. 

Sleeping with a Partner

One of the reasons why you get so hot when sleeping lies in sleeping with another person or a pet. Simply put, the more people sleeping next to each other, the warmer the condition. Sometimes even children who want to sleep with their parents due to emotional attachment can cause this situation. This has also been witnessed in people who sleep with their large pets. 


If you are experiencing a hormonal imbalance, you can get pretty hot during sleep or you might experience night sweats. Among women, experiencing night sweats and excess body heat is pretty common due to premenstrual syndrome. The fluctuations in the levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones in the female body can lead to the body getting hot. Another reason can be menopause in older women, as the levels of estrogen and other hormones reduce and cause occasional ups and downs in the body temperature. Take into consideration that pregnancy can lead to hormonal changes in women, as well.

How to Deal with a High Body Temperature When Sleeping

Now that you know the reasons why you get so hot when sleeping, it is necessary to know how to deal with such a problem. Usually, it is not difficult to manage, and some changes in the environment can fix the issues.

Keep the Room Cool

If you are in a hot climate, especially during the summer, you should always let the air be freshened and the summer air circulate around the room. Make sure to keep the windows open or turn the AC on if necessary. If you are living in a very cold environment, try to keep the heat trapped inside the room, but in order to keep the room from becoming too hot, you can use a fan to have the air regulated. 

Get Breathable Bedding

With the advanced technology of latex mattresses and breathable bedding, a lot of mattress problems can be solved. Latex, as a material, is very breathable and suitable for people who tend to get hot a lot. Even hybrid mattresses can improve the temperature control and keep the body cool. However, as mentioned, memory foam mattresses, like these, tend to make the sleep environment hot due to trapping heat. That is why, if you have a memory foam mattress, the first thing to do would be changing it to a latex, hybrid, or innerspring one. Also, try to increase the air circulation by drying a wet mattress.

If you have not thought about your pillows, it is important to know that pillows that keep your head straight in line with your spine can put your body and neck at ease and decrease the overall temperature, as well. 

Warm Bath

A warm bath or shower before sleep can help you get rid of all the skin oil and fat, chill your mind, and refresh your skin. After drying yourself your body temperature will automatically decrease. Never hurts to take a refreshing bath.

Keep the Room Dark

Using blindfolds and curtains has two benefits. Firstly, it can block out all the lights or the sunlight. Lights might cause rapid eye movements during sleep, triggering wakefulness. Secondly, the cold air outside the window can again affect the temperature of the room, so make sure to put curtains on your windows so you wouldn’t experience a drastic change in the room temperature.


Does bed size matter when it comes to body heat? 

Yes, If you are sleeping with a partner it can affect the body heat. In that case, try to get a larger bed or a breathable mattress. This guide can help you a lot with choosing a suitable one for yourself.

Is the excess body heat problem different in men and women?

Yes, women tend to have a higher core temperature and naturally fancy hotter environments to sleep in, because their organs are adapted to it. However, men usually accept a colder environment as ideal for them to sleep. The common thing between the two is the fact that the heat should be regulated for both of them at night.


There are lots of common problems among people causing night sweats and high body temperature. Among these problems, the mattress type, activities before sleeping, or the room temperature can be noted as some of the most significant ones. Among the solutions for this problem, changing the mattress to a more breathable type and regulating the air in the room are the best ones, which are definitely worth a try and will save you lots of sleepless nights.

Thank you for reading this article, and hope it has provided you with useful information to make a choice. Feel free to share your thoughts and experience with us in the comments.


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