Where to Buy a Mattress in Melbourne?

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Purchasing a mattress is a pretty big expense, and if you haven’t done it yet, you naturally want to go for the safest option possible.

So, where to buy a mattress in Melbourne without getting on the salesman’s hook?

Normally, if you live in a big city like Melbourne, you have three possible options: to buy online from a seller, to go on marketplaces like Amazon or to visit a brick-and-mortar store.

Let’s see the pros and cons of each method, so you can pick the best way for yourself!

#1: Online Shopping at the Manufacturer’s Site

Online Shopping at the Manufacturer’s Site

Today, most — if not all — mattress brands in Australia have a website and sell their items directly to the consumers. And honestly, this is the best place to buy a mattress in Melbourne or any other big city.

Here’s why.

It’s Cheaper

Online stores typically have only a website and a warehouse. You will rarely find a showroom for an online mattress brand, and if you do, it’s mostly for the brands that have a collection of different mattresses.

And having only a warehouse with some staff workers can actually allow the brand to make their mattresses cheaper.

See for yourself:

They don’t pay rent and utility bills for the store because they don’t have any, and they don’t spend a lot of money to cover the salesmen salaries. So you can actually compare the prices in the offline and online store and find out that the latter is significantly cheaper.

Plus, you can expect generous discounts if you buy from the manufacturer. Most brands have discounts and coupons for the first order, national holidays or in case you’re ordering a bunch of products, for example, a mattress and a pillow set. So you can easily brush some money off the price tag.

It’s Safer

Another advantage of buying a mattress online is that online brands offer you customer support and protection in several ways:

  • No hidden tricks. All the information about the mattress you’re buying is listed directly on the webpage, and if you have some doubts, you can address them to the customer support.
  • No pressure. No one is following you around, and you can browse the site at your own pace and make a more balanced decision. You can even compare several offers at once!
  • Expanded protection. Online brands address the “you can’t try before you buy” problem by offering customers extended trial periods, in some cases up to 1 year (although 100-120 nights is more common). During this period, you can make the most of your purchase and see if it’s exactly the one you need.

It’s More Convenient for You

Finally, in most cases, all you need to do to buy a mattress online is to purchase it and then wait for the delivery. Most mattress brands in Australia use land mail to deliver their orders but certain companies can do a White Glove delivery that includes the installation of your new bed and the disposal of your old one, so you don’t need to do that for yourself.

So, as you can see, purchasing a mattress directly from the manufacturer is your safest bet. That’s why more and more mattress brands switch to this working scheme.

In fact, if you feel a bit overwhelmed by the variety of mattresses available online, here are our top-3 suggestions for you:

  • Sleeping Duck. This is a customizable hybrid mattress. Along with the zoned coil system that creates more precise contouring, the Sleeping Duck has two foam layers that you can swap to achieve the perfect feel. Plus, it has a double-sided Half & Half option which will be perfect for couples with different firmness preferences.
  • Koala. One of the best options on the market for the fans of foam mattresses. The Koala has a two-layer construction and is made of proprietary materials, so you can expect good spinal support and durability. Also, unlike most foam mattresses, the Koala doesn’t sleep hot. And finally, the brand tries to make out planet better, so if you want to make a positive change and get a comfy spot for sleeping, you should definitely check it out.
  • Noa. The Noa is a hybrid mattress that is designed to help you sleep cool. It combines the layer of gel-infused foam, natural latex, and hand-tufted Tencel pillowtop to effectively draw the heat away and ensure a breeze-like sleep. Plus, a coil system with the zoned block will create a supportive surface for your spine and prevent morning pain.

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#2: Amazon and Other Marketplaces

Another place where you can look for a mattress in Melbourne is Amazon or similar marketplaces. Marketplace means that Amazon allows the brand to create the shop and sell the goods around the globe.

There are many mattress brands on Amazon that deliver their items to Australians but the thing is, the quality can drastically fluctuate

For example, you can find a lot of budget mattresses there, such as Zinus Ultima Comfort. Zinus is a well-known brand worldwide and makes good mattresses for those who are on a strict budget. However, if you want better quality and more long-lasting models, it’s better to purchase the mattresses directly from the local brands.

Also, Amazon has its own trial and return policy which may supersede the brand’s conditions if you buy from them, so keep that in mind as well.

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#3: Offline Stores

Offline stores

Finally, the most old-school way of buying mattresses in Melbourne is visiting offline stores and choose from what they can offer you.

There are a couple of reliable mattress stores in Melbourne, such as Melbourne Mattress Factory and Bedding Warehouse. They have a broad choice of locally-made mattresses for every budget and can offer you extended trial periods, coupons, and other appealing deals.


As you can see, if you live in the Australian metro area, such as Melbourne, you have plenty of options for purchasing a mattress.

But we definitely recommend buying from local brands online. Aside from getting superb quality and customer protection in the form of an extended trial, you’re also supporting the economy and development of local brands. And when it comes to the next mattress upgrade, something better might pop up to your attention.

However, we would also like to read your thoughts on this. Do you agree with us or are you more of an Amazon fan? Or, maybe you like going offline shopping for a mattress and have your favourite stores? Share your thoughts below!

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