Utopia Bedding Pillow Review

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utopia bedding pillow review

Pillows play a vital part in our sleep, as using the wrong one can make or mar a user's whole night. And to ensure that Utopia Bedding pillow users have a complete description of their product before purchase, we have curated a Utopia Bedding pillow review that’ll analyze the functions of the pillow and how it works for different sleeper types.  

In this piece, we’ll be looking at the Utopia Bedding Gusseted Pillow. It is a medium-firm pillow that contours the user's body to provide adequate support and proper alignment. However, you don’t have to take our word for it; read the full review to understand how it works. Enjoy. 


The pillow uses a polyester and cotton casing as its cover. Polycotton is a soft and light material that does not easily shrink, wrinkle, or conduct static energy. In addition, it is also incredibly breathable and is adept at wicking away moisture for heat dissipation, guaranteeing a night free of sweat.

Furthermore, the pillow cover can boast durability due to its high thread count and double-needled edges, reducing fraying, wear, and tear. Coupling this with the cover’s hypoallergenic features, we can conclude that it is an all-around material that can serve various users ranging from hot sleepers to allergy sufferers.

Utopia Bedding Pillow Cover


Even though it is mainly referred to as plush, the pillow is a medium-firm product. At the same time, customer feedback and reviews have described it as having just the right height to fit under one’s head without feeling uncomfortable. 

Its thickness level balances perfectly firm and soft to provide adequate cushioning for pain relief while supporting the head and neck for proper spinal alignment. It is an ideal example of what a pillow for sore necks should feel like.

Utopia Bedding Pillow Firmness

Pros and Cons of Utopia Bedding Pillow

Next up in our Utopia Bedding pillow review are the pros and cons of the product. It is a list of what makes this gusseted pillow great for users and some of its drawbacks. They include:

My Experience

Let’s look at what this gusseted pillow by Utopia Bedding felt like for me during use. I’m a combination sleeper as I mostly sleep on my back and side. However, there are times when I sleep on my stomach, and for the sake of this Utopia Bedding pillow review, I tried all the styles.

After a long period of sitting at my laptop, I develop cramps in my neck, and it affects my sleep as I constantly toss and turn during the night. However, while using this pillow, it perfectly cradled my head, and I didn’t feel any tension in my neck and shoulder belt. It also sleeps incredibly cool as the pillow didn’t grow hot even after I had been using it for hours.

All in all, I can say that it is a comfortable sleeping aid that is adept at temperature regulation and pain relief. And in addition, it works well for all sleeping styles.

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

The Utopia Bedding pillow adapts, and contours to a user’s body no matter the sleeping style. Here is a look at how it feels for different types of sleepers:

  • Side Sleepers. Side sleepers require a high and firm pillow that can cradle the crook of their shoulder, support their body weight, and prevent the body from misaligning during sleep. The pillow’s dimensions are a fit, and its gusseted band ensures that it retains its loft and doesn’t deflate under pressure. 
  • Back Sleepers. The recommended pillow firmness level for back sleepers is medium to medium-firm. They do not require the height of side sleepers or the flatness of stomach sleepers. The gusset plays a vital role in this pillow as it is responsible for maintaining support and ensuring that users just don’t sink into the pillow.
  • Stomach Sleepers. This gusseted pillow's plushness makes it an excellent fit for stomach sleepers. It does not protrude too far from the mattress surface, which can cause spine misalignment in stomach sleepers. 

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

Temperature Regulation

As stated in my experience, the Utopia Bedding pillow stays cool throughout the night, even during use. The pillow features a polyester-cotton blend for the cover and a polyester-fiber blend for its filling. Polyester is an incredibly breathable material known for moisture wicking and heat dissipation.

The pillow’s construction further aids thermoregulation as the filling allows airflow.

“For individuals with bad backs or spinal disorders, medical practitioners advise that they put another pillow under or between their knees during sleep. It will help the body keep a more natural position for proper spinal alignment.”

Other Important Information

Let’s look at other important information like filling type, warranty, delivery policies, cost, the washing process, and general consumer feedback. Here’s an analysis of the Utopia Bedding gusseted pillow details:

  • Filling. The best pillows in Australia use microfiber, memory foam, Talalay latex, etc., fillings. However, this gusseted pillow by Utopia Bedding uses a polyester and microfibre blend in its filling. And the hybrid construction makes it more responsive, breathable, and effective in tension relief.
  • Warranty and Trial Period. The product does not have its warranty and free trial period on its site. However, there is a 30-day duration where buyers can return the pillow with no restocking fees. The company pays for the return shipping if they deliver the wrong product but charges the customer if the product is correct.
  • Delivery and Off-gassing. Company policy states that the pillow is delivered and usually ready for pick up within 5-6 business days. However, feedback from verified buyers claims that the pillow usually takes 5-17 days before delivery.
    After delivery, the recommended procedure is to fluff the pillows out in the sun or by using a dryer with 2 tennis balls stuck inside. Off-gassing and fluffing the pillow to its full size generally takes 48-72 hours.
  • Sizes and Pricing. It comes in two sizes (king and queen), with the king measuring 90 x 45 cm and the queen measuring 65 x 45 cm. Due to the change in size, there is also a change in price as the pillow costs $39 and $49 for the queen and king sizes, respectively.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning. For effective cleaning, the best approach is to spot-clean the pillow’s surface. Machine washing is not recommended as this might lead to the pillow’s thread wearing out. In addition, drying should be done either under the sun or with a dryer set to low temperature as this prevents the fiber filling from clumping up.
  • Customer Reviews and Feedback. The Utopia Bedding Gusseted Pillow received positive reviews from users and review sites. It has a 7.6/10 rating on The Review Index, 8.6/10 on DWYM, 4.3/5 on Amazon, and 3.9/5 on the Utopia Deal site itself. However, the major drawback everyone complains about is that the pillow’s threads come loose when put in a washing machine.


Is the Utopia Bedding pillow good for sore necks?

The Utopia Bedding pillow is good for sore necks. The pillow’s firmness level cradles a user’s neck, shoulder, and head region for cushioning and pain relief without giving up support for spinal alignment.

Can you improve the Utopia Bedding pillow’s firmness?

You can improve the Utopia Bedding pillow’s firmness. You can do this by using a  smaller pillowcase that’ll force the pillow to get tighter and firmer for usage. However, this is only a hack and not an adequate replacement for firm pillows.


The essence of our Utopia Bedding pillow review is to provide buyers and users with all the information needed to make an informed purchase.

Users who suffer from neck discomforts or bad backs would love the Utopia Bedding Gusseted Pillow as it provides enough cushioning and support needed for leveraging the head, neck, and shoulder belt to achieve spinal alignment. The pillow also performs incredibly well for side, back, and stomach sleepers. 

However, lightweight stomach sleepers might find the pillow uncomfortable as it might be too high for them. A significant point from this piece is that the Utopia Bedding Gusseted Pillow shouldn’t be machine washed under any circumstance, as this might weaken the fabric’s integrity and reduce the pillow’s durability. 

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  1. What materials are used in the cover?

    1. The pillow features a cover made of a blend of polyester and cotton, known as polycotton. This material is not only soft and lightweight but also resistant to shrinking, wrinkling, and static energy.

  2. I’m a hot sleeper and worry about overheating at night. Is the Utopia Bedding pillow known for its cooling properties?

    1. Yes, the Utopia Bedding pillow is actually well-known for its cooling properties. The pillow stays cool thanks to its fiber blend filling, which is designed to optimize thermoregulation. So, it’s a great choice for keeping you comfortable and cool throughout the night.

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