Noa Mattress Review: Your Guide to the Land of Nod

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Noa Mattress

Choosing a mattress can become a pretty daunting task.

But there’s a bed that can make a worthy purchase for anyone’s master bedroom — a Noa mattress.

Four-layer hybrid construction and a combo of quality materials pack a lot of great features. If you’re willing to know more, check out this in-depth Noa mattress review and find out if this bed will meet your expectations.


55 - 119,05 lbs



Delivery Format

Compressed and rolled in a box

Delivery (Price & Time)

Ships free in 3-4 business days


Hybrid Springs + Foam





Trial Period

100 Nights

WARRANTY Limited-lifetime warranty


15 Year


The Noa has a poly-knit cover with white top and graphite sides. The cover is made of Tencel and has a poly-knit weave that makes it capable of withstanding years of active use.

Plus, the cover has a sewn-in pillow top layer that works as a cushion for your body. Aside from that, the pillowtop is breathable and helps dissipate your body heal and keep you cool even on summer nights.

Overall, the cover is soft and pleasant to the touch. However, note that it’s non-removable, so it’s advisable to put the mattress protector on the Noa to prevent spills and stains on your mattress.

Noa Mattress


Here comes one of the most important parts of the Noa mattress review — taking a peek under the mattress covers and inspecting the layers!

So, the 28-cm thick bed packs in the following layers:

  • The first layer: natural latex. Natural latex is highly breathable and can offer great cradling without limiting your movements. Plus, it’s durable and can ward off the premature sagging and lumpy surface.
  • The second layer: gel memory foam. This layer is responsible for the excellent pressure relief and contouring so that you won’t toss and turn for hours. Plus, the gel particles enhance the cooling effects of the Noa and help maintain an optimal temperature in your bed.
  • The third layer: transition foam. This layer is a bit denser than the upper ones and is mostly needed for distributing your weight correctly. It also serves as a pad above the coil core and helps minimize motion disturbance.
  • The fourth layer: individually wrapped coils. This is the core layer of the mattress, which ensures sturdy edges, anti-sagging effects, and durability. Plus, the coils are encased in permeable mesh and contribute to the breathability of the whole construction.

Also, the coil layer is encased into a 9-cm thick frame made of very dense foam. This perimeter adds some points to solid edges and prevents direct contact with the pocket springs when you sit on your bed.

“Unlike innerspring mattresses that are designed to be flippable (1), most hybrid mattresses have comfort layers only on one side. However, you still need to rotate hybrids every once in a while — preferable each 3 months — to prevent premature wear-off.”


Firmness perception depends on many factors and is more of a subjective thing. However, it still impacts how comfortable and healthy your sleep will be. 

So, what can you expect from the Noa in this case?

The manufacturer gave its mattress 7 firmness points out of 10, which is firm, and the reality isn’t much different from that. The mattress has a core layer made of thick-gauge coils and uses dense foams and natural latex, which also feels firmer than synthetic foams, so you kind of get what you pay for.

However, the Noa doesn’t feel stiff and uncomfortable to lie on. The layers of natural latex and gel-infused foam closely conform to your body curves and help the spine maintain a neutral position, and the coil core doesn’t restrict your movements to the point when it becomes difficult to get out of bed.

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Edge Support

Most of us share a bed with a partner.

That’s why the mattress should have sturdy edges so that you make sure that every inch of space is yours and you can get comfy.

Thankfully, the Noa can offer you that.

A hybrid construction and reinforced perimeter with padding made of dense foam create a uniform surface that will serve you for years. The Noa has one of the most solid edge supports on the whole market, so if you share a bed with someone who loves to sprawl around, now you can be sure that there’s a space for both of you.

Noa Mattress - 2

Motion Transfer

Another thing that is essential for couples — and for active sleepers — is the ability of a mattress to absorb excess movement so that you won’t be waking up each time your partner decides to switch sides.

The Noa has a coil core, which is initially more bouncy than an all-foam base. Even though it’s made of wrapped coils that move independently, it won’t restrict the movements as much as the traditional memory foam mattress.  However, it does have a foam and latex cushion that can block the impulses to some extent.

But you can still use the motion response of the Noa as a positive quality:

It makes a good sex-friendly bed.

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

Let’s move to a more specific part of the Noa mattress review, which is determining how comfortable it is for different types of sleepers based on the info that’s already present in this guide and some user reviews:

  • Back sleepers. Sleeping on your back is the healthiest position for the spine because it maintains all the natural curves. The Noa is a good pick for a back sleeper, especially for those who are a bit overweight because its construction can deal with large weights without creating sore points and failing to support the spine.
  • Side sleepers. The Noa is on the firmer side of the scale, which means that it doesn’t sink too much under your body weight. Side sleepers typically need a mattress with a thick cushion that can cradle their hips and shoulders. Even though the Noa has that cushion, it may fail to cradle you properly, especially if you’re a lightweight sleeper. So you may look for something softer in this case.
  • Stomach sleepers. Stomach sleeping is considered the least healthy position for your spinal health but some people can find comfort only when lying on their tummy. Thankfully, the Noa is firm enough to support your lower back, which is the weakest point for a stomach sleeper, and prevent pain. Moreover, if you have some back issues, such as degenerative disc disease, then sleeping on your stomach — and on a firm mattress — may help you relieve pain (2).

As you can see, the Noa’s firmness limits the choice a bit for side sleepers. But if you sleep on your back or stomach — or in both of these positions — this mattress can make a good pick for you.

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Other Important Information

So, you already know a lot about the Noa mattress and its basic qualities. And this can help you make the final choice.

However, there are still a couple of questions worth answering.

And you’ll find them right below.

Does the Noa Mattress Sleep Cool?

Hot sleepers, cheers!

The hybrid construction of the Noa, along with the open-cell foam, natural latex, and gel infusions result in really good breathability. These materials ensure airflow within the mattress layers and work together for heat removal if you or your partner are prone to hot flashes.

Plus, the Tencel cover wicks away moisture without feeling wet and allows the body heat from the inside of the mattress to dissipate into the air.

Is the Noa Odour-Free?

The breathable construction of the Noa, aside from cooling you down, also minimizes the chances of off-gassing and chemical odours. The open-cell foams also release the odour particles pretty quickly and is unlikely to have an odour when you’re ready to go to sleep.

The only thing that might be a drawback is the natural latex layer that may have a rubber odour and might be a problem for sensitive sleepers. However, the latex odour also diminishes pretty quickly as the mattress expands, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Is the Noa Sex-Friendly?

Like most hybrids, the Noa is pretty responsive to your movements, so you may use it as an amplifier for your romantic activities. 

However, the coils may start to squeak sooner or later, and the mattress could accidentally reveal your secrets. All mattresses with coils, sadly, are prone to making noise, so keep that in mind.


Tencel cover and the natural latex layer of the Noameet the OEKO-Tex standard, and all the foam layers have the REACH certification. REACH is the European equivalent of the CertiPUR-US and guarantees that there’s no harmful volatile organic compounds or chemicals that can deteriorate your health.


The company offers white glove delivery Australia-wide. ‘White glove’ means that the Noa will be delivered and installed right into your bed via the third party organization. The staff will contact you after you place an order, so you can book a time slot for your delivery.

If the item you’re ordering is available, the order will be dispatched within 48 hours. The delivery time varies between 2-5 business days depending on the state.

Trial and Returns

The Noa comes with a 100-night trial period. During this time you can decide if the mattress works for you, and if you’re not happy with your purchase, simply contact the company via their email.

The staff will then schedule a pickup and refund you 100% of the money via the payment method you’ve chosen for making an order.

Performance Summary

Pressure Relief and Comfort4/5
Edge Support5/5
Motion Isolation3/5
Spinal Support5/5
Noise 3/5
Temperature Neutrality4/5


Now you know basically everything about the Noa mattress.

But if you’re still unsure if it will suit your needs, here’s the final recommendation.

The Noa will be absolutely worthy of your money if you’re:

  • An overweight user. The firm feel, dense foams and sturdy coils are designed to hold the large weight and help your body maintain the right spinal alignment, especially if you sleep on your side. The mattress will offer you just enough sinkage to stay cozy without aggravating your pressure points or causing you pain.
  • Back and stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers need a firmer mattress, and some of the back sleepers may also benefit from the floating feel with the minimal sinkage. The Noa does a great job supporting your natural spine curves, and the thick cushion above the coil core will easily relieve pain and soreness.
  • Hot sleepers. The breathable design of the Noa and the thoughtful combination of materials with a potent cooling effect result in excellent heat removal and cool sleep even for those who live in hot climates.

So, what do you think about the Noa now? Share your feedback below!


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