Most Comfortable Pillows in Australia

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There are a lot of people who do not know what they are sleeping on, but everybody needs to have the best rest, so they can function at their best for the rest of the day. One of the most crucial factors of good sleep is having a good pillow. But there are a lot of pillows to choose from, so how can anyone pick the right one? There will be an answer to that, along with 5 of the most comfortable pillows in Australia.

A Quick Preview

Onebed Pillow
Editor's Choice - Adjustable Height

Onebed Pillow
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Emma Foam Pillow
High-Quality Foams

Emma Foam Pillow
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Regal Classic Memory Foam Pillow
Classic Shape with Modern Material

Regal Classic Memory Foam Pillow
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Peacelily Latex Pillow
Natural Material

Peacelily Latex Pillow
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Ergoflex Pillow
Most Hygienic

Ergoflex HD Memory Foam Pillow
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Our List of the 5 Most Comfortable Pillows in Australia

Editor's Choice - Adjustable Height — Onebed Pillow


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  • Adjustable Height Manually.
  • High-quality flexible and supportive memory foam.
  • Breathable-cooling fillings and cover.

Onebed pillow is the editor's choice because of how it is designed. The unique design of the Onebed pillow allows for adjusting the profile of the pillow to whatever is the most comfortable height for sleeping. People sleep in different positions, and that is why being able to change the height of a pillow will be a very effective property for a pillow.

The pillow is made out of three separate layers of memory foam. All of these three layers are natural foam, and therefore, they are anti-allergy. The foams are flexible, and they are the perfect support for the neck and head. They also allow for breathability, so the fillings always stay cool during sleep. The Onebed pillow's cover is also made out of materials that are both soft and aids with the cooling of the pillow.

High-Quality Foams — Emma Foam Pillow


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  • Changeable layers of foam.
  • Memory foam layers, each with distinct properties.
  • Soft and fitting cover of the pillow.

Similar to the Onebed pillow, the size of the Emma memory foam pillow is also changeable by removing or adding its three layers of memory foam. This will prove very helpful for people with different sleeping positions.

The difference between these two pillows is that Emma memory foam pillow has three layers of foams, each with its own properties. The first layer of foam is made out of some sort of cells that allow for breathability and cooling. The second layer is the most comfortable one that supports the neck and head, and the last layer, which is a Visco-elastic layer, is a pressure-relieving layer. The cover is made out of both polyester and elastic that will keep the cover tight to the fillings. The combination of the layers and the cover makes a great pillow.

Classic Shape with Modern Material — Regal Classic Memory Foam Pillow

Regal Classic Memory Foam Pillow

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  • Keeping the classic shape.
  • Cooling and skin-friendly cover.
  • Greatly-supportive and flexible memory foam.

The Regal classic memory foam pillow is one of the best pillows that has a classic shape of a pillow using one layer of high-quality memory foam for the filling. The filling inside this pillow and its cover are both hygienic and anti-allergic. The memory foam inside is also great support for the neck.

Both memory foam and the cover are made with holes to make it cooler and more breathable. The holes will also give this pillow a plush feeling when sleeping on it. The cover of this pillow is made from the natural Tencel material which is more eco-friendlier than cotton and other materials. Because Tencel is natural, it is also removable and washable. The overall design of this pillow is sleek and comfortable, and although it has great modern materials, it is shaped like a classic pillow which is very pleasant.

Natural Material — Peacelily Latex Pillow


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  • Made out of %100 natural and organic materials.
  • Eco-friendly while maintaining great quality.
  • Cotton-made, soft cover.

Peacelily latex pillow is a pillow made out of %100 natural and organic materials, which makes this pillow one of the most eco-friendliest options, and non hazardous. This pillow has also received an eco-institute certificate for its standards. This pillow is one of the best options for those with asthmas and allergies.

The filling inside is made out of rubber latex which is purely organic. The latex is designed with holes inside, which increases the airflow and keeps the pillow chill. The rubber latex is highly flexible and makes it perfect for all sleeping positions. The cover is also made out of natural cotton, which is soft, breathable, and comfortable. The cover is removable via a zip, and it is washable as well. Overall, although it is natural, it is a very durable and long-lasting pillow.

Most Hygienic — Ergoflex HD Memory Foam Pillow

Ergoflex Pillow

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  • Hypo-allergenic and hygiene materials.
  • Core fully molded with memory foam.
  • Soft cover made out of Tencel.

The Ergoflex HD memory foam pillow has a very simple design, but it is a very strong and comfortable pillow. The materials used in this pillow make this pillow great for people with breathing allergies and asthma. The filling is made out of a high-density memory foam that avoids the feeling of plumping. 

The foam in the filling is fully molded, which makes the pillow flexible and comfortable for the neck. Because of its holes and the design, the filling is also a cooling foam. The pillow is hygiene because the material used for both the fillings and the cover are all-natural. The cover is made out of organic Tencel, which is also washable, and provides a breathable sleep and cool sides for the pillow during sleep. This pillow is great for everyone who wants to have a great sleep.

How to Choose the Most Comfortable Pillow

There are a lot of factors going into a pillow that can change the pillow by 180 degrees. The most comfortable pillow in Australia goes a long way as well, such as the room temperature, how someone would sleep. For example, the best pillow for stomach sleepers in Australia might not be the most comfortable one for back sleepers. Although the 5 pillows in this article are 5 of the most comfortable pillows that there are for people in Australia, it is still hard to choose between those 5. Someone needs to know exactly what they want so they can choose from the best. The first important thing affecting a pillow is the materials used for it. 


There are two parts of a pillow that use materials. One is the cover of the pillow, and the other one is its fillings. There are natural and synthetic materials for both filling and the cover. Here are the materials.

  • Memory foam (Solid and Shredded)
  • Rubber latex
  • Tencel
  • Feather and down
  • Microfiber and polyester
  • Alpaca and wool
  • Tea tree flake and bamboo

Memory Foam

Memory foam was the most common material there was for the top 5 most comfortable pillows in this article, and it does make the best type of filling for the pillows. Memory foam is an organic and natural material. It might not be the most eco-friendly option, but it is hygienic, free of any hazard, anti-allergy, and anti-bacterial. It is natural, but it can be turned into different shapes, become too soft, or be too firm. There are two types of memory foams for a pillow and one is shredded with holes in its design, and the other one is solid. The shredded memory foam is more breathable and tends to stay cooler because of its holes in the design. 

Both of these types offer great support, and the most important property of them is that memory foam can shape itself around the curve of the neck, so no matter what the sleeping position, it is comfortable for all people. Memory foams are highly long-lasting and in good hands, they will last from 5 to 10 years.

Rubber Latex

A study in James Cook University in Queensland (1) has also proven that rubber latex will decrease stiffness and pain when waking up. Peacelily rubber latex pillow on the list was filled with rubber latex. Latex is also a natural and organic material that has a very similar attribute to memory foam. Because it is made out of latex, it is elastic therefore really flexible which makes it shape into curves and cover back into its normal shape. Because of that, it is also pressure relieving. It is also possible to form rubber latex into many forms, such as soft or firm. Latex can be found breathable and stays fresh while sleeping. Rubber latex is more eco-friendly than memory foams, but they are both hygiene enough to be a great type of filling for people who suffer from breathing problems. It is possible to have a rubber latex pillow for 10 years, only if taken care of. 


Tencel is one form of fiber, and similar to memory foam and rubber latex, it is organic and natural. Tencel is used both in filling and as a material for the cover of the pillows. Regal classic pillow and Ergoflex HD memory foam pillow both used a cover made out of Tencel. Both fillings and covers made with Tencel are hygienic and a very strong antibacterial. Pillows filled with Tencel are usually soft and feel supportive at the same time. Keep in mind that Tencel takes less energy and less time to be made hence, it is the most eco-friendly choice for material. Covers made with Tencel are washable, and it is easy to take care of them. A Tencel can last an average of 5 years. Not any longer or shorter than memory foam or rubber latex. 

Feather and Down

Feather and down both were a lot more popular a few years back, but now they are replaced by more better and modern options that were mentioned above. Feather and down both offer soft pillows. Down is a bit softer than the feather, but the feather is considered a soft material as well. The downside that exists with feathers and down is that because they are soft materials for filling, the height of the pillow tends to go lower than expected and put the neck in an uncomfortable position. Some people might like that, but it is actually not healthy. For a healthy sleep, the neck and head should align with the spine otherwise, they will be damaged. Both feather and down are not washable, and they are not super-long-lasting even if taken care of. They have to be refilled every few years, and they will be in good shape for 3 years at max.

Microfiber and polyester

These two materials are the most common materials for making a pillow in the market. Microfiber and polyester are synthetic materials, and they can take the form of any material they want. They can fill the softest pillow or the most stiff and firmed one. They can even be used as a material for making the cover. They are cheap, and their quality is much lower than any other material. Because they are synthetic, they are not hygiene, and they can be hazardous. Even if someone takes good care of them, their lifespan is no longer than 2 years. 

Alpaca and Wool

Alpaca and wool are good materials for making a pillow, but they would not make the best pillows in Australia. Wool makes for very soft but warm pillows that take away moisture. If someone would look for a cool side of the pillow, they would not find it with this material. They also do not have good supports for the neck and head, which puts them behind Tencel, foam, and latex. The ultimate amount of years someone could hold onto a pillow filled with wool is 5 years in the best condition. 

Tea tree and Bamboo

These two materials are of renewable sources and make for very ecosystemic pillows. They allow for great airflow, and will keep the pillow cool. The same problem goes with these two materials and it is that they put the neck in a lower position. Although they have great properties, they are not the most comfortable pillows in Australia. But they are chill pillows in the summer and warm pillows in the winter, which is great for a pillow. They are also not as long-lasting as latex or foam, and they last between 5 to 3 years.

Different Sizes and Profiles for a Pillow

The next thing that will make a difference in the quality of a pillow is its profile, and size. The profile of a pillow refers to its height, and it has three main ones, which are low, medium, and high profile. Emma memory foam pillow and Onebed pillow both had adjustable profiles meaning they can have all three profiles someone wants.  

A medium to high profile pillow is better for side sleepers because, with the extra height from the shoulders, it will keep the neck aligned with the spine, but for a stomach or back sleeper, a low profile pillow will do the same (2). Because a memory foam pillow or a latex pillow is very reflective, they are good for all sleeping positions.

There are different sizes (3) to a pillow too. All of the pillows in this article that were mentioned were in a standard sizing which would be about 40cm wide and 70cm in length.


Which material makes the most comfortable pillow?

To answer that, some people like their pillows soft, and some people find the more stiff pillows comfortable, so that part depends on the person. But there are 3 materials that can turn into whatever the sleeper wants them to be and they are Tencel, latex, and memory foam. Exactly what the suggested pillows were made of.

Which of those pillows mentioned is the best one for side sleepers?

As mentioned, the Emma and Onebed pillow are all adjustable to different heights, and because they are all made out of great filling materials and are highly reflexible, they are the most comfortable ones for all the sleeping positions.

How to take care of a pillow, so it lasts longer?

First off, try getting a cover or a pillow protector for it. Shake and dust it off daily, and wash the pillow, its cover, or at least the pillow protector every once in a few weeks. Keeping the pillow under the sunlight will also help to kill bacterias off of it.


In this article, there are 5 of the most comfortable pillows in Australia. The Onebed memory foam pillow could win the prize of being the most comfortable pillow because not only does it have good properties such as being breathable or being hypo-allergenic, but its height is adjustable, and that makes for all the comfort for all the different sleeping positions. 

Thanks so much for reading this article. If  there are any questions about pillows for stomach sleepers or pillows in general, comment them down below, so we can answer you or even write an article about it.


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