Best Latex Mattresses in New Zealand in 2022

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Latex mattresses are made by processing the saps extracted from rubber trees. These mattresses have proven to be extremely comfortable and supportive. Because of that, many people are looking for this type of mattress these days in New Zealand. However, there are so many providers that one cannot easily decide. That is why we have handpicked a list of 3 best Latex mattresses in New Zealand and explored the points they excel at, along with necessary information to choose one. 

A Quick Preview

Peacelily Mattress
Editor's Choice

Peacelily Mattress
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Ecosa Pure Mattress
Most Hypoallergenic Choice

Ecosa Pure Mattress
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Brownies Latex Luxury Medium
Best for Airflow

Brownies Latex Luxury Medium
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Our Review of 3 Best Latex Mattresses in New Zealand

Editor's Choice — Peacelily Mattress


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  • 100% natural dunlop latex.
  • Available in 3 firmness levels.
  • Passed 3 certifications of non-toxicity.

Peacelily prides itself in having their mattresses made out of 100% natural latex. Their mattresses have zero harmful materials in them, to the point that they managed to get approved by the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Oeko-Tex, and eco-INSTITUT certifications of standard and non-toxic materials. 

With Peacelily, anyone can adjust their bed firmness level between soft, medium, and firm. Their firmness level starts from 4/10 as soft and 7/10 as firm. This means that it’s neither too soft nor too firm, and to get either of them, you can easily flip the mattress over. You can also choose to get a soft topper made out of later rubber foam. Their mattresses are all hand-made and they dedicate a lot of time to make their work seamless. It’s a perfect choice for people who want perfection.

Most Hypoallergenic Choice — Ecosa Pure Mattress

Ecosa Pure Mattress
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  • 3 layers of latex foam.
  • Adjustable mattress cover by level of firmness.
  • Passed 4 certifications for using harmless material.

This mattress is tagged as the most hypoallergenic option on our list because it has managed to pass four certifications of TÜV Rheinland, Oeko-Tex, Eco-INSTITUT, and OceanCycle for the latex parts and the cover. 

This mattress is exceptionally breathable because of having so many holes in the latex holes. It also provides so much support and adjusts to your body in a way that your spine is aligned in a straight line. Basically, the bed adjusts to your perfect body shape rather than you adjusting to the bed and waking up with backaches. Another important note here is that this mattress has a waterproof cover so even if hell freezes over, this mattress will not become dirty. It is also available in 3 different firmness levels, giving you complete authority.

Best for Airflow — Brownies Latex Luxury Medium

Brownies Latex Luxury Medium
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  • Natural latex.
  • Prevents any kind of moisture build-up.
  • Has a latex support core.

This mattress has so many air circulation points packed with it due to having so many small pores that breathe air in and out to prevent the body from being overheated. It does not take all the heat away, though, because that would make anyone cold. Instead, this mattress takes that necessary bit of heat that stops you from having a comfortable sleep away, and replaces it with air flow. 

All of this is why you will not have your mattress ruined because of sweat. That essentially will not happen. This mattress has a firmness level of medium, which is great for a mattress of this type, which will not cause you to sink in and will provide enough support for people with medium weight. This mattress also comes with a choice of drawers, which is a great addition.

Benefits of Having a Latex Mattress

A latex mattress is one of the most luxurious types of mattress due to being absolutely natural. That makes it also very high in quality and perfect for people who like comfortable but supportive mattresses. But that is not all. Latex mattresses are great for a variety of other reasons, as well.

Great Responsiveness

Latex mattresses are famous for being responsive. It means that you could place a glass of water on one side and start jumping on the other side, and the glass of water would not even move. Responsiveness makes these mattresses absolutely bouncy and feel like there are springs inside it, while there is none. That is why they are also great for partners who easily wake up because of their partner moving on the bed.

Air Circulation

Even though memory foams are great for relieving pressure, they are not as good as latex mattresses in regulating temperature by circulating air in and out of the mattress, unless they are gel-infused. [1] That makes latex mattresses a winner of being breathable and keeping the body cool without causing too much sweat. This is because latex mattresses have these small holes in them that act as air ventilators. So, latex mattresses or even latex-hybrid mattresses are perfect in this case.


A latex mattress is the definition of contouring while being soft, but actually not too soft like memory foam mattresses. They feel very stable and make you feel like they are hugging you but not to the point that you start panting out of heat. In other words, if you choose the one firmness level that is perfect for your weight, it is going to prove that it is perfect for much more than just your weight, but also your sleep condition.

Motion Isolation

The best part of latex mattresses is when you start jumping on the bed and the other side of it doesn’t move. It is the same as being responsive in one sense, but different because even though they respond to movements very well, they don’t bounce off the whole bed, and preserve a sense of support.


Latex mattresses are built from the extract of rubber trees, which makes them completely natural and organic. That is why all latex mattress companies emphasize on the fact that their mattresses are high-quality. That makes them excel at performance compared to other types. What is better than going back to nature when it’s time to sleep? 

Relieving Pressure

Latex mattresses are known to distribute pressure and weight all through the body and prevent too much weight being stacked up on one spot. It also helps get your spine line straight and healthy. That is why you won’t feel that much pressure on the hips, shoulders, and the back anymore. So, it is good for almost any sleep position.

Hypoallergenic Nature

Latex is naturally dust-mite free and prevents dust from piling up on it. That is why, as a natural product of trees, it is not a friendly material towards those insects nor any type of dirt. That is why most latex mattresses made in New Zealand are proud to say that this type of bed is perfect for the New Zealand climate and nature.

Different Types of Latex 

There are several types of latex, and not all of them are natural. However, the ones mentioned on this list were all natural and organic. In order to understand why the natural ones are better, it is important to explore the characteristics of each and explain how each is processed.


These latexes are made by extracting the sap from rubber trees, and then processing it to turn it into a rubber kind of sheet or product. This is the real feel of latex mattresses, and there are usually two types of methods that it is made, which distinguishes between the different types of natural latex mattresses.

Dunlop: In this method of making a latex mattress, the sap is whipped and baked enough to take shape inside a mold. The heavy parts of it stack up in the bottom and make a more dense type of latex. This method gives latex much more bounce and is mostly used in the support core. It is noteworthy to say that it costs way less than the next type.

Talalay: For making this type of latex mattress, they whip the sap and vacuum-seal the mold that they put the whip in. Then, they freeze it very quickly, which makes it have more air inside and feel lighter compared to Dunlop. After that, they just bake it and the rest is the same. Talalay latex is often used as the comfort layer because it is softer and more comfortable. Since the process is also more complicated, it is more expensive than Dunlop.


Synthetic latex mattresses are just made with chemical compounds instead of actual rubber extract. They are soft and bouncy too but the quality is not as high as natural ones, and they don’t last as long. That is why they are obviously less expensive than the natural ones, but they are good compared to the price you pay for them.


These ones are made using the rubber tree extract and the chemical rubbers. You could not exactly say that these latexes combine the qualities of the previous types, because they only have 30% natural latex. That is why they are more pricey than synthetic ones and less pricey than natural ones.

Things to Consider while Buying a Latex Mattress made in New Zealand

Latex Type

Other than the types mentioned above, it is important to be familiar with some other terms. A 100% natural latex, which was mentioned in several products on our list, is when there is no synthetic latex in the product. However, even if there is 95% natural latex in it and 5% synthetic latex, it will still be tagged as 100% natural latex in the industry. There is also the term “Organic Latex,” which means that the process for making the latex was completely standardized and proves to be healthy to use. 

Support Core

There is one layer in latex mattresses that is there for the support. This layer, called support core, might either have an innerspring core or a latex core, like Dunlop latex. In any case, if you don’t like the fact that innerspring mattresses have some noise with them, you can choose the ones that are fully made out of latex and are not hybrid. 


Dunlop and Talalay each have different levels of contouring, which you will have to choose based on your own preference. Dunlop is less contouring because of being firm, and Talalay is softer and more contouring. However, a memory foam layer would be more contouring than both of them, but you cannot ignore the quality of latex. 

Firmness Level

This is the most important thing to check, because if someone chooses a firmness level that is not suitable for their medical condition, they will have to take heavy tolls on it. Firmness level starts from 1, being the softest, to 10, being the firmest. Usually, good latex mattresses will fall into the range of 4 to 7, and 5 or 6 for medium firmness. If the mattress has adjustable layers for firmness, then there is no problem and you can replace the order of layers in different positions and situations.

Sleep Position

For different people with different sleep positions, there is a need for a different level of firmness and different quality. People who sleep on their back or on their stomach tend to prefer firmer beds that offer support, and people who sleep on their sides tend to prefer softer mattresses because they will not put too much pressure on their shoulders and hips. 


Finally, one of the best ways to understand if a mattress is good or not is checking whether they are approved by any health certifications or not. These certifications are there to test whether a product passes necessary material quality requirements or whether they are toxic or contain any dangerous chemicals or not. Some of these certifications would be Eco-INSTITUT, Oeko-Tex, GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) or GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), or GreenGuard. Especially for people who are shopping online, this is a great way to establish trust because these mattresses would have undergone tens of experiments and tests.


How long do Latex mattresses last?

Latex mattresses are the most durable mattresses among the rest of the types. They can last for 8 years and even more if taken care of and if the quality of the latex is good.

Can you sink in a Latex mattress?

No, you won’t sink in latex mattresses like memory foam mattresses. Latex mattresses provide a greater support while being soft.

Are Latex mattresses noisy?

No, Latex mattresses are not noisy at all because they don’t have any coils inside them. If they are a hybrid latex mattress, though, they might have a little bit of noise.


Latex mattresses have lots of advantages compared to memory foam or innerspring mattresses, since not only are they 100% natural, but also provide better support and air circulation. Among the list of best latex mattresses in New Zealand reviewed in this article, the Peacelily mattress offers the best of both worlds, being absolutely natural and non-toxic, while adjusting to any preference and any medical condition. 

Thank you for reading this article, and hope it has provided you with useful information to make a choice. Feel free to share your thoughts and experience with us in the comments.


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