Koala Bed Base Review

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Koala Bed Base

Your bed is certainly the most important element in your sleep sanctuary.

But if you purchase the most expensive mattress you can find, it might feel pretty basic without a proper bed base.

A good foundation aims to enhance the properties of your mattress and prolong its lifespan, and the  Koala timber bed base totally corresponds with these statements: it’s sturdy, noise-free, easy to assemble, and makes a perfect support for any type of mattress.

Want to know more?

Then jump in our Koala bed base review right away!

Overall Look of the Koala Kirribilli Bed Base

Construction & Materials

So, the Koala is made of the cottonwood timber which is lightweight yet pretty strong and dense. Cottonwood can hold large weights without bending or breaking and creates a good surface for any mattress type.

The design of the frame resembles a honeycomb to some extent, which can make it a good accent in your bedroom. The mattress platform is a bit wider than the legs of the frame, which gives your bed a fashionable floating look. Plus, the warm natural wood can perfectly fit in any interior.

Design of the Koala Kirribilli Bed Base
Design of the Koala Kirribilli Bed Base

Also, the Koala features a slat-free support system. You just place the mattress on a timber platform and that’s basically it. The platform features small perforations around the surface to ensure the airflow under the mattress and prevent mould growth.

Finally, the Koala has a sturdy headboard that adds some comfort to your overall experience and prevents the mattress from wiggling around.


Assembling things may not be the favourite experience for some of us, and many people in search of a good bed base opt for models that can be easily mounted.

Also, the construction that doesn’t contain too many details is good for practical reasons:

More details and joints mean more potentially weak points, so you might want to avoid models like those.

With that being said, let’s review Koala bed base in this aspect.

Details for assembling the Koala Kirribilli Bed Base
All the details for assembling the Koala Kirribilli Bed Base

And here’s the good news right off the bat:

Even though it comes in three separate boxes, the frame features tool-less assembly because all the parts interlock with each other and you only need to snap them together.

So here’s how you do it:

  • take the supportive bars that make up the perimeter: three short and two long ones;
  • snap the long supportive bars with the short ones;
  • then, place three platform parts on top and secure them;
  • finally, install the headboard piece;

The manufacturer states that the Koala frame can be easily assembled by a single person in less than 10 minutes, which sounds like a perfect deal.

How to Assemble the Koala Kirribilli Bed Base

Support & Noise

Here comes probably the most important part of the Koala bed base review: let’s see how it performs in terms of support and noise.

So, according to user reviews, the Koala is perfectly compatible with any type of mattress. The 20-mm cottonwood layer can hold even a bulky hybrid without sagging or breaking and creates a firm supportive layer for a memory foam bed.

It gets even better:

Since the platform of the Koala is a bit wider than the mattress, it can reinforce the perimeter and prevent the sagging on the mattress edges, which is especially important for those who share their bed with someone or just love to sleep closer to the edge.

Now, the noise.

Wood is naturally more prone to squeaks than metal, however, the Koala doesn’t have any bolts and nuts in its design. So once the parts are put in place and locked, you will barely hear the noise. The frame is incredibly sturdy and won’t wobble around, so there’s no chance for it to start squeaking.


Durability basically means how long the Koala will withstand active use without collapsing under your weight. 

And here’s the thing:

The Koala is made of 20-mm plywood, which is one of the thickest sheets you can find. It’s very resistant to bending and cracking and can easily hold up to 600 kg, so even if you and your partner are overweight sleepers, you can sleep soundly without the fear of waking up on the floor in the middle of the night.

Plus, snap and lock joints that keep the frame parts together tend to be more durable than screws. Once you assembled all the parts together, they stay secured and don’t move too much, which reduces the number of potential weak points in the whole construction.

Other Details

Now you know almost everything about the Koala and are probably ready to make a choice. 

However, this bed frame surely can surprise you with a couple of hidden features:

And we listed them right below!

  • Cable slots. The platform has two round holes near the headboard, which allows you to organize your USB cables and conveniently charge your devices without having to get out of the bed.
  • Two sizes. The Koala comes in Queen and King sizes, so you can easily choose the size that fits your master bedroom.
  • Pillow storage. The space behind the headboard is super convenient for putting your pillows there, so when you make your bed, it won’t look cluttered.

Along with that, the Koala bed base has a 120-night trial period. So you have the entire 4 months to find out whether it’s right for you.

Who Should Buy the Koala Bed Base?

And, in the final part of this in-depth Koala bed base review let’s sum up who will definitely benefit from purchasing it:

  • Owners of memory foam or latex mattresses. These types of mattresses make the best combo with the slat-free, solid bed base (1), and that’s exactly what the Koala is. Plus, it can easily hold the heavy latex and dense foams without bending under their weight.
  • Owners of high-profile mattresses. The Koala is 23-cm high. According to ergonomics, the height of the bed should be around 22-25 inches (2), or 56-64cm. This leaves you at least 33 cm for the mattress and duvets, and 30 cm is a pretty high thickness for a mattress.
  • Couples. The Koala has a good weight capacity and will suit most users who share a bed with someone. Plus, it doesn’t have any squeaky points, so if your partner is an active sleeper, you won’t feel them tossing and turning.
  • Eco-enthusiasts. The Koala is made entirely of wood and doesn’t pack any glues, paints, or other potentially harmful materials — but you can stain it with an eco-friendly paint if you want. Also, it comes in a recyclable package, which helps you minimize any waste.

So, which of these scenarios sound like you? Or, maybe you’ve been captivated by the Koala for other reasons? If yes, you can share them in the comments!

Final Rating

Compatibility with different mattress types4/5


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  1. I sleep with a partner who tosses and turns a lot. Will the Koala bed base help reduce motion transfer and improve my sleep?

    1. Yes, the Koala bed base is designed to help reduce motion transfer, making it an excellent choice for those who share a bed with a restless sleeper. It can help minimize disturbances from your partner’s movements, allowing for a more restful night’s sleep.

  2. Is assembly easy for the Koala bed base, or did you encounter any challenges during setup?

    1. Setting up the Koala bed base was a breeze. The assembly process was quite straightforward, and I didn’t encounter any challenges during setup. It’s designed for easy installation, which I appreciated.

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