How to Freshen up a Mattress

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Tips on how to freshen up a mattress is something that many people would like to know. Given that mattresses are among the most used items in many homes, this frequent use results in issues like smell, dampness, dirt and more. Mattresses that were once lovely looking can suddenly become objects to be hidden out of sight. This is usually because of the discoloration and grime caused by the sweat and dirt that they are exposed to, especially during the hot summer days and nights

How can people keep this important household item fresh since they can’t just go out to get a new one every time?

This article will focus on addressing this problem by providing tips on how to freshen up a mattress.

Quick Overview

Here’s the thing:

There are indeed a number of steps that can be taken individually or as part of a process towards achieving this much desired goal. What we’ll however focus on is showing steps that can be taken as part of a process. These include:

  • Proper care of the bedding
  • Cleaning of the mattress
  • Deodorizing of the mattress.

Here’s the Guide on How to Freshen up a Mattress

It does not matter whether you want to freshen up a memory foam mattress, a hybrid mattress, latex mattress or any other type of mattress, the steps that will be explained below can be applied in all cases.

Using Mattress Toppers

Using a mattress topper is a great way to keep mattresses fresh. While it may not directly keep the mattress clean, it will at least provide a layer of protection between the body and the mattress.

With this added layer of protection, the mattress will not get in direct contact with sweat, dirt and other materials that contribute to making it lose its freshness.

There’s more though:

If a person got one of those amazing mattresses for bad backs or any body pain, adding a topper will add more support for the natural alignment of the spin as well as for providing added relief for pressure points that may have otherwise resulted in pains and body aches.

Using Mattress Protectors

This is another way to protect a mattress from sweat and dirt that may be deposited from any direct skin contact. This is not the same as a topper. It’s simply a light layer of protection that encases the mattress.

A topper, on the other hand, is a thicker sheet placed on the mattress. It’s usually made of materials like latex and memory foam. Of course, a topper will offer better support than a protector though both will act as a barrier between the mattress and the body.

Here’s the thing:

A protector can be used to first encase the mattress before a topper is placed over it. Consider this a kind of double protection.

Frequent Bedding Care

Bedding, here, refers to all the different materials and accessories used on the bed. These include: bedsheets, linens, pillows cases, comforters, blankets and more. In many cases, these materials are always in direct contact with the skin and so can easily transfer dirt and foul smell to the mattress.

Given this, it is important that these items are washed as frequently as possible. Generally, washing them once a week should be fine. However, during those hot summer days when the body tends to sweat more, leaving more dirt and smell on the sheets, washing them more often may be the best course of action.

Cleaning and Deodorizing

Taking all of the steps discussed above is very important. With all that done, the mattress itself will require direct attention about twice a year (at the least).

This here is the interesting part:

We’ll look at a step-by-step process for cleaning and deodorizing any mattress. This process will work for memory foam mattresses, Australian mattresses in a box or any other type that you may think of.

Now let’s get to it:

Step 1 - Remove all Bedding

The first thing to do is take off all the bedding materials. This will serve two purposes: first, expose the surfaces of the mattress to allow for easy cleaning. Second, it will allow for the bedding to be thoroughly washed and ready for use.

Step 2 - Identify and Spot Clean Dirt Spots

Carefully look over the mattress to see if there are any darkened or extra-dirty spots. If these spots exist, then a homemade mixture of white vinegar and water may come in very handy.

Here’s how to go about it:

Make the homemade cleaning liquid by combining 20% white vinegar and 80% of cold water. Spray this on the spots to be cleaned and allow it to sit for about 10 minutes. It can also be allowed to stay for longer if the stain is more serious.

At the end of the waiting period, get a clean cloth and blot the spot with it. Be sure to blot gently so the stain does not spread or become permanent. To conclude the spot cleaning, continue blotting the spot with a damp clean cloth.

Step 3 - Deodorize with Baking Soda

Once done with the cleaning, the next step is to deodorize to add freshness. A simple way to get this done is with the use of baking soda.

  1.  With the mattress surface fully exposed, gently spread baking soda over the entire surface of the mattress. Do this only after it has dried. You can use a sieve to ensure that the powder has no lumps.
  2. Allow the powder to remain on the mattress for as long as you can. If you can leave it for 24 hours, do. If you can only leave it for 30 minutes or an hour, then that’s fine.

Step 4 - Vacuum the Mattress

The next step is to thoroughly vacuum the mattress to remove every bit of the baking soda.If you want to freshen up a memory foam mattress, ensure that the attachment you use when vacuuming is soft. You do not want to damage the cover by using a hard attachment.

After all the above steps have been carefully carried out, your mattress should be nicely freshened.

But hey….

Just in case all of the above steps have been duly taken but the expected outcome is still not achieved, then it may be time to retire the mattress and get another.

Remember, even if you get the best latex mattresses or any of the more fancy and expensive ones out there, they need to be well taken care of. If they are not well taken care of, then they’ll likely get damp, smelly and grimy soon.


After how many years do I stop trying to freshen up my mattress?

According to, the average lifespan for a mattress is between 7 and 10 years. Of course, the quality of the mattress in question will be a major factor. That said, a mattress that has served for up to a decade may need to be retired rather than freshened up. This is however a decision that has to be made by the end-user based on the actual state of the mattress.


So in conclusion, to freshen up a mattress, wash the bedding often, deodorize the mattress by spreading baking soda over it for some hours and then vacuuming it. You can also simply lay out the mattress under direct sunlight to both air and sun-dry it.

These are a few ways that one can go about this. Feel free to share some other ways you may know in the comment section.

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