How to Fix a Sagging Mattress

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At some points, everyone would experience having a sagging mattress, when that happens, you might not know how often you should change your mattress. Maybe there is no need to throw away the mattress and buy another one because they can be easily fixed. No matter what material is the mattress made of, it can be fixed with really simple solutions. That is why in this article, we have decided to talk about how to fix a sagging mattress.

What Causes the Mattress to Become Saggy

You should know what is causing the sagginess, and how to prevent it so you know how to fix a sagging mattress. The sagging usually happens as the mattress gets older and starts to wear out, and they get saggy because of the pressure from the sleeper's body. If the mattress is hybrid or innerspring, it is also pretty common for them to become saggy.

How to Make Sure if the Mattress has Sagging Area

How to Make Sure if the Mattress has Sagging Area

First off, to check and see where the mattress is sagging [1], you should put a flat object on the mattress and check the space in between the flat object and the mattress. Usually, places that heavy body parts get placed are the parts of the mattress that become saggy. Sadly, it is very difficult rather than impossible to fix a saggy mattress other than sending it to the manufacturer, but some ways will remove the feeling of a mattress being saggy. The methods used for fixing a sagging mattress are usually for all the mattresses, but in some exceptions such as memory foam, it can also be fixed in different ways.

How to Fix a Sagging Memory Foam Mattress

Some of the top-rated memory foam mattresses might last for a very long time. The cheap ones might get saggy real quick, but they also have a very easy solution for fixing sagginess. Because the memory foam mattresses are usually two-sided, to fix the sagging parts, flip the mattress around, and use the other side which is not saggy. If this does not work, then use the other methods that will be useful for all the mattresses.

Rotate the Mattress

It is recommended to rotate the mattress every once in a while to protect it and prevent the mattress from becoming saggy. As we mentioned, the parts that get saggy are usually the parts where there is the most amount of pressure from the body on them. For example, the head, shoulders, or hips. It is good to rotate the mattress to let the parts where there are pressures on rest. Your feet do not put much pressure on the mattress, so if the place you lay your head on feels saggy, rotate it, and let your head lay on the area that is comfortable. Your feet will not feel the mattress being saggy as much as your upper body. Although some manufactures might recommend against rotating the mattress, if not, doing it would be helpful.

Use a Topper 

If rotating and flipping do not work is not an answer to how to fix a sagging mattress, and if the sagging of the mattress is slight and unnoticeable, the sagginess can be fixed with a mattress topper. There are different mattress toppers and some might not fix the mattress, so make sure that you get the best mattress toppers for a better experience. Besides the quality, a topper will affect you better if you are light-weighted, and you sleep alone. One thing to keep in mind is that a topper might completely mess up the firmness of the mattress, and they usually make for a very supportive and soft layer, so make sure you choose the topper for your mattress wisely.

A mattress topper on a mattress
A mattress topper on a mattress

Add Extra Pillows

Some people might prefer to have pillows underneath their feet, hips, or any other area of their body. A pillow with a suitable shape can also fill up the sagging area and make the bed more comfortable. However, it will make that feel different, and you need to be careful to do this the right way. You can also place the pillows underneath the mattress to make the sagging areas pop up. 

Check the Foundation of the Bed

Sometimes, the problem of a sagging mattress can be from the foundation of the bed. Some beds have a weak foundation. Usually, the ones that have less than six legs to support them around the center of the mattress tend to be the weaker options. The bed foundation might also be old and worn out. The sagging in this situation usually is caused by the slats. To fix this, try having a better bed foundation for the bed. The best option is to take the mattress's recommendation on what type of bed you should be taking that supports the mattress in the best way. It is also possible to support the foundation with more materials such as plank woods or plywood to reinforce the bed frame. Make sure the materials you are using are strong enough and will not break.


In this article, we talked about how to fix a sagging mattress. Fixing it is very easy and does not put any amount of cost on your hands, and it is definitely cheaper than buying a new mattress. Do consider that some mattresses have a warranty, and the manufacturer can fix the mattress. Or sometimes, a sagging mattress is just a sign that it is time to get a new mattress [2].

Thank you for reading this article. If you think there are any other ways to fix sagging mattresses, make sure you let us know about them in the comment section, or feel free to ask anything about mattresses.


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