How Often Should You Flip or Rotate Your Mattress

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For people who want to have a comfortable sleep and respect their sleeping, There is always the question of how often should you flip or rotate your mattress. Some manufacturers do not recommend you to flip and rotate a mattress. Some mattresses cannot be flipped because they are not two-sided. But if you can flip a mattress or rotate it, it is a very helpful way to keep your mattress fresh and keep it away from wearing out.

Why Should You Flip or Rotate Your Mattress

First off, with rotating, The reason why you need to rotate a mattress, which is fine with most of the mattresses, is to prevent the mattress from wearing out, and its certain areas from sagging. When you sleep on a mattress, the most amount of pressure on the mattress is from the heavy body parts [1] such as the head, the shoulders, or the hips. But there are not a lot of pressures on the areas where the feet are placed. So with rotating the mattress, you are giving the parts that have been under pressure a rest and using the other side that has not been under a lot of pressure. 

The same goes with rotating the mattress. Some mattresses are two-sided, which means both sides are usable. If you sleep on only one side of the mattress, that side is going to wear out, but if you want a fresh mattress equally, you should give the sides rest and use all the sides equally. This will make the mattress last longer. Keep in mind that not all mattresses are two-sided, and flipping them, might on the side that is not sleepable, might give an uncomfortable feeling. Most of the memory foam mattresses are two-sided, like these.

Which One Should you be Doing: Flipping or Rotating

As mentioned, the first thing you should be doing is to listen to the recommendation of the mattress manufacturer. Most of the mattresses can be rotated, but not all of them can or should be flipped. Only flip the mattresses that are two-sided. And in terms of which one is better, if possible, it is better to do them both. Flipping mattresses will allow the sides of the mattress to rest and stay in a better shape while rotating mattresses will protect its ups and downs. One thing to note is that most of the new model mattresses should not be flipped, so it is vital to ask the buyer if you should flip it or not.

How Long Before Flipping or Rotating

There is no exact answer to this question about how often a mattress should be flipped or rotated. Usually, the company that makes the mattresses might have a recommendation on how often you should do it. It is usually, between every once in a few months or at max, once in a year. This factor is dependent on how durable the mattress is. If the mattress is not so long-lasting, it is better to rotate and flip it in a shorter period to keep the mattress functional for a longer time. 

Another sign that you should be flipping or rotating the mattress is the mattress getting saggy. If the mattress is two-sided, and it gets saggy, flipping might take away the saggy feeling. Rotating will also help with the sagginess of the mattress, and it will put the saggy area in a position where it is less noticeable. Sagginess mostly happens where the upper body lays on the mattress.

Pay attention that the mattress becoming saggy might be an alert that it is finally the time to say goodbye to the mattress you have and change your mattress. You also do not need to constantly rotate and flip the mattress because it feels saggy. Sometimes the problem might be from the bed box. You should consider a box that is better for the mattress or simply get the best mattresses in a box.

How to Flip and Rotate a Mattress

Of course, we recommend people to flip and rotate their mattresses, but there are proper ways to do it. First, you need to clear the room, especially around the bed to have enough space for the mattress to move. Then for flipping, simply take the mattress out of the box, and put it back the other way. And for rotating, do the same but rotate it 90 degrees in a way that where you place your head becomes where you lay your feet on and put it back. Of course, there is one big problem that you might face when doing this, and that is that a mattress, depending on the size, can be quite heavy. 

Make sure you always call for help for rotating or flipping a large-size mattress. If you try to lift something heavier than or larger than one person can handle, you might hurt yourself. If you cannot do it alone, and you do not have anyone to call for help, it is completely OK not to flip a mattress or rotate a mattress immediately. Your health means a lot more than a mattress. So you can still wait and make sure you do it in a safe manner.


In this article, we answered the question of how often should you flip or rotate your mattress. The most important thing in this matter is to listen to what the manufacturer recommends. Some mattresses should not be flipped or and some should not be rotated. But if possible, doing so is a great help, and it will increase the durability of your mattress a lot. It will also keep the mattress in better shape. 

Thank you so much for reading this article. If you have any opinions, or any questions involving this topic or mattresses, feel free to ask them down below in our comment section.


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