Eva Mattress Review: Take it Or Leave It?

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Eva Mattress

The Eva mattress is a relatively new name among the Australian mattress brands but it has gotten the loyalty of many users because of its great quality, sturdy build and pretty low price — less than AUD$1,000 for a Queen.

But these features, aside from being undoubtedly great,  aren’t the main reason behind the Eva’s popularity.

So, go ahead and read the Eva mattress review right below to learn all the details about this incredible bed.


The mattress cover isn’t just about the looks. It also protects the bed from dirt, dust particles, or, in some cases, spills and stains. Plus, the cover will determine your first impression on how comfy the mattress is, so it’s definitely not a thing to neglect.

Speaking of the Eva mattress, the cover layer is made of polyester and has a slightly different weave on top and on the sides. The top is white, soft, and has a more loose weave so that it can let in some air and ensure that the comfort layers won’t feel hot.

Additionally, the top cover has a pillow top layer that adds some comfort and pressure relief and creates an airy pad between your body and the mattress.

The grey sides are much more sturdy and may feel a bit harsh to the touch. They create a surface that protects the mattress layers from dust and can withstand the active use for years to come.

Note that the cover isn’t removable, so for maximum protection, the manufacturer recommends putting the mattress into an encasement.


The next part of this Eva mattress review will reveal the things that go under the cover because they directly impact the mattress qualities.
In the brick-and-mortar store, the salesman would present you the mattress cutaway so you can see all the layers but since Eva is an online mattress brand, you can take a look at the construction online as well.

So, here’s what the 32-cm thick Eva mattress packs, from top to bottom:

  • Gel-infused memory foam. Memory foam is well-known for its great ability to adapt to your body curves and cradle you in all the right places (1). When infused with millions of gel beads, it also adjusts to changes in your body temperature and keeps you cool, so you can sleep better.
  • Natural latex. Another material with a potent cooling effect that will increase the airflow under your body. Plus, the latex feels more spongy than memory foam, so it will kind of prevent you from sinking too deep in the mattress layers.
  • Transition foam layer. The goal of the transition layer is to distribute your weight while maintaining a sufficient amount of cradling so that you won’t get the sore points upon awakening. This layer is made of dense foam and has a sponge-like feel that offers you an instant response.
  • Zoned coil layer. The core of the mattress is made of individually wrapped coils that are divided into five zones. This division results in more precise motion control and enhancing the cradling effect of the upper layers. 

Based on this list, it’s pretty safe to say that Eva is made to last. It’s composed mainly of quality materials that will maintain the shape and support your body in every sleeping position.

Eva Mattress - 2


Most mattress brands use the standard firmness scale, from 1 to 10 points for the softest and the hardest surface you can sleep on, respectively. Within this scale, all the mattresses are divided into soft, medium, medium-firm, and firm categories depending on the amount of cradling and rebound they can offer.

So, where's Eva standing on its scale?

According to the manufacturer’s info and some user reviews, the Eva has 7-8 points out of 10 which makes it pretty firm. 

But don’t worry:

A firm bed has certain benefits — for example, it doesn’t restrict your movements and therefore, circulation (2) and makes a great pick for those who sleep on the stomach or weigh more than 100 kg.

Edge Support

Now, let’s talk about edge support as it’s one of the main performance factors of a good mattress. Solid edges ensure that you won’t roll off your bed if you sleep closer to the edge and will use every inch of space, in case if your partner loves to sleep in a starfish position.

The great news is, the Eva is a hybrid, so you absolutely can expect awesome edge support from it. 

But it gets even better:

The coil layer of the Eva utilizes a side-spring technology, which means that the coils around the perimeter are made of thicker wires and hence, can withstand larger loads.

So if sleeping closer to the edge seems like a natural order of things for you, you can definitely consider the Eva for your master bedroom.

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Eva Mattress

Motion Transfer

Peaceful sleep means no interruptions. And when your partner constantly tosses and turns, so you can feel their every movement — that definitely doesn’t sound like ‘peaceful’.

So, a good mattress should absorb the excess impulses, and this is where the reality isn’t too good for the Eva.

The thing is, the coil layer of this mattress is still more responsive in comparison with an all-foam mattress. Coils don’t restrict your movements if you decide to shift through different sleeping positions, and they can also transfer them to another side of the bed if you’re moving too actively.

However, even though there’s a difference between the Eva and a memory foam mattress? it’s not that significant because the cushion made of foam and natural latex can absorb some shock and ensure that your shut-eye will be uninterrupted.

So, the bottom line is, you still can rely on the Eva, if you and your partner are not very active sleepers.

How It Feels for Different Types of Users

Now you know a bit about the Eva: its firmness score, how sturdy its perimeter is and how it blocks excess motion impulses.

Now what?

The answer lies exactly in this part of the Eva mattress review! Let’s see how this set works for different sleeper types.

  • Back sleepers. Those who sleep on their backs can benefit from the Eva. It’s firm feel and pinpoint contouring support the natural curves of your spine and promptly distribute weight around the mattress surface, so you won’t get sore points. Note though, that the Eva may feel a bit too firm for lightweight sleepers, so if this looks like you, you may go for something softer.
  • Side sleepers. Again, the firmness of the Eva mattress may feel too rigid on your hips and shoulders if you're a lightweight or even average-weight side sleeper. However, for those who have a bit of excess weight, the Eva will feel more like a medium-firm mattress and offer enough sinkage to support the neutral spine in the lateral position.
  • Stomach sleepers. Those who sleep on their stomach generally need a bed that won’t sink under their lower back or put a strain on the muscles. The Eva is absolutely capable of protecting your spine because it has a rather floating feel and uniform surface.

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Other Important Information

Now, let’s cover a couple of remaining questions that didn’t fit in other parts of the Eva mattress review.

Does the Eva Mattress Sleep Cool?


The coil core layer, natural latex pad, and gel-infused memory foam all have great cooling effects, so the mattress doesn’t retain your body heat. Plus, memory foam used for making the Eva, is temperature-neutral, meaning it doesn’t rely on your body heat to feel comfortable.

Is the Eva Mattress Odour-Free?

As a mattress-in-a-box, the Eva may have some off-gassing as it decompresses, primarily from the memory foam and latex layers.

So you can smell some chemical odour for 48 hours after the mattress has been unpacked. However, when the Eva expands to the final point, it should be completely odourless and comfortable even for most sensitive sleepers.

Is the Eva Mattress Sex-Friendly?

The floating feel of the Eva won’t suck your movements in and will ensure the steady bounce so that you can maintain the needed rhythm. Plus, the breathable design won’t make you sweaty when the things get really hot and make your sleep breeze-like afterwards.


You can find the CertiPUR-US label on the Eva’s box, which means that all the foams used for making this mattress are checked to ensure that they don’t have harmful chemical and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can deteriorate your health.


The Eva can be delivered Australia-wide for free. If you place an order before 4 pm, you can expect the next-day delivery in some metro areas, such as Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Tasmania. Alternatively, you can select the delivery day on checkout just to be sure that you can be home on that day. For non-metro areas, the delivery time can vary, and you can check the estimated time by entering your postcode on the delivery page.

Trial and Returns

The Eva has an extended 120-night trial as most mattresses sold online. During this time you can get to know if the mattress is the right to pick for you, and if it appears that you don’t like it, you can receive a full refund under the following conditions:

  • you need to sleep on a mattress for at least a month in terms of a mandatory break-in period;
  • keep your purchase receipt for the trial period, as it serves as a proof of your eligibility for a refund.
  • schedule a pickup time with the company staff, so you can be home on that day.

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Performance Summary

Pressure Relief and Comfort4/5
Edge Support5/5
Motion Isolation3/5
Spinal Support5/5
Temperature Neutrality4/5


Let’s wrap things up:

The Eva is a great mattress with sturdy edges, comfortable feel, and breathable design. It’s made to last and will guarantee you healthy sleep for the nearest decade.

And the last treat for you is this small list of individuals who really can make the most of its purchase:

  • Those who typically sleep hot. The Eva is breathable from top to bottom, so if you typically have some problems with hot sleeping, you’ll easily forget about them with this mattress.
  • People with chronic pain. Joint pain or chronic back pain can significantly restrict your mobility and increase the time you spend trying to get comfy. The Eva has a floating feel with less pronounced cradling, so you can easily shift through different sleeping positions but it still feels comfortable and can relieve pain.
  • People who easily fall asleep. The Eva is pretty responsive to movements, so if you have difficulties with falling asleep, it might become just another disturbance. However, if you fall asleep rather quickly and aren’t too sensitive to the movements of your partner or pet, you can count on Eva: it will deliver you cozy sleep.

Do you fall in any of these categories? Or, maybe you just like the Eva mattress for other features? Share your thoughts below!


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