Ecosa vs Koala In-Depth Comparison Review

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When you’re shopping for something, you compare a lot of items to choose the one you think would be best for you. Shopping for a mattress is no exception but this article has already done all the dirty job for you and compared two beds that are well-known on the Australian market: Ecosa G-7 memory foam mattress and the Koala mattress. So, dive deep in this detailed Ecosa vs Koala review to learn everything about these two models and make your choice.

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The first thing you see when choosing any mattress is its cover. This layer determines the aesthetic and defines some mattress qualities, such as breathability and durability.

So, let’s see what the Ecosa and the Koala covers are made of.

Two removable covers:

  • Inner encasement. This fabric utilizes microfilament technology which makes it lightweight and waterproof.

  • Outer encasement. This cover is made of Tencel fabric. It wards the dust mites and bacteria away, can withstand years of active use, and lets your mattress breathe.

  • The cover is removable and can be washed when needed.

  • The white top is made of the polyester (70%) and Tencel (30%) blend, and blue sides are made of 100% polyester.

  • Both of these fabrics are pretty durable and wick away moisture to prevent funky odours. Plus, the incorporation of Tencel fibres in the top makes it more breathable.



  • proprietary G-7 gel-memory foam;

  • ECO-tex open-cell memory foam;

  • dense foam base.

  • Kloudcell soft memory foam;

  • Ecofoam base layer.

As you can see, the construction of Ecosa and Koala mattresses are pretty simple. However, both mattresses are made of proprietary foams, so you can expect great performance and durability.


The firmness perception is tied to many things, including your weight and preferred sleeping position. However, you still need to know what to expect from any given mattress, and this will be covered in the following part of Ecosa vs Koala comparison.

Adjustable firmness, the construction allows you to swap all the mattress layers.
The Ecosa will arrive at your doorstep with a medium feel (the blue foam layer on top) unless you’ve chosen another option. Medium feel is about 4-5 points out of 10 on the standard firmness scale.
Other two configurations include Medium-firm and Firm levels, and here’s how to achieve them:

  • Medium-firm (6.5/10). Remove both cover and swap the blue foam layer with the white.

  • Firm (7.5-8/10). Flip the mattress so that the base layer will be on top.

The Koala has one firmness level, which is medium-firm and scores about 6 points out of 10 on the standard firmness scale.
Medium-firm feel suits most users because of its significant contouring and pressure relief paired with a good amount of spinal support.

Edge Support

Now, let’s start a more specific block of this Koala vs Ecosa comparison, which is determining the basic performance qualities of both mattresses.

The first thing that’s worth mentioning is the edge support.

Solid edges contribute to the overall uniform surface and prevent premature sagging of the mattress. Plus, if you love snoozing closer to the bed edge, with good edge support you can make sure that you won’t roll off accidentally.

The good news is, both the Koala and Ecosa perform really well in terms of edge support. Thanks to a foam base and open-cell foams with a springy feel you can sit or sleep on the very edge of the bed without any risk of falling down or curling your spine in an awkward shape.

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Ecosa Mattress

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer (motion absorption) is another essential thing for a good mattress. it can ensure that your partner won’t wake you up every time they toss and turn.

Great thing is that all-foam mattresses typically have good motion absorption and this is another one of a few similarities in the Koala vs Ecosa comparison.

Comfort layers of both mattresses are made of soft foams that instantly cradles your body. Aside from minimizing motion transfer, this cradling makes it much easier to find a comfortable position, so you actually don’t have to toss and turn for hours.

If you prefer a firmer feel, don’t worry. The firmer options of the Ecosa can eliminate motion disturbances because they’re made of denser foams. Dense foams have smaller pores and can stop the motion impulse from spreading across the mattress.

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How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

Probably the main thing you have to consider when shopping for a mattress is your personal preferences and sleeping style. Because the best mattress is the one that helps you feel cozy and supported.

So, here’s a short comparative table for the Ecosa vs Koala compatibility with different types of sleepers.

Back sleepersGoodGood
Side sleepersGreatGreat
Stomach sleepersGreatFair
Overweight sleepersGoodGood

Overall, the Ecosa, thanks to its adjustable firmness, can cover the needs of the different sleepers, including those who have excess weight and hence, may need extra support for their lower back.

But this doesn’t mean that the Koala mattress is worse.

It just addresses the issue a bit differently.

The Koala comes in medium-firm feel which is suitable for most sleeper types. This firmness level can sufficiently support back and side sleepers of average weight, works for heavy back sleepers, and lightweight stomach sleepers, so you can see a bit of diversity here too.

Other Important Information

Height25 cm22 cm
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same-day delivery in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide areas if you place your order before 1:30 pm
Free Australia-wide,
4-hour delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide
Trial100 nights120 nights
Warranty15 years10 years
Available sizesSingle, Single XL, Single King, Double, Queen, King, Super KingSingle, Single King, Double, Queen, King


Single XL$849
Single King$899$850
Super King$1,499

The Good and the Bad: Overview

In the final part of this detailed Ecosa vs Koala review let’s sum up the pros and cons of each mattress so that you can make the final decision.


  • 3-in-1 adjustable firmness;

  • doesn’t sleep hot thanks to gel-infused and open-cell foam layers;

  • decent edge support as for an all-foam bed;

  • waterproof cover eliminates the need for using a mattress protector;

  • removable and durable Tencel cover;

  • available in 7 sizes, including Single XL and Super King;

  • great motion absorption;

  • suitable for heavy individuals;

  • can work for people with various back pain issues.

  • a great pick for mixed sleepers;

  • good motion absorption: all the impulses go straight to the dense foam base;

  • Tencel cover wards off dust mites and keeps the mattress fresh for a longer time;

  • instantly cradles your body but doesn’t restrict movements;

  • made to last and will serve you for years;

  • a brand with positive impact: each purchase contributes to environmental protection organizations;

  • made of local materials;

  • supports neural spine alignment in every position;

  • may work for overweight sleepers in some positions.


  • may take some time to expand;

  • may have some off-gassing for a couple of days;

  • the zipper on the waterproof cover seems a bit weak.

  • may sleep a bit hot;

  • might not be a great pick for lightweight sleepers.

Final Word

Based on this in-depth comparison, here’s the final performance score for both mattresses:

The Ecosa 4.8

The Koala 4.7

As you can see, the difference is not that dramatic. Both mattresses have their strong points, but the Ecosa appears to be just a bit better due to its firmness variety and quality-made materials. 

So, do you agree with this verdict? Or maybe, you’re more of the Koala mattress fan? Let us know in the comments!


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