Ecosa Mattress Review: Everyone’s Favourite Bed

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Ecosa Mattress

Ecosa has been present on the Australian mattress market since 2015 and aims to deliver quality-made sleep products and accessories for their customers.

The Ecosa mattress is one of these products and it definitely has the right to be called ‘everyone’s favourite bed’ as it has some features that let it outshine the competitors and ensure comfortable and healthy sleep.

Want to know what these features are?

Well, then get cozy and dive into this Ecosa mattress review!


43-69 lbs



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Trial Period

100 Nights



15 Year


It all starts with the cover because the Ecosa actually has two of them:

  • removable outer cover;
  • waterproof inner cover.

The latter basically eliminates the need for using a mattress protector, as it can totally block the moisture from getting inside the mattress.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of them.

The inner cover incorporates the microfilament technology that makes it lightweight and waterproof (1). Microfilaments are basically very thin fibres that are entangled without creating a structured weave. Microfilament fabrics have tiny pores that keep the moisture out, yet remain soft and breathable, so the Ecosa won’t drown you in your sweat.

This cover is removable, so you can easily wipe off liquid from your mattress surface if an accident occurs.

The outer cover is also removable and made of Tencel fibres. Tencel is a semi-natural fabric derived from the eucalyptus leaves and it has the following properties:

  • soft to the touch;
  • odour-repellent;
  • breathable;
  • potent antimicrobial effect.

Plus, Tencel is durable and can withstand frequent cycles of washing and tumble drying, assuming you choose the lowest setting. So, it can keep your mattress fresh and new for a longer time.


The next part of the Ecosa mattress review will be dedicated to its construction because the materials used for making a mattress will directly impact its performance in many ways.

So, the Ecosa is 25 cm high and consists of the three following layers:

  • Comfort layer: proprietary G-7 gel memory foam. This is your personal cooling cloud that adapts to changes in body temperature and removes excess body heat to keep your sleep cool. It also has the medium feel, so you can expect great pressure relief for most sleeping positions.
  • Transition layer: ECO-Tex memory foam. This foam is a bit denser than G-7 and has an open-cell structure and a feel that is similar to natural latex to some extent. This layer is needed to distribute your weight across the mattress surface and support neutral spine alignment in any position.
  • Base layer: high-density ergonomic foam. This layer is responsible for motion absorption, durability, and overall thermoregulation of the mattress. It has pincore holes that help improve the airflow within the mattress and is resilient enough to ensure uniform surface and sturdy edges.

So, at first sight, the Ecosa seems durable and quality-made, so let’s see how its design will reflect in qualities.

Ecosa Mattress


Another prominent feature of the Ecosa is its firmness. The mattress can cover the needs of every user because it has 3 firmness options within one mattress.

How is this possible, you may ask?

Well, all three layers are interchangeable, and by swapping them or flipping the mattress, you can adjust the firmness.

Let’s see how it works:

  • Medium feel. This is the initial build, meaning your mattress will come to you with a medium feel unless you choose another configuration while placing your order. In this case, the layer of the G-7 foam (blue) will be on top, followed by the transition layer and the base. The Medium feel is about 4-5 points out of 10 and offers you a good hud and solid spinal support.
  • Medium-firm feel. To achieve this firmness, you need to remove both covers and swap the G-7 layer with the ECOtex foam layer (white). This firmness level is about 6.5/10 and feels more bouncy, although it’s still able to relieve the pain and contour your body in certain sleeping positions.
  • Firm feel. To get the firmest option possible, place the base layer (yellow or beige) on top the G-7 and ECO-tex foams. The firm level is around 7-7.5/10 and is perfect for those who love the floating feel instead of a hug.

Pretty simple, right?

It’s safe to say that with such versatility, the Ecosa can easily cover the needs of any user, regardless of their sleeping style, weight, and health issues.

Edge Support

Now, let’s talk about the basic performance characteristics of a good mattress and the first one here is edge support.

Generally, all-foam beds have less sturdy edges than mattresses with coils, but in the case with the Ecosa, this depends on a chosen firmness level.

The default medium build may feel too soft on the edges, especially for overweight users but if you switch to medium-firm or firm level, you may get a pretty uniform surface that won’t sag under your weight if you decide to sit on the edge.

Plus, all layers except for the G-7 aren’t standard memory foam, which means they do not soften with time. So if you need more sturdy edges from the Ecosa, you may just change the build.

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Motion Transfer

Another crucial thing a good mattress should have is the ability to eliminate disturbances, especially if you share a bed with a restless sleeper.

So, since the Ecosa is an all-foam mattress, you can expect good motion absorption and uninterrupted sleep. However, the chosen firmness has a slight impact here as well. 

The upper layer of G-7 memory foam is the most viscous in the whole construction and deals with the unwanted motion disturbances better than other materials. The ECo-Tex foam and the base layer even though they’re both firmer and more springy can still absorb movement due to their increased density. So you can get undisturbed sleep even if you switch to the firmest configuration.

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

The next part of the Ecosa mattress review will be more specific as it covers if the mattress is compatible with your sleeping type.

Spoiler: it is!

You just have to figure out a perfect firmness level, and these recommendations will make you do just that.

  • Side sleepers. Depending on your weight, you’ll benefit from a medium or medium-firm feel. These configurations can sufficiently cradle your hips and shoulders and help your body maintain the neutral spine alignment when sleeping on the side.
  • Back sleepers. If you sleep on your back, you can choose any firmness you prefer as long as you don’t have health issues. The default medium build will suit most sleepers but if you’re a larger guy or girl, you can switch to firmer options.
  • Stomach sleepers. Sleeping on your stomach may create an unnatural curve in the lower back and cause you pain. To prevent this, choose a medium-firm or firm mattress that will support your lower abdomen and keep it from sinking in the mattress layers.


The Ecosa perfectly covers all of the three sleeping styles. Just make sure you scale a firmness up if you’re overweight, so the mattress can still provide you with sufficient spinal support, and you’ll be fine.

Other Important Information

In the final part of the Ecosa mattress review, you’ll learn about a few more important things that make this mattress great.

Does the Ecosa Mattress Sleep Cool?

The Ecosa is an all-foam mattress with the top layer made of gel-infused memory foam. While gel particles do a great job withdrawing your body heat, the viscous feel and good hug of memory foam may still trap some heat, especially if you’re prone to hot flashes.

To prevent this, you can change the firmness to medium-firm because it will give you more of that floating feel, or go for the firmest option with the open-cell base layer right under your body.

Is the Ecosa Odour-Free?

The short answer is: it may have some odour as most mattresses in a box do.

The thing is, when you tear the vacuum seal, your mattress immediately starts to soak the air in. The air, in turn, pushes out the odour molecules from the foam pores, and this may cause some off-gassing that will diminish as the mattress expands.

So yes, you may feel some chemical smell right after you unbox the mattress but when you’re ready to sleep, the Ecosa will be fresh and ready too.

Is the Ecosa Sex-Friendly?

It depends on the configuration you choose. The initial medium build feels more viscous than others and will block the movements, so your love activities might become a bit difficult.

However, if you choose a firmer option, you can count on a more bouncy feel.


The Ecosa cares about making your sleep even more healthy by ensuring that you don’t accidentally breathe in harsh chemicals. 

The foams are certified by the Certi-PUR US, and the washable Tencel cover meets the OEKO-Tex 100 standard, both of which are among the reliable third-party organizations (2) that check the quality of the mattresses around the world.


The company offers free delivery Australia wide. For metropolitan areas, such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, you can expect same-day delivery if you place an order before 13:30. Also, you can choose the delivery window, so you can make sure that you’ll be home on the delivery day.

For non-metropolitan areas, the delivery span can vary between 2-7 business days.

Trial and Returns

The Ecosa mattress has a 100-day trial with the following conditions:

  • Mandatory 14-night break-in period. This is needed so that you can adapt to a feel of a new mattress, and, most importantly, the mattress can adapt to your body. If after this period you decide that the Ecosa isn’t working for you, you can file in for a refund.
  • Third-party pickup. The company donates used mattresses to local charities so after you’ve lodged a request, the company will arrange a pickup for you. Note that it may take up to 10 business days.

If you live in rural or remote areas, the company might team up with you and ask you to deliver the mattress to the nearest drop-off station. Once you get a receipt, email it to the staff and they will give you the 100% refund via the original payment method.

Performance Summary

Pressure Relief and Comfort5/5
Edge Support3/5
Motion Isolation4/5
Spinal Support5/5
Temperature Neutrality4/5


Now, that was a lot of info and you might still be confused about whether the Ecosa will suit you or not.

Perhaps, these takeaways will help you make the final decision.

So, the Ecosa will likely make a great pick for those who:

  • Haven’t determined their firmness preferences yet. Three firmness levels in one mattress is a perfect way to define which option works best for you.
  • Toss and turn frequently in their bed. The Ecosa is an all-foam bed that easily blocks the unwanted disturbances and ensures peaceful sleep. Moreover, the viscous feel of memory foam easily cradles your body and reduces the time you spend trying to get comfy.
  • Suffer from back pain. The mattress can easily support your spine in different sleeping positions and ensure that there’s no awkward curves and sore points.

So, have you made your choice now? Will the Ecosa make a god pick for your master bedroom? Share your thoughts below!


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