Cot Mattress Sizes in Australia

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Cot mattresses are essential for the development of a new baby. These mattresses provide support and ensure the baby enjoys quality sleep. So, preparing for the arrival of a baby and wonder the cot mattress sizes in Australia? This cot mattress size guide has the answers you need. Continue reading to learn about the different cot mattress sizes in Australia and how to choose a cot mattress.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are four different cot mattress sizes available in Australia. The most common sizes are the US standard size and the large/boori size.
  • The smallest cot mattress size in Australia is the Euro cot mattress. While the UK Large is the largest.

The different cot mattress sizes in Australia
There are four main cot mattress sizes in Australia. These sizes include the Euro cot, large/boori, UK standard size, and the UK large. Continue reading to find out their dimensions.

1. Euro Cot

The Euro cot mattresses measure 120 cm in length and 60cm in width. These mattresses typically measure 10 cm high and are firmer than adult mattresses. This firmness helps keep the baby's spine aligned, allowing them to grow properly.

2. Large/ Boori Size

This mattress size is the standard in Australia. It's typically 133 cm long and 77 cm wide. However, there are boori mattresses that are slightly longer, measuring 135 cm long. So, verify the exact dimensions before purchasing

3. Standard Size

This is the most commonly used mattress size in Australia. These cot mattress dimensions are 130 cm by 69 cm. In terms of size, the US standard mattress size is a good in-between for parents who want a cot mattress.

4. UK Large

The dimensions of this cot bed are 70 cm by 140 cm. The mattress is the largest in Australia.    However, it is not as widely used as other mattress sizes. So, finding the bed linen for this size may be a challenge.

How To Choose A Cot Mattress

Choosing the best cot mattress for your baby will increase the likelihood of both of you sleeping peacefully. Parents need to consider the mattress's material, firmness, safety, and features before buying it. Here's how to choose a cot mattress.


There are different types of cot mattresses, each made using different materials. The most popular types are foams, coil springs, pocket sprung, and two-sided mattresses.

  • Foam
    Foam mattresses are lightweight and provide adequate support. They are inexpensive and easy to clean. However, they lose shape over time, making them better suited for short-term use.
  • Two-sided
    Double-sided mattresses have a firmer side, ideal for the baby from birth to pre-school, and a softer side that is more suitable when the child is older. 
  • Pocket sprung
    These mattresses have pockets in each spring that provide better support and durability. Pocket sprung mattresses are the most expensive option. But they are very durable.
  • Coil spring
    These mattresses are a popular choice among parents. They have a coil-sprung interior with layers of foam that allow increased airflow. Coil spring mattresses provide excellent support and will maintain their shape over time.


Firmness is a vital factor to consider when buying a cot mattress. It is essential that your baby feels supported without sinking into the mattress [1]. Opting for a mattress that feels very soft and comfortable may seem like a good idea

However, I don't recommend this; soft mattresses increase the likelihood of the baby's nose or mouth getting covered

 Because this can cause overheating or, worse, suffocation, always choose a fairly firm cot mattress.


Always make sure the cot bed mattress you get is allergen-free. This is to ensure the baby remains safe from allergies. Also, ensure the cover is soft to prevent rashes.

I recommend a soft and breathable cover to prevent any rashes.

Also, choose a bed with a removable cover because it will be easier to clean, which is more hygienic for the baby.

Features to watch out for

Cot mattresses should have an outer fabric layer and a waterproof side.

If the mattress cover isn't removable, I suggest buying a quality removable cover and wrapping it over the mattress.

Also, take into account the mattresses' cooling feature. For example, a mattress with anti-microbial holes will ensure the baby sleeps cool. 


What is the standard cot mattress size in Australia?

The standard cot mattress size in Australia is also the US standard size. This cot mattress measures 130 cm in length and 69 cm in width [2].


The right mattress size ensures a good night's sleep for the baby. Hopefully, this guide has highlighted the four different cot sizes and how to choose a cot mattress. Remember to consider the material, firmness, safety and features.

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