Best Weighted Blankets in Australia

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Approximately one-third of Australians deal with insomnia at some point in their lives (1).

However, many people avoid that by using one simple yet effective method – sleeping under a weighted blanket.

If you want to try one yourself, check out our guide to the top 5 weighted blankets in Australia and learn how to choose the best option. Let’s cut right to the chase!

A Quick Preview

Tontine Weighted Jersey Blanket
Best Overall - Editor’s Choice

Tontine Weighted Jersey Blanket
Filling: glass beads and polyester
Weight variations: 5 kg
Outer cover: Microfibre reverse
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Weighted Blanket by Bambury
Best for All-Year Comfort

Weighted Blanket by Bambury
Filling: glass beads
Weight variations: 4.5, 6.8, 9 kg
Outer cover: Polyester & Cotton
Warranty and returns: 30-day return period
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Cooling Weighted Blanket by Ardor
Best for Hot Sleepers

Cooling Weighted Blanket by Ardor
Filling: polyester, glass beads
Weight variations: 7, 9 kg
Outer cover: cotton, polyester
Warranty and returns: 1 year Manufacturer's Warranty
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Weighted Calming Blanket by Accessorize
Best Value Pick

Weighted Calming Blanket by Accessorize
Filling: non-toxic micro glass beads, polyester
Weight variations: 4.5, 6.8, 9 kg
Outer cover: 100% cotton
Warranty and returns: 1 year
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Ecosa Weighted Blanket
Best for Restless Sleepers

Ecosa Weighted Blanket
Filling: glass beads
Weight variations: 7, 9, 11 kg
Outer cover: 100% bamboo
Warranty and returns: 1-year warranty
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Our Reviews of the Top 5 Weighted Blankets in Australia

Best Overall - Editor’s Choice — Tontine Weighted Jersey Blanket


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  • Made with glass beads and polyester to be soft and plush.
  • Outer layer made from finely knit fabrics.
  • Lightweight so you feel like sleeping on the clouds.

Our list opens with this Tontine weighted Jersey blanket, which is honestly a great choice for many people who don’t like getting trapped under lots of weight and heat. This blanket can be summarized in one word: comfortable. The reason why is that I personally love how soft the outer cover of it is, made with microfibre reverse, which adds such a softness to the jersey knit layer. Now, this blanket is only 5kg, which is lightweight compared to lots of other options.

Some people might get repelled by the word “glass bead” used in the blanket, but glass beads are much safer than many other materials used in blankets. So, If you want a safe and soft blanket for feeling soothed at night, this is your go-to.

Best for All-Year Comfort — Weighted Blanket by Bambury

Weighted Blanket bambury

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  • dual-sided design to accommodate sleepers all year long;
  • independent pockets to keep the beads evenly redistributed;
  • breathable cotton cover for improved air circulation and cooler sleep;
  • three weight options to work for a wider range of users;
  • small glass beads to achieve an even weight distribution.

Want to find the best weighted blanket in Australia that could keep you comfortable and calm regardless of the weather outside? Then you might want to check out this model by Bambury. This weighted blanket has two sides. One uses flat cotton fabric, which is breathable and makes a perfect pick for warmer nights. The other side is plush and cozy, which is ideal for colder months. Such versatility makes the Bambury blanket a universal model for all-year comfort.

A dual-sided design is rather rare in this price category, which managed to pleasantly surprise me. Therefore, the Bambury weighted blanket offers great value for money. It’s a perfect solution for someone who wants an all-in-one model for a good price. And if you are still feeling a little hesitant, Bambury offers a 30-day return window with the blanket. Therefore, your shopping experience will be completely safe.

Best for Hot Sleepers — Cooling Weighted Blanket by Ardor

Cooling Weighted Blanket

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  • removable cover for effortless cleaning;
  • cool to the touch, great for chronic hot sleepers;
  • two weight variations to accommodate more types of sleepers;
  • two layers of fiberfill for added softness and to prevent sleepers from feeling the glass beads inside;
  • extra-small beads to achieve even weight distribution.

Overheating is a common issue for many users, especially side sleepers and larger folks. However, the right blanket can help them feel much more comfortable during the night. This cooling model by Ardor is just the right pick. It has a cotton cover that allows for improved breathability and, thus, can help create a temperature-neutral environment. The inner fiberfill is also rather breathable (as the fibers are very thin). Thanks to that, the Ardor weighted blanket kept me pleasantly cool even when I wasn’t using my AC.

Now, another aspect that allows this model to be among the best weighted blankets in Australia is its removable cover. It can come in handy for hot sleepers, too, as they can easily get rid of any sweat on the bedding by removing and washing the cover. By the way, I was very happy to discover that the fabric of this Ardor blanket holds up well with regular washes.

Best Value Pick — Weighted Calming Blanket by Accessorize

Weighted Calming Blanket

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  • three weight options to offer more comfort variations;
  • micro glass beads to avoid lumps and to ensure an even feel (weight-wise);
  • natural cotton cover, breathable and safe for the skin;
  • soft polyester filling to add cushioning and hide the beads;
  • hidden zipper and removable cover for easy care.

This model by Accessorize is a quality weighted blanket that comes with an attractive price tag and, thus, offers an impressive value for money. Being among the best weighted blankets in Australia, this model has everything for comfortable sleep and relaxation. I especially love how small the glass beads are. I couldn’t feel them at all, and their weight was nicely distributed (making the blanket feel like a warm hug around me).

I also like the cover fabric. It uses 100% cotton and feels extra soft to the touch. Plus, it allows for unobstructed air circulation. As a result, the blanket didn’t make me sleep hot even once. There’s a hidden zipper, so washing the cover doesn’t take that much effort. It’s worth mentioning that the zipper feels sturdy and works smoothly. Therefore, I’m sure this blanket will serve you for a long time.

Best for Restless Sleepers — Ecosa Weighted Blanket

Ecosa Weighted Blanket

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  • 3 weight variations to accommodate a wide range of sleepers;
  • breathable bamboo cover for a cooling effect;
  • micro glass beads for an even weight distribution;
  • hexagonal pockets to secure the beads safely;
  • natural hypoallergenic fabrics, suited for sensitive users.

The next item on our list of the best weighted blankets in Australia is the Ecosa. What makes this model stand out from the crowd is its smart design. 

The glass beads are evenly distributed and held in place thanks to the small hexagon “compartments”. As a result, they remain in their spots even if the sleeper shifts and moves a lot. This makes the Ecosa an excellent solution for restless or combination sleepers. For instance, I was using the Ecosa for a long time. And yet, none of the beads escaped their hexagonal pockets, even though I often turn from one side to the other during sleep.

Another cool thing about the Ecosa blanket is the outer cover. Made of 100% natural bamboo fabric, it is breathable and does a great job of wicking moisture away. This means the blanket might have a cooling effect and makes a great solution for the hot Australian weather. Additionally, the fabric is Oeko-Tex certified, so it’s safe even for sensitive or allergy-prone users.

How Exactly Do Weighted Blankets Work?

When browsing through Australia’s best weighted blankets, one can begin to wonder:

What is the secret behind them? How do weighted blankets work, and will I enjoy using one?

Now, let me warn you right away: there’s a lot of debate going on concerning the effectiveness of weighted blankets. The thing is, there isn’t enough research done on the subject. Additionally, weighted blankets can have different effects on different sleepers. Some people find them calming, others – irritating. However, those who do enjoy sleeping under a weighted blanket note that the firm but gentle pressure makes them feel calm and relaxed

A weighted blanket is meant to apply pressure evenly all across the sleeper’s body. This technique is called Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS), and it often offers a combination of psychological and psychical effects (2) that help users wind down and sleep better. It may also help anxious individuals, children with autism and ADHD, and sleepers who suffer from insomnia or restless leg syndrome. Some experts believe that Deep Pressure Stimulation makes the body switch from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system. The former controls the so-called “fight or flight” response, when we feel more alert. And the latter makes the body switch to the rest-and-digest mode, which is much calmer.

Types of Weighted Blankets

There are many good weighted blankets in Australia, so it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of options. To make the best choice possible, you may want to learn more about the blanket types you can come across when shopping. Knowing which one would work for you and which one might not be ideal can help you narrow down the list. So, here are the most common types based on the filling the blanket may use: 

  • Glass beads. This is probably the most common type of weighted blankets. Such models typically combine glass beads with high-density filling or multiple layers of fabric to prevent sleepers from feeling the “lumps”. Glass is a great option for a wide range of users as this material is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and non-absorptive. It will not retain heat or odors. Additionally, glass beads have a very smooth texture, which means they will not cause any sensory issues. Moreover, such beads aren’t likely to damage or tear the blanket fabric from the inside (and are likelier to stay in their place too). However, keep in mind that glass weighted blankets are among the pricier options. Plus, glass is prone to breaking, so you will need to handle your blanket with care.
  • Steel beads. This material is less common, but you might still find a few options available. Steel beads are typically machine-washable, which makes maintenance almost effortless. Additionally, they are hypoallergenic and may even have a slight cooling effect, which many Australians would appreciate. The only downside of this material is that steel beads can often be a bit noisy and may annoy some sleepers.
  • Polypropylene. Offering a rather cost-effective solution, poly pellets or beads are non-toxic and flexible. They can be easily distributed across the blanket perimeter and often help with proper pressure allocation. However, with time, polypropylene beads can start feeling lumpy, making the blanket feel uneven. 
  • Natural filing (sand, dried beans, rice, etc.). There are many Australians who prefer natural materials, and sand, beans, and rice are the most common ones when it comes to blanket filling types. However, you need to remember that natural substances are prone to mold, especially in a humid climate. If you do choose such a weighted blanket, make sure that you don’t use it for too long and get a new (fresh) one after some time to prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms inside. Additionally, cleaning such a blanket can be quite finicky.
  • Fiberfill (plus beads). Fiberfill is typically combined with some type of beads. Fiberfill can make a blanket feel plushier and helps hide the beads and prevents the lumpy feel of the blanket. However, this material can often feel quite warm and might not work for some sleepers (unless you sleep with your AC on, which isn’t advised).

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How to Pick the Best Weighted Blanket in Australia?

There are many great weighted blankets in Australia, but picking the right one requires a bit of preparation. Meaning, you need to think about a few important factors before making a purchase:

  • Weight. It is probably the most important aspect by far. The weight of your blanket will determine how you feel when sleeping under it. Pick an overly heavy model – and you might end up feeling anxious and restricted. Choose a lightweight blanket – and you won’t be able to enjoy all the benefits the decent pressure could offer. So, it is recommended to buy weighted blankets that comprise around 10-12% of your body weight. For instance, if you weigh around 140-190 pounds, you can try a 15-pound blanket to start with. 
  • Size. Weighted blankets usually run smaller in size when compared to regular duvet covers or quilts. To avoid disappointment, make sure you check the dimensions before you buy the new blanket. As for partnered sleep, it is advised to buy two separate weighted blankets. I mean, sharing is great, but when it comes to weighted blankets, a shared one might not deliver such an even weight distribution and, consequently, might be less effective. Plus, you and your partner are very likely to have different preferences in terms of weight and pressure, especially if your body types are quite different. 
  • Filling type. As I’ve mentioned before, there are different materials a weighted blanket can use (glass beads, metal, natural filling, poly pellets). And all of them have their properties. You need to decide which one would work for you the best. Also, keep in mind that some manufacturers combine the beads with some soft filling to prevent the sleepers from feeling the lumps. However, that filling might not be enough to keep you warm, especially if you live in the Southern part of Australia. In this case, you might want to find the best quilt and pair it up with your weighted blanket to stay cozy.
  • Cover material. First of all, it should be hypoallergenic, especially if you are a sensitive user. Secondly, breathability is always a nice bonus, especially for the warm Australian climate. Therefore, you might want to give your preference to natural fabrics such as cotton or bamboo. There are also blends available (which are usually stretchier and easier to care for), but make sure that the natural to synthetic ratio is suited for you.
  • Maintenance. Most buyers prefer machine-washable weighted blankets, and if you are one of them, check the product description before finalizing your purchase. Some models have a removable outer cover, but the filling can’t be washed and requires spot-cleaning only.
  • Fit. This aspect refers to the way your new weighted blanket will “connect” to the cover. Now, there are usually many options: ties, buttons, or even zippers. If you are a restless or a combination sleeper, make sure that your desired blanket has at least 6 or 8 ties to ensure a secure fit during the night. Otherwise, you will have to readjust it inside the cover constantly (that is if you decide to use the cover, which is recommended if you want to extend the blanket’s lifespan).
  • Money-back guarantee. As weighted blankets are a rather peculiar product that does not work for everyone, it’s important to choose a model that comes with a trial or a good return policy. This way, you will be protected in case your new weighted blanket doesn’t have any positive effect on your sleep or well-being.
  • Warranty. Weighted blankets in Australia aren’t cheap, that’s for sure. Naturally, you would want yours to last for a long time, right? Well, that’s why paying attention to the warranty terms and conditions is vital. A prolonged warranty can guarantee your peace of mind and protect your purchase.
  • Reviews. This one might seem obvious, but many shoppers forget about this part. Reading other users’ reviews can give you an idea of the quality and the potential issues of the weighted blanket you want to buy. Plus, you can see how the product performs and withstands regular use to understand whether you want to invest in it or not.

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How do I choose the correct weight of my blanket?

You might want to pick a blanket that measures around 10% of your body weight to start with. As you get used to your weighted blanket, you may want to upgrade to a heavier option with time.

Are weighted blankets expensive in Australia?

On average, weighted blankets are typically priced between $100 and $300.

Who should not use a weighted blanket?

Young children (under the age of 8, at least), people who experience hot flashes, sleepers that are dealing with respiratory or circulatory issues, and claustrophobic people are advised to avoid sleeping under weighted blankets.

Can I wash my weighted blanket?

Many weighted blankets are machine washable, but you should check the label for the manufacturer’s instructions to be on the safe side. There are also many models that have removable washable covers. However, some weighted blankets allow for spot-cleaning only, so you need to check the specifications first.

How long does it take for a weighted blanket to start working?

Typically, it can take one’s body a couple of days to adapt to sleeping under the light pressure, after which you might start feeling the benefits of using a weighted blanket.

Wrapping Up

For many people, a good weighted blanket can be a real savior.

However, if you choose wrong, it might also become your enemy that can ruin your sleep completely. Therefore, when shopping for a new weighted blanket, make sure that you pick an appropriate weight (as it should make around 10-12% of your body weight). And don’t forget to check the filling and the cover materials. After all, you probably don’t want a synthetic blanket that would make you sweat all through the night. And don’t neglect other shoppers’ reviews, as they often have a lot to say.

If you are still sure which weighted blanket you should try, allow me to share my absolute favorite – The Tontine weighted Jersey blanket. This blanket is so lightweight and soft, made with great fabrics that help you sleep better. We recommend this blanket mainly for the comfort it offers.

Dealing with sleep issues? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Comment below about what made you search for a weighted blanket and which model from the list you think can help you sleep better!


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