Best Silk Pillowcases in Australia

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Written by: Allana Wass
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It seems like silk pillowcases are the latest trend among beauty connoisseurs and celebrities.

But do those expensive pillowcases live up to expectations?

Let’s find out. Today, we will take a look at the best silk pillowcases in Australia and learn what makes them so special. Let’s see whether the hype is worth your attention or not, shall we?

A Quick Preview

Best Overall – Editor’s Choice

Closure type: zippered
Quantity: set of 2
Sizes available: King, Queen, Standard
Momme: 19
Colors available: 6
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Alaska Bear
Best for Color Variety

Alaska Bear
Closure type: zippered
Quantity: 1 piece
Sizes available: King, Queen, Standard
Momme: 22
Colors available: 41
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Best Budget-Friendly Silk Pillowcase

Closure type: envelope
Quantity: 1 piece (available in a set of 2 in Queen)
Sizes available: King, Queen, Travel/Toddler
Momme: 16
Colors available: 11
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Our Reviews of the Best Silk Pillowcases in Australia: Top 3 Picks

Best Overall – Editor’s Choice — Jocoku


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  • 100% natural Mulberry silk, hypoallergenic and breathable;
  • 19 Momme on both sides, thick and durable;
  • multiple sizes and colors available to satisfy more sleepers;
  • well-made and has neat stitches, promises durability;
  • zippered for increased convenience.

When looking for the best silk pillowcase in Australia, you cannot pass by the Jocoku. These pillowcases (yes, it is a set!) feel and look luxurious but come with a rather attractive price tag. The Jocoku pillowcases are natural, quality-made, and heavenly smooth. Made of 19 Momme silk, they feel soft but sturdy. And I bet you will be surprised by the stitching quality. Everything about these pillowcases screams luxury, but you don’t have to strain your budget to enjoy it.

It gets better:

The Jocoku pillowcases come in a variety of colors and include 6 different options. The company uses universal, pastel colors that would fit into any bedroom style easily. Additionally, there are 3 sizes available, so every sleeper is likely to find what works for them.

As it is a zippered model, it’s extremely easy to use. The zipper is hidden, so you won’t even notice it during the night. The Jocoku pillowcases are machine washable, which means caring for them is going to be almost effortless.

Another cool thing is the OEKO-TEX seal of approval these pillowcases hold. It means they are 100% safe for your skin and would work for everyone: allergy-prone sleepers, people with tender skin, users whose face skin easily develops inflammation or irritation, etc. All in all, this is a quality product that will take care of both: your safety and skin health.

Best for Color Variety — Alaska Bear

Alaska Bear

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  • more than 40 color options to meet almost anyone’s taste preferences;
  • dense 22 Momme silk for a softer feel and reliable performance;
  • hidden zipper for an extra-sleek look;
  • uses non-toxic dyes, suited even for sensitive sleepers;
  • machine washable for easy maintenance.

Another item I could not omit to mention in my review of silk pillowcases in Australia is this gorgeous-looking piece by Alaska Bear. But it doesn’t only look expensive and luxurious. This pillowcase comes in an impressive color variety, which means there’s a suitable option for every user. I mean, where else can you find more than 40 silk options in light, dark, and pattern designs (for this money)?

Of course, it doesn’t end there. The Alaska Bear pillowcase is extremely well-made. The company uses 22-Momme Mulberry silk that has a glossy texture and feels incredibly soft. There’s no chance your face will have any wrinkles when sleeping on a pillow wrapped in this luxurious silk (even if you sleep with your face down). Additionally, the Alaska Bear uses longer silk fibers and a charmeuse weave that make these pillowcases feel heavenly soft and sturdy at the same time. The zipper in this model is hidden, so it won’t disturb you during the night. You can wash this pillowcase in the machine, which would save you a lot of time. 

Now, you can choose between regular Alaska Bear pillowcases and the Diamond Edition. The latter is more expensive but has a shinier look and a smoother feel. Additionally, the Diamond Edition pillowcases come in a beautiful gift box, which can be a great present for someone you care about.

Best Budget-Friendly Silk Pillowcase — Spasilk


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  • pure silk at a reasonable price, great value for money;
  • multiple sizes and color options available to satisfy more shoppers;
  • envelope closure design for a secure fit;
  • machine-washable and easy to care for;
  • available in a set of two and sold separately for increased versatility (for instance, you can combine different colors and make a unique set for yourself).

Looking for affordable luxury? Want a nice silk pillowcase but don’t wish to put too much stress on your budget? Then the Spasilk might be the right choice for you. Being among the best silk pillowcases in Australia, this one has a lot to offer for a rather affordable price. The Spasilk pillowcase is nicely made and feels perfectly smooth. It uses 100% silk, making this pillowcase 100% safe for any sleeper.

However, there are more reasons to love the Spasilk. First of all, this model has an envelope design that ensures a secure fit all through the night. Plus, it means you won’t have to deal with zippers (which often tend to break or make the fabric stuck) and won’t need to worry about the potentially harsh metal parts touching your skin during sleep.

Here’s more good news: the Spasilk comes in 11 different colors. So, not only do you get a quality pillowcase for a reasonable price but also have a nice variety of styles to choose from. There are also multiple sizes available to accommodate most pillow types. Therefore, you don’t have to sacrifice convenience or variety for quality. This pillowcase combines everything you might need.

Who Would Benefit from Sleeping on a Silk Pillowcase?

You have probably already heard a lot about silk pillowcases and their benefits.

I mean, it seems like everyone uses them these days: from celebrities and beauty bloggers to your sister’s kids.

But are silk pillowcases really that great? And most importantly, would one work for you?

Before you browse through Australia’s silk pillowcases, take a closer look at those who would benefit from sleeping on one:

  • Anyone who wants to avoid sleep lines. As silk is extremely smooth and almost slippery, it isn’t likely to tug onto your skin. As a result, you should wake up fresh-looking with zero marks on your face, neck, or chest (1). 
  • Those who worry about wrinkles. Since silk minimizes friction on the skin, sleeping on such a pillowcase will make your face less prone to developing wrinkles. After all, the friction from tossing and turning is what is believed to cause skin creases, and if you eliminate that, your skin will remain younger-looking longer. 
  • Owners of unruly hair or simply someone who wants to wake up with fewer tangles. Again, less friction (or zero, in this case) means fewer chances for your hairs to tangle together. That’s why silk pillowcases make a great solution for those sleepers who have curly or textured hair.
  • Those who want their hair to become healthier. Because silk does not wick moisture away (unlike cotton, for example), it will allow your hair to keep all that needed hydration. Therefore, if you suffer from dry strands (or even dandruff and a flaky scalp), a silk pillowcase might help you improve the situation.
  • Those who want their skin to become better-looking and moisturized. Again, silk isn’t very absorbent, so it won’t draw all the precious moisture away from your skin. The same goes for serums and creams you apply before sleep (2).
  • Allergy-prone sleepers. Real silk is naturally hypoallergenic, so it should be safe even if you have sensitive skin or often experience allergy symptoms. Although, keep in mind that your allergies can flare up because of your pillow or the mattress you sleep on. In this case, a silk pillowcase won’t be much help.

Who Would Benefit from Sleeping on a Silk Pillowcase


Satin vs Silk Explained

When browsing through Australia’s silk pillowcases, you might come across models that are labeled satin but are described the same as silk pillowcases.

Which makes many users wonder: are satin and silk pillowcases the same?

The answer is no. Silk is a fabric type, while satin is a weave type. Satin pillowcases can actually use any fibers, including cotton, bamboo, or even synthetic polyester. And while the satin weave does feel silky smooth and might remind you of natural silk, you need to check the fabric in the first place. A true silk pillow shouldn’t be called “satin”, as these two notions don’t really relate to each other.

Satin vs Silk Explained


How to Choose the Best Pillowcases in Australia

I couldn’t finish my review of silk pillowcases without sharing a few substantial aspects with you.

You see, the shopping process doesn’t end once you decide that you need a silk pillowcase. There are other factors you need to consider (of course, if you want your purchase to be free of disappointment):

  • Momme. Typically rated from 16 and up, the Momme number signifies the density of silk fabric (with 16 being the thinnest). Also, higher Momme usually means a softer feel. So, if you want a more durable but softer pillowcase, opt for a higher Momme rating (which can be pricier, just so you know).
  • Size. Keep in mind that not all Australian pillows come in standard sizes. Therefore, you need to check the dimensions of yours before trying to pair it up with a new silk pillowcase.
  • Pillow thickness. Certain pillows offer an extra loft (like pillows for side sleepers, for instance), and not every pillowcase can accommodate them. In this case, you can contact the manufacturer or read other users’ reviews to see if anyone had any issues trying to use an extra-thick pillow with a silk pillowcase you are considering.
  • Closure type. Since silk is smooth and slippery, such a pillowcase can easily slide off your pillow during sleep. Therefore, you need to make sure the desired model can guarantee a secure fit. My advice is: opt for zippered or envelope pillowcases.
  • Maintenance. We all know that silk can be very delicate and finicky to care for. And I’m sure you want to avoid that with your pillowcase. That’s why I recommend machine-washable options that use sturdier silk that can withstand a slightly more thorough cleaning.


Do silk pillowcases prevent acne?

Not necessarily. While a smooth surface can be gentler on your skin, you shouldn’t expect a silk pillowcase to make your face completely clear. Experts note that acne-clearing skincare would be much more effective in this case.

Are silk pillowcases hard to maintain?

Not really. Most silk pillowcases can be washed in a machine, you just need to pick a gentle cycle and avoid tumble drying. You can also put the pillowcase into a mesh bag before washing it to prevent any damage.

Do silk pillowcases sleep cool?

Yes, in most cases. Because silk is quite cool to the touch and naturally breathable, it might have a slight cooling effect.

Do silk pillowcases make a difference?

Yes. Silk is much softer and gentler on the skin than other types of fabric (including natural cotton, bamboo, or viscose), which often results in fewer creases and wrinkles. Additionally, silk pillowcases don’t draw moisture away from skin and hair.

How often should you wash silk pillowcases?

It is recommended to wash your silk pillowcase at least once a week (you can do it even more often if you wish).

Wrapping Up

What can be better than waking up after a night of deep, restful sleep?

Probably, waking up with clear skin and silky smooth hair.

And that can be easily achieved with the right silk pillowcase. Just make sure you pick a suitable size and check other shoppers’ comments for potential red flags before finalizing your purchase. Also, don’t forget about the Momme rating. It can determine the feel (and the quality) of your silk pillowcases.

But if I had to choose only one pillowcase, I would go with the Jocoku. This set combines everything a shopper might wish for: quality, reasonable pricing, and multiple color and size options. The Jocoku pillowcases are quality made and simply feel heavenly smooth. Yes, silk might require special care sometimes, and not everyone is ready to be so cautious with their pillowcases. But let me assure you: the Jocoku set is worth it!

What do you think? Have you picked your favorite? And what made you search for silk pillowcases in Australia? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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