Best Pocket Spring Mattresses in Australia

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When looking for a comfortable mattress, you’ll most likely choose between two main support systems: foam base or coil base.

A coil base can present itself in the form of the solid coil block or pocket springs, and the latter appears to be the best choice for most users who look for a uniform bed with potent supportive properties. 

This guide will present you the reviews of the best pocket spring mattresses in the Australian market and share some valuable tips that help you choose the right one.

A Quick Preview

Sublime Perfection MK-06 Pocket Spring Firm Mattress
Best Overall — Editor’s choice

Sublime Perfection MK-06 Pocket Spring Firm Mattress
Type: Pocket Spring Firm Mattress;
Thickness: 12,2” (31 cm);
Firmness: firm;
Layers: King and Queen;
Warranty: 5 years;
Trial: 100 days
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Macoda Mattress
Best For Customization

Macoda Mattress
Type: Memory foam, pocket spring;
Thickness: 11.8” (30 cm);
Firmness: Medium;
Zone: No zoning;
Warranty: 10 years;
Trial: 100 nights
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The Noa Lite Mattress
Third best

The Noa Lite Mattress
Type: pocket spring hybrid;
Thickness: 9.84” (25 cm);
Firmness: firm;
Layers: 4;
Warranty: 15 years;
Trial: 100 nights.
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Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress
Best for Hot Sleepers

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress
Type: pocket spring hybrid;
Thickness: 10” (25 cm);
Firmness: medium-firm;
Layers: 4;
Warranty: 10 years;
Trial: 100 nights
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Our Reviews of the Best Pocket Spring Mattresses in Australia

Best Overall - Editor’s choice — Sublime Perfection MK-06 Pocket Spring Firm Mattress

Sublime Perfection MK-06 Pocket Spring Firm Mattress-min
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  • Breathable 360-gsm knitting fabric.
  • Made from high-quality materials.
  • Gel-infused memory foam.

Starting off our list of the best pocket spring mattresses in Australia is the very popular Sublime Perfection MK-06 Pocket Spring Firm Mattress.

It is a firm bed designed to contour your body shape. You can enjoy a luxurious feel with a pillow top design made from high-quality materials. 

The pocket springs make this mattress so comfortable as they allow for independent movement of each spring, which reduces tossing and turning throughout the night. 

This mattress flaunts a breathable 360-gsm knitting fabric which provides you with a cooler and more comfortable night's sleep. 

You can count on a generous layer of gel-infused memory foam that relieves any pressure points and provides excellent support for your back, neck, and shoulders.

Motion isolation on the mattress is also excellent as it virtually eliminates any disturbance from your partner throughout the night.

Coming with a 5-zone pocket spring system, sleepers can be assured of a comfortable and supportive night's sleep as the springs work to distribute weight evenly.

The edge support is also excellent on this mattress, which means you won't feel like you will roll off while sleeping on the edge of your mattress.

Best For Customization — Macoda Mattress

Macoda Mattress
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  • 5-zone support system.
  • Independent pocket springs for independent movement.
  • Breathable and washable cover.

Next up on the list is the Macoda Mattress, a luxurious hybrid mattress designed to give you the best night's sleep possible.

This mattress design is one of a kindyou can easily adjust the firmness of your bed to meet your sleeping needs. Unzipping and removing the white top of the mattress reveals two foam inserts. You may switch between soft, medium, and hard comfort preferences in only a few minutes by flipping these inserts.

Additionally, the pocket springs make this mattress so comfortable as they allow for independent movement of each spring, which reduces tossing and turning throughout the night.

The Macoda mattress combines the benefits of memory foam, latex and pocket springs to provide you with an Orthopedically Correct Sleep System.

 It also has a 5-zone support system which provides targeted support to your back, neck, and shoulders. The mattress is also breathable and has a removable and washable cover.

Thanks to hundreds of independent pocket springs in the Macoda mattress, motion transfer is reduced to ensure sound sleep even if your partner tosses and turns all night long.

Third best — The Noa Lite Mattress

Noa Mattress
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  • Memory foam layer certified by REACH not to have any VOCs.
  • Air-regulated pocket springs made of thick-gauge steel.
  • Firm layer underneath that provides high edge support.

This mattress easily makes it to the top of the list by making sure you get all the quality you need out of your purchase. Their mattress has two memory foam layers that have very little amount of volatile organic compounds that might threaten human health. It is an almost firm mattress due to having the memory foam layer on top, but don’t worry much about getting too hot during sleep because the memory foam is gel-infused which is guaranteed to keep you cool. 

The next best thing about this mattress is its exceptional motion isolation. Most spring mattresses are not good at that, but the memory foam layers give you the easiest time for not waking your partner up when you move.

Noa Mattress
Noa Mattress - 2

Best for Hot Sleepers — Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress

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  • removable cover for effortless cleaning;
  • graphite infusion to combat overheating during sleep;
  • zoned HRX support foam to help with proper weight redistribution and spinal alignment.

Another model that deserves to be among the best pocket spring mattresses in Australia is the Emma. What managed to win me over with this mattress was its ability to keep me cool all night long (even on the nights when I was especially restless). The thing is, the Emma’s comfort layer is infused with graphite. This material naturally draws the excess heat away from the body, which helps with thermoregulation. I felt graphite working every single time, as the Emma helped me forget about night sweats whatsoever.

Another cool thing about this mattress is the cover. The fabric is super soft, which made me want to use the Emma without bedsheets. Additionally, the cover is also breathable. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to feel the cooling effect of the mattress. But the best part is that you can easily remove the cover to wash it, keeping your Emma mattress clean and fresh. This would come in handy for sleepers who suffer from environmental allergies. Washing the cover means you can get rid of dust, pet fur, dead skin cells, pollen, and other stuff that may trigger an allergic reaction. How cool is that?

The Emma mattress is an excellent choice for anyone who hates sleeping hot and faces this issue with many other mattresses. This model is breathable and employs graphite infusion quite effectively, so it can keep you comfortably cool during sleep.

Emma Mattress
Emma Mattress - 2

How is Pocket Spring Different From a Solid Steel Block?

The pocket coils system has skyrocketed in popularity right after it appeared, and today you’ll find this type of support system in most hybrid mattresses in the market.

But how does it differ from the traditional coil unit where all the coils are wired together? And how can this be beneficial to you?

Well, let’s see:

  • Pocketed coils are less responsive. In the traditional coil block, all the coils are connected by the perimeter wire that runs along the mattress perimeter. While the wire can add some sturdiness to the edges, it also makes the mattress more responsive by easily transferring the motion impulses across the surface. Individual coils, on the other hand, are stitched to the bottom layer without connection with each other, therefore, they do not transfer movements like the solid coil block.
  • Pocketed coils are more durable. Each coil in the individually wrapped system is encased in cloth, hence the name. This encasement helps to keep away the moisture and protects the coils from rust, thus increasing the overall durability of the mattress.
  • Pocketed coils are more versatile. Individually wrapped coils allow the manufacturers to combine different coil gauges and thicknesses to create a more supportive construction that will address the user’s needs better.

“The only noticeable drawback of the individually wrapped coils compared to solid steel unit may be the less pronounced edge support. However, some manufacturers try to manage this issue by adding reinforced foam pads around the perimeter or creating the edge layer of coils made with thicker wires.”

Who Will Benefit from Purchasing a Pocket Spring Mattress?

You probably know this already, but here’s a kind reminder:

Every piece of furniture is made with a particular customer in mind. This means that even sleeping on the best hybrid mattress can turn into a complete disappointment for one user and become a blissful experience for another.

So, how can you be sure that a pocket spring mattress is the right choice for you?


You’ll more likely to see the improvements in your sleep quality if:

  • You and your partner have different weights. Since the coils inside a pocket spring mattress aren’t interconnected, they can compensate for the weight fluctuations more easily and will provide comfortable sleep for both of you (1). 
  • Back and stomach sleepers. Mattresses with coils typically feel firmer than all-foam beds, and stomach and back sleepers can benefit from it. If you’re a tummy sleeper, you might need a firmer mattress to support your lower back. Back sleepers might feel good on any mattress but the medium-firm feel appears to be the most comfortable.
  • Chronic hot sleepers. Unlike the solid foam base, mattresses with pocketed coils allow the air to circulate properly between the layers. This can help the mattress dissipate your body heat into the air and prevent hot sleeping.
  • Individuals with joint pain. Hybrid mattresses have a less pronounced sinkage than foam beds, so if you have joint issues that may limit your mobility, then a hybrid bed may be your best choice. It will help you shift positions easily, as well as getting in and out of bed.
  • Partnered sleepers who require more space. As a rule, most pocket spring mattresses have sturdy edges and can offer uniform support all across the surface. That’s why this mattress type would be great for couples who need more sleeping space. They can lie closer to the edges and still receive the needed support while enjoying their personal space.

“Make sure that there are at least two comfort layers above the coils. Foams or natural latex will eliminate the excess bounce from the springs while keeping the uniform surface and sturdy edges.”

Other Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Pocket Spring Mattress in Australia

Here’s one more thing about hybrid mattresses:

They can feature literally any materials, from traditional foams to innovative cooling gel pads.

And sometimes, this can make a choice very hard.

Don’t worry though!

Here are the main things to consider if you’re looking specifically for a mattress with individually wrapped coils:

  • Zoned construction. Some manufacturers alter coils with different tension and diameter to create a more responsive and supportive surface. Zoned coil layer is believed to offer better pressure relief and sturdier edges, as well as supporting proper spinal alignment, so do not hesitate to opt for the mattresses with this feature.
  • Coil count. The more coils are packed inside the mattress, the more precise contouring you can get, that’s easy. An average Queen-sized hybrid should have around 800-1,000 coils depending on the gauge.
  • Comfort layers. Comfort layers help balance the rigidity of coils and eliminate excess bounce. Plus, they ensure close conforming and proper weight distribution. Look for the layers made with gel-infused foams, natural latex, polyfoam, or other materials with open-cell structure. Also, you can opt for the cover with a sewn-in pillow top for more comfort.
  • Firmness. Firmness perception is purely subjective. However, you can make the most of your choice if you link the firmness to your weight and preferred sleeping position. For example, side sleepers and petite sleepers will benefit from a softer bed with a more pronounced cushioning. Average-weight sleepers and those who sleep on their back will feel most comfortable on medium to medium-firm beds. And finally, heavy users, as well as tummy sleepers, might need a firmer bed to support their lower abdomen and prevent lumbar pain  (2).
  • Coil gauge. The gauge number determines the thickness of the coils. Naturally, thicker coils are more durable. They also make a better option for heavier users who apply more pressure to the mattress’s core and require sturdier support. Now, the coil gauge numbers usually fall between 12 and 18. Interestingly enough, a lower gauge usually means thicker coils. So, when looking for a more durable, sturdier pocket spring mattress, users need to pick a lower gauge.
  • Cover. The material of the cover has nothing to do with the coils inside but it can affect one’s sleep nonetheless. For instance, low-quality, synthetic covers can cause overheating as they aren’t that breathable. Therefore, shoppers are often advised to choose natural cover fabrics (cotton, Tencel, bamboo, etc.).
  • Motion isolation. Even though pocketed coils move independently, they may still allow for motion transfer (to a certain extent). And this can be a big issue for light sleepers, especially if their partner tends to be restless during the night. In this case, a good pocketed spring mattress should also use a thick layer of slow-moving padding to absorb the movement more. Memory foam usually works the best in this scenario.


Pocket spring mattresses are popular for a reason. They’re supportive, temperature-neutral, and have a vast variety of options that can suit literally any user. To choose the right mattress for you, look for the zoned support and reinforced perimeter, choose natural materials, and at least two comfort layers that can properly support your natural spine alignment.

You might as well easily skip these and go for the Sublime Perfection MK-06 Pocket Spring Firm Mattress.  This mattress has a 5-zone pocket spring system providing the best combination that could possibly go with pocket springs. Most pocket spring mattresses are way too bouncy, but that is not the case with the MK-06. The gel-infused memory foam layers will keep you cool and provide the firmness you need to relieve your back pain. 

Almost everybody is happy with this mattress, so why wouldn’t you?

Have you tried the mattresses with the pocket coils or are you choosing one for you right now? Share your experience below!


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