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Some people seriously underestimate the role of the pillow in their sleep quality.

A right pillow creates a supportive layer under your neck and shoulder belt and relieves any tension in this area — which is especially important for those who spent the majority of their day at the office desk.

And this article aims to help you choose the best pillow in Australia, so you can take your sleep to a new level. So, get cozy and read on!

A Quick Preview

Emma Foam Pillow
Best for All Sleeping Styles

Emma Foam Pillow
Fill: microfiber
Cover: polyester
& elastane
Loft: adjustable, 3-layer construction
Sizes available: Standard (70cm x 40cm)
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Adairs Memory Rest
Best for Pain Relief

Adairs Memory Rest
Fill: solid memory foam
Cover: Tencel & polyester blend
Loft: Medium & High profiles available
Sizes available: Standard (45 x 70 cm)
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Adairs Natural Latex
Best Natural Pick

Adairs Natural Latex
Fill: solid Talalay latex
Cover: 100 cotton
Loft: Medium & High profiles available
Sizes available: Standard (45 x 70 cm).
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Our List of the Best Pillows in Australia

Best for All Sleeping Styles — Emma Foam Pillow

Emma Foam Pillow

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  • 100-night sleep trial to ensure customer satisfaction;
  • adjustable layers to properly support all types of sleepers;
  • breathable Airgocell foam for cooler sleep;
  • HRX foam to aid pressure redistribution and tension alleviation;
  • moisture-wicking cover for enhanced thermoregulation.

Allow me to share one of the best pillows in Australia that can satisfy almost any sleeper out there. The Emma uses three foam layers, each of which has a unique feel. By removing or swapping the layers, sleepers can adjust the feel of the Emma pillow to meet their specific needs and, thus, enjoy restful sleep. For instance, I kept the Emma as it was to sleep on one side. My partner, however, removed the bottom layer to lie comfortably on the back. And the best part is: Emma gives customers 100 days to make up their minds. If the pillow doesn’t work for you, you can easily return it.

I also love how balanced this pillow feels. It delivers just the right combination of support and cradling. The layers adjust to the head and neck shape, providing a gentle hug and distributing the tension. As a result, my stiff neck felt almost immediate relief. In fact, my head and neck felt weightless, and the Emma allowed me to get the best sleep I’ve had in weeks.

Overall, it’s an excellent pillow for anyone looking for decent pressure relief in every sleep position. Plus, it’s quality-made, so this investment won’t be in vain.

Emma Original Pillow
Emma Original Pillow - 2

Best for Pain Relief — Adairs Memory Rest

adairs pillow

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  • three design options: Contour pillow, High-profile, and Medium to suit any sleeping style;
  • Tencel & polyester washable blended cover to repel odours and bacteria;
  • solid memory foam fill maintains a better shape and will serve you for longer;
  • has a great hug and will prevent neck pain;
  • doesn’t rely on your body heat to feel comfortable.

Memory foam is well-known for its pressure-relieving effect, ability to adapt to your body shape in any position and maintain the neutral neck curve, so you won’t feel any pain upon awakening. And all these features, topped with breathable design and durability, are present in the Memory Rest pillow by Adairs.

So, the Memory Rest has a standard rectangular design and is made of high-density memory foam. Denser foams have a longer lifespan and can offer you more targeted cradling for tired neck and shoulders. You can choose between Medium and High lofts, or go for the contoured design for a more targeted pressure relief in the cervical area. Medium loft works for most users, and High loft will make a good pick for side sleepers with broad shoulders or back sleepers with sleep apnea.

Now, despite the fact that it’s a memory foam pillow, the Memory Rest doesn’t sleep hot. It uses temperature-neutral foams and feels comfortable without depending on your body heat. So, if you’re a hot sleeper but want a pillow with traditional memory foam feel, the Adairs can easily become your go-to choice.

With that being said, the Memory Rest is a good pillow for fans of memory foam that is devoid of the main issues such as heat retention. It can offer you cool sleep, neutral spine support in any position, and prevent the sore points and morning pain.

Best Natural Pick — Adairs Natural Latex

Adairs Natural Latex

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  • made of renewable materials;
  • Soft and Firm options can fit any sleeping style;
  • instantly cradles your head and neck without feeling too viscous;
  • doesn’t sleep hot even on summer nights;
  • made to last.

The reason why the Natural Latex pillow by Adairs appears on the list of the best pillows in Australia is simple: it’s completely eco-friendly. Since you spend one-third of your life sleeping, swapping your foam pillow to a chemical-free option seems adequate, so why not try this one?

The Adairs pillow features the Talalay latex core, which is an excellent pick due to its good response to your body shape. The latex can promptly support your head and maintain the neutral neck alignment in any position. Plus, it sleeps cooler than synthetic foams and can keep your sleep breeze-like even on summer nights.

You can choose between the Medium-loft pillow with a softer feel that works great for back and small side sleepers, and the High pillow with a firm feel that will make a good pick for side sleepers or overweight users.

The pillow is encased in a washable cotton cover that enhances its cooling effect and works as a barrier to ward off the excess moisture. Just wash it when you feel necessary and enjoy a fresh look.

Overall, the Adairs latex pillow will make a great purchase not only for eco-enthusiasts but also for sleepers with allergies or those who are prone to hot flashes. Plus, it’s literally made to last, so expect great support for years.

Types of Pillows and Their Features Explained

When looking for a most comfortable pillow for yourself, the type will be one of the first factors that you’ll pay attention to.

So, let’s see what features and weak points are present in each type to ease your choice.

Foam Pillows

This category includes both solid and shredded foam, as well as infused foam because they all share roughly the same benefits and drawbacks.

So, let’s start with the good:

  • Great contouring. The most prominent feature of the memory foam is its viscosity, meaning it can easily adapt to your body curves and maintain the neutral neck curve, thus minimizing pain and soreness;
  • Pressure relief. Memory foam also adjusts to body weight and eliminates any pressure in the protruding parts, such as shoulders. So you can expect great pressure relief and minimal time for tossing and turning.

Shredded foam is even more moldable because you can re-fluff the shreds and make them more responsive to your body shape. Plus, shredded particles ensure better airflow and heat removal since they’re often infused with gel.

The main problem with the foam pillows is that if you choose traditional closed-cell memory foam, it will sleep hot because the foam needs heat to soften. Also, foam pillows are more prone to off-gassing, which can be a turndown for sensitive sleepers.

Latex Pillows

Latex is a vulcanized rubber tree sap with certain additives aimed to improve its density and responsiveness. It’s generally considered renewable and biodegradable (1) which makes latex pillow a good pick for those who choose an eco-conscious lifestyle. Plus, latex is hypoallergenic, dust mite-resistant, and is among the most durable materials. Latex pillows can also be solid or shredded and come in various densities and firmness levels.

So, what can possibly be wrong with this material?

Well, with so many advantages the drawback is obvious — the price. Latex is among the most expensive materials you can get. Plus, sometimes it may have a potent rubber odour, which is a downside for sensitive sleepers.

Feather & Down Pillows

Another natural option on the market. The pillows are filled with the goose feathers, down, or a combination of these two materials. Feather pillows are lightweight and very moldable. They don’t create any pressure points at all, which is why they are often recommended for people with neck pain or fibromyalgia. Also, feathers and natural down adapts to your body heat changes: when it’s hot, this pillow can cool you down, and it can warm you by retaining some heat during cold months. 

The drawbacks of feather pillows are:

  • High maintenance. Feathers are a great substrate for bacteria and dust mites, so these pillows might need deep cleaning every couple of years.
  • Odour. Natural bird odour isn’t the most pleasant thing to smell, and as the feathers inside the pillow age, it may become more pronounced.

Fiberfill Pillows

Also known as ‘down alternative’, these pillows are a cruelty-free option for those who love natural down fill. They’re filled with synthetic fibers, such as siliconized microfibre, polyester, etc. Fiberfill pillows are lightweight, super-moldable, and budget-friendly, however, they need a regular re-fluffing and may go flat pretty soon, so you have to replace them more often.

“Regardless of the type, pillows should be replaced every 18 months on average, to ensure cervical support and minimize neck pain.”Back to Basics Chiropractics

How to Choose the Most Comfortable Pillow?

Now, knowing the type of pillow you want might help you make a choice but we all know that comfort hides in the details and sleeping experience should be no exception in this case.

So, here are some other details you need to consider when looking for a pillow, aside from the type:

  • Loft. The too high or too low pillow is equally bad for your neck. To choose the perfect height, check your sleeping position: side sleepers typically need the highest pillow with a firm feel that can compensate for the gap between the shoulder and neck. Back sleepers can benefit from a medium pillow with standard or contoured design with the head dip. Finally, stomach sleepers need a very thin and soft pillow or no pillow at all (2). And those who shift between different positions may need a pillow with an adjustable height, so they can define the perfect support for themselves.
  • Cover. Aside from supporting your head and neck, the pillow also comes in contact with your face in certain sleeping positions. This means that it can collect the oils and sweat from your skin and turn into a good environment for bacteria growth. So, a washable cover is a must. It’s also advisable to choose materials that can withstand active use, such as Tencel, cotton, or bamboo.
  • Thermoregulation. Hot sleeping is a nightmare, and when your pillow starts to slowly boil you in your sweat, it can get really unbearable. Thankfully, most manufacturers today are aware of this issue and try to make their pillows breathable by using gel infusions, shredded fills, and natural materials.

Final Word

A pillow is a crucial element in your bed. If chosen properly, it will ensure the right spinal support and spare you from getting morning headaches.

And to make this choice easier, consider your sleeping style, the climate you live in, and your health issues if you have any.

Or, you can take my selection into consideration and get the Emma Foam Pillow. This model made me the happiest, and I’m sure it can do the same for you. The Emma Foam Pillow manages to effectively combine support with gentle cradling, which gives it that “just right” feel. Plus, this model is adjustable, so every sleeper can enjoy optimal support suited for their favorite sleep position. In my opinion, the Emma pillow has everything to get as close to perfection as possible.

What are the key points for you when looking for a pillow? And which model from this guide meets them the most? Share your answers below!


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