Best Mattresses in a Box in Australia

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Written by: Laura Bates
Read 21 minLast updated February 4, 2021

Today, purchasing a mattress is no longer a difficult procedure. In fact, you don’t even have to leave the house in most cases, as the manufacturer can easily ship your mattress via the mail.

And if you’re scared of receiving a huge bulky box that won’t fit through your staircase, don’t be!

Some of the best mattresses in Australia come at your doorstep compressed in a box, so you only need to unpack them, install on your bed, remove the plastic seal and wait a bit until the bed expands.

Cool, right?

It gets even better: this article selected 5 top-rated mattresses for Australian customers, so you can easily make your choice for the nearest future. Scroll down and see for yourself!

A Quick Preview

Best Overall - Editor’s Choice

Type: hybrid
Thickness: 8,66” (22 cm)
Firmness: Gentle Medium (top side) or Firm (bottom side)
Warranty: 25 years
Trial: 100 nights
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Fern Earth
Best Natural Option

Fern Earth
Type: latex
Thickness: 8.7” (22 cm)
Firmness: dual-sided (Medium and Firm)
Warranty: 25 years
Trial: 100 nights
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Best Affordable Pick

Type: hybrid
Thickness: 10.6” (27 cm)
Firmness: medium-firm
Warranty: 15 years
Trial: 100 nights
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Hugo Sleep
Best for Active Sleepers

Hugo Sleep
Type: memory foam
Thickness: 9.6” (24.5 cm)
Firmness: medium-firm
Warranty: 10 years
Trial: 3 months
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Emma Original
Best for Cool Pressure Relief

Emma Original
Type: hybrid
Thickness: 9,84” (25 cm)
Firmness: medium firm feel with 7 zones of built-in comfort
Warranty: 10 years
Trial: 100 nights
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Best for Variable Firmness

Type: Memory Foam & High Density Foam
Thickness: 11,42” (29 cm)
Firmness: medium firm
Warranty: 10 years
Trial: 100 nights
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Our List of the Best Mattresses in a Box in Australia

Best Overall - Editor’s Choice — Peacelily


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  • two-in-one design for flippable firmness to accommodate a wider range of sleepers;
  • all-latex model, natural and safe even for kids;
  • doesn’t sleep hot and creates a pleasantly cool sleeping environment;
  • extended warranty for your peace of mind;
  • sewn-in handles for easier flipping and carrying.

The Peacelily certainly deserves to be among the best mattresses in a box in Australia, and there are many reasons for that. The main one is probably this model’s construction. The Peacelily uses natural latex and no harmful materials at all. This mattress is organic, safety certified, and would work for sensitive or allergy-prone sleepers.

It’s also a great option for those users who want unbeatable pressure relief without being enveloped by their mattress. You see, latex is quite springy by nature, so it won’t wrap around your body as you lay down on this mattress. At the same time, latex can mold to one’s body, fill in the curves, and aid tension relief. Additionally, it works great for proper weight distribution. This means you will be perfectly supported and cradled lying on the Peacelily without feeling stuck or restricted.

It gets better:

This mattress is flippable, which means it combines two firmness levels in one model. Depending on which side you choose, you can enjoy a medium or a firm feel. Therefore, the Peacelily is suitable for a wide variety of sleepers. The Medium side would work for lightweight back and stomach sleepers or average side and back sleepers. The Firm side would be suited for heavier individuals (mostly side or back sleepers) and average stomach sleepers. It can also be a great solution for those shoppers who aren’t sure what they need exactly. You can flip the mattress and sleep on both sides to decide which firmness level works the best for you. And if it doesn’t feel right anyway, a 100-night trial will allow you to get a full refund, so there’s no need to worry at all.

Best Natural Option — Fern Earth

Fern Earth

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  • flippable design with 2 different firmness levels on each side;
  • made of renewable materials;
  • instant cradling and pressure relief;
  • sleeps like breeze;
  • encased in a moisture-wicking cotton cover.

The Fern Earth is surely one of the best mattresses in a box in Australia because it’s made of organic Dunlop latex and doesn’t hide any harsh chemicals inside. This makes the Fern Earth not only a healthy choice but a great option for those who care for the environment and look for an eco-friendly mattress.

Want to know the best part?

The Fern Earth mattress features customizable firmness! You can choose between a medium (marked M) and a firm (marked F) sides, but that’s not it. For fans of the plush feel, there’s a 5-cm mattress topper available for purchase!

Now, latex is well-known for its instant cradling and cooling effects, so expect total body relaxation without the risk of drowning in your sweat. Plus, latex is hypoallergenic, and when paired with a cotton cover, makes a great combo for sleepers with sensitive skin or allergies.

So, if you want to make your sleep — and your planet — healthier, the Fern Earth is definitely the way to go. Its natural and durable materials will ensure a restorative and cool shut-eye for many years.

Best Affordable Pick — Noa


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  • combines coils, natural latex, and gel memory foam for the balanced feel;
  • works great for any sleeping position;
  • removable Tencel cover for dust-mite and bacteria protection;
  • breathable construction;
  • sturdy edges and anti-sagging surface.

This list wouldn’t be full without a budget-friendly mattress, so meet the Noa! This hybrid beauty packs quality materials inside and will ensure that you get a great sleep regardless of your preferred sleeping position. Oh, and it costs less than AUD$1,000 for a Queen size.

The first thing that makes the Noa so great is its core layer of wrapped coils. These coils are less responsive than a solid unit but offer the same anti-sagging surface and targeted support of your spine. Plus, the coils allow the air to circulate freely, so expect great heat withdrawal and cool sleep.

Layers above the core are also worth mentioning because they ensure proper cradling of your pressure points and enhance the cooling effects of the mattress. The Noa features gel-infused foam and natural latex layer, both of which create a thick cushion that adapts to your body shape and balances the bounce from the coils to create a perfect feel.

Overall, the Noa is a great mattress in a box under AUD$1,000. It’s supportive, doesn’t sleep hot, and works for couples or active sleepers thanks to minimal motion transfer.

Best for Active Sleepers — Hugo Sleep

Hugo Sleep

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  • medium-firm feel suits most sleeper types;
  • comfort layer made of breathable natural latex;
  • zero motion transfer;
  • instant pressure relief and pain alleviation;
  • temperature-neutral construction.

There’s nothing more annoying than your partner tossing and turning in the middle of the night and depleting you of sound sleep. With the Hugo mattress in a box, you can forget about this issue once and for all. This is an all-foam bed, so it has low motion transfer and will keep your slumber peaceful and quiet.

The Hugo has a simple four-layer design and is made of memory foam, polyurethane foam, and natural latex. All the foams have an open-cell structure, so they retain less of your body heat and help you sleep cool and sweat-free.

Natural latex is hidden right under the cover, and can instantly mold to your body, thus ensuring total pressure relief. Plus, latex doesn’t have the viscosity of memory foam, meaning it won’t interfere with your movements and position shifting. 

Overall, the Hugo is a good pick for users who want a coil-free mattress but don’t like the traditional memory foam feel. Along with zero motion transfer, this bed can adapt to any sleeping position and doesn’t sleep hot.

Best for Cool Pressure Relief — Emma Original

Emma Original

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  • dense base layer for effective motion isolation;
  • removable cover for fuss-free cleaning;
  • quality-made for a reasonable price, offers great value for money;
  • zoned support layer to maintain proper spinal alignment and a healthy sleeping posture;
  • proprietary hyperfoam for increased breathability and cooler sleep.

Another model that can easily be called one of the best mattresses in a box in Australia is the Emma. This all-foam mattress uses proprietary materials to achieve the most balanced feel for the highest comfort levels. Here’s the kicker though: even though it’s a foam mattress, it’s not likely to sleep hot thanks to the gel infusion. Therefore, you get superb pressure relief and comfort that isn’t ruined by night sweats.

Now, the Emma was designed to take care of your back health as well. The core layer of this mattress has a zoned design to deliver targeted support. It responds differently to applied pressure in different sections. As a result, heavier body parts sink a bit deeper while the rest of the body is supported properly. This allows the spine to remain neutral throughout the night and helps users maintain a healthy sleeping posture.

You might also appreciate the fact that this model comes with a removable cover. Such a design allows for easy maintenance and will help you keep your sleeping area clean and fresh.

Best for Variable Firmness — Macoda


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  • individually wrapped 5-zoned springs for targeted support;
  • gel-infused comfort foam for cooler sleep;
  • premium latex to achieve unparalleled pressure relief without making sleepers feel stuck;
  • removable bamboo cover for improved breathability and easy maintenance;
  • sturdy edges for uniform support all across the mattress surface.

If you thought that you couldn’t get a hybrid mattress in a box, I’ve got good news for you: the Macoda is here to save the day. This model combines sturdy coils and multiple comfort layers to deliver an impressive compromise between support and pressure relief. And it’s not just comfortable - it’s adjustable! Ideal for hesitant buyers, the Macoda allows users to unzip the cover and flip or swap the foam comfort layers. Therefore, sleepers can pick among the soft, medium, and firm comfort levels without exchanging the mattress. Such a smart design makes the Macoda suitable for pretty much any user and sleeping position.

Another cool thing about this mattress is the zoned support system it uses. There are 5 zones in the coil core that respond differently to different body parts. Consequently, the Macoda offers targeted support. This feature serves to help with proper weight distribution, which is crucial for both back health and relaxation. Moreover, pinpoint support is meant to help keep one’s spine neutral all through the night. 

As for the comfort layers, the Macoda uses foam (two layers) and latex. Latex, being resilient and responsive, combats that quicksand feel memory foam is famous for. Additionally, latex is temperature neutral and contributes to creating a cool sleeping environment. One of the foam layers is infused with gel to reach the same goal. And the best part is: multiple comfort layers nicely balance out the sturdy support the coils provide. Therefore, the Macoda has impressive pressure-relieving properties for a hybrid mattress.

How to Choose a Mattress in a Box According to Your Needs?

Here’s one thing you need to know before choosing a mattress:

As long as it keeps your sleep sound and pain-free, the type, budget, or materials don’t matter.

But how do you define comfortable?


Below, you find general recommendations that will help you choose the right bed.

Address Your Health Issues

Sleep is the time our bodies heal themselves, so be sure to create a suitable environment for that.

Different health issues require a different approach, however, some scientific recommendations will ease your choice:

  • For back pain. Lower back pain is the most common complaint of those who sleep on a wrong mattress that fails to support their lumbar area. To prevent this, look for the models with zoned coil layers or the sewn-in lumbar pad. 
  • For joint pain. Those who suffer from arthritis may have limited mobility from time to time. So the best mattress for this issue is the one that can offer total-body pressure relief without limiting movements, such as latex or hybrid.
  • For hot sleeping. Hot sleeping can be tied to many health issues or physiological changes, i.e. menopause. However, you can surely alleviate hot flashes with the right mattress. Choose natural latex, gel or copper-infused foams, and breathable fabrics, such as cotton or Tencel. Or, go for a mattress with coils, as they typically sleep cooler.

Check the Firmness

Firmness perception is a subjective thing and can be tied to many factors. The most influential of them, however, are your weight and preferred sleeping position. 

So, here’s how to match the mattress firmness to your needs. 

  • Soft. Soft mattresses offer great cushioning and feel more like a feather bed. They don’t resist to your body and make a great pick for lightweight users who sleep on their side, stomach, or back.
  • Medium/Medium-firm. These are believed to be the best pick for most sleepers. medium firmness offers a balance between cushioning and spinal support and can cradle an average side and back sleeper or support a small stomach sleeper.
  • Firm. Firmest beds typically have more of a floating feel instead of cushioning. This means that, if you’re a lightweight sleeper, you’ll likely get sore points and morning pain. Larger sleepers, as well as those who sleep on their stomach, may feel comfortable on a firmer bed because it can distribute their weight across the surface and support natural spine alignment (1).

Make Sure that Your Bed is Couple-Friendly

Sharing a bed with someone is awesome but this also means that you need to consider the sleeping style and preferences of your partner.

Thankfully, many modern mattress brands offer an adjustable firmness or even dual-firmness designs to address this issue. However, you also need to look for the following:

  • Decent edge support. If your bedmate tends to sprawl across the bed, you need to have enough space for yourself. A mattress with sturdy edges will prevent you from rolling over and ensure that both of you will get enough space to sleep.
  • Low motion transfer. Nighttime disturbances decrease your sleep quality, and if your partner moves a lot during sleep, you probably know the struggle. Mattresses with low motion transfer, such as those made of foam, can prevent your partner’s movements from coming to your side of the bed.


However, if you are still feeling hesitant, allow me to share my personal favorite. The Peacelilly managed to impress me the most, so I’m sure it's going to make you happy too. This mattress can accommodate almost all sleeper types thanks to its flippable design. Plus, it’s natural and safe, so you don’t have to worry about harmful emissions and chemical components. And here’s the best part: latex is super durable, so this one-time investment will serve you reliably for a very long time. Have you tried purchasing mattresses online? What are your main criteria of choice? Share your thoughts below!


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