Best Mattresses Under $1,000 in Australia

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Sometimes, price becomes a defining factor in mattress choice.

However, this doesn’t mean that if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll have limited options. 

In fact, outlining the budget may even help you choose because the mattress market is pretty vast and can offer you decent models in any price category.

This guide makes your choice even easier by presenting three best mattresses under $1,000 for Australians, so be sure to scroll down and see which model appeals to you the most!

A Quick Preview

Noa Mattress
Best Overall — Editor’s Choice

Noa Mattress
Type: hybrid;
Layers: 6;
Firmness: medium-firm;
Cover: Tencel
Warranty: 15 years
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Ecosa Mattress
Best for Adjustability

Ecosa Mattress
Type: memory foam;
Layers: 3;
Firmness: adjustable;
Cover: waterproof;
Warranty: 15 years
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Best for Sturdy Edges

Eva Mattress
Type: hybrid;
Layers: 4;
Firmness: medium-firm/firm;
Cover: stretchy and breathable
Warranty: 12 years
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Our Reviews of the Best Mattresses Under $1,000 in Australia

Best Overall — Editor’s Choice

Noa Mattress

noa mattress

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  • balanced feel;
  • suits most sleeper types;
  • temperature-neutral;
  • odor-repellent and antimicrobial Tencel cover;
  • great edge support.

The Noa opens up this review of the best mattresses under $1,000 because it’s literally as close to perfection as you can get. This mattress combines different materials and will ensure that you have a great slumber for years to come.

The core layer of the mattress is made of individually wrapped coils, so you can expect uniform surface and potent anti-sagging properties. Also, coils add some bounce to the feel and eliminate the excess sinkage, which means that the Noa won’t trap your movements.

Comfort layers are made of natural latex and the gel-infused foam and are designed to bring you breeze-like sleep. Plus, the cushion balances the bounce from the coils and helps support proper spinal alignment in any position thanks to its medium-firm feel.

Bottom line:

The Noa is a perfect mattress whether you’re buying a brand new bed for your new home, or replacing an old one. It can support your natural spine alignment and relieve pressure points regardless of your sleeping style.

Best for Adjustability

EcosaEcosa Mattress

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  • 3-in-1 firmness will help you customize the mattress to your preferences;
  • 2 covers: Tencel removable cover and waterproof inner cover for easy maintenance;
  • excellent motion absorption;
  • works for any sleeping style;
  • the breathable design prevents overheating at night.

An adjustable firmness that allows you to choose between three different configurations by simply swapping the layers and the waterproof inner cover won the place on this list for the Ecosa mattress. And having these unique features, it still costs less than $1,000!

So, the mattress has three layers — a proprietary G-7 memory foam, natural latex, and the base foam layer — and you can swap them as you prefer. With the memory foam on top, it’s the medium feel, and the base layer on top gives you the firmest option; latex is somewhere in between. All the layers have different colors, which helps you identify them easily.

As for other specs, the Ecosa has great motion isolation thanks to its all-foam design and can adapt to your body curves and provide total pressure relief. The waterproof inner cover ensures protection from spills, stains, and mold, which prolongs the lifespan of your bed.

Bottom line:

The Ecosa is a truly unique mattress. It leaves plenty of room for customization and may suit literally anyone, no matter what their preferred sleeping style or body composition is.

Best for Sturdy Edges

Eva Mattress

eva mattress


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  • 5-zone pocket spring layer for pinpoint support;
  • gel memory foam & natural latex combo for cooler sleep;
  • doesn’t interfere with your movements;
  • certified materials without harsh chemicals;
  • made to last.

Mattresses that fall into a more affordable category typically use cheaper materials, which results in lower overall performance. But this is totally not the case with the Eva mattress! It’s made of quality materials and can offer you unbeatable edge support, which makes the Eva a proper fit in this selection of the best mattresses under $1,000 in Australia.

The great thing about this bed is that it has the zoned coil layer with sturdier edges. This helps create a more uniform surface and suits well for users that sleep closer to the edge of the bed. Plus, the mattress utilized individually wrapped coils that are less bouncy than a solid unit and may work for restless sleepers and their partners.

Natural latex and gel memory foam layers are responsible for a cool and comfortable sleep without any pressure points. Along with that, the Eva has a transition layer made of dense foam right above the core. This layer helps to distribute your body weight and ensures proper spinal alignment.

Bottom line:

The Eva is a great pick for those who share a bed with the partner and need some extra space to get cozy. This mattress will support your body and offer cool sleep all-year-round.

Setting the Expectations: What You Can Find in a Mattress Under $1,000 Price Tag?

Here’s the good news:

The average price for most mid-range mattresses is about $1,000, assuming you need a Queen-size (1). This means that if you have around $500-1,000 to spend, you’ll be left with a pretty vast array of models, which is great.

Nevertheless, it’s important to outline what you can expect for this price, so let’s do this straight away!


There are four main mattress types: innerspring, foam, hybrid, and latex. And you can find almost all of them under the $1,000 price tag:

  • Innerspring. This mattress type is usually the cheapest on the market, as it requires fewer resources and energy to be produced. An average innerspring has a core coil layer and a thick cushion above it. The cover may also feature a pillow top for added comfort and breathability purposes.
  • Foam. Foam mattresses are the most popular category, and you can find some models as cheap as $200-250. An average memory foam bed consists of 3-5 layers made of different foams that help to distribute your weight and keep your spine alignment.
  • Hybrids. Hybrids are the mattresses that combine two or more support systems, typically coils and various types of foam. Depending on the materials placed inside a hybrid mattress, its price may vary from $300 to $1,500, so you can easily find a decent model for your price tag.
  • Latex. For this type, things are a bit different. You’re unlikely to find an all-latex Queen size mattress under $1,000 price tag unless you stumble upon a sale. However, some brands add natural latex layers in the construction, which is some form of a compromise for those who need natural materials in their bed.


For the $500-1,000 price range, you can expect some of the extra features in your mattress, such as:

  • carrying handles on the sides of the mattress for easy moving and rotations;
  • removable cover that helps maintain the fresh look and increases mattress lifespan;
  • pillow top layer for additional comfort;
  • zoned support and transition layers for better contouring.


Many factors impact the final mattress price, and the materials used are one of them. The lower the price, the higher the chances that the manufacturer uses cheaper foams, coils, or fabrics

For the $1,000 price tag, you may get mostly decent materials and even find natural latex or cotton cover in your mattress. But as the price drops to $500 and further, low-quality foams and polyester fabrics may slip in the mattress layers.

As for cover materials, here are some options you might find:

  • Tencel lyocell;
  • bamboo rayon;
  • cotton and synthetic fiber blend;
  • polyester.


Most standard mattresses are between 8 and 12 inches high (2). This means that if you’re in the market for a mattress within a $1,000 price cap, you will choose between these thicknesses.

Aside from your personal preferences, you may want to choose the desired mattress thickness based on your weight:

  • if you weigh 225 lbs or less, you will feel comfortable on a 9-10” mattress;
  • peopler from 225 to 275 lbs may want to choose a 10 or 11-inch thick bed;
  • individuals over 275 lbs will sleep comfortably on a 12-inch thick bed.

“You can also choose the mattress height based on ergonomic purposes. Comfortable bed height — meaning you can sit on the edge with your feet resting on the floor — is about 25 inches, so you can just measure the height of your bed frame and choose the mattress height to achieve this number.”

Things You Need to Consider Before Choosing a Mattress With an Outlined Budget of $1000

Now that you know what to expect from a medium-priced mattress, let’s see how you can adjust the choice to your needs.

Don’t worry: it’s way easier than it seems!

You only need to follow these recommendations:

  • Address your health issues. Your health should be your top priority when you look for a mattress. Sleep is the time when we relax and repair our bodies, so the bed should be able to create a healing environment. Some mattress models have adjustable firmness and zoned layers that work for people with bad backs, others may help you recover faster if you have a physically demanding lifestyle. It’s a good thing to consult your doctor if you have specific health issues, as they can help you choose the mattress more precisely.
  • Check the brand’s history. The lower the mattress price, the higher the possibility to stumble upon some really shady brands. To avoid scam and gimmicks, always check the brand’s history and reputation through news, and don’t be afraid to ask the support staff and voice your concerns: in many cases, they’re glad to help you.
  • Read reviews. Another form of protection is to look for actual reviews, preferably with photos, of a model you want to purchase. These reviews show how the given mattress performs in real life and whether it’s suitable or not for particular health problems.

Wrapping Up

Today, the mattress market is very diverse and can offer you a lot of models for any budget. Medium-priced mattresses are a good choice for almost any bedroom, as they have good value for money and combine quality materials and a comfortable feel. To choose the right mattress, be aware of your health issues, find the brand with a good reputation, and be sure to choose a model in accordance with your preferred sleeping position and weight.

A good mattress that can cover most of the average user’s needs is the Noa. It’s a medium-firm bed with a balanced feel, good edge support, and breathable construction. The Noa makes a good pick for a master bedroom, guest room, or a single sleeper and can deliver you proper spine support for years to come.

Does the mattress price impact your choice? What are your considerations for picking a perfect mattress with an outlined budget? Share your thoughts below!


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