Best Mattress Protectors in Australia

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Written by: Laura Bates
Read 17 minLast updated February 4, 2021

Enjoying the breakfast in bed is a perfect way of starting your day.

Until you have to figure out how to squeeze out that orange juice from your new memory foam mattress.

Don’t worry, though! There’s an easy way to prevent all these mishaps!

Just choose one of the best mattress protectors in Australia that are conveniently gathered for you below, and keep enjoying your best life without spills and stains on your bed!

A Quick Preview

Noa Mattress Protector
Editor’s Choice

Noa Mattress Protector
Type: natural Tencel cover for improved breathability
Materials: 100% Tencel
Sizes available: Single, Super Single, Queen, King
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Tontine T6115
Best for Firm Mattresses

Tontine T6115
Type: fitted sheet
Materials: cotton cover, polyester fibre padding, and waterproof backing
Sizes available: Single, Double, Queen, and King
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Best Budget Option

Type: fitted sheet
Materials: cotton terry cover with a waterproof membrane coating
Sizes available: Single, Single King, Double, Queen, and King
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Best for Noiseless Design

Type: fitted sheet
Materials: cotton terry cover with a membrane layer and polyurethane backing
Sizes available: Queen and King
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Our List of the Best Mattress Protectors in Australia

Best Overall — Editor’s Choice

Noa Mattress Protector

Noa Mattress Protector

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  • natural Tencel cover for improved breathability;
  • waterproof lining for worry-free breakfasts in bed;
  • safety certified for your peace of mind;
  • made by a family-run textile mill in Portugal, combines quality and craftsmanship, promises durability;
  • would work with mattresses up to 40 cm tall, can accommodate higher-profile models and offers flexibility in use.

The first item that deserves to be among the best mattress protectors in Australia is the Noa, undoubtedly. This guy has a lot to offer, so don’t underestimate its simple looks. The Noa protector is well-made and uses top-notch materials that feel sturdy and reliable. Chances are, this investment is going to serve you (and protect your mattress) for a very long time. Made in Portugal at the textile mill that was tested by time, this mattress protector can boast of exceptional craftsmanship. Every detail was accounted for to ensure user satisfaction.

Additionally, the Noa holds the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 seal of approval. This mattress protector does not contain any potentially harmful chemicals and can be used even by the youngest sleepers. Additionally, it was made sustainably. The company can boast of its fair-trade environment, which is a huge bonus for eco-conscious shoppers.

Now, as for the more technical part, the Noa mattress protector has a fitted design. The skirt uses organic cotton and can keep your mattress breathable. The top fabric is Tencel, which is also neutral, safe, and heavenly soft to the touch. There’s also a layer of sturdy polyurethane lining that works to protect your mattress from moisture, liquids, and occasional spills. The Noa has rather deep pockets and would work even with taller mattresses (up to 40 cm).

All in all, this model is certainly worth your attention. This mattress protector has a lot to offer for a very affordable price and promises durability in use.

Best for Firm Mattresses

Tontine T6115

Tontine T6115

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  • has a quilted top layer for improved comfort;
  • can fit mattresses up to 50 cm high;
  • has a premium cotton cover for additional moisture-wicking properties;
  • easy to maintain;
  • made of high-quality materials and doesn’t hinder any harsh chemicals.

The Tontine mattress protector is literally designed to revamp your sleep. Aside from being completely water-resistant, this model features a sewn-in pillow top layer to make your mattress more comfortable! 

As most modern mattress protectors, the Tontine is made like a fitted sheet. It can be paired with mattresses up to 50 cm high and creates a reliable protective barrier for large amounts of liquids.

The sewn-in pillow top layer is made of polyester fibre and feels pretty soft. It can easily rejuvenate the feel of an innerspring mattress that started to wear out a bit. Plus, the fiberfill is a breathable material, so you can expect cool sleep without disturbances.

Overall, the Tontine is a great pick for those who need a mattress protector that works but can also make their mattress cozier without having to purchase a mattress topper. A pillow-top addition serves this purpose perfectly and will ensure a peaceful sleep for years.

Best Budget Option



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  • soft cotton terry cover for cozy feel;
  • uses a membrane waterproof technology for noise-free sleep;
  • fitted sheet style compatible with mattresses up to 18” high;
  • doesn’t sleep hot;
  • made of certified materials with no harsh additives.

This selection of the best mattress protectors in Australia absolutely had to include a budget-friendly model, so meet the Bedecor! This mattress protector utilizes a membrane waterproof technology, which makes it totally crinkle-free, and can fit the mattresses up to 18” high!

The fitted sheet design ensures a snuggly fit and prevents the protector from sliding along with you as you move. Plus, it has a soft cotton terry cover, which is pretty tenacious itself, and you won’t have the annoying feeling of the plastic film wrapped around your bed.

Caring for the Bedecor protector is a straightforward task as well: just wash it when needed and dry on low heat. Moreover, the manufacturer can offer you two-packs in the most popular sizes, so you can just swap them and never leave your mattress unprotected.

With that being said, the Bedecor can easily compete with more expensive models. Its durability, easy maintenance, and good liquid absorption properties will save you from a lot of awkward moments and prolong the life of your mattress.

Best for Noiseless Design



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  • breathable cotton cover;
  • a reliable polyurethane backing that withstands active use;
  • becomes softer and cozier with each wash;
  • doesn’t block the airflow under your body;
  • fits mattresses up to 12”.

And the last but not least pick for this selection of the mattress protectors is the Florica. This fitted sheet mattress protector will please even the most sensitive sleeper out there because it’s soft to the touch and completely noiseless!

Now, the Florica features a quality-made polyurethane backing that can serve for many years and protect your mattress from any unwanted mishaps. The cover layer is made of soft cotton terry and additionally absorbs the moisture from your body and ensures cool sleep.

The fitted design of the protector can accommodate the mattresses from 6” to 12” high, which is the majority of models on the market. Or, you can use this mattress protector for your kid’s room — it will make a perfect fit!

Also, the good thing about the Florica is that it’s hypoallergenic. The protector is made of delicate materials that have no odour and are certified to ensure you won’t breathe in any harmful chemicals.

Basically, the Florica is a good mattress protector for everyone’s needs: it’s made to last, can absorb any spills pretty fast, and sleeps cool and quiet.

Types of Mattress Protectors Explained

Figuring out how well the mattress protector will perform is pretty easy:

You just have to look at its type!

Today, you can find two possible configurations on the market:

  • fitted sheets;
  • full encasements;

So, let’s see who can benefit the most from each type.

Fitted Sheets

These models make the majority of the best waterproof mattress protectors in Australia on the market and are generally considered a good pick that won’t cost you all the money in the world.

The fitted design offers protection for the top surface of the mattress and, sometimes, the sides. The construction of this protector is pretty simple and includes the cover layer, a waterproof backing, and an additional layer of fibers sewn in between (but this is not a mandatory option.

Now, although the fitted mattress protectors are easy to maintain, lightweight, and cheap, they cannot offer you total protection from more serious things such as bed bugs, dust mites, or mould. That’s because this design leaves the mattress bottom exposed to the surroundings, and if you live in the humid climate, for example, the excess moisture can sneak in through the bottom of the mattress and do the devil’s work. 

Full Encasements

This is a more advanced option. Encasements cover your mattress from all sides — some can even cover your box spring as well — and offer total protection from the following:

  • Bed bugs. If you suspect the bed bug infestation inside your mattress, encase it in a zippered mattress protector! These models typically have a vinyl lining that bed bugs cannot gnaw through and hidden zippers that prevent them from escaping. Simply speaking, a full encasement can contain the bed bugs within a mattress and starve them to death (1).
  • Moisture. Total encasement from all sides prevents the moisture from entering inside the mattress and provoking mould growth, so it can prolong the life of your bed.
  • Dust and debris. The same logic applies for dust particles — they simply won’t accumulate inside your mattress if you encase it in a zippered mattress protector, which leaves no chances for dust mites to aggravate your allergies in the future.

The drawback of all this goodness lies in the price tag, in most cases. Plus, the vinyl lining is prone to making crinkly noises and generating static electricity, which decreases the comfort of sleeping.

How to Choose the Best Waterproof Mattress Protector in Australia?

Shopping for a mattress protector doesn’t end with choosing the type. Here are some other things to consider to make your choice perfectly fit your demands:


Mattress protectors typically match the standard mattress sizes and some of the modern manufacturers even offer you non-standard configurations, such as the Super King size, so picking the right one is literally a matter of seconds.

Note, though, that in order to ensure a snuggly fit, some mattress protectors can run a bit shorter or narrower than the actual mattress size. Also, if you go for full encasement, keep in mind the height of your bed, as most of these models are limited in the range of mattress heights they can fit.

Backing Materials

These will determine how effective your mattress protector will be — and for how long. Two possible options you can get today are vinyl (PVC) and polyurethane (PU). 

Vinyl is generally thicker and more durable, so it’s able to withstand frequent washes. However, PVC encasements are also noisier and might sleep hot and have a feeling of the plastic film.

Polyurethane membranes, on the other hand, are more lightweight and remain breathable while successfully absorbing large amounts of liquid. They’re also more delicate and hypoallergenic, so you can use a polyurethane mattress protector for your kid’s bed. The main issue with these models is that they have a shorter lifespan and may start leaking after 3-5 washes.

Cover Materials

The top layer of your mattress protector also matters as it will determine your comfort. The rule of thumb here is to choose durable natural or semi-natural fabrics, such as cotton terry or bamboo. They’re breathable and don’t generate static electricity, unlike synthetic materials.


All mattress protectors are easy to maintain because they all are washable. Plus, some models can even be dried in a tumble dryer — just be sure to choose the lowest setting, so you won’t damage the membrane. 

Also, keep in mind that even if you don’t spill anything on the mattress, it’s advisable to wash your mattress protector for every two months or even more frequently if you allow your pets to sleep on the bed (2). This will prevent the dust and dander buildup and keep your sleep healthy.


Or, if you are looking for suggestions, allow me to recommend my favorite mattress protector - the Noa. It’s a great option for those who want to find a good compromise between quality, safety, and price. The Noa protector is sturdy and durable, so this investment will not be in vain. Additionally, it uses natural fabrics and doesn’t contain any harmful components or chemicals. Finally, it can work with different mattress types thanks to its fitted design. Overall, the Noa mattress protector is a worthy find, and I’m sure you will think so too once you buy it. Have you tried a mattress protector before? What was your experience? Please share your answers in the comments!


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