Best Mattresses in New Zealand in 2022

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When it comes to the best mattress in a box in New Zealand, there’s a lot of ground to cover. Many products are up for grabs, but only a few are worthy of your time. No matter what the ads say, they might prove lacking in some key areas.  That’s why we created this guide. By way of thorough research, we managed to shortlist the best mattresses in a box currently available in New Zealand. Let’s have a look!

A Quick Preview

Peacelily Mattress
Editor's Choice

Peacelily Mattress
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Ecosa Mattress

Ecosa Mattress
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The Emma Original Mattress

The Emma Original Mattress
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3 Best-Rated Mattresses in a Box in New Zealand in 2022 (Full Reviews)

The Editor’s Choice for The Best Mattress in a Box in New Zealand — Peacelily Mattress

Peacelily Mattress

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  • Most resilient material with natural rubber latex allows for proper body pressure distribution;
  • This double-sided mattress lets sleepers choose between firm and medium levels. It allows utmost comfort and preserves body structure 
  • The hardened handles make flipping the mattress a one-person task.

Peacelily Mattress is our top pick among the best mattresses in a box in New Zealand for several reasons. For one, it’s the only natural rubber latex mattress-in-a-box on the New Zealand market. The material isn’t only non-toxic but also promotes mattress resiliency. So, users may avoid back, joint, and hip pain. This ergonomic design will prove more and more essential in time.

Furthermore, this material is super hygienic, which is crucial for any mattress (1). On average, we spend a third of our lives sleeping; hence we should consider this aspect often. Plus, the Peacelily Mattress is handmade and comes with a generous 25-year manufacturing defects warranty. That fact alone is a confirmation of the quality of this product.

However, New Zealand’s weather might not be too ideal for rubber latex. Because of this, products such as this may require frequent maintenance. So, to prevent your mattress from cracking after a few years, stay mindful of its condition.

Peacelily Mattress - 2 (1)
Peacelily Mattress - 2 (3)


Emma Comfort Mattress
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  • Winner of a prestigious design award in 2019; 
  • Features seven support zones for greater comfort;
  • Durable foam mattress, perfect for couples to enjoy together.

A memory foam mattress is like the Monalisa of mattresses as it is a versatile mattress adept at enhancing restorative sleep. The Emma Original mattress’s firmness is nothing short of an engineering wonder. It’s reliable but also comforting even for babies to rest peacefully. This fabric follows the line of your body, morphing to provide comfort at all times. Hence, it’s difficult not to find rest once you throw yourself on it. 

In general, memory foam mattresses are sleeper-friendly. So, they’re most convenient for people with specific sleeping requirements, with freestyle or side sleeping positions. The Emma Original mattress checks such boxes with great ease. That’s why it is among the best memory foam mattress in a box in New Zealand.

If you sleep on a mattress riddled with dead skin cells, you'll find much value in this product. Plus, it's great for both you and your partner. However, be warned of the long shipping period. The current world crisis plays a hand in that too.

Emma Mattress
Emma Mattress - 2

Best Mattress for Back Pain — Ecosa Mattress

Ecosa Mattress

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  • Design that accommodates every sleeping position; 
  • Firmness is just enough for comfort without making the user sink in;
  • Adjustable and ergonomic build that anyone can get used to in no time.

Sleepers can flip this product in three different ways for the best level of firmness. In any form, it provides the lowest sinkage rate of any mattress-in-a-box. Meaning it'll never sink too low or become too stiff for the back. 

Sleepers with back pain, arthritis, or osteoarthritis in the hip need a firm mattress. The mattress will provide an adequate level of support for the spine. Furthermore, it'll conform to the sleeper's body weight and pressure. Thus, sleepers suffering from back pain can finally find a sweet spot to sleep in comfort. All of this makes the Ecosa the best mattress for back pain in New Zealand

The Ecosa memory foam mattress offers a better level of firmness than the Emma mattress. Furthermore, it's heaps cheaper than its closest competitor, Sleeping Duck. Plus, this company offers regular discounts on their products. Hence, if you're pondering upgrading your bedroom, be quick to grab the latest offer.

Ecosa Mattress

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Mattress in a Box in New Zealand in 2022

Since recently, a quality mattress is no longer considered a luxury. Thanks to the online competition, they are more affordable than ever. As a result, you do not have to spend the equivalent of a car price to get a decent bed. Plus, this development is more than welcome for anyone valuing their sleep hygiene. Investing in products like a mattress in a box is a shortcut to better well-being. However, not all items offer the same benefits. No matter how similar they might look in the photos, they’ll differ on some key aspects. Therefore, given how crucial the switch to a mattress in a box can be, one should learn some “know-how”. At the very least, keep an eye on essentials such as the ones listed below.

Mattress Resilience

Mattress resilience refers to the sweet spot between firmness and softness. Sleepers should look for mattresses that support their pressure points without deep sinking. If it’s possible to sacrifice everything else to get adequate mattress resilience, it’d still be a good buy. It’s because the wrong configuration may cause long-term complications to the human anatomy. So, this is the primary focal point you should be concerned with. All the more so if your purchase is for some younger member of your family. For them, you should be extra careful and do proper research, A mattress that will support their still-developing bodies is a must. Otherwise, unwanted conditions may appear much sooner than expected. 


The average warranty duration in the New Zealand mattress market is ten years. Hence, you shouldn’t settle for anything less. According to science, people should replace the mattress every six-eight years. Still, some mattress companies, like Peacelily, offer a 25-year warranty. So, consider this longevity before deciding on a mattress. For starters, determine whether you’re looking for short or long-term investment. Next, consider what each company offers, and don’t hesitate to go more in-depth with your inquiry. Finally, collect as much data as possible before placing your trust in one particular company.


Customers should be vigilant about any odor surrounding their new mattress in a box. Specifically, if there is any stronger scent present, that would be a huge no. If that is indeed the case, then it might be an indicator of harmful chemicals. But, the human nose gets used to smells after a while. Hence, you shouldn’t rely on your senses too much. Also, if the smell persists for too long, you should take action promptly. In short, never hesitate to report such things to the seller. It is an immediate red flag that you shouldn’t disregard under any circumstances.


A buyer shouldn’t dismiss a mattress if it isn’t instantly comfortable. Instead, sleepers should consider covers, toppers, and additional beddings. Such upgrades can make all the difference, and often come cheap, too. Plus, you can mix and match them to your preferences. Later, you can even go for new ones, just to spice things up a bit. For example, Peacelily offers the Plush Topper, which can change a lot about the mattress. Hence, some of those upgrades are even essential for properly utilizing your mattress in a box.

Trial Period

Most mattress-in-a-box companies offer a trial period for sleepers to test their products. It makes sense because judging a mattress takes more than a few nights of sleep. Buyers will probably try at least a few before settling for one. After all, mattresses are there to stay. So, if a brand is too stingy when it comes to the free trial, take heed. It might mean there are bad surprises in store for the customers. Alas, you won’t find those in this listing of the best mattresses in a box in New Zealand. All of the five items featured here are deserving of your attention. That means they’ve earned their trustworthy status the hard way.

Payment Options

Buyers should also think about installment payments. While mattresses in a box are heaps cheaper than how they used to be, it still is quite the investment. So, you should ask for convenience when it comes to your purchase. Next, consider those brands that support a myriad of options in this regard. For example, Ecosa offers installments through ZipPay and Humm. These payment methods are risk-free, require no credit check, and are more manageable than most. In that way, the brand manifests its care for the consumers, by valuing their time, also.


Buyers must measure their bed frame to choose a fitting mattress size. Then, it is crucial that the bed frame and mattress are a perfect fit. Otherwise, the mattress will sag, bulge, and sink. Thankfully, companies offer dozens of sizes to choose from for this exact reason. So, it falls on the buyer to take precise measurements before going to the store or ordering online. Therefore, it’s better to spend more time measuring, than having to return the mattress later on.

Mattresses in a Box Shopping: Dos and Don’Ts

  • Do look for discounts: Sometimes, companies drop their prices or offer special discounts. This is an awesome opportunity to take advantage of. So, make sure to scour the net and find notifications in time. It's also wise to look for third-party companies that bring budget-friendly prices to consumers. That way, you’ll always stay in the loop.
  • Don't invest in a cheap mattress in a box: Though a higher price is no guarantee for quality, a low one isn’t either. In practice, they can be both misleading at the end of the day. Hence, consider the other factors as well. Every product rounds up more than one aspect, and you should take them all into account. Only afterward should you think about clicking that "buy now" button.
  • Do consider your weight: Mattress buyers should know how their weight comes into play. It'll help them decide on the suitable firmness level of a mattress. The heavier the sleeper's weight, the heftier the fabric should be. 
  • Don't dismiss mattresses in a box: The demand for products like these is on the rise in the past several years. As a result, the technology to put a bed in a box also came a long way. Many brands gained popularity the hard way, and they keep up that level of dedication. So, if one company sounds familiar to you, there’s probably a good reason for it.
  • Do look for online reviews: Like when it comes to many other items, buyers can access tons of reviews online for free. So, they should read and ask questions about the mattress quality, price, and benefits. For this, there are a plethora of review and forum sites. With a little diligence, you can find honest and in-depth reviews fast.
  • Don't throw away the old mattress: Companies will arrange to donate the buyer's old mattress to local charities. So, buyers should ask about this free service. In that way, they can get rid of the old mattress while helping the local community.


What’s the best memory foam mattress in a box?

According to our research, the Winkl is the best memory foam mattress in a box.  Also, it has the lowest return rate. This mattress supports your body in any sleeping position you might switch to. Hence, you won’t ever feel soreness in the morning. Plus, the company offers reasonable deals for these products. Either way, you’re getting a lot of value for your buck.

Which is the best mattress for back pain?

The Ecosa mattress is the best mattress for back pain. It has the perfect firmness without too much sagging. Sleepers with back problems will appreciate the three-level firmness. They can even flip the mattress’ layers and adjust everything to their liking. After getting used to such options, it’s hard to imagine using a different mattress.

What’s a mattress-in-a-box?

It’s a well-being product that saves buyers from going to the “bed precinct.” It’s also an online product that optimizes the experience of buying a mattress from home. (6) It has become a popular trend after the lockdown took its toll on the customer’s health. The worldwide crisis resulted in many finding difficulties when it comes to sleep. Hence, science has created the mattress in a box - a health-first product intended for better sleeping habits.

How do you clean a mattress-in-a-box?

Most mattresses in a box come with machine washable covers. So, buyers can remove the covers then either hand wash them or throw them in the washing machine. Furthermore, the user’s manual would usually contain practical cleaning instructions for safe cleaning.

How much is the cost of a mattress in a box?

A mattress in a box price may range with regard to their build and the current shopping season. Generally, the Emma Original Mattress and the Napp Mattress are both affordable and a good starting point. Compared to high-end mattresses from brands such as Tempur-Pedic, their prices are way more budget-friendly.


A mattress in a box offers quality and convenience for anyone looking to upgrade their sleeping environment. These products are a result of the newer times, fusing the latest scientific advancements. They focus on promoting your well-being and feature efficient ergonomic designs. As such, they are perfect for anyone experiencing back pains and seldom find a good night’s sleep. Thanks to their utility, a mattress in a box allows you to fine-tune your bedding like never before.

As evident from this guide, the Peacelily Mattress is currently the best choice for a mattress in a box in New Zealand. Its natural rubber latex fabric is 100% non-toxic and offers unmatched resilience. Plus, the mattress is handmade and built to accommodate all sorts of sleeping positions. It won’t lose its firmness no matter what, thus allowing you to rest your overworked muscles and joints fully. Lastly, it’s a hygienic product since it won’t attract harmful microorganisms, unlike regular types of mattresses. As a result, it’ll introduce a whole new aspect of peacefulness and rest into your lifestyle. 

With all that being said, which do you think are the most important aspect of a good sleeping mattress? Do you value firmness over all else, or is adjustability much more essential in your opinion? Also, how much would you pay for an ergonomic mattress in a box? Whatever the case, feel free to sound off in the comments section, and let us know!



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