Best Electric Blankets in Australia: an Energy-Saving Solution to Stay Warm and Cozy

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No matter how many degrees it is outside (and whether your home is well-insulated or not), a good heated blanket can keep you warm.

It will simply give you a warm hug, and what could be better than that?

For that reason alone (and to help you get through winter), we have prepared a selection of the best electric blankets in Australia. Spoiler alert: you can even use one of them outside your home! Feel intrigued? Then keep on reading!

A Quick Preview

Best Overall – Editor’s Pick

Size: Single, Double, King
Material: polyester
Heat settings: 3
Warranty: 3 years
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Best for Adjustability

Size: Double, King, King Single, Queen, Single, Super King
Material: Polyester
Heat settings: 9
Warranty: 7-day Satisfaction Guarantee
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Best for Staying Warm On the Go

Size: 149 cm (Length) x 109 cm (Width), Cord Length: 243 cm
Material: polyester
Heat settings: 1 (automatically maintains a comfortable warm temperature
Warranty: n/a
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Our Reviews of the Best Electric Blankets in Australia

Best Overall – Editor’s Pick — Silentnight


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  • super-fast heat-up system to provide instant protection against cold temperatures;
  • machine washable construction for easy maintenance;
  • 3 heat settings for versatility in use;
  • soft polyester fabric, gentle on the skin and has a super cozy feel;
  • smaller dimensions than standard mattresses to prevent the blanket from handing over the edges of the bed and to protect the wires from breaking down.

The first item that deserves to be among the best electric blankets in Australia is the Silentnight. This model has a lot to offer, which is quite impressive considering its attractive price tag. The Silentnight comes packed with all the essentials, including a soft cover, heat adjustability, safety features, and an energy-saving design.

Yes, the Silentnight is very cheap to run. It also has a fast heat-up system and doesn’t take much time to become warm and welcoming. There are 3 heating settings so you can control the temperature of your sleeping environment according to the temperature in your home. Another cool thing about this blanket is that it’s safe to wash in the machine. It can also be tumble dried. This means you don’t have to make much effort to keep your electric blanket fresh and clean. To me, that sounds like a wonderful bonus!

Best for Adjustability — Dremaker


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  • fluffy Sherpa fleece for extra comfort and a cozy feel;
  • 2 controllers to adjust the heat on both sides, ideal for couples with different preferences;
  • low-voltage wires for less energy consumption;
  • includes overheating protection and will keep you safe all through the night;
  • 9 temperature settings for superb adjustability.

The next item on our list of Australia’s best electric blankets is this fluffy model by Dreamaker. What makes it stand out from the competitors is the variety of options the blanket offers. I mean, you get multiple sizes that would satisfy almost any user (or a couple). Next, you get 9 different temperature settings. Therefore, you will be very likely to find a perfect temperature for pretty much any weather. And let’s not forget about the separate controls that allow couples to adjust the temperature of each side of the blanket. You and your significant other won’t have to search for a compromise anymore. Just control your side, and stay warm together.

Now, I would also like to point out that this Dreamaker blanket feels heavenly soft. It is plush and cozy, and might remind you of sheep wool. However, it is actually polyester, which is much easier to care for. You can simply wash this blanket in the machine and not worry about any potential damage (just don’t forget to detach the cord and the controls before washing the blanket). The Dreamaker is also incredibly easy to put on the mattress. This blanket has an elastic skirt that would ensure a secure fit no matter how much you toss and turn during the night. Plus, it is deep enough to fit taller mattresses.

Best for Staying Warm On the Go — Stalwart


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  • designed to be used in cars and offers comfort on the go;
  • dark color for easier maintenance;
  • includes a storage case for convenience;
  • automatically maintains a comfortable temperature, so you don’t have to be distracted with heat adjustments when driving;
  • extra-long cord for convenient use.

Want to stay warm when traveling or on your way to work? Then you are going to love this car blanket by Stalwart. Being among Australia’s best electric blankets, this model is portable and super easy to use. It plugs into your car’s power outlet and can keep you comfortable and cozy when driving. The Stalwart maintains a stable temperature and does not require any adjustments, so you won’t get distracted (or annoyed). 

Another cool thing about this model is the smooth, plushy cover. It is dark and won’t get messy easily, even if you use it daily. The cord is extra-long for your convenience. You can even let one of the passengers use the blanket. Additionally, it comes with a handy bag for convenient storage and portability. This blanket would be equally suited for long road trips or regular commute to work.

Types of Electric Blankets

Here’s what the market has to offer when it comes to great electric blankets in Australia:

  • Over-blanket. Just like your regular duvet, an electric over-blanket can be used when you want to hide under the sheets and cuddle surrounded by warmth and plushness. Modern over-blankets are comfortable enough to be used as regular duvets (you won’t feel any wires). You can place your electric over-blanket inside a duvet cover or pair it up with one of the top-rated quilts in Australia for more comfort. Many users choose over-blankets because they can be used to concentrate the heat in specific areas. For instance, if your feet tend to get cold the most, you can wrap a blanket around them for fast relief.
  • Under-blanket. This type is probably the most popular one among Australian electric blankets. Under-blankets fit over the mattress and can be secured in one place using ties (that you attach to the bed frame) or an elastic string. Such electric blankets create a warm sleeping environment by distributing the heat evenly across the surface of your mattress.
  • Heated throw. This type serves a dual purpose. Heated throws can be an excellent décor piece that will also keep you warm. Ideal for cuddling on the couch, heated throws can be used even during summer as decoration.

You can also come across heated mattress toppers and electric mattress protectors or covers. The latter works like a fitted sheet and rests snuggly on top of the mattress. Such electric mattress covers often work well with weighted blankets. While you stay warm thanks to the heat distribution under your body, you can also enjoy gentle pressure on top that usually helps with stress relief (1). Luckily, there are many cool options to choose from, so you can check out some of the best weighted blankets in Australia here.

Types of Electric Blankets


How to Pick a Good Electric Blanket

To make the right choice, you simply need to pay attention to certain factors and characteristics, including:

  • Fabric. Most electric blankets are made from polyester, as this fabric is easy to care for, comfortable, and also fire-resistant (2). You might also find acrylic blankets, but this type is less comfortable and feels a bit scratchy. Cotton and other natural fabrics are not a good choice for electric blankets as these materials are highly flammable and can make your blanket unsafe.
  • Heat settings. The majority of electric blankets come with multiple temperature settings that allow for versatility and make such blankets suited for different weather conditions. Some blankets also feature a timer. It can be an excellent solution if you want to sleep with an electric blanket but don’t want it to be working all night long. 
  • Size. While electric blankets are available in a variety of sizes, keep in mind that the under-blankets usually run a bit small. It is done to prevent the blanket from handing over the mattress edges (and, consequently, to protect the wires from damage).
  • Cleaning. Now, you have two options: machine-washable and spot-clean blankets. It’s up to you to decide which type would be more suitable. Of course, machine-washable models are easier to maintain, but they might be slightly more expensive. 
  • Reviews. Reading the electric blanket reviews is optional, of course, but can give you a lot of information. You can check how the blanket you are planning to buy performs and holds up with time (and how satisfied the users are with it overall).
  • Controls. Dual controls are a handy feature that couples might appreciate. Such electric blankets allow for individual settings on the two sides and would make a perfect solution for partners who have different comfort and temperature preferences.
  • Voltage. When it comes to electric blankets, you’ve got two options: regular and low-voltage models. Low-voltage blankets are more energy-efficient and can be considered safer (although it doesn’t mean that regular-voltage options are not safe). 
  • Warranty or guarantees. Just to be on the safe side (in case you receive damaged goods), check the warranty and the return policy the blanket company offers. Some people neglect this aspect, but no one is protected against random manufacturing defects. 

Can an Electric Blanket Raise the Sleeper’s Electric Bill?

Some shoppers may think that getting an electric blanket would mean extra expenses on electricity. Here’s the good news, though: sleeping with an electric blanket can help users save more. 

The thing is, electric blankets aren’t that expensive to run (around 4 cents an hour). Additionally, when using this small heating device, sleepers often don’t use the heating in the room. There’s simply no need for that, as an electric blanket can keep them warm and cozy in bed, even when the room is a bit chilly. This allows users to save more on central heating.

Is It Safe to Use an Electric Blanket When Dealing With Pain?

Electric blankets offer numerous benefits, and potential pain alleviation is one of them. A blanket can work as a warm compress, and users can easily adjust the temperature to the most comfortable setting. Additionally, unlike a warm compress, an electric blanket will not lose its heat. This means sleepers can experience pain relief all night long and, thus, enjoy rejuvenating rest.

Because an electric blanket covers the whole body, it can deal with more painful spots at once. It will also help the muscles relax, reducing tension in the body and, potentially, keeping the pain levels low.


Are electric blankets safe?

Generally, yes. Most of them have overheating protection. However, you should still be careful. Experts recommend avoiding using your electric blanket on the highest temperature setting all the time. Also, people with diabetes often suffer from reduced sensitivity in their limbs and might not feel that the blanket is too hot for them (which can cause skin damage). Pregnant women are also advised to avoid using electric blankets.

Can I wash my electric blanket?

Yes, unless the tag (or the packaging) says otherwise. It’s best to double-check the product description, but most modern electric blankets are safe to wash in the machine. Just don’t forget to remove the controller and the cord first.

When should I replace my electric blanket?

If your blanket has developed brown spots, that means there is burn damage and you must stop using it immediately.

Are electric blankets safe for pets?

No. First of all, pets’ body temperature is higher than ours, so sharing an electric blanket with your furry friend can cause them to overheat. Additionally, pets can chew on the cord or the blanket and expose the wires, which is far from safe.

How long do electric blankets last?

The lifespan of an electric blanket would depend on its quality and how often you use it. Some blankets can last for decades if used only a few months a year. Others need replacing much sooner if used every single night. It really depends on any given situation, so it’s hard to figure out the exact lifespan of electric blankets.

Wrapping Up

What can be better than curling up with your warm electric blanket after a long day?

Well, maybe if you get a glass of mulled wine or eggnog.

And while you prepare your drink, don’t forget that not all electric blankets are made equal. To pick the best one, you need to check how much temperature adjustability it allows for and how easy it is to care for. Pay attention to dimensions, as many electric blankets run smaller in size. And don’t forget to read about the warranty and returns, just to be on the safe side.

Still don’t know what to choose? Then I can recommend the Silentnight, my favorite electric blanket. This one offers great value for money and versatility in use. There are multiple heat settings, so you can control the temperature according to your preferences. Also, it heats up really fast and won’t make you shiver for long. Plus, this blanket is super easy to care for. What else is there to wish for?

So, what kind of electric blanket are you considering? And have you ever used one before? Tell us about your experience in the comments!


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