Best Cot Mattresses in Australia: Top 3 Picks for Your Baby’s Sweet Slumber

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When welcoming a new family member into this world, you might have a thousand worries on your mind. 

And that’s totally normal.

However, allow us to take one of those problems off your hands. Trying to find the best cot mattress in Australia can be hard, so we are here for you. We have prepared a selection of the top options and a comprehensive buyer’s guide that might help you make the most appropriate decision. So, without further ado, let’s cut right to the chase!

A Quick Preview

DuoCore Mattress by Babyrest
Best Overall - Editor’s Pick

DuoCore Mattress by Babyrest
Type: foam + bamboo
Sizes available: available in 8 sizes
Warranty: 5 year
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Ecosa Cot Mattress
Best Washable Cot Mattress

Ecosa Cot Mattress
Type: TPEE + 3D Mesh and Tencel
Sizes available: available in 7 sizes
Warranty: 5 year
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Pocket Spring Cot Mattress by Boori
Best Budget Pick

Pocket Spring Cot Mattress by Boori
Type: spring+ foam, synthetic fibre
Sizes available: in one size (70W x 132D x 12H cm)
Warranty: 5 year
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Our Reviews of the Best Cot Mattresses in Australia

Best Overall - Editor’s Pick — DuoCore Mattress by Babyrest

DuoCore Mattress by Babyrest

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  • multiple sizes available to fit into any cot;
  • natural bamboo cover for improved breathability;
  • 5-year warranty to guarantee your peace of mind;
  • ventilated construction to create a safe sleep environment for the baby;
  • two-in-one design for prolonged use (and to help shoppers save more money).

Looking for the best cot mattress in Australia that can keep your baby comfortable for years to come? Then you might want to check out the DuoCore mattress by Babyrest. This model combines two comfort levels in one, as it has a Baby Side and Toddler Side. Therefore, it will grow with your little one, providing optimal support for years. There’s no need to worry about getting a new cot mattress and spending more money. After all, raising a child is expensive enough, so Babyrest is here to help parents save a bit of cash.

Another cool thing about this cot mattress is the smart construction. It has air channels all across the surface to ensure proper air circulation during the night. But my most favorite part is the reinforced edges. They are extra-strong and, thus, will prevent your baby from getting stuck between the sides of the cot and the mattress edges. This feature is a must-have for safe cot mattresses, and Babyrest proudly follows the rules.

Best Washable Cot Mattress — Ecosa Cot Mattress

Ecosa Cot Mattress

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  • super-breathable core to achieve unparalleled thermoregulation during sleep;
  • fully washable for effortless maintenance;
  • firm support to keep the baby 100% safe;
  • adjustable layers to provide different comfort levels as the baby grows;
  • dust-mite resistant thanks to enhanced breathability.

Kids can be messy, and that’s okay. However, a little help wouldn’t hurt, and that’s when a washable mattress can come in handy. Luckily, Ecosa has one of those. The company’s proprietary model belongs to the best cot mattresses in Australia that parents can easily wash. And I mean wash fully, not just the cover. I popped my Ecosa mattress in the shower and rinsed it thoroughly. It was very easy to clean this mattress, plus it didn’t take long to dry. That can be a real salvation for new parents.

I also appreciate that this cot mattress by Ecosa has a two-layer design. Parents can swap the layers to achieve a different comfort level as the baby grows. This means shoppers won’t have to buy a new cot mattress for a few years. Plus, the Ecosa feels very sturdy and promises durable performance. Therefore, it might even come in handy if parents are planning a second baby in the future.

Best Budget Pick — Pocket Spring Cot Mattress by Boori

Pocket Spring Cot Mattress Boori

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  • independent coils to deliver optimal targeted support;
  • polycotton cover for easy maintenance;
  • breathable design to aid temperature regulation during sleep;
  • strong edges to prevent accidents;
  • 5-year warranty to ensure customers’ protection.

The best cot mattress in Australia doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. And the Boori is here to attest to that. This cot mattress is very reasonably priced, which means new parents can save a bit more money and spend it on other essentials like diapers and baby bottles. At the same time, the Boomi is well-made. I was pleasantly surprised with its robust feel and excellent stitching. Chances are, this cot mattress will serve your baby for years, providing optimal support during the toddler period as well.

Regardless of its affordability, the Boori cot mattress seems very comfortable too. Don’t think that the coils will poke into your baby’s body. This mattress uses multiple layers to ensure your child’s comfort. They include protective poly fiber, soft nursery foam, and a layer of firm polyester to enhance the strong core of the mattress and provide sturdy support. This makes the Boori mattress rather comfy - firm but not brick-wall stiff, with a moderate amount of padding and optimal support levels.

Types of Cot Mattresses and Their Benefits

When browsing through Australia’s best cot mattresses, you can stumble across different options. And to pick the most suitable one for your baby, you need to understand the difference between them. Here are the most common ones:

  • Foam. Just like the adult version of the top-rated memory foam mattresses in Australia, foam cot mattresses are supportive, easy to clean, and affordable. They are also usually lightweight and easy to flip, in case you want to use both sides. However, you need to be careful with the foam type, as low-density models can lose their supportive properties rather fast.
  • Innerspring or pocket spring. Standard innerspring mattresses use open coils and usually some type of padding (foam or fibers). Pocket spring mattresses feature individually wrapped coils and tend to be more comfortable and supportive. Bear in mind that spring cot mattresses are usually more expensive than foam ones.
  • Natural fiber. There are options filled with such eco-friendly materials as wool, bamboo fibers, coconut coir, organic latex, etc. They are chemical-free and tend to hold their shape quite well with time. However, such mattresses are among the most expensive ones on the market.

How to Choose the Best Cot Mattress for Your Baby: Buyer’s Guide

It might seem difficult to choose among Australia’s best cot mattresses.

Don’t worry though:

Once you understand what you are looking for exactly, the list of options will become smaller.

And to do that, consider the following factors when shopping:

  • Type. The mattress filling is probably the most important component as it will determine the feel and the durability of the product. You are already familiar with the main types and their pros and cons, so you can decide which one would work for you before finalizing your purchase.
  • Firmness. For babies between 0 and 12 months, experts recommend choosing firm mattresses (1). A soft cot mattress would simply be unsafe for your little one.
  • Safety. It doesn’t only end with a proper firmness level. A safe cot mattress is the one that is free of harmful chemicals and potential allergens. Look for safety certifications (such as Oeko-Tex, GreenGuard, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), etc.).
  • Trial and returns. Not all companies offer a sleep trial, but at least you should get a certain return window. This aspect is important as it will protect you as a customer in case the item arrives damaged or with defects. Plus, you will get a chance to return the mattress in case it doesn’t work for you and your baby.
  • Versatility. Some cot mattresses are flippable, which means you can use both sides. Now, many parents prefer this type as it allows them to keep the mattress cleaner. Flipping the mattress may also increase its lifespan (as you are going to apply pressure to both sides from time to time instead of only one of them). 
  • Cover. The cover fabric is the closest to your little one’s body, so it must be safe and hypoallergenic. Cotton or bamboo work great in this case (plus they are very breathable and allow for proper air circulation during sleep). Some parents also choose mattresses with waterproof covers for easier maintenance. However, keep in mind that a waterproof mattress can’t be 100% natural (as the water-resistant layer is typically made of PVC).
  • Shipping. With a new baby, you probably have thousands of things on your to-do list. So, it’s better to order from a company that offers the most convenient delivery conditions. There are many stores that sell mattresses in a box and won’t require you to carry a bulky mattress into your baby’s room. Instead, the mattress can arrive compressed in a box for better portability. 
  • Reviews. This one might seem obvious, but many shoppers forget to read cot mattress reviews before ordering one. And that can be a mistake, as the reviews can help you learn about the product’s potential downsides.
  • Thickness. A good cot mattress should be at least 10 cm thick (and no more than 15 cm tall) (2). Because your baby’s weight will be concentrated on a rather small area, an overly thin mattress will not be able to offer proper support and might allow for unwanted sagging in that area. The proper thickness will ensure good support. Plus, thicker mattresses tend to develop sags later.
  • Size. Most cot mattresses have standard dimensions, but you can still find size variations. There are also companies that make custom mattresses, in case your baby’s cot is a bit different in size or shape.

How to Choose the Best Cot Mattress for Your Baby: Buyer’s Guide


A quick note: while you are choosing a good mattress for your baby, don’t forget about yourself. Spinal health is very important, so to take care of your back, consider getting yourself a new mattress too (for instance, there are plenty of great mattresses for bad backs in Australia).


How thick should a cot mattress be?

A cot mattress should be at least 10 cm thick.

Should babies sleep on firm or soft mattresses?

Firm mattresses are proven safer for babies.

Why do babies need firm beds?

A firm cot mattress would provide decent support for the baby’s skeleton and can prevent suffocation.

What is the best type of cot mattress?

The best type of cot mattress is a firm and a quality one. As for the materials used, it depends on your personal preferences. Some parents choose foam because such cot mattresses are affordable and easy to care for. Others prefer coils for their breathability and resilient support. And some buy cot mattresses that use natural fiber filling because they want their babies to sleep in 100% safe beds.

Can a mattress be too firm for a baby?

Generally, no. Even if your baby’s mattress feels too stiff, it’s supposed to be that way.

Wrapping Up

Naturally, you want only the best for your baby.

Including the cot mattress.

The good news is, you already know what makes a great cot mattress. So, consider the material types when shopping and don’t forget to check the company’s return policy. Remember that a good cot mattress has to be firm and safe for your little one. And don’t neglect reading other shoppers’ reviews as they can help you get a full picture of the product you are considering.

Not sure what to pick? In this case, I have a suggestion. The cot mattress that managed to impress me the most was the DuoCore Mattress by Babyrest. Using a multi-layered construction, it is very supportive and reliable in use. This mattress is also flippable, so you can use both sides. And you might also appreciate the fact that it’s designed to offer gentle massage to your baby, which might even help them sleep more comfortably. 

So, are you ready to make the final decision? Which cot mattress are you considering? Let us know in the comments!


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