Best Bed Frames in Australia

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A bed frame is the foundation of your restful sleep.

Why? Because it serves as a support core for your mattress.

Plus, a stylish frame can alter the look of your bedroom.

So, it’s clear that choosing a good option is an important task. That’s why we have prepared 5 best bed frames in Australia for you to pick from (and a handy buyer’s guide that will help you make the final choice).

A Quick Preview

Venice Tufted headboard bed
Best Overall - Editor’s Choice

Venice Tufted headboard bed
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Emma Box Bed
Best for Tall Mattresses

Emma Box Bed
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The Ergoflex Custom Made Bed Base
Best for Customization

The Ergoflex Custom Made Bed Base
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Arch Queen Gaslift Bed Frame
Best for Extra Storage Space

Arch Queen Gaslift Bed Frame
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Our list of best bed frames in Australia

Best Overall - Editor’s Choice — Venice Tufted headboard bed

Venice Bed
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  • Remarkable headboard with tufted design and soft surface pad.
  • Classic style look that fits well in any bedroom.
  • Easy to assemble, sleek appearance, and available in a variety of bed sizes and configurations.

First up is this luxurious tufted bed, and for a good reason. It offers sophistication in a dark, chocolate brown shade. The frame has an elegant and soft design featuring an intricate pattern of tufts at the top. 

It’s a sturdy option to consider, yet it doesn’t weigh too much at just 37kgs (for the201 * 28 * 132 cm king-size variant). You can add style to your bedroom while getting a high-end bed frame without spending a fortune. 

This frame features an expertly hand-tufted headboard that feels soft and looks beautiful. You can count on textured, 100% polyester fabric that is durable and sturdy. The Venice bed frame features six support slat legs, providing the durability and quality of a top-notch bed frame. If you are looking for the best overall bed frame, this is it.

Best for Tall Mattresses — Emma Box Bed

Emma Box Bed

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  • robust metal frame to ensure reliable performance;
  • extra legs in the middle for sturdier support;
  • sleek upholstered design, would fit into pretty much any interior.

The next item on our list of the best bed frames in Australia is this minimalist foundation by Emma. The Box Bed would be an excellent choice for anyone who’s looking for a long-lasting investment. It feels robust and sturdy. I was surprised that even with my extra-tall and heavy mattress, the Emma Box Bed didn’t creak even once. Plus, there are extra legs in the middle for additional support, which would come in handy for heavier sleepers.

You might also appreciate the fact that the Emma bed frame comes with an upholstered headboard. As someone who loves reading in bed, I found it very helpful in terms of extra comfort. Plus, the headboard makes this bed frame look more expensive, so it can become a statement piece of furniture in your bedroom.

Best for Customization — The Ergoflex Custom Made Bed Base


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  • Excellent user-friendly customization options such as the ability to specify different size and texture types of fabric.
  • Hand-upholstered with premium Warwick fabrics.
  • Classic style looks great in any bedroom.

If you love customization, then this is the bed frame for you. Not only does it look great, but it can accommodate a wide array of mattresses. The Ergoflex bed base has this flexibility that makes it an excellent choice for buyers looking to buy a bed frame that fits into any sleep environment.

With over 3200 possible combinations, the options are truly limitless. Ergoflex bed bases are also available from various height ranges, so buyers who are on the taller side can choose a taller bed base.

Manufactured in Australia, the Ergoflex Custom Bed Frame provides a sturdy platform and a classic design that never goes out of style and is comfortable.

This bed base is hand-upholstered with the highest-quality Warwick fabrics that can be tailored to your needs. The manufacturers incorporate only the highest quality premium materials and workmanship into every Ergoflex mattress frame. If you love luxury and flexibility, then this is a great choice.

Best for Extra Storage Space — Arch Queen Gaslift Bed Frame

Arch Queen Gaslift Bed Frame


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  • Sturdy, modern contemporary design;
  • Seamless lift function that reveals a spacious storage area;
  • Comes with  adjustable stabilizing feet;
  • Up to 350kg weight capacity.

Looking for comfort without breaking the bank? The Arch Queen Gaslift Bed Frame offers the perfect blend of affordable style and quality craftsmanship.

The Arch Queen Gaslift Bed Frame is a sturdy and beautifully designed bed frame with the ability to effortlessly elevate and lower your mattress. 

The Arch Queen Gaslift Bed Frame is a durable and well-designed product, making it one of the best home solutions in its category. There are no additional costs or special tools required to assemble or disassemble the bed frame. 

With the Arch Queen, featuring a modern contemporary design, you are sure to take your sleeping area to the next level.

 The Arch Queen Gaslift Bed Frame can hold up heavy mattresses without buckling or bending, thanks to its high-quality materials, including solid wood, steel, and premium foam. A smart way to invest in a healthier and longer life!

What Types of Bed Frames Are There?

There are many cool bed frames on the market, and they can be grouped into separate categories if you want to narrow down the list somehow (or at least understand what you are buying).

Now, the first large group is based on the style of the bed frames. You can come across platform models with some storage compartments underneath, sleigh frames with distinctly curved foot- and headboard (1), classy-looking canopies with 4 posts connected at the top, or adjustable models that allow users to sleep and lounge in different positions.

However, while the style of the frame is a matter of personal preferences, you need to distinguish between two main types: foundation and box spring. You see, box springs are usually comprised of a frame and a system of springs, all covered in fabric. Such beds usually lie directly on the floor but can also be placed on top of a foundation. Box springs offer extra support but can often compromise proper air circulation.

As for foundation bed frames, they can be divided into two subtypes: solid and slatted. Solid foundations use wood beams for support, but there isn’t space between the beams. That’s why such bed frames are called solid foundations: they offer a solid, sturdy structure for mattress support. 

Solid foundations can be used without traditional box springs and, thus, make a great money-saving solution. They deliver firmer support with no bounce and work for all mattress types.

Now, slatted bed frames are another popular option, especially among shoppers who don’t want to invest in a box spring. As the name suggests, this type uses slats (either metal beams or wooden planks). The space between the slats allows for unobstructed air circulation, making this bed frame type ideal for hot sleepers.

If you have decided to get a foundation, you might also want to learn the difference between the slat types. You can come across flat and sprung (or curved) slats. The latter provides more bounce, while the former have less give and feel a bit sturdier (resulting in firmer support). 

The distance between the slats is what probably matters the most. To receive adequate support for your hybrid, latex, or memory foam mattress, the distance between the slats should be no more than around 6-7 cm. A wider position of the slats might result in your bed frame feeling less supportive. It can also affect the lifespan of your mattress, and wider spacing can put more strain on it.

What Is the Best Material for a Bed Frame?

While most users have at least a rough idea of what bed frame style they prefer, picking the material type might seem challenging for many. However, understanding their peculiarities can make shopping for a bed frame much easier. 

So, here are the main material types commonly used for bed frames these days:

  • Wood. Most favored for its aesthetics, wood is also rather durable. Additionally, this material is super easy to spruce up (by restaining or painting it, for example), which can give an old bed frame a second life, prolong its use, and save sleepers a lot of money. The most common types of wood used for bed frames are oak, pine, mahogany, walnut, and ash.
  • Metal. Metal bed frames are probably the most cost-effective solution. They are also rather durable and easy to incorporate into different interior styles. Additionally, using a metal frame would help eliminate any potential issues with splinters or cracks that are common for many wooden models. At the same time, thinner metal frames don’t hold up with time as well as solid wood bed frames.
  • Fabric upholstery. Upholstered bed frames can use both metal and wood for the main frame. However, the upholstery typically comes in different fabrics. The most common ones are linen, cotton, and polyester (or blends). Upholstered bed frames are more challenging to clean. Nonetheless, this design can create a cozier, more welcoming vibe in the bedroom.
  • Leather upholstery. Available in both real and faux leather, this upholstery type is the most suited for those who love luxury. Leather upholstery is easy to clean and tends to be very durable. However, such bed frames often belong to a more expensive category.

How to Choose a Bed Frame: Buyer’s Guide

I’m sure you already know what you want. Still, there are a few details you might be missing. Those details, once you consider them, can help you make the most informed, weighted decision and find the best bed frame possible. So, here’s what you might want to pay attention to when shopping:
  • Size. How big is your mattress, and how big is your room? That’s what you need to consider when choosing a bed frame size. If your new frame ends up being too big for the mattress, you will have to deal with the annoying gaps. If the frame is too small, you probably won’t be able to use it at all. So check the dimensions before adding a bed frame to your online shopping cart. Shoppers also need to remember that larger sizes cost more. So, when looking for, let’s say, the best King size bed frame, readers might prepare to spend more than anticipated.
  • Height. Ideally, your bed shouldn’t be too tall or overly short if you want to get in and out of it comfortably and with less stress on your joints (2). And don’t forget to add your mattress thickness to the equation. 
  • Construction material. These days, you can stumble upon wooden and metal frames. Wooden beds are typically more expensive and this material is generally sturdier and quieter. Plus, like most natural materials, wood possesses a certain ambiance that can create a warm atmosphere in the room. As for metal bed frames, they are easier to maintain and tend to be less costly. Metal is often prone to squeaking, so you might have to lubricate the junctions occasionally.
  • Your mattress. Consider the feel (and the condition) of your current mattress. For example, if it’s too stiff, getting a frame with sprung slats can make it feel a little plushier (and bouncier). Just like that, a soft mattress might start feeling more supportive if you pair it up with flat slats. However, keep in mind that not all old mattresses can be saved. Perhaps it’s better to check out some of the top-rated mattresses in Australia if you want to enjoy maximum comfort. And while we’re at it, don’t forget that you should replace your pillow every 1-2 years. 
  • Room style and décor. A new bed frame can completely change the look of the room, so you should pick one accordingly. Metal models usually have a modern, industrial vibe to them. Wooden bed frames add some rustic chic and look great when paired up with a nice cozy quilt. For a statement piece, you can pick a bed with an extra-large tufted headboard (plus it provides support for your back when lounging).
  • Assembly (or flat pack). If you choose the flat-pack option, measure your doorways to make sure the new bed frame will fit. And if you want to assemble the new furniture yourself, it won’t hurt to read the bed frame reviews to see whether it’s going to be challenging or not (based on how other people managed to deal with it).
  • Upholstered or not. In my opinion, upholstered bed frames look better, but remember that they are more challenging to clean and maintain.
  • Warranty. Good warranty coverage will protect your investment. Typically, bed frames come with a 1-year warranty, but there are plenty of good companies that offer 5 or even 6 years of coverage.
  • Bed frame reviews. Reading what other people have to say about a certain bed frame can help you understand whether it’s going to work for you or not. The reviews can also warn you about the potential issues.
  • Your budget. Bed frame prices start from around $300 and can reach thousands of dollars. If you set a specific budget from the very beginning, it will be easier for you to discard the unsuitable options and narrow down the shopping list.
  • Weight capacity. It’s crucial to remember that all bed frames have their limitations. You should check the maximum weight capacity of the desired model to see whether it would withstand pressure effectively (especially if you are using a heavier mattress, like a hybrid, for example).


How long do bed frames last?

High-quality bed frames can last for around 10 years, especially with proper care. However, each model’s longevity will depend on the materials used, craftsmanship quality, and how well you care for it.

Are metal bed frames better than wooden ones?

Not necessarily. Yes, metal is less prone to physical damage and breakage in general, but wood tends to be more long-lasting. Let’s not forget that metal is susceptible to corrosion and can also become squeaky with time.

How much should a bed frame cost?

On average, most bed frames fall between $100 and $1,000. A quality bed frame can cost around $300-500 and up.

What is the most comfortable bed frame?

The most comfortable bed frame is the one that can provide decent support for your mattress. Only the combination of the two (a frame and a mattress) can deliver high comfort levels.

Is it bad to not use a bed frame?

Generally, yes, it’s bad to sleep without a bed frame. First of all, your mattress might become more prone to wear and tear. Secondly, when you place your mattress on the floor, you can’t enjoy the proper air circulation (which can also shorten the lifespan of the mattress as it might develop mold and other unpleasant stuff inside).

Wrapping Up

Are you ready to upgrade your bedroom?

To make sure you make the right choice, pay attention to the materials, the bed frame type, and the warranty coverage when you shop. Of course, don’t forget to check the dimensions and read other shoppers’ reviews (just to be on the safe side).

And if you don’t mind a gentle nudge, allow me to share my favourite bed frame - the Venice Tufted headboard bed. This model is an excellent example of quality and style.

 It uses a sturdy frame and extra legs to deliver reliable support, which promises durability in use. Plus, it simply looks great. The Venis bed frame would work in virtually any interior style, especially if you prefer luxurious designs.

Which bed frame managed to impress you the most? Let us know in the comments below!


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