Best Air Mattresses for Everyday use in Australia

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Air mattresses come in handy on numerous occasions:

They make great accommodation for late-night guests, work well for camping and water activities. You can even use an airbed as a temporary alternative to your regular mattress, for example, while you’re renovating your bedroom.

All you need to do is to choose the type of quality you’re looking for.

And this review of the best air mattresses for everyday use in Australia is here to help! Just scroll down and you’ll find a detailed comparison of the three most popular models on the market, as well as useful tips on how to make the right decision.

A Quick Preview

Coleman QuickBed
Best Overall — Editor’s Choice

Coleman QuickBed
Materials: PVC with a flocked top (velvet-like coating)
Pump: not included
Available sizes: Single XL, Double, Queen
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Best for Camping

Materials: vinyl with a flocked surface
Pump: built-in AC pump
Available sizes: Twin, Queen
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Bestway AlwayzAire
Best for Occasional Guests

Bestway AlwayzAire
Materials: polyester and PVC blend
Pump: built-in AC pump
Available sizes: Twin, Queen
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Our Reviews of the Best Air Mattresses for Everyday use in Australia

Best Overall — Editor’s Choice - Coleman QuickBed

Coleman QuickBed

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  • soft velvet top for a comfy sleep;
  • mould-resistant materials;
  • factory-tested AirTight system to prevent leaks;
  • sturdy air coils to ensure a uniform surface;
  • comes with a carry bag.

The combination of durability, uniform support and easy maintenance earns Coleman QuickBed first place in this selection of the best air mattresses for everyday use. This mattress is equally comfortable for both indoor and outdoor use and extremely durable — lasting for years with regular use.

The Quickbed is 20 cm high and combines puncture-resistant PVC and a rayon-flocked top that adds grip and comfort — no sheets necessary! The mattress packs in a whopping 45 sturdy air coils to ensure even weight distribution and full-body support no matter your sleeping position.

The mattress is factory-tested for leaks and deflation so you can be rest assured that it won’t let even a whisper of air out. The main valve also features double-Lock construction: the first lock creates a tight seal right after you remove the pump, and the second lock prevents the air from escaping while you’re sleeping. No more waking up with your hips touching the floor. 

The bottom line:

The QuickBed is a versatile, inflatable mattress with good value for money. it will come in handy while camping, for accommodating occasional guests and deliver a peaceful, solid night's sleep.

Best for Occasional Guests — Bestway


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  • the raised design mimics the feel of a regular bed;
  • elevated head support to prevent neck pain;
  • built-in pump for easy operation;
  • sturdy coil beam construction;
  • suitable for active use.

The next contestant among the best air mattresses for everyday use in Australia is the Bestway. This model comes in a double-height design (46 cm high) and most closely resembles the feel of a regular house bed, so you can ensure that your visitors will sleep soundly.

This mattress features a built-in AC pump that can inflate and deflate the bed in about 5 minutes. The maximum weight limit of the Bestway is about 295 kg, so it can easily accommodate two large adults and a child without sagging.

Also, the Bestway features slightly raised edges and a pillow-like head section to ensure you’ll get an extremely comfortable sleep. The L-shaped beams are easily adjustable depending on your preferred sleeping position and offer great support without creating pressure points.

The bottom line:

Overall, the Bestway is a great mattress for guests or as a substitute for a regular bed. It’s durable, supportive and easily withstands active use in different conditions.

Best for Camping — Bestway AlwayzAire

Bestway AlwayzAire


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  • raised edges to prevent rolling-off;
  • three firmness presets;
  • built-in AC pump with auto-inflation feature;
  • built-in USB port;
  • stable Y-beam construction for even support.

The final option on this list of the best air beds will make a great pick for any camping enthusiast. It comes in a single size and can easily add some additional comfort to your tent, RV, or cabin. 

The AlwayzAire features a double-height design and raised edges to resemble the feel of a regular mattress. The raised edges prevent you from rolling off the mattress and eliminate the need of bringing a pillow.

The inflation takes about 2 minutes thanks to a built-in AC pump. Also, the mattress has three preset buttons that help you regulate the firmness and a built-in sensor that detects the changes in the pressure and engages the pump to add air as needed. Plus, it has a USB port, so you can charge your devices while you sleep.

The bottom line:

The AlwayzAire makes the perfect pick for RV campers and outdoor activities. It’s lightweight, easy to carry around, and transforms into a comfortable sleeping spot in a couple of minutes.

What Makes a Great Inflatable Mattress?

Even though an airbed is a relatively simple thing to choose, there are a few features worth looking out for before you buy. 


Today, the best inflatable beds for everyday use are predominantly made of PVC film because it’s a durable and relatively cheap material, suitable for active exploitation (1). However, some modern models can be made of reinforced plastic, PVC and rubber blends, or thick natural rubber.

Also, many air mattresses feature a flocked top made of polyester or suede-like fabrics. This will ensure you don’t stick to the plastic cover during those sweaty summer nights.

Note that PVC can degrade under UV light or if it’s placed near a heat source. Be sure to put your air bed in a cool, dark place when not in use.


The thickness of your inflatable mattress directly impacts your comfort. Today, you can choose between these two main categories:

  • Low-rise mattresses. These typically don’t exceed 20–25 cm in height. Low-rise air beds are lighter, cheaper and can be used for accommodating guests or creating a cozy spot in your camping tent.
  • High-rise mattresses. These are also called ‘double-height’ and range between 40–45 cm in height. High-rise air beds are very similar to a regular bed when inflated and provide more comfort for a sleeper. However, they’re also more expensive and relatively bulky, which slightly limits their use.

The bottom line:

A high-rise bed makes a great pick for indoor use, as a guest bed or regular bed. A low-rise air mattress will work better for campers, kids, and outdoor use.

Support System

Now, an air mattress isn’t just a blob of air you pack inside a vinyl encasement. It has a support system, just like regular mattresses do. This support comes in different variations with the most common ones being the following:

  • Air coils. You will likely find an internal air coil system inside the majority of the best air mattresses in Australia. These coils are essentially vertical air chambers that inflate along with the mattress and create a rigid structure to keep its surface uniform. An average queen mattress has 40–50 internal coils.
  • Air beams. Similar to the previous style except for the fact that air beams are located horizontally and give the top surface of the mattress a ribbed look. Air beams can also feel softer than air coils because the air pressure inside is lower.

Sometimes, an airbed has separate chambers with independent valves for each chamber. This leaves some room for customization because you can regulate the firmness inside each chamber. However, mattresses with independent chambers also cost more.


A pump is an essential element for any airbed. It makes the maintenance loads easier and helps you quickly organize a sleeping spot for your friends or yourself.

Here are the options you can choose from:

  • Built-in electric pump. The fastest and most powerful configuration you can get. The built-in pump can inflate and deflate an airbed in minutes. Some models also feature pressure sensors to maintain a consistent firmness throughout the night. However, the built-in electronic pump requires a socket to work, which renders it useless in camping conditions.
  • Built-in rechargeable pump. Offers the same benefits as the electronic pump — speed, power, and pressure control, but can be charged and used in camping conditions or anywhere away from sockets. The problem with rechargeable pumps is their short lifespan, so you may need to change it more often than you think.
  • External electric pump. This pump is typically purchased separately, which might be a downside for some. However, an external pump comes with different nozzles, and you can use it for different things, so it might be a worthy purchase.
  • External rechargeable pump. Another great pick for outdoor and camping conditions. Rechargeable pumps can handle several inflation-deflation cycles, which is enough for a long hike with 2–3 stopovers.
  • Manual pump. The cheapest and the simplest configuration. The manual pump doesn’t depend on electricity, and the only type of energy it needs is your physical labour, which makes it a good pick for frequent campers or eco-enthusiasts. It’s also significantly quieter should you need to pump a bed up late at night. 

Regardless of the pump configuration you choose, it’s advisable not to inflate the mattress right to its fullest capacity, as it can put the excess stress on the seams (2). During the first use, inflate the airbed to about 90% and leave for a couple of hours — this allows the seams to stretch and become capable of withstanding larger pressure.

How to find the perfect airbed

The first thing you need to do in order to choose a perfect airbed is to define your needs.

If you plan to use your mattress mostly indoors, opt for a high-rise model with extra features, such as additional chambers or built-in USB ports.

For outdoor conditions, it’s advisable to pick durable and thick materials and opt for a low-rise model as they don’t take up much space in your hiking gear or backpack.

Fortunately, the Coleman airbed manages to combine durable materials, sturdy design, and some extra features, which makes it a good pick for indoor use as a guest bed or outdoor activities, such as camping.

What are your top considerations for a good air mattress? Do you prefer high-rise or low-rise models? Share your feedback with us!


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